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High-End Audio Industry News

11 / 30 / 11

Audience Au24e Low Z, High Z and MM Phono Cable  Audience, formed in 1997 as a design and production company focused on building the best possible equipment, announced the introduction of its Au24e Low Z, High Z and MM phono cables. These are the first high-end phono interconnects that are impedance-matched to optimize the electrical characteristics of the phono cartridge to the cables and to the preamplifier. Given the extremely fragile nature of the signals coming from the phono cartridge, it is critical that every effort is made to preserve the integrity of those signals. Cartridge output levels can be quite low, typically in the 3 to 5 milliVolt range and often as low as 100 microVolts. The available Audience Au24e models include Low Z for moving coil cartridges with internal resistance up to 30 Ohms, High Z for moving coil cartridges with internal resistance between 30 and 100 Ohms and MM for all cartridges with internal resistance above 100 Ohms. The performance of the cables is further enhanced by the use of continuous cast high-purity copper and low-loss cable geometry. Prices for Audience Au24e 1.0 meter are as follows: 

Low Z RCA - RCA    $1090
Low Z RCA - DIN      $1295
High Z RCA - RCA    $1090
High Z RCA - DIN     $1295
MM RCA - RCA       $479
MM RCA - DIN         $729


11 / 29 / 11

Consonance D-linear 15 Power Conditioner  Consonance new D-linear 15 is the first power conditioner made by the company with its main main feature is to deal with various types of audio equipment matching each piece with its own power supply requirement. The D-linear15 supplies three groups, which totals ten output ports, including the digital power supply, the analog power supply and the power output power supply. The digital power supply ports are for audio source equipments (such as CD, DVD, DAC and digital stream players). The analog power supply ports are for pre-amplifiers and phono stages. According to Consonance, "Digital source and analog pre-amplifier is not sensitive to internal resistance from the power grid, but do need more pure electricity. But pre-amplifiers and phono stages, with the high level gain, are very sensitive to dirty power and therefore can increase the noise by 100 fold. Therefore digital and analog equipment should be plug into the separate independent ports to avoid crossover noise. Digital and pre-amplifier outputs travel trough a high quality transformer with 3 levels of shielding (type R) which is isolated with silicon-gel. The silicon-gel will lower the high frequency noise and supply suitable damping. Digital and analog power output will, in turn, be isolated." Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Opera Consonance D-Linear 7 interface and D-Linear 8 192kHz/24-bit DAC, their LP6.1 turntable and TP988 tonearm combination plus have a factory tour of the Opera Consonance Audio company.


Linn Klimax DSM SystemLinn's Klimax DSM ($23,500) is said to read like a designer wish list: sound quality beyond compare; stunning looks and build quality; one discreet unit machined from a single block of aluminum and flanked by a pair of gorgeous loudspeakers. Featuring their Klimax DSM, Linn's best digital music player with inputs, and Klimax 350A, their highest-performing speakers with built-in power amplification, this deceivingly simple system ensures high-end sound quality and system synergy. Users may browse their music library using an iPad, choosing albums by cover and creating playlists with one's favorite songs or tracks. Instant access is also provided for music via Internet radio and listen to online music services. Analogue and digital inputs provides connectivity for movie, games and other audio sources. The Linn Klimax DSM plays digital music over a standard Ethernet network, streams internet radio, podcasts and 'listen again' broadcasts plus can decode FLAC, WAV, ALAC, MP3, WMA, AIFF, AAC and OGG audio formats with up to 24-bit/192kHz native sample rate. Songcast support allows synchronized playback of audio around the home. There are 8 inputs (balanced via XLR, HDMI, coax S/PDIF and optical TosLink). Analog outputs includes balanced via XLR and unbalanced via RCA. Other outputs include HDMI, coax S/PDIF and optical TosLink.


11 / 28 / 11

  The Cable Company's annual August "Summer Against Hunger" fundraiser for CARE has greatly benefited those in need. This year's donation totaled $30,839 and CARE has identified 11:1 third party matching funds yielding total program donations of $370,073. The Cable Company thanks all of you who participated by purchasing products in August. For every one dollar you spent with us in August, even on used products, at least $1.20 is being donated to CARE. For purchases of our sponsoring vendors' products, it is $2.40. One dollar gets a $2.40 contribution for humanitarian causes - that's leverage! Contribution this year are being earmarked by CARE to support a food security, nutritional care, education, and support program focusing on improving the quality of life for women and children living with HIV and AIDS in the far-western regions of Nepal. Appropriate nutrition delays progression of HIV to AIDS, and also helps manage many symptoms associated with the disease. Poor maternal nutrition is associated with increased risks of mother-to-child HIV transmission, low birth weight, and infant mortality. CARE's "Safe Passage" project will support these children so they can continue schooling and improve their futures.


RBH Sound S-10 And S-12 Powered SubwoofersRBH Sound, a manufacturer of high performance custom audio products, has revealed their S-10 and S-12 subwoofers ($499 and $699 each respectively). The S-10 and S-12 both incorporate RBH Sound’s proprietary aluminum cone technology, whilst also bringing together a 10-inch aluminum cone woofer and a built-in 150 Watt amplifier in a tuned bass reflex design for the S-10. The RBH Sound's S-12's 12-inch aluminum cone woofer is powered by a built-in 250-Watt amplifier. Both models utilize feature-laden, high-efficiency, Class D amplifiers that facilitate easier installation and configuration with any audio system, regardless of the room or surround processor.


