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High-End Audio Industry News


11 / 30 / 01

Tetra Listening Instruments Loudspeaker  Tetra Listening Instruments is a Canadian loudspeaker company that uses tetrahedron-shaped heads for many of its models like the Live (shown right) with its Dynaudio D-260 soft-dome tweeter mated to an 8-inch Morel woofer. The Tetra lineup consists of five different two-ways, the 8-inch Live $5,350) and Live Ltd. ($6,800), the 6-inch Space ($3,500) , 5-inch Rebel ($2,400) and 4.5-inch Bullitt ($1,250) models. Standard finish is satin black with Cherry accents, while gloss black with Cherry accents carries a slight upcharge.



Cary Audio SLP-2002Cary Audio's new SLP-2002 pre-amplifier ($3000) uses two of the Russian 6H30 super tubes BAT brought to prominence and adds two 5814 as low impedance output buffers in a circuit dubbed "fully balanced Class A triode with 4 separate line gain stages". Among its other features are an analog remote volume control, a cinema bypass, a dedicated headphone amplifier, a tape monitor loop and fully regulated high voltage and filament voltage. The SLP-2002 weighs 25 lbs and measures 5" x 17.5" x 15" (HxWxD). 

Cary has also re-issued its CD-306 as the CD-306/200 ($5,000) transport/processor that sports inputs for external digital signals; AES/EBU, Toslink or composite connections; HDCD decoding with PMD-200 digital filter; the Phillips CDM-12 mechanism and 24/192 Burr Brown DAC chips. The CD306/200 can process digital audio input sources from 32-192 kHz sampling frequencies (DAT, MP3, CD-R, CD-RW) and with 16- to 24-bit world length, both from internal or external digital sources. The transport is fully shielded while the fully regulated power supply features dual C-core power transformers. The aluminum remote hand set allows remote switching between 16/24-bit and 44.1/192 kHz decoding.


11 / 29 / 01

Aria Audio  Aria Audio is the visible re-emergence of designer Mike Elliott of Counterpoint fame. His first new amplifier products continue the legacy of the NPS tube-hybrid amp architecture with Counterpoint. By virtue of 30-day home trial, factory-direct-only sales, all Aria Audio products offer very attractive pricing. The WT100 ($3,600) and WT350 ($5,600) "Whole Tone" amplifiers are available in LS and HS low/high sensitivity versions to optimize the interface with low-gain solid state and high-gain tube preamplifiers. XL versions for both models upgrade resistors in critical locations to Caddock and Mills units, caps to Black Gate powdered graphites in all essential power supply locations, main capacitors to Nichicon Super Through units and WBT RCA jacks for the inputs. All internal wiring is upgraded to "The Wind" by Van den Hul.

As the nomenclature suggests, the WT100 offers 100/200 watts into 8/4 ohms and can be bridged to 350 watts to become a single WT350 monoblock. It measures 8'' x 17'' x 13'' (WxDxH) and weighs 50 lbs. Unconditionally stable into 2-ohm loads, the zero feedback, non-inverting WT amplifiers combine two octal-based triodes (6SN7s in the LS version, 6SL7s in the HS) with a solid-state output stage and offer XLR/RCA inputs, dual pairs of Cardas binding posts per channel for easy bi-wiring and fully regulated tube supplies. Finish is brushed champagne and gold aluminum.



KEF HypertweeterKEF joins dual-concentric competitor Tannoy by adding a super tweeter to their new Uni-Q Reference Series. Comprised of six models including two center channels, all new Reference speakers benefit from the latest-generation Uni-Q driver with its central 25mm elliptical titanium dome tweeter and a 19mm titanium dome hypertweeter mounted in a low diffraction chrome-plated steel enclosure, time aligned with the main arrays and said to deliver flat frequency response to 50kHz and useful energy up to 70kHz. Bass drivers use "ultra-low distortion short coil/long gap motor systems and high tech reinforced diaphragms with Faraday loops above and below the coil." The Model 207 is a true five-way design tower with dual 10-inch woofers, a 10-inch mid-bass driver, a 6.5-inch Uni-Q unit and the hypertweeter, for a claimed frequency response of 28Hz to 50kHz and 91dB sensitivity. The Models 205, 203 and 201 are 4-way reflex designs with bass arrays of dual 8", dual 6.5" and single 6.5" woofers while the 204c center channel uses four 6.5-inch woofers and the 202c two. For optimum performance, all models accommodate tri-wiring and are fitted with a boundary control device to adjust bass response according to speaker positioning. Electromagnetic shielding is standard. The new curved section cabinets are finished in a choice of Black Ash, Maple or Cherry hand-matched hardwood veneers.


