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High-End Audio Industry News

08 / 30 / 12

Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show 2012 (TAVES 2012)  The Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show (TAVES) will take place between September 28 and 30 at Le Meridien King Edward hotel. In 2012, TAVES will offer more audio video seminars and demonstrations, while offering double the seating space. According to the promoter, "A number of exciting new show features will also be announced in the coming months." The 2012 TAVES will showcase the latest consumer electronics products and technologies from both mainstream and enthusiast brands. Products on display will range from entry-level components to the high-end and everything in between. A number of exhibitors will present the visitors with the opportunity to purchase accessories, music discs, vinyl albums and Blu-ray discs. You can see Enjoy the Music.com's first edition (2011) of TAVES at this link. Naturally our show coverage of TAVES 2012 will be online accordingly.


IMPEX RecordsIMPEX Records, an audiophile label with a great team of personell brought to you by Cisco Music, has many high-end audiophile releases on vinyl. Jennifer Warnes album The Well is a 3-LP 45rpm box set ($90) that is said to be the definitive version of Jennifer Warnes newest master work. Supervised by the artist and mastered by Bernie Grundman Mastering from Jenniferís analog master tapes, this is the ultimate expression of The Well that will ever be made according to IMPEX. This box set includes bonus tracks from Impexís new gold CD version plus an amazing new recording of Bob Dylanís haunting "Born in Time" that marks a graceful coda to Ms. Warnes examination of love and loss in uncertain times and places. Also now available is Duke Ellington's Indigos ($33) with his all-star ensemble. This set of swinging, romantic ballads are now available for the first time in pristine 180-gram vinyl. For Belafonte fans, IMPEX also has released Belefonte Sings The Blues 2-LP 45rpm set ($55). As Belafonte's first album entirely of blues songs, it is also his first stereo release. Recorded over four days in New York and Los Angeles by Ed Welker, the power and dynamism of Belafonte's voice is truly amazing, with a cast of top notch musicians providing confident, understated accompaniment. Much like the legendary Belafonte at Carnegie Hall ó maybe even more so ó Belafonte Sings the Blues puts one of the greatest voices of the century right there in your living room. IMPEX Recordsí new 45-rpm 2 LP set releases every ounce of sonic purity from Kevin Grayís stunning mastering and includes full lyrics inside and a bonus heavy stock insert of an historic Belafonte biography, unavailable on any LP reissue.


08 / 29 / 12

Audionet Audionet Music Manager (aMM)  German audiophile company Audionet now offers their Audionet Music Manager (aMM) For Android software. The aMM is Audionetís new sophisticated software solution for all smartphones and pads with Android operating system. It controls all Audionet network components and manages the music choice and playback. The aMM for Android is also a high-end control application for all UPnP-server based music systems, yet with enhanced functionality for Audionet network systems. A unique range of functions allow for easy operation with minimum effort and maximum comfort. Controls include search by tap and type, bookmarking by tap and type, volume control on demand, control by rotary touch and pinch. There is multi renderer and server capability that controls all UPnP playback devices (renderer) and servers simultaneously via dynamic menu selection. Users may also simultaneous playback various playlists for different renderers, mute via double tap, and choose input selection by dynamic menu and tap (for Audionet systems only). The free trial version and the full version of Audionet Music Manager are now available in Google Play Store.


08 / 28 / 12

  Sneak peek! Facebook and Twitter users who have friended Enjoy the Music.com get an advanced look at our review of the First Watt model SIT-1 monoblock amplifier by Nelson Pass days before the September edition of the Review Magazine! The First Watt digs deeply into the fabric of music to communicate soul, drama, and passion.

Twitter.com/EnjoyTheMusic             Facebook.com/EnjoyTheMusic5



Thiel CS2.7 Floorstanding SpeakerAward earning and longstanding high-end loudspeaker company Thiel Audio has announced their new CS2.7 floorstander. As Thiel's new three-way floorstanding Coherent Source loudspeaker, it is said to "represent a stunning new benchmark in acoustical performance for loudspeakers". The CS2.7 uses Thiel's star diaphragm coaxial / coincident driver. Both the midrange and tweeter diaphragms are formed of anodized aluminum. The unique ribbed geometry of the midrange is engineered to deliver immense rigidity and clarity. An 8" woofer fills out the lowermost frequencies and Thiel says it has 1/10th that of typical woofers this size. The magnetic system is a proprietary design with short-coil / long-gap so that the voice coil never exits the ultra-strong and stable magnetic field. The crossover took extensive fine tuning in the laboratory plus many hours within the listening room. Thiel's new CS2.7 replaces the 1 inch thick MDF cabinet walls of previous CS2 series models with much more robust curved plywood. The increase in rigidity prevents the enclosure from vibrating in sympathy with the movement of the drivers, preserving even the most minute details. The cabinet of the Thiel CS 2.7 is available in your choice of fine hardwood veneer. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Thiel CS2.4SE limited edition floorstander and Thiel SCS4 monitors with SS1 SmartSub subwoofer.


