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High-End Audio Industry News


06 / 29 / 12

 Capitol Audiofest  Washington DC's Capitol Audiofest takes place from July 13th through 15th at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Rockville, MD. The event plans to double their size in order to bring attendees more of everything! The rooms of this venue are oriented well for most any audio system and will accommodate intimate up to large scale systems. The rooms are furnished with carpeted floors, solid masonry walls and nine feet high ceilings throughout. The CAF 2012 will include quality audio ranging from the affordable to the exotic as well as vacuum tube and transistor equipment and analog and digital playback sources. Food and beverage are available from the hotel and many nearby restaurants and pubs.


06 / 28 / 12

DaVinciAudio Nifty Monoblock Power Amplifier  DaVinciAudio, a Swiss company that is carried by the vision and the passion to create soul-affected unique pieces of equipment, have announced their new Nifty Monoblock Power Amplifier (€17,720). The entire Nifty line now consists of the PreAmplifier, this Mono Power Amplifier, and soon a very unique MC Phono Stage will be made available. This new Nifty monoblock amplifier uses a milled full aluminum block chassis to ensure a very rigid platform of the highest quality. Inputs include an unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR is available upon request. Outputs is via very high-end gold plated speaker binding posts. Internally, only the very best hand picked and matched parts are qualified for this design. Dimensions are 190 x 240 x 400 (LxHxD in mm) and weights 66 lbs. All DaVinciAudio amplifiers are hand built in Switzerland to order.


06 / 27 / 12

PTP Audio Solid12 Turntable  PTP Audio, a company that follows Lenco's 1946 idler drive turntables, has announced their Solid9 and Solid12 idler drive turntables. PTP Audio's new Solid9 and Solid12 (pictured) turntables bring the idler drive renaissance into the open. Idler drive turntables have a loyal cult following and it is PTP Audio's mission to change that. PTP Audio knows idlers can sound absolutely fantastic, but at the same time they also know about the disadvantages owning a 40 year old machine can have. The solution PTP Audio has created is a unique mix of yesterday and today. They take the drive system from a vintage Lenco, restore it to its former glory, and combine it with the best modern technology has to offer, such as an extremely stiff base, laser-cut from stainless steel and an elegant but very substantial plinth made from CNC machined composite material. All Solid9 and Solid12 turntables are made to order, available in a wide range of colours and assembled by hand. The result is a turntable that has the sonic signature of an idler drive but with the looks and reliability expected today. Owner Peter Reinders has been involved in audio from an early age and in the last 6 years Peter has become a true Lenco specialist. The improved top plates he has designed are used by Lenco enthusiasts all over the world.


06 / 26 / 12

Linn Kiko System  Linn's new Kiko ($3990 in USA, £2500 in the UK) is the latest music system from the company as it offers sound quality that is the hallmark of Linn, yet within a compact package. The Kiko System consists of the Kiko DSM Internet-ready integrated amplifier and the Kiko two-way speakers. Linn's Kiko is a network music player that allows you to enjoy all your digital content and control it all using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Supported file types include FLAC, Apple Lossless, WAV, MP3, WMA, AIFF, AAC and OGG plus is UPnP Media compatible. It provides a hub for all your music and can easily be a single source for Linn quality sound in any room. Linn's Kiko DSM has a back panel filled with inputs including analog via RCA, three HDMI, S/PDIF and optical TosLink. Outputs include HDMI on the rear panel, whereas on the front panel is an auxiliary input and headphone output jack. The Kiko speakers are a two-way Aktiv, with each channel receiving its amplification from the Kiko main unit. Beautifully designed, sleek and compact, Kiko is small enough to find a place in any living room, kitchen or bedroom. The Linn Kiko comes in six different colors including White, Light Blue, Silver, Champagne, Dark Blue and Black. The unit can be positioned horizontally or vertically, with the option of wall-mounting the speakers. Kiko dimensions are 2.95" x 11.02" x 10.63 " (HxWxD) and it weighs 5.3 lbs. The Kiko speaker dimensions are 10.23" x 5.75" x 7.35" (WxHxD) and weigh 6.8 lbs.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
As Sony's proprietary SACD format has less than a few hundred titles available after years of the format being available, it has been announced that Chesky Records, Heads Up, and Telarc International are lowering suggested retail pricing from $24.99 to $19.99 per single disc release. It remains to be seen if either higher resolution format, SACD or DVD-Audio, will truly reach mainstream consumers with tens of thousands of titles.


