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High-End Audio Industry News


12 / 31 / 01

Weiss Engineering Medea  Uster based Weiss Engineering of Switzerland, according to president Daniel Weiss, is a company that, since 1984, has become "very well known in the professional audio world of Mastering Studios for its Weiss equalizers, dynamic processors, A/Ds, D/As and sampling rate converters." The firm is now entering the consumer market with its Medea D/A converter. The Medea is a 24-bit/192kHz design that incorporates a dual-stage, DSP based dejittering circuitry and a proprietary MRCS 'mutual relation correlation system' technology for lowering converter imperfections. Each channel uses two multi-bit sigma-delta DACs. The analog output stage is discreet Class A. For connectivity, the Medea provides three AES/EBU inputs, one optical Toslink and parallel-wired S/PDIF options, and outputs are both XLR and RCA without servos. Accepted sampling frequencies are 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192 kHz, with a tolerance of +80ppm and maximum word length of 24 bits. Output levels can be set between -infinity and +27dBu. An overrated, non-switching power supply is used. All sensitive voltages have their own regulators which are separated between left and right channels. The Medea chassis employs a twin metal frame. The inner case is made of steel and acts as a shield against electrostatic and electromagnetic radiation. The outer frame is made of thick anodized aluminum for additional shielding, optimal heat convection and elegant appearance. Front panel controls include four switches with corresponding blue LEDs for selecting one out of four input sources; two trimmers to set the output levels, one for the left, one for the right channel; and the power switch. Measurement specs include the following high-end frequency response depending on sampling frequency employed: > 20kHz +- 0.05dB at 44.1kHz and 48kHz; > 40kHz +- 0.5dB at 88.2 and 96kHz. Dynamic range is, 118dB A-weighted, THD+N is -107dBr, SNR 114dBr unweighted, 117dBr A - weighted, and crosstalk < -130dB.



TacT Audio of digital Millennium amplifier fame has announced a software upgrade ($395) for its TacT 2.0. It offers parametric EQ functionality of 10 filters per channel, with each filter adjustable in frequency to within 0.1Hz, in level steps of 0.1dB and filter width or Q-factor from 0.05 to 2.5 octaves in steps of 1/100 of an octave. The existing DSP engine of the TacT 2.0 provides all the computational power for the additional features of the EQ software, making hardware additions unnecessary.


12 / 28 / 01

American Acoustic Development S-2000 Subwoofer  American Acoustic Development (AAD) announced the introduction of the S-2000 subwoofer (ca. $3000, pictured right) to complete the offering in its 2000 series of High-End loudspeaker models. Finished in real rosewood veneer and measuring 19" x 23" x 26.6" (WxDxH), the S-2000 uses two cast magnesium alloy frame, 8-inch flat-diaphragm large excursion AAD woofers in a down-firing array. The 115 lbs rear-vented cabinet shell is constructed of 2-inch MDF on all surfaces and a 200 watts RMS Class A/B amplifier provides high-current power. For connectivity, the S-2000 offers five-way binding post hi-level in/outputs and an equivalent RCA low-level loop. The power cord is detachable. Front panel facilities include volume, 0-180 degrees variable phase, 40-160Hz variable crossover, auto on/off, EQ on/off and a 7-band equalizer with +/- 10 dB cut/boost controls at 20, 35, 50, 80, 110 and 150Hz. Claimed frequency response of the new AAD S-2000 is 18-130Hz +/- 3dB.

American Acoustic Development Q-1000 subwooferAAD also announced new subwoofers for its E- and Q-series dubbed the E-6 and Q-1000 (pictured right). The E-6 complements the firm's minute E-30 single-driver cube, measures 11" x 11" x 11", weighs 22 lbs and uses a proprietary AAD flat-diaphragm, large excursion 6.5-inch woofer with rubber surround. The amp is 55 watts RMS Class A/B. Features include variable 40-160Hz crossover, 0-180 degrees variable phase, gain control and low/hi level in/outputs. The power cord is detachable. Finish for the new AAD E-6 is curly maple with silver baffle and black grill. The new Q-1000 (ca. $2,500) employs dual 10-inch front-firing woofers, a 400-watt amp, 7-band EQ, sports a claimed frequency response of 12-150Hz +/- 3dB and is finished like the E-6 in hi-tech maple and silver.