08 / 27 / 12

Channel Islands Audio Transient MKII Asynchronous USB Converter  Channel Islands Audio's new Transient MKII asynchronous USB DAC converter ($699) easily handles 24-bit/192kHz files and features a conversion via XMOS processor. The unit also has low-jitter clocks, multiple digital outputs and Wolfson DAC circuit with high-resolution volume control. Multiple digital outputs are available via isolated 75 Ohm BNC (with included 75 Ohm RCA adapter) and two individually buffered I2S outputs. File conversion to analog is achieved via a Wolfson circuit with a built-in high resolution volume control and 2VRMS output. A microprocessor circuit allows configuration for fixed (line level) output, or variable volume control. The unit also indicates the sampling frequency of the incoming signal. Internally, extremely high quality parts are employed such as Nichicon Muse and 2% tolerance polypropylene power supply capacitors, Takman resistors and WIMA polypropylene capacitors for signal circuits. The shielded anti-resonant chassis is 1/8" thick T6061 aluminum with 3/16" thick front panel and all hardware is non-magnetic stainless steel. The new CI Audio Transient MKII is powered by the USB cable so users can plug it into their computer audio and take it on the go. Also available is CI Audio's VDC-5 MKII upgraded power supply that connects to the DC Input port for improved performance.


This is the last week of The Cable Company's 17th annual summer against hunger campaign; with 50% to 100% of the money you spend on your stereo in August can be put to work for humanitarian relief efforts. Once again this August, when you purchase from special sponsors' products the Cable Company and sponsoring vendors plus other CARE donors will send an amount equal to your purchase to CARE. Purchase all other products from The Cable Company (and UsedCable.com) and an amount equal to half of your purchase goes to CARE. Here's the math: The Cable Company donates 5% of each purchase to CARE. This amount is matched by participating vendors for sales of their products. An anonymous donor will match this combined contribution from The Cable Company and its participating vendors. When this total amount is donated to a CARE project, CARE will try to secure other donations up to the entire amount of Cable Company purchases. But if other donors cannot be found, our anonymous donor has agreed to contribute to CARE the entire remainder amount of Cable Company purchases up to $250,000. Enjoy the Music.com has been extended special thanks from The Cable Company as we have graciously provided additional ad space to help them promote this great effort.


08 / 23 / 12

  According to Nielsen, a global information and measurement company with a presence in approximately 100 countries, radio is still the dominant way people discover music (48%). This is followed by tips from friends/relatives (10%) and YouTube (7%), yet more teens listen to music through YouTube than through any other source (64%). This is followed by radio (56%) and iTunes (53% ) and CDs (50%) according to results from a comprehensive, in-depth Nielsen study of consumer interaction with music in the United States. Data for Nielsen's Music 360 survey were collected via 3000 online consumer surveys using Nielsen's proprietary, high-quality ePanel in the United States. "The accessibility of music has seen tremendous expansion and diversification," said David Bakula, SVP Client Development, Nielsen. "While younger listeners opt for technologically advanced methods, traditional methods of discovery like radio and word-of-mouth continue to be strong drivers. With so many ways to purchase, consume and discover great new music, itís no wonder that the consumer continues to access and enjoy music in greater numbers."

The following is a few more stats from the Music 360 report:
Radio is still the dominant way people discover music
48% discover music most often through the radio
10% discover music most often through friends/relatives
7% discover music most often through YouTube

More teens listen to music through YouTube than through any other source
64% of teens listen to music through YouTube
56% of teens listen to music on the radio
53% of teens listen to music through iTunes
50% of teens listen to music on CD

Positive recommendations from a friend are most likely to influence purchase decisions
54% are more likely to make a purchase based off a positive recommendation from a friend
25% are more likely to make a purchase based off a music blog/chat rooms
12% are more likely to make a purchase based off an endorsement from a brand
8% of all respondents share music on social networking sites, while 6% upload music.