11 / 28 / 01

McCormack DNA500  McCormack Audio Corporation of Virginia announced that its statement amplifier in the DNA series, the DNA500 ($6,795) is now shipping. Offering 500/1000 watts into 8/4 ohms, the circuitry of the DNA500 follows McCormack's established architecture of "distributed node amplifier" from which the nomenclature is derived. It refers to coupling smaller, fast-acting storage capacitors directly to the output devices rather than using larger caps in a central circuit board location. The DNA500 is the brainchild of Steve McCormack, the company's original founder who, since the sale to Conrad-Johnson, has been retained as the chief engineer and designer for the McCormack division.



Ralph Karsten of Atma-Sphere Music Systems, the oldest manufacturer of output-transformerless tube amplifiers in the world, has announced that the technology used in his fully differential, direct-coupled high current output stage MP-1 and MP-3 tube preamplifiers has been awarded US patent # 6,242,977. All of the company's 21 claims for novel circuitry and other details were granted.


11 / 27 / 01

Zingali HM 212  After several years praising the sound of Zingali loudspeakers during the Enjoy the Music.com Milan Top Audio show report, OS Services has become the first American distributor for these high-sensitivity horn loudspeakers. Zingali's products have been critically acclaimed by many magazines worldwide and are, for the first time, available in the USA. Made in Italy, Zingali loudspeakers feature the Omniray Horn technology with either dome tweeters or compression drivers. Most Zingali loudspeaker can easily be driven by low wattage single-ended tube amplifier, yet can also handle high wattage amplifiers as well. Zingali offers a vast variety of well over twenty different models of speakers to chose from that are priced from $799/pair to over $50,000/pair. Seen right is their HM 212 floorstanding unit ($20,959). As part of the Home Monitor series for both professional monitoring studios and audiophiles alike, a sensitivity of 98dB and wide frequency response of 30Hz to 20kHz is capable of being driven with a small eight watt amplifier, yet can handle up to 500 watts as well. The HM 212 employs a 1" compression driver with 1.75" voice coil, two 12" woofers with 4" voice coil, and all housed within a sturdy 1.5" MDF enclosure.



Just as the specialty audio parts of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has seen the success of competitor T.H.E. Show, disgruntled replication equipment suppliers who have been less than satisfied with the International Recording Media Association (IRMA) have formed their own organization. Organized only weeks ago, the new Media-Tech Association is reaching many within the industry. Like the debates between the CES and T.H.E. Show, the IRMA is on the offensive in hopes that more of their members do not leave to join the new Media-Tech Association. As some seem disheartened with the IRMA show, quite a few have decided to support the upcoming Media-Tech show scheduled from May 6th through the 8th, 2002 in Frankfurt, Germany. Getting back to CES and T.H.E. Show, as reported yesterday it is hard to foresee the effect of CES 2002 with bringing high-end audio in to the main convention center. Many have speculated that the pricing of these rooms will play a key role. Only time will tell, though we will report on the events here as they unfold.


11 / 26 / 01

NIRO Integrated Engine  Nirotek America, U.S. distributor of the NIRO 1000 Power Engines by Niro Nakamichi, announced the immediate availability of its integrated amplifier called Integrated Engine. At $6,990, the final retail is considerably lower than previously anticipated. Built to the same exacting standards of electromechanical perfection as the Power Engine monoblocks ($22,000 each), the Power Engine stereo amplifier ($23,000) and the Control Engine ($20,000), the NIRO 1000 Integrated Engine offers 80 watts per channel and operates in pure Class A mode up to 30 watts. For connectivity, three balanced and one monitor input are complemented by two single-ended inputs and XLR/RCA pre-amplifier outputs. Measuring 18.1" x 14.8" x 20.7" (WxHxD), the Integrated Engine weighs 74.8 lbs.