06 / 25 / 12

Hi-Fi World  Enjoy the Music.com has just posted Hi-Fi World's Volume 22 Number 6 (August 2012) edition including the complete editorial and table of contents. This issue includes reviews of the Linn Akurate DSM preamp, Aurum Wotan VII: German precision ribbon loudspeakers, Accolade Model1 , Densen B-475 top CD player, Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 advanced network player Epiphany EHP-02, Metrum Octave DAC and more! The editorial titled Progress Is All Around Us by Noel Keywood says, "It took us effort and time to persuade Linn to let us have an Akurate DSM preamplifier for review, but it was worth it – see p12 for our report. This is a preamp like no other: who else makes one that has an HDMI input for Blu-ray alongside a Moving Coil cartridge input? You can switch from LP to Blu-ray and back again using a Kinsky App on your iPhone or iPad. Granted, you’ll need an auto-changer for LP to stop playing automatically at the same time, and these are a little rare at present." See the complete August table of contents and editorial of Hi-Fi World by clicking here.


06 / 22 / 12

  Enjoy the Music.com, in concert with over 35 prominent manufacturers of high-end audio equipment, formally announces a high-end gear giveaway that will see over $89,750 in total prizes in the hands of sound enthusiasts everywhere. This exciting contest is aimed squarely at the growing number of music enthusiasts who realize that popular MP3 music files simply can't deliver the full sonic potential of today's best artists. The contest isn't just about prizes, either, as it is equally aimed at educating consumers about the real benefits of high-end audio products. This comparatively small and performance-driven market segment benefits from the talents of passionate engineers and designers who concentrate on delivering the most accurate and enjoyable sound quality possible, usually without the large advertising budgets that could inform consumers of their accomplishments. That's why many artisan manufacturers have joined forces with Enjoy the Music.com to structure this contest that gives away tens of thousands of dollars in prizes.

Of course, high-end consumers want the best equipment they can find. Often, however, investment-grade components can strain even the most generous budget. That's why this contest features many performance-driven components that are far less costly than some but deliver nearly the same level of sound quality. Enjoy the Music.com's High End Audio Contest celebrates those who truly love music and seek ways to achieve a more fulfilling experience. Said another way, to bring the joy of finely-reproduced music to the widest possible audience.

"This exciting effort will educate consumers on the benefits of audiophile-grade products," said Steven R. Rochlin, editor and creative director of Enjoy the Music.com. "With so many recent improvements in technology combined with musical artists now offering their music in easily-downloadable 24-bit/192kHz file formats, people around the world can now truly connect with their music. This new $89,750 contest adds to the over $135,000 in prizes offered in the past and capitalizes on the recent advances in both the recording studio and in playback equipment. Now, the sound quality once reserved for the musicians themselves and those directly involved in the recording studio is available to all at a fraction of yesterday's prices."

Steven R. Rochlin pointed again to the drastically increased availability of high definition files that bring the excitement of full-range audio to anyone with access to the web. "That's why education is so important," he said, "because the web makes choosing quality so easy. Our job, then, is to tell the consumer why quality matters, especially in music. High-end audio matters because we want everyone to hear all the music as the musical artist intended and this contest makes that possible. Or put simply: High-end audio, because you want to hear all the music."

The contest can be seen at EnjoyTheMusic.com/contest/high_end_audio/

The Enjoy the Music.com High-End Audio Contest begins June 22, 2012 and will end November 15, 2012. In total, Enjoy the Music.com, in concert with over 35 manufacturers, are awarding over $89,750 in prizes within their High-End Audio Contest! Prizes are provided by leading high-end audio companies including Aaron, Acoustic Sciences Corporation (ASC),  Antelope Audio, Anthony Gallo Acoustics, Audience AV, Audioengine, Audio Fidelity, Audio Nemesis, Audyssey, Axiom Audio, Boston Audio Design, CA Electronics, Emerald Physics, Emotive, Epiphany Acoustics, Everything But The Box, GIK Acoustics, Gingko Audio, Grado Labs, HDtracks, HiDiamond Cable, HIFIMAN, Kimber Kable, Kubala-Sosna, Michael Green Audio, MIT Cables, ModWright, Ologe Acoustics, Practical Devices, Purist Audio Design, Redgum Audio, Serene Audio, Skogrand Cables, Sonic Studios, Soundmatters, Spin Clean, Stahl~Tek, Synergistic Research, Trends Audio, Triode Wire Labs, Von Schweikert Audio, WireWorld Cable, and Wyred 4 Sound. 