Music player apps are most prevalent, followed by radio and music store apps
54% have music player apps on their smartphones
47% have radio apps on their smartphones
26% have music store apps on their smartphones

Males purchase rock music most often, while females prefer top 40
38% of males purchase rock most often
15% of females (compared to 9% of males) purchase top 40 most often

Digital music is seen as a slightly better value than a physical CD
63% of purchasers identified digital albums as a very or fairly good value
61% identified digital tracks as a very or fairly good value
55% identified physical CDs as a very or fairly good value

Younger consumers who do buy digital tracks, are more likely to purchase new music immediately after its release
33% of teens purchased a digital track within one week of release
21% of persons 18+ purchased a digital track within one week of release
36% of teens have bought a CD in the last year; 51% of teens have purchased some kind of music download

18-24 year olds are most likely to attend a music event (among those who attend any type of live event)
7% attending once a week or more
30% attending once a month

Listeners enjoy hearing movie soundtracks over music related TV shows or video games
42% enjoy hearing music via music related TV show
59% enjoy hearing music via movie soundtracks
28% enjoy hearing music via music related video games

Older consumers have decreased their spending the most during the current economy
41% of respondents 55+ reduced their spending to a large degree
39% of respondents 45-54 reduced their spending to a large degree
Only 28% of respondents age 25-34 reduced their spending to a large degree.


08 / 22 / 12

Naim Audio  Naim Audio just released a new software update their streaming products including the NaimUniti, UnitiQute, SuperUniti, NDX and ND5 XS. This update enables full playlist functionality with the new Version 3.16 software. It also allows users to create, save, edit and delete playlists directly from the n-Stream app on their iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. This new update also adds to the expanded music information feature already available at the launch of n-Stream 3.0. The new functionality brings all Naim streaming products into line with the new NaimUniti 2, NDS and NAC-N 172 XS which have operated on Software Version 3.16 from launch. Users can download Software Version 3.16 along with instructions on how to apply it are at this link.


Pioneer Elite A-20 Integrated AmplifierAudiophiles looking for a simple and inexpensive stereo amplifier might want to check out the new Pioneer Elite A-20 ($300). Specifically designed for the true two-channel music enthusiast, the new analog-only amplifier includes six audio inputs via RCA jacks plus front 0.25" headphone jack. The 30 wpc @ 8 Ohm two channel amplifier uses a Direct Energy design that features shorter signal paths and power train to help minimize signal loss that can degrade the quality of audio. There are also strategically placed power supply/output circuit blocks to reproduce a cleaner audio output with reduced total harmonic distortion of less than 0.05%. Unwanted vibration from the transformer is dampened with a trans-stabilizer construction chassis design, resulting in consistent audio performance. Carefully designed 'clean ground construction' ensures low noise and hum. Additionally, the amplifier features aluminum front and side panels for rigidity and stability of the unit for superior sound performance. Inputs via unbalanced RCA include include Phono, Tuner, SACD/CD, AUX and Network Recorder. The Elite A-20 has A/B and A plus B speaker switching and may be used for bi-amplification. Frequency response is from 5 Hz to 100 kHz (-3dB) and the unit weighs 15.87 lbs.


08 / 21 / 12

Chord Electronics DSX 1000 Music Streamer  Chord Electronics will be releasing their new DSX 1000 music streamer in autumn 2012. As the company's top range network music player, the DSX 1000 has a full-color screen and remote control operation via a number of uPnP apps for the iPhone/iPad or Android smart phones. The new music streamer can decode MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, ALAC and FLAC with up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution. Chord has a custom version of the SongBook app to give full control and set-up. The analog volume control circuit, which is the same as in Chord's Reference preamplifiers, accurately tracks adjustments without the problems of low-level distortions and offers both volume controlled and line-level analog outputs. Analog outputs include both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA phono connections. The DSX 100's streaming engine is coupled to DAC technology based on the QBD76 design as it reclocks all the data and removes unwanted jitter issues.


08 / 20 / 12

Hart Audio D&W Aural Pleasure Speaker  Hart Audio has tipped the scale for the most expensive yet possibly also the first true 'investment grade' speaker as their £3,700,000 (only one pair being made) D&W Aural Pleasure speaker cabinet uses 100 kg of 18k gold. Also available in silver and bronze (£200,000 with five pairs available and £40,000 with 99 pairs being made respectively), the D&W Aural Pleasure speaker may shock with price, yet the design is very high-end as the sensitivity is 97db/W/m, it has an impedance of 5 Ohms and frequency range is from 47 Hz to 37 kHz. Hart Audio's D&W Aural Pleasure uses three drivers including the top-mounted very high-end super tweeter whilst the dual-concentric main driver has a tweeter mounted centrally inside the midrange/woofer cone structure. Careful cabinet design and engineering was used to ensure a very non-resonant structure, thus eliminating unwanted cabinet resonances. Specially design chrome stands are included in the price. As of this writing, gold is at $1615/troy ounce and silver is $28.


