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Audiolics Anonymous Viewpoint By Dr. Bill Gaw



Audiolics Anonymous (AA): Take The Test!

 AA Chapter 2: Unwanted Acoustic Vibration 

 AA Chapter 3: Unwanted AC Line Noise

 AA Chapter 4: Paraglow 2A3 amps in Paradise!

 AA Chapter 5: DIY Interconnect/Speaker Cable

 AA Chapter 6: Interconnect/Speaker Pt. 2

 AA Chapter 7: Digital Video Disc

 AA Chapter 8: Follow-ups From Previous Articles

 AA Chapter 9: Vacation is Over

 AA Chapter 10: Paraglow Pt. 2, Valve CD and Gray Power

 AA Chapter 11: Frustrations of a Tweaker

 AA Chapter 12: Airheads and Other Blonde Jokes

 AA Chapter 13: Phono Stages

 AA Chapter 14: Phono Cartridges

 AA Chapter 15: A-C Line Noise

 AA Chapter 16: Digital Video Disc II

 AA Chapter Chapter 17: Audio Epiphany

 AA Chapter Chapter 18: CES/T.H.E. Show

 AA Chapter 19: It's the Economy (System), Stupid

 AA Chapter 20: Maybe Its Not Only The System?

 AA Chapter 21: Beauhorn and Border Patrol

 AA Chapter 22: Antique Sound Labs AQ 2004, Daruma-3II and Aurios.

 AA Chapter 23: Two Years and now the Smart Devices 2x150 VT Amplifier

 AA Chapter 24: Walker Audio

 AA Chapter 25: Walker Audio, Sound Application CF-XE Line Conditioner and A.R.T. DI/O DAC-ADC Converter.

 AA Chapter 26: Nothin Much To Say

 AA Chapter 27: Electraprint DRD SET Amplifier, Part 1

 AA Chapter 28: Electraprint DRD SET Amplifier, Part 2

 AA Chapter 29: Home Theater Computers and PowerDVD XP

 AA Chapter 30: Products of the Year - Electraprint DRD SET Amplifier and Sound Application CF-XE Unit

 AA Chapter 31: APEX AD-7701 - The All-In-One Super-Duper Digital Player

 AA Chapter 32: Viva Vivid!!!

 AA Chapter 33: Good, Better, Best Video Cable

 AA Chapter 34: The Show Must Go On

 AA Chapter 35: Polluted Electricity... Again

 AA Chapter 36: Home Theater Computers

 AA Chapter 37: Stupid vs. Smart (Devices)

 AA Chapter 38: Software

 AA Chapter 39: Software II

 AA Chapter 40: Product Of The Year

 AA Chapter 41: CES - T.H.E. Show 2003 Report Part I

 AA Chapter 42: CES - T.H.E. Show 2003 Report Part II

 AA Chapter 43: Marchand Electronics XM-44 Active Crossover

 AA Chapter 44: AC Noise Yet Again

 AA Chapter 45: Power Cords

 AA Chapter 46: Audiology And Ear Exams Plus Denon's 2900 Combination Player

 AA Chapter 47: AC Line Cords - Final Thoughts

 AA Chapter 48: Loricraft - Garrard PRC3 Ahoy!

 AA Chapter 49: Audio Monument A La Carte

 AA Chapter 50: Updates, Tweaks, Mods and Maintenance Denon 2900 Modification

 AA Chapter 51: Updates, Tweaks, Mods and Maintenance Part 2

 AA Chapter 52: Products of the Year And Vacuum State DPA Amplifier

 AA Chapter 53: Fat And Thin Components

 AA Chapter 54: Gurus

 AA Chapter 55: ELP Laser Turntable

 AA Chapter 56: My Baby

 AA Chapter 57: Modded Denon 5900

 AA Chapter 58: Munich High End Audio Show 2004

 AA Chapter 59: The Summertime Doldrums

 AA Chapter 60: Five Years

 AA Chapter 61: Eben By Raidho Loudspeakers

 AA Chapter 62: Sound Application Reference Linestage

 AA Chapter 63: Blue Note Best Of 2004 Award

 AA Chapter 64: Tweaks For The New Year

 AA Chapter 65: An Interesting Observation

 AA Chapter 66: A Few Thoughts

 AA Chapter 67: Letters, the Velocitor S, Golden Sound GSIC... and Other Thoughts

 AA Chapter 68: Spring Has Sprung

 AA Chapter 69: Tweaks & Naysayers

 AA Chapter 70: Home-Built Interconnects

 AA Chapter 71: Mods And Tweaks And A Reality Check

AA Chapter 72: Bits is Bits (Or Are They)