Jena Labs Power WingThe Jena Labs Power Wing (ca. $3,000) AC conditioner, housed in a purpose-built Corian chassis with stainless steel top plate, separates 6 duplexes in an axial configuration of two discrete "wings" that are fed from a central AC inlet. An ultra-high-speed magnetic circuit breaker provides primary protection and is followed by eight stages of value-staggered high quality varistors for secondary protection. Three successive levels of power purification include common-mode low frequency filtering, extended broadband capacitive filtering and proprietary distributive filtering on each individual outlet to provide true high frequency electrical isolation from one outlet to the next, down to separating even the sockets within a shared duplex. New Hubbell high-conductivity receptacles, internal wiring and certain custom parts are all deep-immersion cryoed. A world premiere review is forthcoming shortly on Enjoy the Music.com.



CEDIA is emerging as a trade show which more and more manufacturers are considering of more vital importance than the CES. In a surprise move, Audio Research Corporation announced that it won't be attending CES 2002. Citing the CEDIA show as a factor in their decision-making, ARC joins Madrigal as the second established High-End company of great renown that will not be exhibiting in Las Vegas early next year. Enjoy the Music.com™has also been informed that Meadowlark Audio, maker of celebrated time and phase coherent 1st order transmission line speakers, will also not be attending the CES in favor of next year's summer show in NYC. If these are interpreted to be the first signs of an emerging trend among High-End audio companies, they could mirror rumors that CES 2002 might be the last year that High-End audio is enjoying its own separate venue -- the Alexis Park -- to segregate it from all other categories making up the Consumer Electronics industry at large. The expansion and build-out of the convention center makes it possible to host all CES exhibits under one roof, though the open space arrangement of the main floor favors passive displays, requiring manufacturers intent on serious audio demos to erect temporary sound-proof facilities to mimic the separate room environment of the traditional Alexis Park venue.


11 / 23 / 01

Diapason Karis  Diapason Loudspeakers of Italy has added two products to its Reference series, the Karis ($2,199, left image) and Kentron ($1,599). Based on the aesthetics first pioneered in the flagship Adamante III monitor, the Karis is simply a smaller iteration, a compact rear-ported two-way that uses a 20mm treated silk dome tweeter and 110mm polymetylpentene "direct drive" mid/woofer in a sculpted, solid Canaletto Walnut cabinet. Sensitivity is 87dB, impedance 6-ohm nominal (3.3-ohm minimum) and power handling 150 watts. The Kentron is the front-ported, fully shielded center channel speaker of the Reference series and uses the same tweeter as the Karis but a slightly larger, single mid/woofer, for a 91dB sensitivity and 6/3.8-ohm nominal/minimum impedance. The 1/M stand for the Karis retails for $299, and a wall-mount bracket for the Kentron is available.



Townshend Audio introduced the 2D Seismic Sink Loudspeaker Platform to isolate speakers and stands from the floor. Available in 3 sizes, the supports are priced from $450 to $550. The 1-2D model measures 17" x 12" and supports up to 90 lbs, the 2-2D measures 19" x 15" and supports up to 175 lbs, and the 3-2D is 22" x 18" and handles up to 225 lbs.



Snell Acoustics has renewed its commitment to the THX program and has submitted its CA1900, AMC900 in-wall dipole surround, the SR30mp surround and an all-new subwoofer for the new Ultra2 approval, with the CA1900 already approved. This makes Snell the first loudspeaker company to join the new THX Ultra2 program. The new specs place more emphasis on smooth response and low distortion output, less on overly tight vertical directivity. The new subwoofer specifications call for high output and dead flat extension down to 20Hz (-6dB point). To conform with these requirements, Snell's new ICS Sub24 will use dual 12-inch woofers first pioneered in its PS10 model, with a 400-watt amplifier and sophisticated EQ management. (prototype shown right). Production version will have the dual woofers on the same face and work both horizontally and vertically. Availability is expected for early 2002. A furniture grade version may follow later.