08 / 18 / 12

FUTUREnews: A Glimpse 20 Minutes... Or 20 Months Into The Future!
Wilson Audio AlexiaEnjoy the Music.com has a sneak peek look at the upcoming Wilson Audio Alexia speaker! This floorstander is positioned above the Sasha yet below the Maxx. According to Wilson Audio, the upcoming Alexia "sounds more like a mini XLF than a bigger Sasha." Wilson Audio's Alexia has a form factor that is similar to the Sasha W/P, even sharing its room-friendly footprint. The Alexia is more ambitious and complex says Wilson Audio, as as the Alexia inherits much of its technology and overall sonic personality from Wilson's flagship Alexandria XLF. Alexia's three modules facilitate micro adjustments in the time-domain for all three driver groups, the woofer, the midrange and the tweeter. High frequencies are handled by a revised version of Wilson's newest driver, the Convergent Synergy Tweeter. The critical midrange frequencies are handled by Wilson's midrange driver. For the bass, Wilson developed two entirely new drivers, an eight-inch and a ten-inch. As with the Maxx Series 3 and the Alexandria XLF, speed, bass extension, and authority are optimized with this carefully tuned staggered-two-woofer approach. Note this is preliminary information as the full full technical details will be included in a press release scheduled for September 15, 2012. See Wilson Audio's YouTube video below:



08 / 17 / 12

Stevie Wonder Talking Book  HDtracks now offers Stevie Wonder's great R&B album Talking Book in high resolution 24-bit/192kHz! As a multi-award earning album, Talking Book is included on Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Albums of All Time" list plus reached #1 on Billboard's Top R&B Albums and #3 on the Billboard 200. Number 1 hits include "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life", "Superstition" and won the Grammy Award for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance and Best R&B Song. Released in 1972, Talking Book is Stevie Wonder's fifteenth studio masterpiece. Deemed by many to be his most influential recording, the album is an explosive blend of funk, rock, soul and smooth jazz. The indisputable icon is in complete control, producing and writing many of these definitive classics. The impressive outing is filled with creative keyboard sounds, expressive singing and lush soundscapes. Get this and other great music titles in high resolution at HDtracks by clicking here.


IKEDA Sound Labs KAI Reference MC CartridgeIKEDA Sound Labs new KAI Reference MC cartridge (NZ$8975 including GST) is the highlight of over four decades of experiences in cartridge design. The new KAI moving coil cartridge is the culmination of technology and craftsmanship to now represents his best efforts to date. High quality materials and components include the body unit being crafted from solid aluminum alloy. The base of the cartridge to sustain the generator unit is made of titanium and the cantilever is made of Boron to ensure proper delivery of oscillation. Highly efficient Permalloy core, low impedance coils, ideally shaped magnet yoke and the generator unit embedded a samarium-cobalt magnet are further highlights of the new IKEDA KAI MC cartridge design. Each cartridge is hand assembled, precisely aligned and inspected one by one. Output voltage is 0.19 mVrms, coil impedance is 2.5 Ohms and appropriate stylus force is 1.8 gram (+/-0.2 grams). Frequency response is from 10 Hz to 45 kHz, channel separation is over 27dB and channel balance is within 1.0 dB. (1kHz).


08 / 16 / 12

Futuresource Consulting More analysis is coming in as Futuresource Consulting is reporting that the global AV headphones market is expected to grow 20% in 2012 to reach $6 billion. Due to the increase of portable AV devices including smartphones and tablets, the market for headphones should have strong growth through to 2016 as portable devices become the primary music player for a growing number of consumers. To quote the press release, "In unit terms, Futuresource forecasts anticipate sales in excess of 260 million units in 2012, up from 228 million units in 2011. Positive growth is predicted throughout the forecast period, with the market expected to top 330 million units in 2016. Soaring portable device ownership, including smartphones and tablets, as well as a proliferation of digital content for these devices and multiple ownership of headphones are the key drivers in the market and will remain so moving forwards."


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
This news just in from Art Dudley, editor of Listener magazine:
"Listener readers who hold onto their back issues will be happy to know that the September/October issue, which is in the mail now, may be destined for collectibility. Unfortunately, that status comes at a price: It will be our last issue.

Our owners at Englander Communications have followed the magazine's performance closely in recent months, and while subscription renewals are up slightly, it isn't enough: They have been unable to attract enough new subscribers to ensure profitability and sustain the publication over the long haul.

I would like to say that our three-year relationship with Englander was a good one, and that their circulation expertise in particular helped us to reach a bigger audience than would otherwise have been possible. This may not be an especially happy time for me or my family, but I understand Englander's reasons, and their actions have been honorable and in fact downright classy. I thank them for getting involved with this peculiar little magazine in the first place.

More to the point, I thank all our readers for buying Listener during the eight years we published it. And I'm especially grateful for the many kind letters and words of praise we received during that time. In the words of Renwick Hoeck: "Memories Ė eh, Stimpy?" We had a good run, it was a lot of fun, and now it's time to do something else.