12 / 27 / 01

We here at Enjoy the Music.com offer the most extensive pre-show coverage of The Home Entertainment Expo (THE Expo) and the Consumer Electronic Show (CES). Well over 100 products including world first sneak previews are included. The see our CES 2002 pre-show report please click here. Our THE Expo 2002 pre-show report can be seen here


12 / 26 / 01

Billy Joel  The Recording Academy has chosen named Grammy Award winner lyricist and musician Billy Joel as the 2002 MusiCares Foundation Person Of The Year. Due to many years of Billy's professional and philanthropic accomplishments, he will enjoy a tribute dinner, concert and silent auction on February 25th in Los Angeles. This event precedes the 44th Annual GRAMMY Awards on February 27th. Please see our 43rd Annual Grammy Awards report by clicking here. Enjoy the Music.com is a proud member and supports the MusiCares Foundation that focuses attention on human service issues including the health and welfare of the music community. This includes promoting wellness through emergency financial assistance, addiction recovery programs, and outreach and leadership programs.

On the other side of The Recording Academy, their 2002 Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer awards have been announced. While the celebration will be held on March 18th in New York City, those awarded include Brenda Lee, the Ramones, Talking Heads, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Chet Atkins, Jim Stewart and Isaac Hayes.



French electronics maker Lavardin Technologies implements what it calls low memory distortion technology in its components. The amplifier Model AP ($4,370) is based on the firm's well-respected IT integrated amplifier and delivers 50 watts RMS and 25 amperes of peak current per channel. With an input impedance of 10Kohms and nominal input sensitivity of 0.7V, the load impedance is a nominal 8 ohms and distortion less than -120dB TID and THD at full power. Encased in a black anodized, non-magnetic high-grade aluminum case, the Model AP weighs 24 lbs and measures 120mm x 430mm x 300mm (HxWxD).


12 / 25 / 01

Marsh Sound Design a450m  Marsh Sound Design announced the a450m monoblock amplifiers said to deliver 450/800/1000 watts into 8/4/2 ohms. Full power frequency response is given as 20 to 20,000 Hz +0/-0.2dB, with 1.9Vrms sensitivity on both XLR and RCA inputs, 94/74kohm XLR/RCA input impedance and 1,400 watts maximum power consumption. Net weight of each chassis is 80 lbs. First shipments are expected early in the new year. Pricing remains TBA.



Genesis Technologies, the brainchild of Arnie Nudell, has ceased operations due to bankruptcy. Minority share holder Mark Schifter of Perpetual Technologies has expressed an interest in reviving the brand once current legal proceedings have run their course. If Schifter proves successful with his vision for a new Genesis Technologies Inc, he plans on transferring assembly of products to China while retaining previous sources for Genesis drivers and other vital parts. Offshore fabrication would lower retail pricing significantly, and, as he has done with his Perpetual Technologies brand, new Genesis products would also become available on-line on his online retail website www.av123.com.


12 / 24 / 01

  Unison Research of Italy is launching four new products for 2002. The 80wpc Unico integrated amplifier is a tube hybrid that combines an ECC82 twin triode input stage with a symmetrical Class A MOSFET output stage. Five line level inputs with optional MM/MC phono stage and a passive/active RIAA circuit are provided, while remote control is RF rather than infrared to allow out-of-sight volume changes. Dimensions are 17.2" x 13.4" x 3.75" (WxDxH) and weight is 35.2 lbs. The companion Unico DM is a 150wpc dual-mono hybrid amplifier that offers 500 watts in bridged mode. XLR and RCA inputs are provided and can be used simultaneously. A power link facility allows daisy-chaining of multiple units. Dimensions are 9.5" x 17.4" x 6.3" (WxDxH) and weight is 48.4 lbs. The P30K stereo/mono power amplifier in wood/metal livery uses one twin triode ECC83 and two KT88 per channel for pure Class A, paralleled single-ended ultra-linear operation and 30 watts of RMS power. The amp can be strapped to mono for 60 watts while maintaining its Class A single-ended operation. Three output taps for 4/8/16 ohm (stereo) or 2/4/8 ohm (mono) ensure compatibility with a variety of speaker loads. The P30K measures 10.7" x 19" x 7.9" (WxDxH) and weighs 55 lbs. The C5P is the companion all-tube preamplifier with an RF remote control wooden handset and optional, Class A passive RIAA phono board with three twin-triodes, rubber mounting and provision to switch for MM and MC cartridges. The C5P is tube rectified and dressed in a stainless steel/wood combination chassis.



SiltechSiltech of statement level cables fame is entering the electronics arena with a single-ended tube amplifier and matching pre-amplifier. While little information is available yet, the Class A Siltech amplifier will be based on an exotic high-power tube said to deliver up to ten times the usual power even into complex loads. Special care will be taken to optimize the amplifier circuit and chassis against micro vibrations. The pre-amplifier project remains still entirely shrouded in secrecy.