11 / 22 / 01

  As we here at Enjoy the Music.com are proud members of the Recording Academy, it brings us joy to announce the high schools that have been chosen to receive the 2001 National Grammy Signature School award. One-hundred high schools have been honored due to their outstanding music education program. Green Valley High School in Henderson, Nevada was named the "Gold" 2001 National Grammy Signature School as was City High School in Iowa City, Iowa and Mt. Carmel High School in San Diego California. Brentwood High School in Brentwood, New York and Charles W. Flanagan High School in Pembroke Pines, Florida received "Special Merit". The top five schools each received $5,000 in grants while all 100 schools are awarded certificates of recognition. "The GRAMMY Signature Schools program is an outstanding way to recognize schools nationwide that emphasize arts and music programs in the face of a difficult economic climate," said Recording Academy President/CEO Michael Greene. "These schools understand the positive effect that music programs can have on young people, and we honor their efforts and congratulate them on their successes." If your school would like to be considered for next years award, please e-mail the G. Below is a complete listing of our 2001 winners.

2001 National GRAMMY Signature School
Green Valley High School -- Henderson, Nevada

2001 GRAMMY Signature Schools Gold
City High School -- Iowa City, Iowa
Mt. Carmel High School -- San Diego, California

2001 GRAMMY Signature Schools Special Merit
Brentwood High School -- Brentwood, New York
Charles W. Flanagan High School -- Pembroke Pines, Florida

2001 GRAMMY Signature Schools
Abraham Lincoln High School... -- San Jose, Calif.
Adams City High School -- Commerce City, Colo.
Anderson Union High School -- Anderson, Calif.
Apple Valley High School -- Apple Valley, Minn.
Arapahoe High School -- Littleton, Colo.
Auburn High School -- Auburn, Wash.
Baldwin Senior High School -- Baldwin, N.Y.
Bay Port High School -- Green Bay, Wis.
Bay Shore High School -- Bay Shore, N.Y.
Binghamton H.S. Rod Serling School -- Binghamton, N.Y.
Blue Valley Northwest High School -- Overland Park, Kan.
Booker T. Washington H.S.P.V.A. -- Dallas, Texas
Boulder High School -- Boulder, Colo.
Bozeman High School -- Bozeman, Mont.
Burlington City High School -- Burlington, N.J.
Caddo Magnet High School -- Shreveport, La.
Canyon Springs High School -- Moreno Valley, Calif.
Celina High School -- Celina, Texas
Central High School -- Philadelphia, Pa.
Chatham High School -- Chatham, N.J.
Chula Vista High School -- Chula Vista, Calif.
Clarence Senior High School -- Clarence, N.Y.
Clements High School -- Sugar Land, Texas
Conard High School -- West Hartford, Conn.
Cortland Junior-Senior High School -- Cortland, N.Y.
Douglas Anderson School of the Arts -- Jacksonville, Fla.
Eagan High School -- Eagan, Minn.
East Anchorage High School -- Anchorage, Alaska
East Meadow High School -- East Meadow, N.Y.
Edward R. Murrow High School -- Brooklyn, N.Y.
Esperanza High School -- Anaheim, Calif.
Flippin High School -- Flippin, Ark.
Floyd Central High School -- Floyds Knobs, Ind.
Frederick Douglass High School -- Baltimore, Md.
Freedom High School -- Morganton, N.C.
Freeport High School -- Freeport, Ill.
Gardner High School -- Gardner, Mass.
George N. Tremper High School -- Kenosha, Wis.
George Walton High School -- Marietta, Ga.
Glenbard East High School -- Lombard, Ill.
Glenbrook South High School -- Glenview, Ill.
Glendale High School -- Springfield, Mo.
Grapevine High School -- Grapevine, Texas
Greenville Senior High School -- Greenville, Ohio
Groton High School -- Groton, N.Y.
H.S. for the Performing and Visual Arts -- Houston, Texas
Highland High School -- Salt Lake City, Utah
Huron High School -- Ann Arbor, Mich.
Jenison High School -- Jenison, Mich.
Johnson City High School -- Johnson City, N.Y.
Jones Academic Magnet College Prep H.S. -- Chicago, Ill.
Kennewick High School -- Kennewick, Wash.
Kit Carson School -- Kit Carson, Colo.
Klein Forest High School -- Houston, Texas
Klein Oak High School -- Spring, Texas
Kokomo High School -- Kokomo, Ind.
Lancaster High School -- Lancaster, N.Y.
Larkin High School -- Elgin, Ill.
L. V. Academy of International S., P. & V. -- Las Vegas, Nev.
Lewis Central High School -- Council Bluffs, Iowa
Lewis & Clark High School -- Spokane, Wash.
Long Beach Polytechnic High School -- Long Beach, Calif.
Lowell High School -- San Francisco, Calif.
Maine South High School -- Park Ridge, Ill.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Senior High School -- Detroit, Mich.
Milwaukee High School of the Arts -- Milwaukee, Wis.
Moorhead Senior High School -- Moorhead, Minn.
Neuqua Valley High School -- Naperville, Ill.
Nishna Valley Community School -- Hastings, Iowa
North Springs High School -- Atlanta, Ga.
Northport High School -- Northport, N.Y.
Omaha North High School -- Omaha, Neb.
Oxford High School -- Oxford, Miss.
Park Hill High School -- Kansas City, Mo.
Pioneer High School -- Ann Arbor, Mich.
Richland High School -- Richland, Wash.
Robert Service High School -- Anchorage, Alaska
Rockdale County High School -- Conyers, Ga.
Sahuarita High School -- Sahuarita, Ariz.
Saline High School -- Saline, Mich.
Santa Monica High School -- Santa Monica, Calif.
Sayville High School -- Sayville, N.Y.
Sherman E. Burroughs High School -- Ridgecrest, Calif.
South Dearborn High School -- Aurora, Ind.
South Miami Senior High School -- Miami, Fla.
Sprague High School -- Salem, Ore.
Spruce Creek High School -- Port Orange, Fla.
Stuyvesant High School -- New York, N.Y.
The School for Creative & Performing Arts -- Cincinnati, Ohio
Union High School -- Union, Mo.
W. T. Clarke High School -- Westbury, N.Y.
Wachusett Regional High School -- Holden, Mass.
Walnut High School -- Walnut, Calif.
Walter Johnson High School -- Bethesda, Md.
Ward Melville High School -- East Setauket, N.Y.
William Floyd High School -- Mastic Beach, N.Y.
Youth Performing Arts School -- Louisville, Ky.