Best wishes to all...

Art Dudley     


08 / 15 / 12

Pro Audio Technology SCR-3215sm Loudspeaker  Pro Audio Technology's new quad-amplified seven foot tall SCR-3215sm loudspeaker is now available. With dual 15-inch, 1400 Watt woofers and a maximum output of a seriously high >130dB; what started as the company's exercise to push loudspeaker performance limits is now a reality. This 350 lbs four-way reference speaker is design by lifelong loudspeaker designer and PRO founder Paul Hales. The dual 15-inch woofers are 102dB/W/m sensitive and each has a massive 30 pound motor system. With four-inch voice coils, thermal power handling is maximized, allowing the SCR-3215sm to play at live concert sound pressure levels for extended periods of time without fear of driver failure. For upper range duties, the SCR-3215sm's midrange/high frequency assembly is a 41-pound ultra high-output 114dB/W/m compression driver. Its seven-inch carbon fiber diaphragm provides pistonic motion over three and one half octaves. Dispersion and acoustic power transfer are controlled via a constant directivity horn. Upper-mid and high frequencies for the SCR-3215sm are supplied via a state-of-the-art coaxial compression driver utilizing an annular polymer diaphragm for smooth midrange and treble to beyond 30 kHz. This is mated to a large format 18" x 22" horn.


08 / 14 / 12

Quad 25L Classic and 23L Classic Floorstanding Speakers  Quad, founded by Peter Walker in 1936 and now owned by the IAG Group Ltd, has released the 25L Classic and 23L Classic floorstanding speakers (£1600 and £2200 per pair respectively). Both models feature Quad's down-firing auxiliary bass radiator (ABR) technology. This provides extended low bass response yet without the turbulence inherent of typical bass reflex designs. Quad's 23L is a three-way design with 25 mm fabric dome tweeter, 125 mm woven Kevlar cone for midrange duties and an identically sized driver for mid/bass. The top range 25L uses the same tweeter yet also incorporates a 125 mm drivers to deliver midrange as well as a pair of 165 mm bass drivers. As with Quad's L Classic range, the cabinet construction techniques used in the 23L and 25L use two different wood materials for the cabinet. This cabinet technique reduces the audibility of unwanted resonances. Quad laminates together high density chipboard and fiberboard in a structure that breaks up the resonant modes into multiple mini-modal frequency bands that lack the strong sonic signature. Top range Quad 25L has a frequency response from 35 Hz to 23 kHz, presents a 6 Phm load (3.5 Ohm minimum) and 91dB/W/m sensitivity. Both speaker models are available in Cherry or Rosewood classic veneer plus available is Cherry or piano black lacquered veneer.


08 / 13 / 12

Futuresource Consulting  According to Futuresource Consulting, a specialist research and knowledge-based consulting company, networked home audio devices are expected to greatly increase through to 2016 and afterwards. "Driving demand for networked audio devices are the significant benefits that streaming to and from audio devices can bring, including multi-room audio and music streaming from smartphones and the Internet..." says Jack Wetherill, Research Consultant at Futuresource Consulting. Global trade value in the total home audio market rose by 7% in 2011 to hit $9.7 billion. Prospects for 2012 look positive with Futuresource forecasts predicting a further 2% growth in both shipments and value.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Vinyl Record Day to be celebrated in San Luis Obispo, California! Taking place August 17th in the Mission Plaza from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., the purpose of this day-long event is to encourage celebrating those good, positive memories associated with great music. All ethnic backgrounds, ages, economic levels, makes no difference. Everyone has a favorite song to enjoy with a good memory. Vinyl Record Day is the brainchild of Gary J. Freiberg, a music enthusiast and patent holder of "The Record Album Frame," an acrylic frame to display album cover art. The frames have decorated the halls of the Smithsonian, the Hard Rock Hotel Orlando; they are the only product of their kind sold at Graceland and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. "The objective of Vinyl Record Day," says Freiberg, "is to remember that, whatever we go through on a personal or national level, life has its goodness. Music is the primary vehicle to our fondest memories, Vinyl Record Day is to celebrate and remember them. This event will hopefully say, 'Let's remember our favorite music, let's remember fond memories, let's celebrate our good times" says Freiberg, host of KVEC radio's popular "Financial Fitness" program.


08 / 10 / 12

  HDtracks, founded by David and Norman Chesky of the audiophile-record label Chesky Records as a service offering a diverse catalog of high resolution digital downloads, is now offering Diana Krall's The Look Of Love and The Moody Blues' Days of Future Passed in 24-bit/96kHz! Diana Krall's The Look Of Love is a lush, cinematic collection of ballads and bossa nova tunes as backed by the London Symphony Orchestra. The album features an all-star cast of musicians, including guitarist Russell Malone, legendary percussionist Paulinho Da Costa, bassist Christian McBride and drummer Peter Erskine. The Moody Blues' Days of Future Passed is their legendary 1967 concept album that set a new standard for symphonic rock. It married the band's early R&B stylings with lush orchestral sounds, complex songforms, and epic interludes by the London Festival Orchestra. Get these and other great music titles in high resolution at HDtracks by clicking here.