12 / 21 / 01

Quicksilver  Horn Mono  Quicksilver Audio introduced the 25-watt Horn Mono amplifiers ($1,595 per pair) engineered specifically for high efficiency loudspeakers. With approximately 18dB less gain than Quicksilver's standard amplifiers to avoid noise problems endemic to very sensitive speakers, and designed to sound good at the extremely low power levels such speakers require, the Horn Monos accept EL34, KT90, KT88, KT77, KT66, 6550 or 6L6 output tubes. With a 100+ joules power supply and power bandwidth from 9Hz to 100kHz, the standard tube complement is two EL34 and one 12DW7. The chassis is chrome over nickel, features an IEC terminal, weighs 30 lbs and measures 6" x 14.75" x 9.25" (HxDxW). The Quicksilver Horn Monos carry a 3-year parts and labor warranty.



Rogue Audio has introduced their "go ahead - make my day" Magnum upgrades for all of its products, which can be retrofitted or purchased installed. In the Magnum version M-120 ($3,495 per pair), Eighty-Eight ($1,995) and Tempest amplifiers ($2,696), the modification entails larger output transformers, larger and modified power supplies, ultra high quality interstage coupling capacitors, precision Dale-Vishay resistors, Cardas binding posts, gold tube sockets, upgraded in- and output tubes, Harmonic Technology silver wiring and Magnum faceplate with blue LED.In the Magnum Ninety-Nine ($2,395) and Sixty-Six ($1,495) preamplifiers, the modification consists of a larger power supply, extensive power supply mods, ultra high quality coupling and output capacitors, Harmonic Technology silver wiring, gold tube sockets, upgraded NOS tube set, additional Dale-Vishay resistors and the Magnum faceplate with blue LED. The charges for updating standard models are as follows: $250 for Magnum Sixty-Six, $450 for Magnum Ninety-Nine, $640 for Magnum Tempest, $650 for Magnum Eighty-Eight and $1,295 for a pair of Magnum M-120 monoblocks.


12 / 20 / 01

Energy Subwoofer  Energy is replacing its FRx-S8 and FRx-S10 subwoofer models with the new Energy 8-inch/100-watt S8.2 ($300) and 10-inch/150-watt S10.2 ($500) to deliver more power, more features and better cosmetics than their predecessors. Both S8.2 and 10.2 feature new front mounted controls and front bass venting to provide a higher degree of placement flexibility. Performance improvements include lower distortion from the use of injection molded polypropylene cones containing mica and glass spheres, higher power handling due to heavier magnet structures and 1" to 1 1/2" voice coils and higher overall output from efficiency and power improvements. Additional features are bass level and low pass filter controls, choice of Audio or Video equalization and auto on/off Frequency response specs are 27-100 Hz for the S8.2 and 23100 Hz for the S10.2.



Sakura Systems' Model 4715 Shigaraki DAC by 47 Laboratory ($1,2500 including outboard power supply) uses similar circuitry to the firm's Progression DAC, which is to so non-oversampling, filter-less passive I/V conversion. The DAC's name is derived from the eponymous traditional Japanese ceramic of which its non-conductive chassis as well as that of the power supply are made. The Shigaraki DAC supports 32, 44.1 and 48kHz sampling streams and outputs 2.1V from a pair of unbalanced analog outputs. Digital input is via one S/PDIF RCA.


12 / 19 / 01

  Atma-Sphere Music Systems will soon be offering their MA-3 flagship monoblock amplifier. Producing 475 watts per channel, this four-chassis unit features built-in power line regulation/conditioning and tube tester. It can be run at 1/3rd, 2/3rd or full power by switching banks of output tubes. Quite a few meters on the unit monitor line voltage, power, tube condition and bias. Like other Atma-Sphere amplifiers, only one stage of gain for signal purity, the unit operates in "Class A", is fully differential, and features their patented OTL output. When produced, it will be the highest power class A triode amplifier in the world as well as the largest OTL design to date. The MA-3 is said to be capable of driving 2/4/8/16 ohm loudspeakers. An introductory price of around $66,000 is planned and shipping begins in Spring of 2002.