Enjoy the Music.com Android ApplicationSneak peek for APP users! App users get an advanced look at our December review of the Naim Audio ND5 XS Network Audio Player before anyone else! Longstanding audiophiles know that Naim manufacturers impressive products and their very impressive digital audio 24-bit/192kHz player review is now online! Enjoy the Music.com's Android and Windows Phone 7 application users have easy access to important daily industry news and events, plus they also benefit by seeing reviews before anyone else. The fast growing popularity of the Android and Windows Phone operating systems on a wide variety of mobile devices proves that enthusiastic and tech savvy consumers want devices they can use to get the information they desire right now. Enjoy the Music.com is the only high-end audio website offering apps plus a customized web browser for audiophiles. Android users can download the Enjoy the Music.com Android application by clicking here. Windows Phone 7 users can download the Enjoy the Music.com Windows Phone 7 application by clicking here.


11 / 23   to  11 / 25

  Enjoy the Music.com would like to highlight some Black Friday sales from our sponsor Amazon.com. We want you to enjoy the music while saving big... and yes helping support our 100% free site. Of course you can click on any of the links and begin shopping, as we will get credit for the sale. The price below is the sale price, click on the link to see how much higher the full retail list price is to calculate your savings. Help us to help you have a wonderful holiday season.


HDtracksHDtracks is giving thanks and letting you save 10% right now! Simply use code thanks10 at checkout for any of their high resolution digital music downloads such as The Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Fleetwood Mac and more! Audiophiles have long enjoyed the many remastered, high resolution music as offered by HDtracks. Again, simply enter the code thanks10 when checking out for instant savings! This one-time use code expires 11:59PM PST November 30, 2011. Click here and claim your savings!


Aperion Verus Forte Tower SDAperion Audio is kicking off the holiday season with three high value speaker systems to let home entertainment enthusiasts enhance their own home theater or home audio systems. Naturally free shipping is included with all Aperion Audio systems. System 1 is their Aperion Zona wireless speaker outfit ($399, a $100 savings). The Zona Wireless speaker system provides high quality sound from a pair of wireless and powered bookshelf speakers. System 2 is the special edition Aperion Intimus 5B Harmony SD 5.1 home theater bookshelf outfit ($1299, a savings of $400). This special edition update to the original features the classic gloss piano black, a 7-layer hand-rubbed lacquer finish. The Intimus Harmony SD is designed for small to medium sized home theater rooms. The system includes a pair of Aperion’s Intimus 5B bookshelf speakers for the fronts, Intimus 4C center channel speaker, and a pair of the Intimus 4B satellite speakers for the surrounds, with the Bravus II 8D subwoofer to fill out the bottom. System 3 is the Aperion Verus Forte Tower SD 5.1 home theater tower speaker outfit ($1839, a savings of $400). The Verus Forte Tower SD system is designed for medium-sized home theater rooms. The system matches a pair of Aperion’s Verus Forte Tower speakers for the fronts, Verus Forte Center Channel speaker, and a pair of the Verus Forte Satellite speakers for the surrounds, along with the Bravus II 8D subwoofer for the full theater effect. The Verus Forte speakers are available in either the high gloss cherry wood or gloss piano black lacquer finish.


11 / 22 / 11

 DaVinciAudio Labs Masters Reference VIRTU Tonearm  DaVinciAudio Labs, a prestigious Swiss manufacturer of analog products, has their new Masters Reference VIRTU tonearm (€9150). Below are a few highlights:

Invention of a 4 point gimbaled magnetic- sapphire bearing (world debut)
New VTA adjustment
New azimuth adjustment
Head shell made of ebony.

DaVinciAudio Labs plans to offer optional accessories including an exchangeable tonearm tube for best matching with various cartridges. The Basic version is an hybrid tube made of ebony wooden, steel and aluminum with an SME adapter. Easy to set up tone arm. The Master's Reference Virtu tonearm marks typical Swiss precision, which is clearly evident in its design. Jewels are created by Zigerli-Iff in Bern, Switzerland.


11 / 21 / 11

Linn Digital Music Collections  Linn's Digital Music Collections will be available until the 31st of December. Back by popular demand Linn's brilliant value, no-hassle, highest quality Digital Music Collections make a welcome return for a limited time only. And, for the first time, our premium Digital Music Collections are all available in Apple Lossless as well as FLAC. Each collection is expertly put together, with all artwork included and embedded, ready for you to enjoy. And as if having the best ever digital music isn't enough, we also include the CD Quality and MP3 versions of each album as well, should you wish to burn to a disc or listen on your iPod. There are five specially compiled series for music lovers. Linn's Top 50 Studio Master Collection is their best selling Studio Master albums while the All-Time Top 50 Studio Master Collection is their fifty best selling Studio Masters. Classical Label of the Year Collection catalogue features ‘Label Of The Year' by Gramophone and this celebratory collection comprises fifty of Linn's finest classical recordings. Linn's Complete 2011 Studio Master Collection is over 100 albums and includes all the music released on Studio Master in 2011. Lastly, Linn's Ultimate Studio Master Collection allows you to kick start your Studio Master library with the Ultimate Collection which includes every Studio Master album currently available. That's not just Linn's own award-winning titles but every single release from our partner labels too. That's over 300 albums!