Magico M1 SpeakerMagico, an award winning high-performance loudspeaker designer and manufacturer, has launched their new S1 floorstander that is said to be their "most value-laden" loudspeaker to date ($12,600 per pair). The S1 features a uniquely contoured cabinet that takes cues from the MINI and M6 speaker. This floorstanding two-way design uses a newly developed M390 7Ē Magico Nano-Tec Midbass driver with the same MB30 1" beryllium tweeter featured in the Magico S5. The 7" Midbass dual-neodymium underhung motor system has pure titanium voice coil-former that is very efficient and ensures low in distortion. As with all Magico drivers, the latest custom computer simulations are used to optimize electromagnetic and thermal behavior. Magico's S1 utilizes the world's first monocoque 3/8" thick, 12" diameter extruded aluminum loudspeaker enclosure. This is to minimize diffraction effects, internal resonance, and meet proper damping requirements. At under 9" deep and available in an array of M-COAT paint blends, the S1 may fit into virtually any listening environment. Sensitivity is 86dB/W/m and the speaker presents a 4 Ohms load. Overall frequency response is from 32 Hz to 50 kHz, recommended minimum power is 50 Watts. Overall cabinet dimensions are 43" x 8.5" x 9.75" (HxDxW) and each speaker weighs 95 lbs.


08 / 09 / 12

  Enjoy the Music.com, in concert with over 35 prominent manufacturers of high-end audio equipment, has announced a high-end gear giveaway that will see over $89,750 in total prizes in the hands of sound enthusiasts everywhere. This exciting contest is aimed squarely at the growing number of music enthusiasts who realize that popular MP3 music files simply can't deliver the full sonic potential of today's best artists. The contest isn't just about prizes, either, as it is equally aimed at educating consumers about the real benefits of high-end audio products. This comparatively small and performance-driven market segment benefits from the talents of passionate engineers and designers who concentrate on delivering the most accurate and enjoyable sound quality possible. Make sure you enter our contest at this link and also join us on  Facebook and Twitter.


RMAF 2012Enjoy the Music.com's ninth annual RMAF 2012 (Rocky Mountain Audio Fest) show report in only a few months away! The RMAF 2012 will be held at the Denver Marriott Tech Center Hotel from October 12th through the 14th. The RMAF 2012 highlights the continued grow in popularity of this show with each passing year. This year will feature around 175 exhibitor rooms, 3 vendor areas, and people attending from many countries from around the world! While two-channel high-end audio (audiophile) gear takes center stage, various conferences, seminars and live music entertainment will be enjoyed by many attendees. Enjoy the Music.com's live show coverage will began the first day of the RMAF 2012 show. Those of you on Facebook can sign in now and let us know you are attending at this link.


08 / 08 / 12

dCS Scarlatti Clock  dCS, a British company dedicated to the design, engineering and manufacture of the best performing digital audio components, has announced the support of 24-bit/192kHz and DSD over USB in their Scarlatti range. With the Paganini soon to follow, this new software/hardware ensures dCS products remain up to date with features their customers desire. Their approach is to convert Scarlatti Master Clock into a Master Clock with additional USB-to-S/PDIF conversion similar to their Puccini U-Clock. This approach enables a simple clocking architecture, as Scarlatti Clock will automatically change output frequency depending on the incoming audio sample rate, ensuring the system achieves optimal performance and ease of use at all times. According to dCS, "Adding a clock improves on an already spectacular sound and takes it into an entirely new domain. Images snap into sharper focus, the music displays a substantially greater sense of authority and power as well as, most importantly, offering noticeably higher resolution of detail." All dCS Scarlatti Clocks shipping after August 1st 2012 will be enabled with this functionality. Existing owners wishing to upgrade their system by adding 24-bit/192kHz and DSD over USB functionality please contact your local dCS distributor or dealer as this will require a software/hardware update to the Clock plus a software only update to the DAC and Upsampler.