Vivastar DVD-RSwitzerland-based Vivastar, a leading worldwide manufacturer of "super high quality" DVD and CD storage media products, has announced the launch of its PC-based DVD recorder line to U.S. retailers, scheduled to go on sale in early 2002. The launch is said to make Vivastar the world' s first company to develop, produce, and fully integrate all three essential elements of digital storage technology: hardware, software, and media (4.7 GB DVD-R; CD-R; CD-RW). The company's new DVD recorder line, one of the first to hit the U.S. consumer market, gives consumers the ability to record movies, music, data, and more in the reliable, portable, highly-stable DVD format. Vivastar's new DVD recorder products include the RS-121 External DVD Recorder ($699) and the RS-111 Internal DVD Recorder ($499). Each is capable of recording 120 minutes of high-quality video onto a single 4.7 GB DVD-R disc. Both units burn DVD-R discs at 1X and 2X speeds, with a maximum read rate of 4X, and feature disc-at-once and incremental writing methods. The RS-121 sports a streamlined futuristic design and Firewire interface, while the space-saving RS-111 helps keep smaller desktops free of additional equipment.



Elco AudioElco Audio cables are offered in Performance and Ultimate versions and are priced from $290 to $990 for a 0.5 meter interconnect, $580 for digital cables, $1,100 for a four-meter power cord and $720 to $1,400 for a four-foot bi-wire speaker cable set. The topline SCL-4B speaker cable (shown right) contains high-purity sixteen AWG double silver ribbon wire insulated in porous Teflon, while the low-frequency legs use oxygen-free copper Litz conductors in a five AWG configuration. High-quality WBT0660 sandwich spades are used for the inputs and LF outputs. HF output terminations are Cardas rhodium-plates spades.