HiFiMAN HM-101 Portable DACHiFiMAN unveiled their HM-101 ($39) astonishingly affordable USB DAC and HE-300 ($249) dynamic headphones. Whilst no specs are given for the HM-101 if it can handle FLAC, WMA, mp3 or any music file type for that matter, specifications such as S/N ratio of 96dB, 0.07% THD and stereo crosstalk of 78dB are provided. The unit itself is for portable use and is a mere 2.5" long and 1.5" wide with a slender 0.5" thick. The unit connects to USB and provides output via 1/8" stereo headphone output. HiFiMAN's HE-300 a high performance dynamic headphones feature light weight of 27- grams are are the over-the-ear variety. The earpads and flexible cable are said to allow for hours of comfortable use. Frequency response is from 15 Hz to 22kHz from the 50mm dynamic drivers.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Kimber PowerKordKimber Kable's new PowerKords use UL listed parts to offer a higher level of safety and performance. The new PK-14 ($150) and PK-10 series utilize a special copper optimized for 120 volt AC wall voltage, as well as a special conductor dielectric that eschews color doping to "permit an uninhibited flow of current and voltage". Terminated with Wattgate power connectors, the new Kimber PowerKords are said to be ultra quiet cables with unlimited dynamics, toe tapping rhythmic articulation and exceptional low-level resolution. The standard PK-14 and PK-10 are outfitted with the Wattgate 320 Economy IEC and the Marinco US wall plug. The GOLD version ($350) are terminated with the WATTGATE Audio Grade 350 IEC and 330 United States type wall plug. Kimber Kable has also developed what they call a special SWR (standing wave ratio) correction technology to dampen standing wave reflections. When added to the new line of PowerKords in the form of a molded, metallic damping device attached in the middle of the cord where the first standing wave occurs, these Palladian designated models are claimed to offer unmatched clarity, silence and freedom from grain. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Kimber Kable PK10 Palladian power cable and Kimber Kable's low-priced TONIK budget interconnect.


11 / 18 / 11

The Righteous Brothers The Very Best Of and Andrea Bocelli Concerto, One Night in Central Park  HDtracks is now offering The Righteous Brothers The Very Best Of in 24-bit/192kHz and the amazing Andrea Bocelli Concerto, One Night in Central Park in 24-bit/48kHz! The Very Best Of The Righteous Brothers features such hits as "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'", "Unchained Melody", "(You're My) Soul And Inspiration" and many more. Andrea Bocelli's Concerto, One Night in Central Park highlights this world-renowned Italian tenor with his historic concert in New York City on September 15, 2011. This enchanting event was recorded and showcases some of Bocelli’s most brilliant performances. Accompanied by the New York Philharmonic and conductor Alan Gilbert, the seventeen track collection features the best of Bocelli’s classical and pop repertoire. You can download both of them at HDtracks by clicking here.


Klipsch Heresy IIIOnline merchant Vanns is having a clearance sale with half off Energy's CF70 floorstander and the Klipsch Heresy III ($850, pictured). This three-way model CF70 floorstanding speaker that is normally 549.99 each for only $274.99. The CF70 uses a 1" tweeter, single 5.5" mid-range driver and dual 6.5" woofers. They produce a flat on-axis frequency response and have low internal resonance. Energy's Convergent Source Module technology allows the tweeter and mid-range driver to operate as a single source for enhanced dispersion. Frequency response is from 34 Hz to 20 kHz. Vanns also has the Klipsch three-way Heresy III Heritage Series floorstanding speaker ($850). None other than legend Paul Klipsch helped design this model, which was first introduced in 1957. Like the original Klipschorn, the Heresy III is a high resolution, horn-loaded, high sensitivity design. Kliposch's Heresy II uses the model K-28-E 12" fiber-composite cone woofer with folded horn, model K-53-TI 1.75" titanium diaphragm compression midrange driver with exponential horn and the K-107-TI 1" titanium diaphragm compression driver tweeter. Sensitivity is 99dB/W/m so can easily be driven with a mere 3 watts or more, and can output upwards of a wall-shaking 116dB. Vanns also has a top-line Denon turntable at discount, NuForce and Peachtree Audio DACs, Marantz amplifiers, Sonos multi-room audio systems and much more.