08 / 07 / 12

Von Schweikert Audio AmplifierFUTUREnews: A Glimpse 20 Minutes... Or 20 Months Into The Future!
Von Schweikert Audio just sent out this sneak peek of an upcoming amplifier design just before they left the office. Von Schweikert Audio has partnered with renowned designer Dusty Vaughter at Channel Islands Audio to develop a state-of-the-art power amplifier for the speaker company's VR-9 and VR-11 models. The output power on this amplifier is an outstanding 1600 watts and tracks the speed and sound of the main amplifier for perfect coherence. The amplifier has a beautiful brushed aluminum finish. Adjustments and features of the amplifier include speaker level inputs, a boost setting at 25 Hz, phase adjust from 0 to 180 degrees, low pass frequency from 50 Hz to 100 Hz and of course an overall output level adjustment.


CA Electronics Prototype SpeakerCA Electronics are working on their upcoming flagship speakers. This endeavor began life as a unique concept and has grown from there. The company is now in the first raw ground coating stage of the design phase. Notice how you can already can see that the design is based on CA Electronics' AP-10 speakers. The company's AP-10 is fully produced in The Netherlands and uses eco-friendly materials. The construction is designed in that way that the speakers has maximum strength, sanding is done by hand, witch painstaking accuracy. The facets on the front plate do require extra care, as we do not want them to disappear with the sanding and painting process. The finish is high gloss consists of 6 layers of paint, and each layer is naturally dried, to ensure a deep and perfect finish.


08 / 06 / 12

California Audio Show (CAS 2012)  Enjoy the Music.com's coverage of the third annual California Audio Show (CAS 2012) is now online! This San Francisco Bay area event was held from August 3rd thru August 5th, 2012, at the Crowne Plaza SFO. Our reporter Anthony Nicosia has attended all three years and bestows his excellent experience and trained ears to let you know which products shined. Enjoy the Music.com has three web pages filled with over 25 photos now online and are not to be misses! Go see our California Audio Show report right now by clicking here.


08 / 03 / 12

  HDtracks now offers John Coltrane Blue Train and Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Rodgers And Hart Songbook in 24-bit/192kHz sound quality! John Coltrane's album Blue Train is accompanied by its original sleeve notes plus additional photos and newly-written package essays. Mastering engineer Alan Yoshida and Robin Lynn said "In preparing these hi def remasters, we were very conscientious about maintaining the feel of the original releases while adding a previously unattainable transparency and depth. It now sounds like you've set up your chaise lounge right in the middle of Rudy Van Gelder's studio!". Tenor saxophonist John Coltrane was one of the most innovative, influential and respected figures in jazz history. In 1957, Coltrane created a masterpiece with the release of Blue Train. The album has been widely regarded by both fans and critics as one of the greatest jazz records of all time. Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Rodgers And Hart Songbook is packed with great songs. Dubbed the First Lady of Jazz, multi-Grammy winner Ella Fitzgerald was a celebrated interpreter of the Great American Songbook. The vocalist showcases her multifaceted talents on this collection from the Rodgers and Hartís repertoire. The pair was responsible for some of musicís greatest songs with their striking melodies and compelling lyrics. The recording, inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, features the standards "My Funny Valentine," "The Lady Is A Tramp," "It Never Entered My Mind," "Blue Moon," "You Took Advantage of Me," "Manhattan" and "Where Or When." The album is confirmation of Fitzgeraldís undeniable genius and a testament to why she is one of musicís greatest singers. You can download these and other high resolution digital music albums at HDtracks by clicking here.


08 / 02 / 12

  The Cable Company's 17th annual summer against hunger campaign has just begun; with 50% to 100% of the money you spend on your stereo in August can be put to work for humanitarian relief efforts. Once again this August, when you purchase from special sponsors' products the Cable Company and sponsoring vendors plus other CARE donors will send an amount equal to your purchase to CARE. Purchase all other products from The Cable Company (and UsedCable.com) and an amount equal to half of your purchase goes to CARE. Here's the math: The Cable Company donates 5% of each purchase to CARE. This amount is matched by participating vendors for sales of their products. An anonymous donor will match this combined contribution from The Cable Company and its participating vendors. When this total amount is donated to a CARE project, CARE will try to secure other donations up to the entire amount of Cable Company purchases. But if other donors cannot be found, our anonymous donor has agreed to contribute to CARE the entire remainder amount of Cable Company purchases up to $250,000. Enjoy the Music.com has been extended special thanks from The Cable Company as we have graciously provided additional ad space to help them promote this great effort.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Genesis Advanced TechnologyWhat is old is new again as a new company headed by longtime and highly respected loudspeaker designer Arnie Nudell, Genesis Advanced Technology, will soon be launched! Continuing the Genesis line of products, this new venture will soon be releasing new products that should reach stores worldwide. Many people remember Mr. Nudell from decades ago as the founder of Infinity (now owned by Harmon). In those days Infinity was one of the best, and some considered the best, loudspeaker of its time. While he will be the chief designer of new products, CEO and Managing Director Gary Leonard Koh will take care of the business side of things. Mr. Nudell says "We have assembled an awesome team! You will see some of the old stalwarts; and will also see Genesis bringing new blood into the industry. Iíve always designed the best loudspeakers I could. With this team now, we will be able to make performance improvements to existing designs and come up with completely new ones, knowing all these efforts will be supported by a rock-solid business base." Mr. Koh has said in a prepared statement "We have a number of investors who will ensure that the new Genesis has the financial muscle to regain its position as the makers of the best loudspeakers in the world. Everyone involved has a passion for the product, and yet have the ability to bring real-world business skills to the table to run this as a long-term business." The Genesis 501 full range floorstanding loudspeaker and 928 subwoofer are being prepared for launch by Genesis Advanced technology. Meanwhile the APM-1 will be updated and is to be released within the next six months.