Those desiring an interview with editor Steven R. Rochlin can e-mail their request by clicking here.

Note to journalists: Official logos and graphics can be downloaded by clicking here.


06 / 21 / 12

T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2012 Enjoy the Music.com just posted over 100 photos from T.H.E. Home Entertainment Show Newport Beach 2012 that spans six pages! Jeff Poth chimes in with all the photos of gear you look forward to from photo-driven reports. Text is left aside as we jump head-first into many photos of all the great gear that was seen at T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2012. Come enjoy Jeff's photofest by clicking here.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
In the firing line are the big five major record labels (AOL Time Warner's Warner Music, BMG Entertainment, EMI, Sony Music Entertainment, and Vivendi Universal's Universal Music Group) as a class-action lawsuit has been filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court concerning the new protected music discs. Since these new protected music discs do not conform to any of the Compact Disc (CD) standards, such as the "Red Book" that states what a CD should technically be to be universally readable by CD/CD-Rom/DVD drives, they are causing problems with consumer's hardware. In fact these problems could include repair costs and/or loss of data in a computer system! The law firm Milberg, Weiss, Bershad, Hynes and Lerach have filed this lawsuit on behalf of two Southern California consumers. Since these protected music discs may have no warning of the possible damage they can cause when used in various playback devices, this is said to be misleading consumers who may not realize that such protected music discs can cause problems. Of course the RIAA, who only have the record label's interests in mind, is calling the lawsuit "frivolous". Meanwhile many Web sites, including Enjoy the Music.com, feel that this new measure to protect music is illegal and have written articles concerning this issue. The problem is that some of the techniques employed to protected the music data to deter copying also makes the disc unplayable on the millions of computer CD-Rom/DVD-Rom drives. Since many people enjoy music through their computer system it is misleading to not specifically state on these new protected music discs that they will not play on said drives like the normal music CD. "If you use an Apple computer, you can't even get the disc out of the tray. It requires the time and cost of taking the computer into a repair shop and having it removed that way," attorney Nicholas Koluncich, brother of one of the plaintiffs, told the Los Angeles Times. "At the very least, the labels should make sure they sell a product that actually works."


06 / 20 / 12

Perreaux Audiant DP32 Audio Preamplifier  Perreaux, a designer and manufacturer of home audio equipment, announced the release of their new Audiant DP32 high resolution audio preamplifier. Price is $2895 for standard version, and the USB DAC equipped Audiant 80i integrated amplifier is $2995. A fully balanced analog preamplifier with on-board 32-bit/192kHz DAC and asynchronous USB audio streaming, the Audiant DP32 is well-equipped to playback today’s high resolution digital music. At the heart of the Audiant DP32 DAC is ESS Technology’s flagship 32-bit Sabre32 ES9018 reference digital to analog converter and with six digital inputs (AES/EBU, asynchronous USB, two coaxial and two TosLink optical). Also included are features such as digital re-clocking for jitter reduction, discrete shunt regulators to provide clean power, a buffered passive volume control for extremely low noise and direct coupled inputs to retain purity and tonal balance. The fully balanced analog preamplifier offers two buffered analog inputs and accommodates both balanced XLR and single-ended RCA cables and a selectable home theater bypass allows seamless integration into any home theater system.