11 / 17 / 11

Hi-Fi+ Magazine  Enjoy the Music.com has the world premiere exclusive of the December edition of Hi-Fi+ (Issue 84)! This issue includes reviews of the Totem Acoustic Element Metal floorstanding loudspeaker, Avalon Acoustic Idea floorstanding loudspeaker, Elac 330 Crystal Edition standmount loudspeaker, Trilology 907 phonostage, Bricasti M1 digital to analogue converter, Isotek EVO3 Super Titan power conditioner, The Funk Firm FXR II turntable pick-up arm and much more. Within Alan Sircom's editorial titled 2012 Will Be Bigger And Better he says, "Welcome to the last issue of 2011, and quite frankly we're pretty pleased to see the back of this year. Let's hope 2012 will be bigger and better all round. In fact, 2011 has been an outstanding year for great products from beginning to end. A number of people in every industry – including the audio industry – are really pulling together to make the best environment for people to buy fine products at a wide range of prices. Now, all we need are those buyers..." You can see the complete table of contents and editorial of Hi-Fi+ by clicking here.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Pink Floyd "Echoes - The Best of Pink Floyd"The new release by Pink Floyd titled Echoes - The Best of Pink Floyd has debuted at number 2 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart. This new release covers well over thirty years of the popular Rock band's career and also shows the staying power and their legacy. Sales of 214,000 copies during its first week were achieved according to SoundScan. To give you an idea how this compares to their normal album sales - albums being over twenty years old - the 1973 release Dark Side Of The Moon scanned 17,708 copies this week, up 69% from last week, and moves to number 3 from number 5. 1975's Wish You Were Here sold 7,342 copies, up 56%, and moves to number 15 from number 41, and 1979's The Wall sold 6,711 copies, up 65%, charting at number 20 from number 62. While the CD is available now, the vinyl release is set to debut in a few weeks.


11 / 16 / 11

Crystal Cable Arabesque Mini Speaker  Crystal Cable's Arabesque Mini speaker ($12,999 per pair) is now in production stage and will be shipping to their worldwide dealers shortly. The Arabesque Mini uses the same unique technologies found in their well-received Arabesque floorstander. Since glass was not practical for the Mini, aluminum was used to create the unique Arabesque shape. The long-throw 6" woofer and beryllium tweeter work together through a second order low Q cross-over filter built from premium quality air inductors and silver-oil capacitors. Internal wiring is Crystal Cable mono-crystal cabling. Arabesque Mini has a claimed measured distortion of only 0.5% (120 Hz to 20 kHz), a consequence of the friction port and the absence of air damping materials. Below 120 Hz distortion never gets higher than 1% (no output SPL level given). Each speaker is hand built in The Netherlands.


Due to the successful response to Benchmark Media Systems’ first 'Trade-Up' program, Benchmark is expanding the 'Trade-Up' program to accept any digital to analog converter, "dead or alive." The program gives potential Benchmark customers a cost-effective way to upgrade to Benchmark's latest technology. Credit is limited to 50% of the original purchase price up to $800, depending on trade-in product. "Benchmark is very excited to expand the 'Trade Up' program to accept all brands of DACs," said Rory Rall, Sales Manager. "The program will allow potential customers to upgrade to the high-performance DAC1 HDR." The Trade-Up program is only valid to customers in the United States. Offer applies to direct sales only. The program starts on November 15, 2011 and ends on December 16, 2011. Details can be seen at this link.


11 / 15 / 11

Combak Corporation Dinosaur DNS-0610 Speaker Stand  Combak Corporation's Dinosaur DNS-0610 Speaker Stand is said to be a state-of-the-art design created after years of extensive research on the basis of the sound technology such as those of a Piano. This unique design sets to achieve the full potential of small sized loudspeaker systems, thus enabling users to hear more dynamics and information than previous achievable. Various resonance controls and specialized feet and employed to realize the very best in sound quality. The Dinosaur DNS-0610 is beautifully handcrafted and made of selected high quality woods and easy to assemble and use.

Height: 700mm ( From tiptoe to tuning creeper) 
Top Board Size: 200 x 260mm 
Wooden Base Size: 362 x 362mm 
Weight: 10.6 lbs 
Materials Selected: High quality wood with brass metal tiptoe 
Colors: Jacaranda wood finish or Satin black 
Accessory: RF-909X


Antique Sound Lab AQ1001 MARK II DT Tubed Stereo Integrated AmplifierAntique Sound Lab, an award winning company that offers high value for the dollar products, now has their AQ1001 MARK II DT and AQ1003 MARK II DT tubed stereo integrated amplifiers ($2000 and $1500 respectively). The AQ1001 MARK II DT has been updated with higher quality internal parts and extruded aluminum chassis. New is the choke filtered power supply for a faster and more dynamic sound. The unit produces 50 Watts per channel via pair of KT88 output tubes, switches to 29 Watts per channel in pure triode mode. Wide range bias adjustment for other octal based output tubes. Built in calibrated bias meter at the top of the chassis and line level subwoofer outputs ensure ease of use and system integration. Frequency response is from 15 Hz to 23 kHz, there are three pairs of inputs via RCA and it has outputs or 4 or 8 Ohm speakers. The Antique Sound Lab AQ1003 MARK II DT produces 30 Class A watts per channel and has a newly updated extruded aluminum chassis and improved internal parts. There are three stereo pair of inputs and speaker output for 4 or 8 Ohms configuration. The triode/pentode switch allows for 15 wpc in pure triode mode via a pair per side EL34. Frequency response is from 24 Hz to 40 kHz. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Antique Sound Lab Monsoon DT MK II tube amplifier and Antique Sound Lab MG-Head OTL 32 DT headphone amplifier.