Gryphon Audio Tabu CDP-1Gryphon Audio's Tabu CDP-1 is an integrated CD transport/DAC single-chassis unit with HDCD encoding, true dual differential 24-bit/96 kHz architecture and a slow roll-off, 88.2kHz proprietary upsampler said to "dramatically increased resolution, detail, spaciousness, focus, transient accuracy and harmonic integrity". The TabuCDP1 includes strict dual mono configuration; minimal internal wiring; fully isolated, channel-specific separate power supplies for analog, digital and transport/display circuitry; and exclusive, custom components such as precision crystal oscillators and C-core transformers. The modified drive mechanism incorporates extensive mechanical de-coupling with an effective clamping system to eliminate spurious disc motion. Specifications are as follows:

Frequency Response: 0-20kHz +- 0.1dB 
THD: 96dB 
Dynamic Range: 107dB 
Signal-to-Noise ratio: 110dB 
Channel Separation: >120dB 
Maximum Output (0dBFS): 4.0V balanced  
Modified Sony Drive Unit with dual digital servo, Fixed Pick-Up Mechanism, Slave controlled master clock from DAC, extensive mechanical suspension and solid clamping of disc. 
Dual-differential 24-bit/88.2kHz Digital-Analog Conversion 
Direct Digital Output, AES/EBU 110ohm, XLR-Connector 
Analog Output, 2 XLR-Connectors 
Analog Output, 2 RCA-Connectors 
Shipping Weight: 17 kg 
Dimensions (HxWxD): 135 mm, 480 mm, 350 mm


12 / 18 / 01

Goldmund  Swiss audio and computer company Goldmund, best-known for its ultra-wide bandwidth electronics, also produces loudspeakers. The Logos, Trilogue and Epilogue 1 and 2 models are designated for good-better-best, or entry level, High-end and ultimate applications, respectively. The Logos (2,990 ea.) is an unconventional 2 x 2-way speaker with two separate but identical all-metal enclosures, each housing a 13cm shielded woofer and dome tweeter and 43-component crossover. In a home theater setup, two Logos are sufficient for 3 front channels. In stereo applications, both sections can be used in parallel. The Trilogue ($8,500/pr) model is based on a the same architecture but features a 20cm heterogeneous "velvet" Kevlar woofer, 66-element crossovers and select wood or matt black lacquer finishes. The Goldmund Epilogue 1 and 2 are full-metal brass/aluminum/steel satellite and woofer sections optionally joined together by the Epiframe 1 system. The Epilogue 1 ($16,000 per pair) is a 7-inch two-way with Scanspeak drivers. The ported Epilogue 2's ($24,500 per pair) 120-element crossover tunes and compensates its four 21cm cones in an inverted push-pull subwoofer array, both in the phase and time domain and to match the Epilogue 1 satellites in impedance and efficiency. A powered Epilogue 3 version is available for $29,900 each.



Colorado-based speaker manufacturer Dunlavy Audio Labs of first-order fame announced the sale of DAL to Keny Whitright, owner of Wybron Inc, a professional lighting manufacturing firm located adjacent to DAL in Colorado Springs. Commented John Dunlavy who will remain on staff as chief engineer, "The sale of DAL allows me the freedom to work exclusively on R&D and new product design and engineering for the company. This will allow me the time to fully develop a number of new and innovative design concepts." Said Keny Whitright about his acquisition, "We are extremely excited about the opportunity of bringing Dunlavy and Wybron under one umbrella. Both companies have the reputation for designing and manufacturing the very best products in their industries and each will become stronger through their close association and synergies." In 1980, Keny Whitright invented the first scrolling color changer which pushed forward the boundaries of lighting design. With innovation central to its corporate culture, Wybron's products are the industry standard in high-tech lighting products for the entertainment industry. Under the new ownership of Keny Whitright/president, Rand Clark/CEO and Scott McGuire/CFO, Dunlavy Audio Labs will continue to operate the business at its current location. For further information on these changes, contact Rand Clark at (719) 548-9774 or rand@wybron.com.



Enjoy the Music.com just learned that Chris Jensen, one of the founders of Sonic Frontiers, is leaving Paradigm/Sonic Frontiers and that neither company will be attending CES. With this move, the firm joins Audio Research, the Mark Levinson/Proceed group and Meadowlark Audio as companies that have opted to forego attendance at the 2002 Consumer Electronics Show.


12 / 17 / 01

First Sound Audio  First Sound/Presence Audio of Seattle by Emmanuel Go offers their Paramount series tube pre-amplifier in Stage 1 and 2 versions. Both units are true dual-mono designs using copper-plated steel chassis and dual stepped ladder-type attenuators with Vishay LTV 92 resistors. The distinction between the units are the number of outboard power supplies. The Stage 1 uses one DPS 4.0, the Stage 2 employs two. The latter also features gold-plated 0.25-inch front panels and ultimate parts upgrades.



Sahuaro Audio has added the Streamline ($300 per pair), SlipStream ($450 per pair), Sublime ($1,000 per pair) and JetStream ($1,800 per pair) interconnects to its line-up of hand-fabricated air-dielectric cables. The company claims to concentrate its design work around avoiding electromagnetic involution (said to be a function of conductor bundling), dielectric interactions and resonance reactivity. They offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Balanced configurations add 40% to the price of regular RCA-terminated models.


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