AA Chapter 73: This and That

AA Chapter 74: Holiday Presents For The Audiophile

AA Chapter 75: Exact Power

AA Chapter 76: Exact Power II

AA Chapter 77: N'est Pas

AA Chapter 78: Mea Culpa & Thor Power Distribution System

AA Chapter 79: Software

AA Chapter 80: Electrical Gremlins

AA Chapter 81: Tweaks III

AA Chapter 82: Electricity Again... APC S15 Power Conditioner

AA Chapter 83: More About Power Conditioning And Video Vantage

AA Chapter 84: @#$%^&* Audio Standards & Computers

AA Chapter 85: CEDIA & Talisman Magic

AA Chapter 86: Product Of The Year 2006

AA Chapter 87: Software

AA Chapter 88: Suckered Again

AA Chapter 89: Torus Power Isolation Units

AA Chapter 90: Lirpa's Latest Invention (Not)

AA Chapter 91: Audiophilia Smorgasbord!

AA Chapter 92: Esoterics... The Fostex T 500A MK 2 Horn Super Tweeter and Teac Esoteric SA-60 Audio Disc Player.

AA Chapter 93: Esoteric Part 2 Black Mountain Pinnacle Silver Interconnects Best and 20 Worst Recordings Ever Made Plus Are Strads Really Worth the Price?

AA Chapter 94: Optimizing The Old Lexicon MC-12 By Using The New

AA Chapter 95: Audiophile Subjectivists vs. Objectivists Plus Digital Systems & Solutions Ultrabit Platinum Disc Treatment.

AA Chapter 96: My Audience -- Audience adeptResponse aR1p High Resolution Power Conditioner.

AA Chapter 97: My Audience Part Deux -- Audience adeptResponse aR6 & aR12 High Resolution Power Conditioner.

AA Chapter 98: TEAC ESOTERIC P-05 & D-05 Transport

AA Chapter 99: TEAC Esoteric Revisit And Tweaks For The New Year Article By Bill Gaw

AA Chapter 100: CES And T.H.E. Show 2008

AA Chapter 101: Home Theater Computer

AA Chapter 102: An Awakening

AA Chapter 103: ICE Is Nice! The D-Sonic Amplifier!

AA Chapter 104: Flat Is Not Always Best Marchand XM-44 Crossover

AA Chapter 105: Home Theater Computer Pt. 2, Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick

AA Chapter 106: Home Theater Computer Pt. 3

AA Chapter 107: Power Director 7 Ultra And Onkyo Integra 9.8 Preamp-Processor

AA Chapter 108: Miscellaneous And Tel Wire AC Cable

AA Chapter 109: Audiophile

AA Chapter 110: Christmas Presents and Electraprint EP-SEA2 Amplifier

AA Chapter 111: Predilections

AA Chapter 112: My System

AA Chapter 113: Miscellaneous Samsung BD-UP5000 video player, the CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Ultra and a great SACD. 

AA Chapter 114: Letters

AA Chapter 115: Black Ravioli And Ravenous Audiophiles

AA Chapter 116: OPPO BDP-83 Blu-ray Disc Player

AA Chapter 117: TelWire HC Cords Plus More On The Black Ravioli Risers

AA Chapter 118: adeptResponse aR2T Power Conditioner

AA Chapter 119: Home Theater Computers

AA Chapter 120: Summation Of 30 Years Of Experience In High-End Audio

AA Chapter 121: Audience AU24 AC Power Cable And High Definition Downloads

AA Chapter 122: Music Servers And vReveal

AA Chapter 123: OPPO BDP-83 SE, Black Ravioli And Miscellany...

AA Chapter 124: Tweaks -- Walker Audio High Definition Links, ER Audio Spatial Harmonizers, Shakti Stones and Caig DeoxIT Gold.