11 / 14 / 11

Audioengine A5+ Powered Monitor Loudspeakers  Audioengine, an award winning company that offers high-end audio speakers at reasonable prices, just announced their new 5+ (A5+, $399 per pair) premium powered monitor speakers. These affordable high-quality monitors offer a wide variety of inputs for use with iDevices, computer, TV, or any other audio component. This two-way system has Class AB 75 watt per channel peak power and employs a 20mm silk dome tweeter and 5" Kevlar woofer. Available inputs include 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo mini-jack and left/right via RCA whilst output is via left/right RCA jacks. There is a USB Type A jack for power/charging devices such as an Apple iPod/iTouch/etc. Overall frequency response is from 50 Hz to 22 kHz (+/-1.5dB) and the volume can be adjusted via front panel knob or remote control. All components are housed within hand-built cabinets. Dimensions are 10.75 x 7 x 7.75 (HxWxD in inches) and weight for the entire system is 26 lbs. Finish options include satin black, hi-gloss white and bamboo. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Audioengine 5 powered monitor loudspeakers and the smaller Audioengine A2 powered minimonitors.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
DIYCableDIYCable now offers Enjoy the Music.com's critically acclaimed Max Rochlin Memorial Cable! Praised by many reviewers within the high-end industry, the Max Rochlin Memorial Cable is a high precision 75 Ohm cable that delivers smooth yet detailed sound as a digital cable for use between a digital disc transport and DAC. Because it is a 75 Ohm design, it also makes a excellent video cable as well. DIYCable has been chosen as the only official retailer to sell the Max Rochlin Memorial Cable in both kit and assembled form. Kit prices begin at only $20 while a fully assembled version starts at $40. To quote DIYCable "There is one important way that this product is going to differ from the rest of our cable line. DIYCable is going to donate $10 from the sale of every built cable and $5 from the sale of every kit, to a yet to be named AIDS research fund. The reason for doing so has to do with the origin of the cable's name." Max Rochlin was Enjoy the Music.com editor Steven R. Rochlin's brother who passed away due to the HIV/AIDS virus. This digital cable was named after Max as he truly enjoyed music.


11 / 11 / 11

Vince Guaraldi's A Charlie Brown Christmas in 24-bit/192kHz  HDtracks now has Vince Guaraldi's A Charlie Brown Christmas in 24-bit/192kHz at a special holiday price! The first time you listen to this disc you will undoubtedly be transported directly back to your childhood. Charles Schulz's Peanuts characters will go toe-tapping and funky-dancing through your mind's eye. Play it a few more times, though (ignoring the dialogue snippets, if you can), and you will begin to truly revel in Guaraldi's wonderful, humorous, deep piano playing. You'll hear why he's such an influence on new age ivory tickler George Winston, but you'll also realize that Winston's holiday music never quite sparkles with the underlying passion, and humor, that twinkles in these grooves. Buy it for the nostalgia--keep it because it will remain one of the most enchanting albums in your holiday collection. Like most so-called overnight successes, Vincent Anthony Guaraldi -- who forever described himself as "a reformed boogie-woogie piano player" -- worked hard for his big break. His first serious booking came at the Black Hawk, when he worked as an intermission pianist, filling in for the legendary Art Tatum. The jazz pianist's association with Charles Schulz's creations actually had begun the year before, when Guaraldi was hired to score the first Peanuts television special documentary called "A Boy Named Charlie Brown" (not to be confused with the big screen feature of the same title). The show brought together four remarkable talents: Schulz, writer/producer/director Lee Mendelson, artist Bill Melendez and Guaraldi. Guaraldi's smooth trio compositions -- piano, bass and drums -- perfectly balanced Charlie Brown's kid-sized universe. Sprightly, puckish, and just as swiftly somber and poignant, these gentle jazz riffs established musical trademarks which, to this day, still prompt smiles of recognition. A few weeks later, on March 16, "It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown" debuted on television. It was the 15th, and last, Peanuts television special to boast Guaraldi's original music. He had just finished recording his portion of the soundtrack on the very afternoon of the day he died. You can get this very special recording at HDtracks by clicking here.


11 / 10 / 11

Rein Audio X-DAC  Rein Audio, a German designer of audio products founded in 2011, has launched with their X-DAC ($760). This unit is capable of 24-bit/192kHz and uses the good sounding Wolfson WM8740 in combination with the CS8416. This unit has, to quote the manufacturer, "a Jing vulture in the power supply part thin Zhuo, at cloth line structure up, adopted many much power designs, imitated a number to alone and totally give or get an electric shock. All adoption LCLs are filtered wave to get to filter the wave more pure power than the common electric capacity and filter all of an inductances to adopt a foreign the machine in great quantities use of import 3 feet inductances; The number part adopted two classes more steady press power supply, all qualities that was steady to press to take care of all adoption Lts and country half to produce to promise the power at first." Hmm... In any event, the X-DAC has USB 2.0, coaxial RCA and TosLink optical inputs. Analog output is via XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced, with a dynamic range greater than 114dB and SNR greater than 114dB.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Canadian cable manufacturer GutWire has entered the power line conditioner market with the Maxcon (ca. $1000), a four-outlet unit encased in a solid aluminum chassis that features Hubbell terminals, an IEC connector and proprietary circuitry said to be non-current-limiting.


