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10 / 29/ 21

The AV Summit Virtual Show October 25th - 29th

The AV Summit Virtual Show October 25th - 29th
Our apologies for chiming in late, plus you can watch all their videos on YouTube and catch today's live broadcast too! What was once called The HiFi Summit has been expanded to include the growing video market as we welcome their new The AV Summit. The AV Summit is a virtual online event being held from October 25th through 29th and will showcase both high-fidelity audio and the latest in video gear too. Manufacturers and distributors can take advantage of early bird pricing until October 1 to secure their showcasing products during this online event. This event is an interactive experience, not a glorified live stream. Make contacts, connections, and deals via live online chat.

You can speak to an interested and engaged audience, while informative seminars have lasting power and are viewable long after the event has ended. Live video chat allows you to speak with consumers and meet with influencers. Host private business-to-business meetings with distributors, buyers, installers, and retailers. In addition, contest giveaways are an easy way to gain engaged followers. Let The A/V Summit know what you want to offer, and they'll handle the rest.



10 / 28 / 21

How A Vinyl Record Is Made We tour Quality Record Pressings / Acoustic Sounds vinyl LP pressing plant.

Video: How A Vinyl Record Is Made
We tour Quality Record Pressings / Acoustic Sounds vinyl LP pressing plant.
Enjoy the Music.com and Enjoy the Music.TV presents to you our tour of the Quality Record Pressings (Acoustic Sounds) vinyl LP pressing plant. We join plant manager Gary and owner Chad Kassem as they take us on a step-by-step journey through how a vinyl LP record is produced. Creative Director of Enjoy the Music.com Steven R. Rochlin guides you on his Quality Vinyl Pressings factory tour to learn how they produce a vinyl LP. As always, in the end what really matters is that you... Enjoy the music!
---> See How A Vinyl Record Is Made.



WAVAC MD-805m Monoblock Amplifier Review

WAVAC MD-805m Monoblock Amplifier Review
A crystal palace for your music.
Review By Wayne Donnelly
The WAVAC family of tube electronics from Japan is widely recognized for fabulous cosmetics, no-compromise build quality, glorious sonics, and — inevitably, given their design approach — very high prices. This writer has previously had the pleasure of reviewing the company's EC-300B and MD-300B stereo amplifiers, driving very high-efficiency loudspeakers appropriate to their 10 Wpc power output. The MD-805m monoblocks' 55-Watt power offered a chance to evaluate the WAVAC approach to amplification with a wider range of loudspeakers, and I jumped at the opportunity to try them out.
---> WAVAC MD-805m Monoblock Amplifier Review.



Apple iPod

News From 20 Years Ago
Apple Computer New iPod Portable Music Player
Apple Computer has just released their new iPod portable music player ($399). Claiming to provide "1,000 songs in your pocket", the iPod incorporates a slim 5GB hard drive to store not only music files, but can also be used as a computer file storage unit. Weighing only 6.5 ounces, the iPod can store up to ten hours of music and provides an amazing twenty minutes of "skip protection". Due to using a FireWire connection, a single music CD can be transferred to the iPod in only ten seconds! The pocket-sized unit (2.43" x 4.02" x 0.78") has an informative LCD capable of displaying six lines of text. A white light-emitting diode (LED) backlight helps visibility during low-light situations. The iPod also includes Apple's award-winning iTunes 2 software for ripping MP3 files and transferring them to the iPod unit. A built-in equalizer is also included while the iPod can play back MP3, MP3 VBR, AIFF and WAV audio files.



EAD Ultra

News From 20 Years Ago
Enlightened Audio Design Ultra DVD-Audio Player
Enlightened Audio Design, a division of Thunder Lake Audio Corp., has unveiled its new Ultra DVD-Audio player dubbed "the ultimate 8-channel source for any A/V system". To realize the inherent performance advantages of twice the bit-rate of conventional CDs, 10 times the information capacity (considering six full-range channels), and 48 dB greater dynamic range, the EAD Ultra uses a custom analog output stage for unlimited bandwidth. In addition to conventional video outputs, the ULTRA provides progressive-scan video output and Faroudja's DCDi video processing (FLI2200) and Video Enhancement Processing (FLI2220). The Ultra is compatible with virtually all 5" DVD and CD formats, including DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, DTS, Dolby Digital, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, CD-R, CD-R/W, Video CD and MP3. In addition, bass-management and analog volume control allows the ULTRA to connect directly to an amplifier via the 8 balanced or single-ended outputs. Postscript 2021: Hi-Res Audio 24-bit/96kHz and higher multi-channel immersive music is finally making it's way into mainstream audio... two decades later(!). Enjoy the Music.com welcome the new ImmersivephileTM (trademark Steven R. Rochlin) category to our hobby.