06 / 19 / 12

Klutz Design CanCan In Leather  Klutz Design, founded in 2009 by Cecilia Lütz and Michael Hollesen who are the originators of the Ballerina Swetspot listening chair and CanCans headphone stand, have just launched their limited edition CanCans in leather ($585). CanCans is said to be the ultimate headphone stand that provides you with a prominent place to keep your headphones. Each unit is carefully handcrafted in Sweden by passionate music lovers. Only available in dark brown (chocolate/coffee) or tanned leather, the limited edition CanCans is currently only available in three units of each. As such, these are in very limited supply and may sell out fast! The leather work is by the same craftsman responsible for the Ballerina Sweetspot. Swedish artisans ensure the quality in every step of the manufacturing production and the company keeps a close relation with all of their suppliers. With a careful eye on form meets function, these headphone stands can be a centerpiece within your home as you display this work of functional art.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Aopen AX4B-533 Tube MotherboardAOpen Inc. has announced the world's first vacuum tube motherboard! Their new AX4B-533 Tube Motherboard ($215) incorporates is directly targeted at audiophiles. AOpen decided to employ a single dual-triode for amplifying the audio, though a separate input connector is also provided on the motherboard to allow consumers to use other sound card devices. To reduce the noise factor as found within a computer, their "Frequency Isolation Wall (FIW) is strategically placed at all regions throughout the motherboard that separates each operating frequency regions such as CPU, memory, AGP and PCI where the operating frequency ranging from 133MHz, 66MHz and 33MHz. Cross talk among each regions had been reduced greatly for overall system stability as well as minimize inherit noise that may go to tube amplification circuitry." Audiophile quality MultiCaps and Cardas wire are also used within the motherboard circuitry to insure high audio standards. According to their Web site "The AX4B-533 Tube Motherboard comes with latest Intel 845E chipset design and features DDR SDRAM memory channels delivering 2.1 GB/s of memory bandwidth to the processor - maximizing the full performance of the Intel Pentium 4 processor with 533Mhz FSB offers best overall performance and longevity. It comes with a 4X AGP slots; with new ICH4, the AX4B-533 Tube supports 4 ports of USB 2.0 and Ultra ATA/100 interface. With Intel 845E chipset, AOpen's AX4B-533 Tube provides a revolutionary fusion of old and new technology, producing unsurpassed PC audio output that takes full advantage of the Intel Pentium 4 processor's capabilities."


06 / 18 / 12

Bob Carver Black Magic 20 or VT A20S Tube Amplifier  Bob Carver LLC , a specialist in the design and manufacturing of audiophile products, just announced a new 20 watt stereo amplifier called the Black Magic 20 or VT A20S ($2100). The VT A20S represents Bob's latest and greatest thinking on vacuum tube amplifier designs. A screen voltage regulator and DC restoration circuit minimizes crossover distortion and output tube power dissipation. The 1.5 Ohm output impedance coupled with current and voltage feedback loops allows the amplifier to "listen to the room via acoustic feedback from the speakers" says Bob Finelli of Bob Carver LLC. The new stereo amplifier is conservatively rated at 20 watt RMS in two channel stereo mode or 40 watt RMS when used in single channel mono mode. The amplifier features auto biasing and low idle current greatly increasing EL84M output tube life. Input impedance is 20 kOhms in stereo (125 kOhms in mono), input tube is 12AX7B, output tubes are a pair of EL84Ms per channel and output is via 4 or 8 Ohm outputs. Frequency response is from 8 Hz to 40 kHz (-3dB) with distortion of less than 0.5%. Each unit is point-to-point hand wired in the United States and comes with a 7 year warranty (1 year on tubes). Enjoy the Music.com gave the world's first review of the new Bob Carver products with Dick Olsher's review of the Bob Carver Cherry 180 monoblock at this link.


06 / 15 / 12

Not Too Late by Norah Jones and John Barleycorn Must Die by Traffic   HDtracks now offers the remastered Not Too Late by Norah Jones and John Barleycorn Must Die by Traffic in 24-bit/192kHz! Remastered at New York’s legendary Sterling Sound by Norah Jones' longtime mastering engineer Greg Calbi, Not Too Late was remastered from the original analog mix tapes. Norah Jones' third studio album is an understated masterpiece from one of music's greatest singer/songwriters. The album follows the success of her first two albums, Come Away with Me and Feels Like Home, which combined have sold over 27 million copies worldwide. The album, which features only self-penned material, finds Jones branching out and developing her signature crooner sound. John Barleycorn Must Die by the band Traffic was a pivotal statement in the history of British folk rock. Traffic, one of music's most influential bands, garnered high praise for their psychedelic blend of folk, jazz, soul and rock. Their original sound was complemented by unworldly virtuosity. John Barleycorn Must Die was the band's most successful album and would later be certified gold by the RIAA. This outstanding effort would be the band's highest charting album of all time, peaking at #5 on Billboard’s Top 200. John Barleycorn Must Die boast earthy staples including, "Glad," "Freedom Rider" and the acclaimed single "Empty Pages," which spent eight consecutive weeks on the Billboard Hot 100. Get these and many more high resolution music albums at HDtracks by clicking here.