11 / 09 / 11

Bryston SP-3 Preamplifier/Processor  Bryston's new SP-3 preamplifier/processor ($9500) is now shipping to dealers worldwide. For audiophiles, the Bryston SP-3 provides 2-channel stereo output as well as 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 surround output modes. Decoding is provided for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio as well as the more standard Dolby and DTS formats, in 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 channels. Unlike most surround processors that have been designed to emphasize features over sonic performance, Bryston employs Class A discrete analog circuitry throughout plus it utilizes separate and carefully isolated power supplies for the analog and digital circuit paths to achieve a lower noise floor. The modular construction allows users to easily facilitate future upgrades. While most theater processors provide an analog pass-through option that moves the audio signal through undesirable digital circuitry before it exits the device, the Bryston SP-3 provides true analog pass-through for 2-channel as well as 5.1 and 7.1 surround formats that eliminates all digital circuits from the signal path. Bryston's SP-3 is easy to use as most functions are automatic, controls are well labeled, and there are clear display windows. Step-by-step set-up menus are provided and a user-friendly yet comprehensive owner’s manual make initial set-up simple and straightforward. Bryston also supplies each SP-3 with factory settings that include the most common configurations dialed in and ready for playback. Firmware updates and global system diagnostics are handled via the home network, making service a breeze for both dealers and end users. Analog output is via 7.1 balanced (XLR) or 7.1 single ended (RCA). The SP-3 integrates with external control systems via RS-232/Ethernet ports and has three 12-volt trigger outputs. Inputs include 8 HDMI, 4 S/PDIF coax, 3 TosLink optical, 2 AES//EBU digital, 6 pairs analog via RCA, 2 pairs analog balanced XLR, 7.1 analog pass-through and USB. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Bryston 7B SST2 C-series monoblock power amplifier, the Bryston 9B SST2 C-Series amplifier, plus we have an interview with Brian Russell of Bryston.


11 / 08 / 11

HDtracks Hear And Win  HDtracks.com, ABKCO Records, Fender Musical Instruments, Guitar Player Magazine, along with Logitech, IK Multimedia and Alfred Music Publishing today launched the Hear & Win Sweepstakes in celebration of the release of The Rolling Stones Remastered Series. These are high resolution digital downloads of original, classic Rolling Stones recordings available only on HDtracks.com from ABKCO Records. Fender Musical Instruments has created two amazing prizes to commemorate the release of these treasured Rolling Stones albums in stunning master-quality, high resolution formats. These include a custom-made Fender Telecaster featuring The Rolling Stones Let It Bleed album artwork on the front and back of the guitar, along with a Gretsch drum set that features the album artwork from The Rolling Stones Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! on the front bass drum head. These one-of-a-kind instruments are part of a total prize package that includes: 

• Custom-designed Let It Bleed Fender Telecaster from Fender Musical Instruments
• Gretsch four-piece drum kit with custom-designed bass drum Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! artwork
• The AmpliTube 3 Pedal with Guitar & Bass Amp and FX software + USB Wah Interface/Controller
• Logitech Squeezebox unit
• Complete Collection of Rolling Stones songbooks from Alfred Music Publishing 

In addition to entering the sweepstakes, consumers are invited to use this special code stones20 to receive 20% off their entire next download purchase from HDtracks.com. The Hear and Win Sweepstakes runs through January 31, 2012 and is open to all United States residents. Participants simply visit HDtracks.com to enter the sweepstakes. No purchase is necessary to enter and win.


Denon DPA-100 TurntableOnline merchant Vanns is having a clearance sale with half off Energy and Mirage speakers and if you search, nearly half off the legendary Denon 100th Anniversary Turntable DPA100 with DLA100 stylus! Energy and Mirage speakers are very high value for the dollar loudspeakers and now on sale at 50% off at Vanns! Denon is celebrating 100 years of audio excellence by releasing their 100th Anniversary series of audio products. Denon uses their long history of excellence to create a precise sounding, well built turntable, making sure that you'll be getting ear-pleasing audio for years to come. Their direct drive motor, first introduced in 1970 and perfected over 40 years, makes sure that the speed of the turntable stays accurate, and gets your player up to speed fast, so you can start enjoying that great sound right away. A quartz lock servo keeps the rotation of your turntable precise by detecting pulses of light passing through to it from a small window in the motor. The tone arm's aluminum die-cast base can be adjusted to a height in the range of 6mm, allowing you to have it in the exact position you need it in. The Denon DPA100 utilizes silicone rubber applied to the entire reverse side of the 331mm aluminum die cast platter to reduce vibration, and deaden sounds. The machined aluminum head shell included with the DPA100 further reduces vibration, allowing the cartridge to stay exactly where it needs to. Large insulators installed into the turntable dampen external vibration. The cartridge and stylus designed for use with the DPA100 has been being produced and used for 46 years by professionals and audiophiles alike. The DLA100, featuring the latest tuning of the classic DL103, is a testament to the high precision and quality of the unit. Everything you need is included, such as the headshell, counter weight, hinges, RCA cable, EP adapter, AC cable, signed certificate of authenticity and Denon brand book. To find the Denon DPA100, click AUDIO and then click the CASSETTE DECK/TURNTABLE drop down.