10 / 27 / 21

Walmart Offers Exclusive Vinyl LP Releases

Walmart Offers Exclusive Vinyl LP Releases
With the popularity of vinyl LPs gaining in sales, plus the high profit margins, this has not escaped the folks at Walmart as they now offer exclusive vinyl LP releases. With retailers understanding the limited production capabilities of the manufacturing system, Walmart has smartly decided to offer special LP releases, which of course are only available from their retail stores and online website. Of course there is a limited production capability, so buy the titles you love before they are no longer available. Need we remind you that vinyl LPs make a wonderful holiday gift.



10 / 26 / 21

Enjoy the Music.com Sponsors Capital Audiofest  2021 Happy Hours

Enjoy the Music.com Sponsors Capital Audiofest Happy Hours
Enjoy the Music.com, high-end audio's celebrated online site since 1995 and a leader in providing industry news, gear reviews, and show reports is pleased to announce that we're sponsoring Capital Audiofest's 'Happy Hour'. Exhibitors and members of the press will join us for complimentary food and beverage on Thursday. Enjoy the Music.com loves our loyal readers and show attendees, and so we're once again partying on Friday for all attendees. Both events will take place from 6:00 PM through 8:00 PM at the Hilton Hotel Olive's Restaurant / Bar. We look forward to seeing you there!

For over 26 years, Enjoy the Music.com has been a major resource for information about the consumer electronics high-end audio industry and high resolution / streaming music on the internet. We're celebrating Capital Audiofest's 10th event, which is one of the largest fall season home entertainment shows open to the general public within the United States of America. We are deeply honored for the opportunity to support the Capital Audiofest show, and in teaming up to benefit both the audiophile industry and attendees alike.
---> More about Enjoy the Music.com sponsoring CAF 2021 Happy Hours.



10 / 25 / 21

Stage11 Is Reimagining Music For The Metaverse

Stage11 Is Reimagining Music For The Metaverse
Metaverse startup Stage11 has raised $5,800,000 and partnered with major popular music acts for the next generation of music experience. Many music lovers and video game players are well-aware of VR and the Metaverse, and so Stage11 will provide modern interactive music experiences for fans to explore and play music. In addition, you can create collaboratively inside the musical worlds of your favorite artists too!

According to the company, "Stage11 is creating a new way to experience music by combining gaming, mixed reality and digital collectibles. With our new creative canvas, artists can invite fans to live, play and create collaboratively inside their musical worlds. Our cutting-edge experiences combine immersive gameplay sequences, lifelike performances and cinematic narratives to reimagine music for the metaverse. Fans will also be able to discover, acquire and trade interactive NFT collectibles that can be used in creating their own content."



10 / 22 / 21

Abbey Road Studios' Amplify Festival

Abbey Road Studios' Amplify Festival
Abbey Road Studios' 90th Anniversary Festival takes place on the 11th and 12th of November as they open their doors to the next generation of artists and creatives. This free two-day festival seeks to bring a mix of cutting edge, fun, and hugely innovative technology experiences to Studio Three for the Abbey Road Red Playroom during the Abbey Road 90th Anniversary Amplify event. Over the two days in Studio Three Abbey Road Studios will be showcasing a range of technologies created by their own incubator alumni as well as friends of Red which will give you a glimpse into their instruments and music making of the future.

Abbey Road Studios' exhibitors will show you their inventions designed to assist and enhance our creativity, from playful smart instruments to powerful automated audio processors and generative music assistants. Studio Three's control room will host a feedback center, featuring one to one mentoring with A&Rs and Abbey Road engineers. You'll be able to start booking these sessions very soon!