06 / 14 / 12

Chord Carry  Chord Electronics has a cool new Carry idea for audio on the go plus announced their new QuteHD DAC. Chord's new Carry will soon be able offer users a more affordable Carry system for their popular Chordette modules. Proud Chordette owner may soon be able to use the Carry to tastefully display their gear. Starting prices for the newly redesigned Carry will be £400. Chord's new QuteHD is a 192kHz-capable USB DAC that has been designed to transform the sound of any connected device with a digital output. Specialized custom DA conversion technology and cutting-edge DSD-over-USB functionality are some of the new Chord QuteHD highlights. The QuteHD is fully future-proof and is ready to take advantage of today's advanced music files. It can handle sample rates from 44.1kHz to 192kHz (and up to 384kHz on S/PDIF), allowing users to experience music in true high definition. Chord's QuteHD benefits from an advanced 192kHz-compatible USB input plus has two additional digital inputs that includes S/PDIF coaxial and TosLink optical. In addition to standard PCM and mp3 files, the QuteHD can also process DSD data using the latest DSD-over-USB support.


06 / 13 / 12

Audience Mark II ClairAudient 16+16 Reference Speaker  Audience has just launched their new Mark II ClairAudient 16+16 large reference floorstanding loudspeaker ($72,000 per pair). Upgrades over the previous model include eight 6x9 inch custom passive radiators so bring the frequency response from a previous 80 Hz down to 30 Hz. The Mark II ClairAudient 16+16 bi-pole speaker has both front and rear drivers and incorporates the Audience's second-generation proprietary full-range A3-S2 drivers. Measuring 15 inches wide by 12 inches deep by 72 inches high, there is a total of 32 A3-S2 drivers per channel. Audience loudspeakers are based on unique SSIT SweetSpace Imaging Technology that offers an optional expanded listening area set-up configuration. The Audience A3-S2 drivers feature a large, patented neodymium-magnet motor structure, an exclusive rigid/lightweight anodized aluminum-magnesium alloy cone material with a curvilinear shape and a concave dust cap designed to control high-frequency cone breakup and provide optimum dispersion. Overall frequency response is from 30 Hz to 22 kHz, sensitivity is 99dB/W/m and impedance is 8 Ohms.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Italy based company S.A.P. has been conducting continuous research and development with the University of Europe (Politecnico di Milano) and have applied for new patent. Beginning three years ago concerning applying a special cryogenic technique (using nitrogen) to to audio and video amplifiers, SAP found that the self generated noise in all the semiconductor devices is very much depending upon the working temperature. This long-term investigation study is said to clearly demonstrated that signal/noise ratio is improved, while the frequency spectrum distribution of the noise changes significantly when cryogenic techniques are implemented. To quote S.A.P.'s Vincenzo Fratello, "In our opinion, while it is possible to reach the same result in terms of S/N measurements with other and more traditional techniques, it is not possible to obtain the same sound purity (directly connected to the frequency spectrum of the noise) with any other traditional existing methods." More applications are said to follow within microphones and other electronic devices. Demonstrations are planned during the upcoming Top Audio & Video show in Milan.


06 / 12 / 12

Automatic Controls Mirage Media Server MMS-5A  Autonomic Controls Inc., supplying the custom electronics industry with award winning high performance cloud-based media solutions, has announced the introduction of the Mirage Media Server MMS-5A ($4250). This new model features a bold aesthetic design wrapped around numerous technological innovations. The Automatic Controls MMS-5A is suited to both multi-room audio applications as well as music enthusiasts seeking a high resolution digital music player with USB output that supports up to 24-bit/192kHz output. Local music syncs to the MMS-5A from a Mac, PC or NAS, then uploads to the cloud for automatic library synchronization with other Mirage Media Servers at a different location, offsite backup, and remote library access from anywhere in the world. The MMS-5A also streams Pandora, Rhapsody, SiriusXM, Last.fm, Spotify and TuneIn alongside all popular audio formats at native quality. USB audio, AirPlay and gapless playback provide a more dynamic and fulfilling music experience. For ease of use, the MMS-5A has an all-new, highly intuitive on-screen navigation user interface for high-definition browsing of metadata, cover art and slideshows. Mobile apps for iOS devices are also available, providing an array of control options for effortless music enjoyment in multiple zones. The MMS-5A supports six independent audio streams with digital outputs (including USB) and four stereo pair of analog RCA outputs for distribution to any number of zones.