11 / 07 / 11

Lindemann USB-DAC 24/192  The Lindemann USB-DAC 24/192 ($999) is a digital/analog converter for music lovers who are looking for more than just datasheet performance. The USB interface of the USB-DAC 24/192 is based on an XMOS-DSP with excellent computing power (500 Mips). The unit is plug and play for Apple computers, while certified drivers from the professional audio sector are offered for Windows devices. Lindemann's asynchronous USB interface is Class 2 compatible, plus the unit has efficient jitter reduction due to buffer storage and adaptive PLL (guaranteed jitter level < 50 ps, high precision master clock with < 2.5 ps). Digital-to-analog converter is via the Wolfson WM8742. Fully balanced analog output stage (via ADA4927) has wide bandwidth. The analog output filter is only first order (6 dB/octave) and is supported by the high common mode rejection of the output amplifier. In addition to the manual, the Lindemann USB-DAC 24/192 includes a driver CD containing trials of recommended media players like Pure Music (Mac), J.River (Windows) and Foobar (Windows).


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Lam LP2Lamm Industries' Vladimir Lamm has announced the imminent release of his new LP2 ($6290) all-tube, zero feedback dual-mono phono preamplifier with MM and MC inputs. The tube-rectified LP2 utilizes a single-ended, pure class A high current topology claimed to drive any length of cable. It employs choke-filtered power supplies, solid-state regulation for the heater supply and what is described as "a very accurate passive RIAA EQ network and specially selected low noise, high transconductance Western Electric 417A/5842 vacuum tubes". Integral RFI power line filtration is also included. Parts include military-grade pc-board materials; military-grade low noise DALE metal film resistors; 1% tolerance PRC wirewound resistors; Electrocube and Roederstein film capacitors; high frequency switching grade Cornell Dublier electrolytic capacitors; specially selected long life vacuum tubes; Hammond chokes; Fischer 'Camac' connectors; and Jensen step-up moving coil transformers. A deluxe version of the LP2 ($6690) increases power supply capacitance, bypasses all signal path film capacitor with polystyrene capacitors and utilizes a custom-designed damping panel to reduce mechanical vibrations.


11 / 04 / 11

HDtracks High Resolution Music Downloads   HDtracks, founded by David and Norman Chesky who desired offering truly high resolution music downloads, now has Fleetwood Mac's Rumours in 24-bit/96kHz and U2 Achtung Baby in 24-bit/44.1kHz. Rumours by Fleetwood Mac has the pop sense of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks who both were leading the band. Fleetwood Mac moved completely away from blues and created this homage to love, Southern California-style. Each songwriter makes his or her presence known: Nicks for her dreamy, mystical reveries ("Dreams," "Gold Dust Woman"); Christine McVie for her ultra-catchy slogans ("Don't Stop"); and Buckingham for his deceptively simple pop songs ("Second Hand News," "Go Your Own Way"). "The Chain," written collectively, is the Mac at their most dramatic. But it's the ensemble playing, the elastic rhythms, and lush harmonies that transform the material into classic FM fare. U2's Achtung Baby is a great digital download of what originally was released as a deluxe two CD editon. Achtung Baby features the original album plus an additional 14 tracks including b-sides and remixes. Recorded at Hansa Studio in Berlin and Windmill Lane in Dublin, Achtung Baby was U2's seventh studio album and went on to win the Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance, becoming one of the most significant records of the 1990s.


11 / 03 / 11

XTZ MH800 DSP  XTZ's new MH800 DSP includes two-way speakers with Peerless drivers and a 40 wpc stereo Class D amplifier with Dirac DSP HD sound speaker optimization software (€450). The patented technology Dirac HD Sound from Dirac Research enables a totally new construction methodology. Conventional analog techniques have been replaced by digital signal processing which, in turn, allows this small speaker system to operate from 40 Hz to 20 kHz within (+/-1dB). XTZ's speaker is a two-way equipped with advanced design drivers from Danish/American Tymphany. The 3" aluminum driver, from the Peerless series, provides unique performance that serves as the foundation of the construction. The 5.25" is a long-throw highly efficient down firing driver, vented through a slit port on the front of the speaker. XTZ's supporting amplifier is enclosed in an aluminum cabinet and uses the latest "green" Class D technology to produce 40 watts of output power to each of the two channels. The amplifier has a volume control and several outputs, including for headphones and a subwoofer. DSP correction is only enabled when the speakers are connected to a computer running the Dirac software. The Dirac Sound Processor software is specifically designed to run Dirac technology in real-time from a Windows or Mac computer, and does not require any additional hardware. The Dirac Sound Processor works just like a sound card and is therefore not limited to any particular media player software or application.