10 / 21 / 21

Toronto Audiofest 2021 Free Admission

This Weekend! Toronto Audiofest 2021
The Toronto Audiofest 2021 is the Ontario's consumer electronics exhibition to be held from October 22nd through 24th. They plan to bring together over 200 brands of the best audio and video equipment from around the world. You can hear, touch and compare it in over 50 demo rooms ranging from 240 to 2400 sq ft. on four floors. It is the perfect place to come if you're considering acquiring a complete system or only a new piece of equipment. All visitors have a passion for music. While some are pure audiophiles, many others are just curious to discover the benefits of better sound.

According to the Toronto Audiofest, 60% of our visitors are under 55 years of age and 20% are female; we encourage families to discover the show together. You may wonder what is the entrance fee? Well, as they are a non-profit organization and only at our second year of business, they have chosen to let you decide. If you want to contribute to the show's development, you can buy $10 tickets to our raffles. Your participation is greatly appreciated. The Toronto Audiofest is fully dedicated at servicing their exhibitors as if they were family, and this concern extends to making sure all the fest's visitors have a wonderful experience.



LampizatOr Golden Gate 2 DAC Review

LampizatOr Golden Gate 2 DAC Review
An accurate and unfettered music source for my system.
Review By Matthew Clott
Vacuum tubes versus solid-state are the Audiophile's version of red versus white wine. Both are lovely and both have die-hard fans and haters alike. I don't buy into either club completely, and I don't want to start the next Vacuum Tube Versus Solid-State war. I have enjoyed and currently own both tube and solid-state gear, and use both for reviews. That said, years ago I developed an aversion to tubes in my DAC's, partly due to experience and partly due to unsubstantiated personal bias (hey, at least I'm honest!). Tasting LampizatOr's latest release, the Golden Gate 2, was like eating olive's. I have tried them over and over because I want to like them so badly; but I just never have, no matter which I try. My first experience with LampizatOr was with their Big 6 almost a decade ago. I was skeptical of tubes in a DAC but I just wanted to love it.
---> LampizatOr Golden Gate 2 DAC review.



Copland CTA 408 Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier Review

Copland CTA 408 Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier Review
A tube amplifier in disguise.
Review By Dr. Phil Gold
It has been seven years since I reviewed the Copland CTA 506 Power amp which I liked very much at the time and is still available today. From my 2012 review of the CTA 506: The Copland CTA 506 combines classic design with the latest developments in vacuum tubes to create an impressive and attractively priced power amp that seems equally at home across musical genres. It stands up well against the other power amps – tube and silicon based – that have been through my listening room. It doesn't pretend to be the last word in power amps, but it sits at a sweet spot in the market where you'll need to pay a lot more to eke out small performance gains in most systems.
---> Copland CTA 408 vacuum tube integrated amplifier review.



10 / 20 / 21

Paris Audio Video Show 2021

Paris Audio Video Show 2021
Born from the success of Festival Son & Image, this year's Paris Audio Video Show 2021 is the country's most important event for high-End audio and home-cinema in France. This is an excellent meeting place for manufacturers and the public, plus it's a great opportunity for exhibiting brands to showcase their products in front of specialized and technical press. Also offering a professional visitors opening day, Paris Audio Video Show is said to be "the can't-miss event for the market stakeholders" by the show promoters. The show is scheduled to take place Saturday October 23rd and 24th from 10am to 6pm at the Novotel Paris Tour Eiffel hotel at 61 Quai de Grenelle.



10 / 19 / 21

Florida Audio Expo 2022 Show Report

Florida Audio Expo Tickets Now On Sale
The Florida Audio Expo (FAE) 2022 will take place February 18th through 20th at the newly refurbished Embassy Suites by Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore hotel. Tickets are now on sale to give attendees the opportunity to experience 12 floors' worth of products from the world's leading audio brands. Admission will be $15 for Friday only, $20 for Sunday only, or $30 for all three days; there's free admission for students and spouses, while first responders and military personnel get 50% off all ticket prices. Tickets can be ordered here.