11 / 21 / 01

Simaudio Moon Rock Amplifier  Simaudio's new Moon Rock amplifier is a fully balanced, differential mono-block amplifier capable of continuous RMS output of 1,000 watts into 8 ohms ("Class A" up to 20 watts) and 2,000 watts into 4 ohms. Using J-FET input devices, 32 precision-matched, fully decoupled bipolar output devices and a 282,000µF power supply with dual 1.1kVA power transformers, the Rock includes a customized 2 inch thick solid granite base and sports an anodized top cover and black or silver face plates. Further specs include an ultra-low output impedance of 0.01 ohms, damping factor of 800, 33dB of gain and 6dB of headroom. Maximum peak current is 95 amperes, and continuous current delivery up to 45 amperes. Two pairs of high quality WBT binding posts facilitate bi-wiring, and both RCA and XLR inputs are provided. The Rock is designed to be powered up at all times for optimal performance. Each monoblock weighs 220 lbs. and measures 19" x 16" x 21" (WxHxD).



JPS Labs introduces the Aluminata power cable, said to be an evolution of the firm's previous statement-level Kaptovator design. The Aluminata uses a flexible 8 gauge, high-purity ally conductor in a concentric-strand bundling inside a Kapton jacket and is said to allow 40 amps of continuous current delivery. A patent-pending 10mm thick aluminum particle shield contributes 3 lbs. per two meter length and features diamond-cut aluminum dust to provide vibration-dampening mass and RF absorption into the Gigahertz range. To minimize internal reflections or standing waves, the Aluminata cord also incorporates "End of Line" technology, details of which are not disclosed. Terminations are premium WattGate Gold AC plugs and IEC connectors.



Hewlett Packard de100cHewlett Packard's new Digital Entertainment Center de100c ($1000) is a 40GB hard-drive based unit that allows storage of up to 750 CDs or 9,000 tracks via MP3 compression technology. The de100c is Internet upgradeable via software uploads. Its internal CD player works with CD, CD-R and CD-RW and MP3 files burned on CD-R/RW. Further functionality includes: CD burning with the built-in CD-writer; music transfers to select MP3 players, handhelds and memory card readers; music and streaming video downloads via dial-up, DSL or cable connections; playlist creation and easy software management; viewing of music selections through on-screen TV display and remote features; access of RealNetwork's RealPlayer and RealJukebox services; and connection to TV or stereo components.



Music artist Grace Slick's art work took part in the Recording Academy's grand opening of their Art of Music Gallery on November 16th at the Forum Shops within Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Slick's "Alice with the White Rabbit" from her Wonderland Group of art is part of the memorabilia being displayed. While being lead singer of Jefferson Airplane, Slick saw their songs reach top ten hits such as "Somebody To Love" and "White Rabbit" in 1967. Proceeds from the sale of Grace Slick's artwork will benefit the Recording Academy's MusiCares Foundation. Enjoy the Music.com™ is the only audiophile resource who are proud to be longstanding supporters of the MusiCares Foundation that assist musical artists in need.



Longstanding and critically acclaimed audio engineer Richard "Dick" Sequerra has partnered with Mark "renaissance man" Conese to form Sequerra Audio Labs. During the past 50 years, Richard Sequerra has contributed to many fields in Science and Industry including technical accomplishments such as the first automated tape-to-disc recording system back in 1949 and in 1960 designed the legendary Marantz 10B FM tuner. While the list is vast and encompassing, more recently Richard Sequerra has designed the model 1070-A microphone pre-amplifier and a ribbon microphone. Sequerra Audio Labs will be distributed through Transamerica Audio Group (TAG).


11 / 20 / 01

Kimber PowerKord  Kimber Kable's new PowerKords use UL listed parts to "offer a higher level of safety and performance". The new PK-14 ($150) and PK-10 series utilize a special copper optimized for 120 volt AC wall voltage, as well as a special conductor dielectric that eschews color doping to "permit an uninhibited flow of current and voltage". Terminated with Wattgate power connectors, the new Kimber PowerKords are said to be ultra quiet cables with unlimited dynamics, toe tapping rhythmic articulation and exceptional low-level resolution. The standard PK-14 and PK-10 are outfitted with the Wattgate 320 Economy IEC and the Marinco US wall plug. The GOLD versions ($350) are terminated with the WATTGATE Audio Grade 350 IEC and 330 US wall plug. Kimber Kable has also developed what they call a special SWR (standing wave ratio) correction technology to dampen standing wave reflections. When added to the new line of PowerKords in the form of a molded, metallic damping device attached in the middle of the cord where the first standing wave occurs, these Palladian designated models (ca. $1,000 depending on length) are claimed to offer unmatched clarity, silence and freedom from grain.