AA Chapter 125: Tweaker Extraordinaire

AA Chapter 126: Three World Premieres Including The Oppo BDP-80 Universal Disc Player, Ultrabit Platinum-Plus Disc Cleaner And Lirpa Labs Ultimate Multi-Bit DAC.

AA Chapter 127: Recordings Of Merit

AA Chapter 128: Pure Power PP2000 Regenerator

AA Chapter 129: Pure Power PP2000 Regenerator And Black Ravioli

AA Chapter 130: ModWright Oppo BDP-83SE Mods

AA Chapter 131: Headphone Potential Realised
A review of the Smyth Research Realiser A8.

AA Chapter 132: Eleven years and Counting Plus the Vibraplane, Arcici Suspense Rack, Black Ravioli Footers, Pure Power PP 2000 AC Regenerators and much more!

AA Chapter 133: Fall Cleaning Caig DeoxIT GOLD, Kaleidoscape M-500 disc player and much more!

AA Chapter 134: Bah Humbug!

AA Chapter 135: Product Of The Year

AA Chapter 136: European Culture

AA Chapter 137: My fond remembrances of Allen Wright plus Pure Power PP 2000 Regenerator, Mapleshade USB-S-PDIF Reclocking Adapter, M2Tech and audiophile personality Romy the Cat.

AA Chapter 138: Pure Power PP 2000 Regenerators and music.

AA Chapter 139: Oppo BDP 95 Universal Player And The Audiophileo-2 24-bit-192kHz USB Transport.

AA Chapter 140: My new home music server project and the M2Tech Young 384-32 D-A converter.

AA Chapter 141: More fun with the M2Tech Young USB DAC and the Mapleshade modified M2Tech hi-Face USB to S-PDIF converter plus Nanotec NanoClean Z cleaning liquid.

AA Chapter 142: Audioengine 5 Powered Bookshelf Speakers And JPLAY Computer Program.

AA Chapter 143: Music downloads and Jim Smith’s Get Better Sound DVD.

AA Chapter 144: JL Audio Fathom F 113 powered subwoofers and my system redo.

AA Chapter 145: Speaker voicing and Jim Smith’s Get Better Sound

AA Chapter 146: Natural Disasters And Lessons Learned.

AA Chapter 147: Computer Audio and the Stein Harmonizer H2

AA Chapter 148: Follow-up on Mrock Silver Treatment.

AA Chapter 149: Classé Audio CT-SSP Pre-Pro World Premiere With New HDMI Update.

AA Chapter 150: More Computer Audio Talk.

AA Chapter 151: Follow-Ups.

AA Chapter 152: Tweaks Again including the PWB Cream Electret.

AA Chapter 153: XTZ MH 800 DSP Desktop System

AA Chapter 154: Audiophile computers, BSO recordings and Perfect Path Technologies Silver Paste.

AA Chapter 155: Summertime savior plus the Smyth Realiser A8.

AA Chapter 156: Fall Cleanup Time to get your system clean and happy plus continued words about the Smyth realizer and the Darbee Darblet.

AA Chapter 157: XTZ Room Analyzer II Pro This system is a steal as a measurement microphone and a great way to improve your system and room's sound!

AA Chapter 158: Audeze LCD 2 Headphones And Burson Audio Soloist Headphone Amplifier.

AA Chapter 159: PranaWire Linebacker Power Filter

AA Chapter 160: Oppo BDP-105 3D Blu-ray "Disc Player"

AA Chapter 161: Cary Audio HH-1 headphone amplifier and Mroz Silver Paste follow-up.

AA Chapter 162: Home Theater Computer 3 (HTPC) Learning from my previous mistakes.

AA Chapter 163: Dirac Live Room Correction Suite The closest I've ever been to being in a concert hall.

AA Chapter 164: I'm Baaack!
Environmental Potentials EP2050 Wave Form Corrector And Intel NUC Mini Computer

AA Chapter 165: PurePower+ 3000 And PurePower+ 1500 Regenerators

AA Chapter 166: Food For Thought

AA Chapter 167: Vamp Verza Headphone And Amplifier

AA Chapter 168: Tweakin' With The Black Ravioli Base

AA Chapter 169: Home Sweet Home Article By Dr. Bill Gaw















































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