08 / 01 / 12

  Enjoy the Music.com's August Review Magazine is now available and celebrates our 17 years of bringing you valuable high-end audio information! Equipment reviews includes the McIntosh MC452 stereo power amplifier, EMM Labs DAC2X stereo DAC, Ortofon SPU Royal N MC cartridge, Parasound Zphono USB, Wadia 121 Decoding Computer plus much more! Enjoy the Music.com's August Review Magazine can be seen by clicking here.

Review Magazine 

Daily News: Audiophile news updated each weekday! 

BAS Speaker
More On The Great Preamp Myth
Witchcraft On Trial
The BAS Speaker Volume 8 Number 1 & 2

Sound Practices
Monsieur Rankin's Euro Selection
Article By Gordon Rankin Of Wavelength Audio

VALVE Magazine
Dinkin' Around: Tech tips and other unsolicited advice.
The 75 Minute Restoration

Capital Audiofest 2012
Washington, DC gets the high-end audio treatment!!
Coverage By Scot Hull

ESS Heil Factory Tour
We get an exciting inside look at Heil's driver designs!
Article By Jeff Poth

In This Issue... Entering Our 18th Year...
Has The Industry Really Progressed?
Article By Steven R. Rochlin

Audiolics Anonymous Chapter 153
XTZ MH 800 DSP Desktop System
Article By Dr. Bill Gaw

Think Piece
Painting, music and the language of sound reproduction.
Article By Jules Coleman 

Design Philosophy For Turntables
A Paper From Pierre Lurne Of Audiomeca

The Future Of Audio
Hearing By The United States of America Subcommittee on Communications and Technology

GIK Acoustics
Early / First Reflection Points

Shut Up And Enjoy The Music
RMAF 2011 Seminar By Steven R. Rochlin

  EMM Labs DAC2X Stereo D-A Converter
Pulling out all the stops.
Review By Phil Gold

  McIntosh MC452 Stereo Power Amplifier
Legendary performance from a legendary company!
Review By Anthony Nicosia

  From Our First Year...
The Parasound Halo JC 1 Monoblock Amplifiers
Review By Wayne Donnelly

  From Our First Year...
The Miyabi / 47 Labs MC Cartridge
Review By Rufus Smith

Ortofon SPU Royal N MC Cartridge
Ortofon updates this great classic!
Review By Dick Olsher

Parasound Zphono USB
For the music lover who wants to record their LPs.
Review By Rick Jensen

Wadia 121 Decoding Computer
Amazing sound and good looks at a very reasonable price.
Review By Tom Lyle

From Our First Year...
47 Labs 4706 Gaincard And 4700 Power Humptye
Everything you know is wrong... or... I was fooled by mainstream audio gurus.
Review By Steven R. Rochlin

From Our First Year...
The Complete Guide to High-End Audio -- Second Edition
Book By Robert Harley
Review By Rob Selina

Distributed Bass
A simple execution for the distributed bass concept.
Article By Jeff Poth

Classical Music
Wonderful Shostakovich and Prokofiev string quartets from the Pacifica Quartet.
Review By Joe Milicia

Thrilling performance of familiar concertos by Steven Hough and Roy Chen.
Review By Max Westler

An eclectic, adventurous program from The Knights.
Review By Max Westler

Jazz / Bluegrass / Etc.
B.B. Driftwood casts quite a spell in his new release.
Review By Phil Gold

Various Bluegrass, Blues And Jazz Albums
Reviews By Steven Stone

Rock, Techno, House, Etc.
Donna Summer (1948 - 2012)
A Tribute To The First Lady Of Love Part 2
Recommended Recordings By Claude Lemaire

Donna Summer (1948 - 2012)
A Tribute To The First Lady Of Love Part 1
Recommended Recordings By Claude Lemaire

My Dinner With Jimi (DVD)
Producer: Harold Bronson, Director: Bill Fishman, Writer: Howard Kaylan
Review By Steven Stone


See the August Review Magazine by clicking here.

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