New for 2022, the show will partner with Bill Nimz and the team from Barbaric Nightmare Productions for daily live streams from the show floor. Their live feeds will feature sights and sounds from the show, including interviews with industry experts throughout the weekend on the Florida Audio Expo's YouTube channel. The Florida Audio Expo is expanding its regional marketing activity, working closely with such local music venues as Bilheimer Capitol Theatre and Ruth Eckerd Hall to reach their music-loving memberships. Qobuz is again the FAE's official streaming service. Exhibit space plus more show information is now available at FAE's website.



10 / 18 / 21

Australian Hi-Fi Magazine September / October 2021

Australian Hi-Fi September / October 2021 Magazine
Australian Hi-Fi's  September / October 2021 issue features:
Sound Bites: Rega, Transparent Audio, Wilson Audio, JBL, Elac...
EISA Award Winners
Len Wallis Audio Newsletter
Sound Travels: Being Able To Travel The World...
The Spendor Interview With Philip Swift
SweetVinyl SugarCube SC-2 Mini
Adcom GFA-585se Stereo Power Amplifier
DALI Oberon 9 Loudspeakers
Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M DAC
Classic Rock
Music Re-Issues
Top Picks: Billie Eilish, Mackenzie Scott And More
Rock On: Two Of Australia's Greatest Musicians
...and much more!

Within his editorial, Greg Borrowman says "This question came up on a TV show recently (a Spicks and Specs repeat) and it's had me wondering ever since, and thinking about the songs I love and why I love them. According to songwriter, singer and producer Karl Martin Sandberg (stage name Max Martin), who's written almost as many of the number-one singles on Billboard's Hot 100s chart as Paul McCartney and John Lennon (they're the top three writers on that chart), melodies are the most important. They're so important that he uses a 'melodic maths' formula to create his tunes. He used it to create hit songs for Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Taylor Swift, NSYNC, Maroon 5, The Weeknd, Katy Perry and others." See what's within this issue of Australian Hi-Fi at this link.



10 / 15 / 21

audioXpress Magazine November 2021

audioXpress' November 2021 Issue Is Now Available
audioXpress' November 2021 issue features:
Editorial: What's Old Is New Again
SPL Phonitor One D Headphone Amplifier System
A DSP Audio Processor At The Heart
Ultra-Linear: Why It Works And When It Will Not (Part 2)
Cascodes, Folded Cascodes, And Current Mirrors (Part 2)
The History of the American Magnetic Head Industry
Market Update: Digital Signal Processing
DSP Evolution: Audio Processing Powered by AI
Automotive Audio: Interior Car Acoustics and DSP
From Open Office to A/V Recording Complex
And much more!

Within his editorial, J. Martins says "In this edition of audioXpress, Scott Dorsey offers an interesting historical journey into one of the most critical pieces of technology in the heyday of the audio industry: magnetic recording and playback heads. The people and the numerous companies involved played a vital role in shaping the music industry and popular music as we know it. From recording sessions at Sun Studios to 8-track Ampex recorders introduced in 1955 and explored by Les Paul, magnetic heads raised studio music production to unimaginable artistic heights. Computers and digital recording followed and enabled even more creative possibilities. All along, this interesting story serves to remind us how vital components and technologies pioneered in the audio industry dwarf in comparison to the massive business subsequently generated in other industries, and the formidable dynamics that creates." See what's within this issue of audioXpress.



10 / 14 / 21

Bayz Audio Courante 2.0 Loudspeaker Review

Bayz Audio Courante 2.0 Loudspeaker Review
A new and innovative design in speaker technology.
Review By Dr. Matthew Clott
You might have to stand on your head for this review because Zoltán Bay turned the concept of speaker production upside down and inside out when he created the Bay Radial Speaker (BRS) Tweeter. And when you see the absolutely unique and creative Bayz Audio Courante 2.0 speaker design ($60,000), you're not going to be able to figure out how to stand, so just have a seat and enjoy the read. Maybe have the computer or tablet read it to you while you listen to your favorite composition in the background.... Be sure to grab your favorite beverage and have that cute dog (or cat) of yours sit in your lap and snuggle in; this is gonna be good!
---> Bayz Audio Courante 2.0 speaker review.