Amphion Loudspeakers Ion+Amphion Loudspeakers' new Ion+ (€999) houses premium professional monitoring technology in a small nearfield monitor unit. Ion+'s measured response is virtually ruler flat with an overall frequency response from 52Hz to 25 kHz (+-3dB). The Ion+ brings music closer to you with its controlled dispersion and small size. Amphion Loudspeakers' Ion+ is a small two-way, vented enclosure design. For the uppermost frequencies, a 1" titanium tweeter easily reaches frequencies upwards of 25 kHz. The 4.5" aluminum midrange/woofer driver is crossed over at 1600 Hz and produces clear midrange and full bass down to 52 Hz. Special U/D/D, which stands for Uniformly Directive Diffusion, creates even dispersion to avoid the anomalies caused by wall, floor and ceiling reflections. Impedance is 8 Ohm and sensitivity is 86dB/W/m. Cabinet dimensions are 268 x 134 x 220 (HxWxD in mm) and each speaker weighs 14 lbs and comes in either black or white exterior.


06 / 11 / 12

AXPONA 2013  The AXPONA Audio Expo 2013 will be held at the beautiful four Diamond rated Doubletree by Hilton at Chicago O'Hare from March 8th through 10th. After visiting over 20 venues, including many of the finest in the country, Doubletree by Hilton was chosen because it met and exceeded AXPONA's standards for the quality you have come to expect. There will be a free airport shuttle to the hotel. Various size meeting rooms will have premiere equipment whilst many hotel rooms will also be filled with high-end audio and video gear. Active displays means attendees can bring their own music and listen to it on top quality audio systems. AXPONA 2013 is expected to be covered by many print and online media sources too. Come see Enjoy the Music.com's past three years of AXPONA event coverage by clicking here.


06 / 08 / 12

  HDtracks has just released two albums in high resolution, including Ray Charles Hallelujah I Love Her So in 24-bit/192kHz and The Beach Boys new album That's Why God Made The Radio. Ray Charles revolutionized popular music when he combined blues, jazz and gospel stylings. Hallelujah I Love Her So is a smooth collection released during his time with Atlantic, an era fans deemed his strongest. Featuring a string of hit singles, the album includes Charles’ instant classics "I've Got A Woman," "Mess Around," "Drown In My Own Tears" and the title track, "Hallelujah I Love Her So." With his stylish piano licks and vocal genius, this compilation is essential for any Charles fans. The Beach Boys That's Why God Made The Radio is from one of the world’s most iconic rock bands. They have reunited to commemorate an unprecedented fiftieth anniversary with this album. The recording marks the first Beach Boys’ album in decades to feature all surviving founders – Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston and David Marks. The album finds the legendary ensemble recreating their timeless vocal harmonies, reminiscent of the sound that defined countless generations. Coinciding with a nation-wide tour, the album is an exhilarating milestone proving again why they are Billboard’s top-selling American rock band for albums and singles! A must own! See these many many more high resolution digital music downloads at HDtracks by clicking here.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Recording Industry Association of AmericaWith reports of file sharing network KaZaa about to fold due to legal troubles, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) successfully has appeared to "kill" online file sharing website Napster. Now the RIAA, with the help of the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA), have their sights set on Audiogalaxy. Having yet another file sharing company forced into court by songwriters, music publishers, and the recording industry for wholesale copyright infringement, Audiogalaxy has a long and tough road ahead if they are to survive. While Audiogalaxy has in place a terms of use that state they will "terminate the accounts of users who repeatedly violate others' intellectual property rights", it is a fine line to tread when virtually all online file sharing networks have illegal content. To quote the RIAA website "The lawsuit was filed in federal court in New York on Friday by the Recording Industry of America (RIAA), on behalf of its member labels, and the National Music Publishers Association, Inc. (NMPA), on behalf of the music publisher principals of its licensing affiliate, The Harry Fox Agency, Inc. and their thousands of songwriter partners. The complaint specifically accuses Audiogalaxy of "willfully and intentionally" encouraging and facilitating "millions of individual, anonymous users to copy and distribute infringing copyrighted works by the millions, if not billions."