11 / 02 / 11

Spectral Audio SDR-4000SL Master CD Processor  Spectral Audio's SDR-4000SL Master CD Processor ($19,000) harks back to 'old school' CD players with no USB input, no AES/EBU input and no balanced output. So what do you get for such high cost and minimal features and no flexibility? The SDR-4000SL Reference CD Processor is a limited edition reference instrument crafted in the Spectral engineering department and individually programmed and calibrated by its designer Keith Johnson. The company has what they feel is to have engineered the most sophisticated and sonically accurate CD player in the audio industry. It has taken Spectral engineers four years to develop this final and most uncompromising generation of CD players. The CD drive is the popular front loading type with VRDS clamping system, which is made with diecast alloy and precision polished linear bearings. Spectral Audio's SDR-4000 has a sample rate DAC conversion with four custom 24-bit chips in double balanced configuration. The filter is 8x oversampling, with 56-bit math and 64-bit accumulator. Frequency response is from DC to 22 kHz (+/-0.3dB) with better than -120dB SNR. Intrinsic jitter is rated at 1 picosecond RMS, with 3 to 4 picoseconds peak. Analog output is via unbalanced RCA that has a frequency response from DC to 1.2 MHz (-3dB). Dimensions are 19 x 4.25 x 16 (WxHxD in inches) and the unit weighs 46 lbs.


11 / 01 / 11

Review Magazine  Enjoy the Music.com's  November Review Magazine is now available and features a world premiere of the outstanding Edge 10.2 solid-state power amplifier, the very high technology ADAM Audio Columns Mk. 3 floorstanding loudspeakers, four interviews of industry luminaries and much more! See the November issue by clicking here.

Regular Reading
Daily News: Audiophile news updated each weekday!

BAS Speaker
Live vs. Recorded Comparison
John Oliver Chorale's Performance of Beethoven's Missa Solemnis
Article By Poh Ser Hsu and E. Brad Meyer

Sound Practices
At The Edge Of Science
The Sonic explorations of Kondo-san.
Article By Joe Roberts

VALVE Magazine
Living Stereo Reissues: Is CD or vinyl better?
Article By Steven Schneider

Show Reports
RMAF 2011 (Rocky Mountain Audio Fest)
Live Show Report By Steven R. Rochlin

TAVES 2011 (Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show) Report
Show Coverage By Rick Becker

In This Issue... RMAF 2011, TAVES And Streaming Video
The best laid plans of mice and men.
Article By Steven R. Rochlin

Audiolics Anonymous Chapter 144
JL Audio Fathom F 113 powered subwoofers and my system redo.
Article By Dr. Bill Gaw

Manufacturer Articles
An Interview With Brian Russell Of Bryston Limited
Interview By Phil Gold

An Interview With Todd Garfinkle Of M•A Recordings
Interview By Phil Gold

An Interview With Joe Reynolds Of Nordost Corporation
Interview By Phil Gold

An Interview With Ron Sutherland Of Sutherland Engineering
Interview By Phil Gold

Superior Audio
World Premiere!
Edge 10.2 Power Amplifier
The best sounding solid-state amp that has ever been in my system.
Review By Tom Lyle

ADAM Audio Columns Mk. 3 Floorstanders
Highly revealing and extremely musically coherent speakers.
Review By Rick Jensen

Luxman CL-88 Vacuum Tube Control Line Amplifier
Prepare to be awakened!
Review By Anthony Nicosia

Von Schweikert Audio UniField 2 Speakers
Marching to a different drummer.
Review By Ron Nagle

Equipment Reviews
Fritz Speakers Carbon 7
An artisan-crafted speaker that is capable of riveting you to your favorite music.
Review By Clarke Robinson

Snake River Audio Cables
Cottonmouth XLR and power cable plus Mamushi RCA interconnects.
A reference cable in my system.
Review By Brett Rudolph

Ray Samuels F-117 Nighthawk MC-MM Phono Preamplifier
A real game changer in phonostage preamplification.
Review By Wayne Donnelly

The VPI Rim Drive & Classic Aluminum Platter
Back to the future or forward to the past?
Review By Wayne Donnelly

D.I.Y Audio
Subwoofer Lowpass II Filter
Using OpAmps and other parts for best results.
Article By Grey Rollins

Merrill DCA5.5 (Almost) Full Range Driver
Review By Tom Dooling

The Feral Eye 2A3 Amplifier
Article By Herb Reichert With Schematic By NY Triode Mafia

Flesh And Blood: The Reichert 300B
Article By Herb Reichert

Plus many classical, jazz and rock music reviews!

See the November Review Magazine by clicking here.


Ciamara Aurender S10 Digital Music ServerAurender has debuted their Aurender S10 by WideaLab digital music server. This dedicated, purpose-built high-end component is dedicated to audio, uses superb clocking technologies, proprietary linear power supplies for the audio boards, and a solid aluminum chassis with isolating partitions. The Aurender S10 by WideaLab features a 2TB drive, a 64G SSD (solid-state drive) and full iPad control with integrated application. Users can choose the USB input or simply drag and drop downloaded or ripped music files onto the S10 in popular formats like AIFF, ALAC, FLAC, WAV, MP4, M4A, and APE. The Aurender S10 offers an AES/EBU, S/PDIF and TosLink optical outputs, one LAN and a pair of USB inputs. WideaLab builds their own soundcards specifically for playback of high-resolution files. They also design and build their own clock and PLL-based re-clocking modules using superior TCXO and OCXO technology plus FPGAs (Field-Programmable Gate Arrays).

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