PowerSnakes MojavePowerSnakes by Shunyata Research has introduced its new Mojave ($550, seen right) and Python ($998) power cords that are said to be based on a new, patent-pending technology. The Python combines this technology with the firm's trademarked three-step silver/rhodium Venom connectors, the FeSi 1000 granular RFI/EMI coupling compound and hermetically-sealed tube construction. Two ultra-purity CDA-101 certified copper and one high purity silver conductor make up the internal wiring of the Python. The Mojave features the same basic geometry but substitutes the FeSi sleeve with a copper foil shield.



Tenor AudioThe Tenor Audio 75Wi are integrated OTL tube monoblock amplifiers ($18,600/pair) that offer 55/75/75 watts into 4/8/16 ohms and sport 6dB of dynamic headroom for momentary power burst of four times the rated maximum power. The first 40 watts operate in Pure Class A while the frequency responce is 3 - 155,000 Hz (-3dB) with a  signal to noise ratio of 100dB. The 75Wi feature three inputs, bias and DC balance meters, Elna 24-step volume controls and 750VA output stage and driver stage power transformers. The tube complement consists of two 12AX7A, two 6H6P, two 6H30P and four 6C33X-B per monoblock. Each chassis measures 17.25" x 11" x 23" (WxHxD), weighs 71 lbs and is finished in lovely hand-oiled cherry wood.


11 / 19 / 01

PS Audio  PS Audio announces a few new amplifiers. Their Reference Tower amplifier ($6,000-$7,000, seen right) is claimed to be "the benchmark for all other designs to live up to". A completely balanced mono amplifier that includes an internal PS Audio Power Plant. The amplifier produces 500 watts into an 8 ohms (1,000 watts into 4 ohms) and has four separate 700 VA toroidal power transformers! Due to being fully balanced, the Reference Tower allows for decoupling of its push-pull halves and thus permitting a high current two-channel mode. At the lower priced side of the scale, PS Audio's new Classic 200 ($3,000-$3,500) is a dual mono two-channel reference amplifier that is fully balanced and produces 200 watts into 8 ohms (400 watts into 4 ohms). Like their Reference Tower, the Classic 200 has a built-in Power Plant. Lastly, PS Audio's new Advanced Digital Amplifier Technology (ADAT) is claimed to be 93% efficient, runs cool, and appear within their PS hybrid "Class A" stereo power amplifier ($1,495). Producing 150 watts per channel into an 8-Ohm (300 watts into 4 ohms), PS Audio feels their new Hybrid amplifier sonically "stands head and shoulders above virtually any of these designs" when it comes to what other companies offer for digital amplification. To further quote PS Audio "The input stage... is our revolutionary new fully balanced/differential "Class A" JFET stage with common mode characteristics that top 70 dB in balanced mode (30 dB is considered good, 20 dB is typical)! This input stage has zero feedback, low distortion and is balanced from input to output. This new input stage is the key to the success of all three amplifiers, and is the reason we can suggest 'you've never heard anything like this before'."



Acoustic Sounds has commissioned and released a few classic recordings on high quality RTI (Record Technology Inc.) 180 gram vinyl. Sourced from the original master tapes and pressed exclusively for Acoustic Sounds, the titles include Johnny Griffin The Little Giant (Riverside RLP-1149), Bill Evans Sunday at the Village Vanguard (Riverside RLP-9376), Gene Ammons Blue Gene (Prestige 7146), Thelonious Monk Alone in San Francisco (Riverside RLP-1158), Miles Davis and the Modern Jazz Giants Bags Groove (Prestige 7109), Sonny Rollins The Contemporary Leaders (Contemporary S7564), and John Lee Hooker Sings the Blues (Riverside RLP 12-321). All titles are $20 and available now.