06 / 07 / 12

AVM CD-8  AVM has just introduced their Music Library ML8, CD8 CD player and fully modular Pre-Amp PA8. The new Music Library ML8 high performance music server with bit-perfect ripping and streaming capabilities has a 2TB built-in HDD storage (or in the ML8S-Version a massive 600MB SSD storage combined with the AVM ULTRA DAC). ML8 is intuitively operated with the AVM App via the iPad. AVM's CD8 CD player (pictured) features several technological highlights including spring mounted and completely shielded Pure-CD slot loading. AVM has designed a Cache, which then feed the DAC section when jitter has been entirely stripped off the digital signal. All digital and analog sections are carefully separated and fed by different power-supplies. The DA converter may as well be used with other sources on one of the seven digital inputs. AVM's fully modular Pre-Amp PA8 has several inputs and outputs as a standard and it may be customized with as much as eight inputs (i.e. Phono, USB DAC, Tuner, Line XLR to list a few) and three outputs. There is also a tube output stage module that may be selected in balanced or unbalanced version.


06 / 05 / 12

Lone Star Audio Fest 2012  Enjoy the Music.com's Lone Star Audio Fest 2012 coverage (LSAF) is now online! Just two days after completing T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2012 event reporting, our LSAF 2012 coverage appears online! Held at the Embassy Suites Dallas Park Central hotel in Texas, any and all audio enthusiast and manufacturers were welcome to exhibit. Attendees simply showed up and enjoyed the LSAF free with no hassles and no registration or ticket required.


T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2012Enjoy the Music.com's T.H.E. Home Entertainment Show Newport Beach 2012 daily live coverage is now complete! Open to the public, this three-day event offered a wide variety for music lovers, gearheads, and home theater plus audio enthusiasts of all levels. Show attendees enjoyed live musical performances from popular jazz musicians Mike Garson, Tierney Sutton, Audra Lee, Paul Gormley, Dean Peer, and William Artope Jr. A variety of educational seminars were held and moderated by manufacturers and editors. Additional attractions include wine tasting, a cigar bar, gourmet food trucks, a high-end car show and portraits of jazz artists by Merryl Jaye Studios.


06 / 01 / 12

  Enjoy the Music.com's June Review Magazine is now available and features more show reports plus our upcoming T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2012 coverage is only days away! Of course more equipment and music reviews plus think pieces fill Enjoy the Music.com's June Review Magazine. See the June issue by clicking here.

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T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2012 Report
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New York Audio & AV Show 2012 Report
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Salon Son & Image 2012
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Loudspeaker system providing improved off axis frequency
and power response to achieve superior soundfield.
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Benchmark Media ADC1 USB
Two channel 24-bit/192kHz analog-to-digital audio converter…
...and the art of the LP burn.
Review By Tom Lyle

Audio Networking: A potpourri of computer network audio findings,
including updates on the Naim UnitiServe, gigabit switches,
CAT 5/6 cable and ripping issues.
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Flashback Review!
Edwards Audio By Talk Electronics MC1 Plus
Phono Preamplifier And PSU1 Outboard Power Supply
An enjoyable listening experience at very reasonable price!
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Parasound JC 3 Phono Preamplifier
Treat your vinyl collection right!
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Classical Music
Sony gives us an invaluable career survey of Liszt by Vladimir Horowitz.
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Disappointing Reger and Strauss from the normally superb Marc-Andre Hamelin.
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Pianist Denis Matsuev The Carnegie Hall Recital
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Duo-pianists Pascal and Ami Roge offer a charming set of French piano music titled Wedding Cake.
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Jazz / Bluegrass / Etc Music
Bruce Robison His Greatest
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Kirsten Scott Benson Second Season
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Various Bluegrass, Blues And Jazz Albums
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Rock, Techno, House, etc.
Bing Ji Ling Shadow To Shine
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Reggie Calloway Bring Back The Love
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Jason Ricci And New Blood Done With The Devil
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The Autonomous Region Forbidden City
Review By Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck


See the June Review Magazine by clicking here.

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