A.R.T PlatformImmedia Sound of Berkeley distributes the A.R.T. line of resonance control products which include Q-Dampers (made from an anti-resonance graphite compound for placing under equipment and speakers and available in 3 and 4 packs); Q-Damper Headshell spacer; Q-Ring (a high quality ferrite ring surrounded by a carbon based outer ring); CD Q-Damper Mat and Analog Platter Q-Damper Mat. The SSC String Suspension Concept stands and pucks are German-engineered anti-vibration bases and load-bearing pucks available as Base Classic (black Ash and Beech). Load capacity is upwards of 132 lbs. and the unit measures 17.3" x 14" x 2.4" (WxDxH). The Base Evolution is available in carbon foil or Beech while the AS double web technology two-inch diameter black pucks support 132 lbs with a set of four. Also available from Immedia Sound is the unique and attractive Spider equipment stands by Finite Elemente. These racks are German-made modular stands that eschew actual shelves and feature aluminum uprights, central aluminum star sand beech-wood struts that can be configured in a variety of ways to support even heavy-weight televisions. The equipment sits atop the struts and is decoupled by anti-vibration dampers.


11 / 16 / 01

Pink Floyd "Echoes - The Best of Pink Floyd"  The new release by Pink Floyd titled Echoes - The Best of Pink Floyd has debuted at number 2 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart. This new release covers well over thirty years of the popular Rock band's career and also shows the staying power and their legacy. Sales of 214,000 copies during its first week were achieved according to SoundScan. To give you an idea how this compares to their normal album sales - albums being over twenty years old - the 1973 release Dark Side Of The Moon scanned 17,708 copies this week, up 69% from last week, and moves to number 3 from number 5. 1975's Wish You Were Here sold 7,342 copies, up 56%, and moves to number 15 from number 41, and 1979's The Wall sold 6,711 copies, up 65%, charting at number 20 from number 62. While the CD is available now, the vinyl release is set to debut in a few weeks. The track listing on Echoes - The Best of Pink Floyd include:

Disc 1
1. Astronomy Domine 
2. See Emily Play 
3. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives 
4. Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) 
5. Echoes 
6. Hey You 
7. Marooned 
8. The Great Gig In The Sky 
9. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 
10. Money 
11. Keep Talking 
12. Sheep 
13. Sorrow 

Disc 2 
1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-7) 
2. Time 
3. The Fletcher Memorial Home 
4. Comfortably Numb 
5. When The Tigers Broke Free 
6. One Of These Days 
7. Us And Them 
8. Learning To Fly 
9. Arnold Layne 
10. Wish You Were Here 
11. Jugband Blues 
12. High Hopes 
13. Bike



Audio Physics LunaThe Audio Physics Luna subwoofer is a front-firing, dual 10-inch subwoofer with built-in 150-watt amplifier that has provisions to adjust response for room size, stiffness and room gain variables and features a velocity feedback control circuit to monitor woofer impulse response. Variable crossover points include 35 Hz, 46 Hz, 61 Hz, 80 Hz, 105 Hz and a crossover bypass function. 600 ohms high-level RCA inputs (cables included) provide connection from amplifier outputs to maximize tonal balance with main speakers. The Luna weighs 58 lbs, measures 25" x 11" x 16" (HxDxW) and is recommend for rooms of 130 to 500 square feet. Available finishes include Cherry and Black as standard while Birdseye Maple, Anthracite Maple and Mahogany for an additional cost.



Granite Audio CD-101Granite Audio has released their CD-101 that offers a unique features unlike other burn-in CDs. Specifically, there is a RIAA Frequency Curve tone at 4mv for playback through MM and HO-MC phono inputs to assist in burning-in the device. Other test signals include Pink Noise, Random Noise, Test Tones, and other signals. The test CD was produced by Don Hoglund of Granite Audio using a Hewlett-Packard random noise generator, HP decibel meters, Tektronix ultra-low distortion audio signal generator, Tek digital frequency counter, Tek digital decibel meters, and Tascam Pro-Studio CD-RW.


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