Pass Laboratories XP-17 Phono Preamplifier & X250.8 Power Amplifier Review

Pass Labs XP-17 Phono Preamp &
Pass Labs X250.8 Power Amplifier Review
Impressive sound quality that we've come to expect from Pass Labs.
Review By Tom Lyle
For quite some time I've been using a Pass Laboratories power amplifier, phono stage, and headphone amplifier as references in my listening room. There were times I thought that some might think I was a spokesperson for this brand of equipment! I could see how some might get that idea, because not only do I use three Pass Labs components in my system, I also will tell anyone who will listen that I consider Pass Laboratories' high-end audio components the best in their respective price classes. Then again, those who have read my reviews of other brands of audio equipment will be able to tell that I approach each review with an open mind.
---> Pass Labs XP-17 phono preamplifier & X250.8 power amplifier review.



10 / 13 / 21

KEF Celebrates 60 Years Of Pioneering Audio Excellence

KEF Celebrates 60 Years Of Pioneering Audio Excellence
This just in from KEF: For six decades, KEF has been a proud pioneer of extraordinary sound quality, creating remarkable, award-winning speakers. Over its time its continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence has earned the brand a justifiably devoted following of audiophiles, artists, and creatives. KEF is named after its original site – Kent Engineering and Foundry in Maidstone – where it continues to develop its bar-setting products today. Established in 1961 by Raymond Cooke OBE, the BBC engineer was propelled by a love of music and refusal to compromise. Since its inception, KEF has existed to fill rooms with music as it was made to be heard and to move souls with truly authentic soundscapes. Over the years it has never lost sight of its British roots, uncompromising quality, or boundary-pushing innovations.

Always at the cutting edge of audio tech, KEF pioneered the early use of synthetic materials and was the first company to use computer simulation to measure and develop speaker performance, followed by the creation of its disruptive Uni-Q, Uni-Core and revolutionary Metamaterial Absorption technologies. The original collection of high-fidelity speakers, architectural speakers and subwoofers has evolved to include breakthrough wireless speakers, portable Bluetooth speakers, and headphones. With a team of talented engineers and in-house designers who work together to maintain the brand's audio integrity, KEF has also partnered with the likes of Ross Lovegrove, Michael Young, Sir Terence Conran, Eric Chan and Marcel Wanders to bring their unique perspectives to KEF's product design. Entering this next era, KEF wants to ensure that the future of high-fidelity is personal, giving more people access to an exceptional listening experience.



10 / 12 / 21

MedRhythms Pioneering Prescription Music Platform

MedRhythms Pioneering Prescription Music Platform
MedRhythms, a therapeutics company that uses clinical-grade sensors, software, and music to help medical patients recover, aims to restore function lost to neurologic disease or injury. A first-of-its-kind partnership with Universal Music Group (UMG) will provide MedRhythms with access to UMG's catalog for the purpose of providing prescription music to patients. MedRhythms' platform is based on cutting-edge neuroscience that demonstrates how music can profoundly impact the human brain, target specific neural circuitry to enhance clinical outcomes and boost neuroplasticity. In addition, UMG's global brands will provide MedRhythms with resources and insights related to data analytics, cultural intelligence, and marketing. Note that UMG's partnership with MedRhythms began as a collaboration between UMG for Brands and Havas Health.

MedRhythms' digital therapeutics use music content that is curated and screened via the company's patented process, which carefully selects and customizes interventions to each user. The process initially analyzes the content for the right characteristics to make it therapeutically valuable for the patients and, once this step is complete, it curates clinical interventions for each individual patient. Research supports that preferred music content increases adherence to treatment and improves therapeutic outcomes, which is why providing patients with music they enjoy is a critical component of the system and why the company's partnership with UMG is meaningful and important.



10 / 11 / 21

HIFICRITIC Volume 15 Number 3 July / August / September 2021

HIFICRITIC's Latest Issue Features Reviews & More
This issue of HIFICRITIC features:
Editorial: Ideas, Discoveries, And Upgrades
Heinz Lichtenegger: High-Value Products That Sound Good
Stan's Safari: Stan Examines How Changes In The Way We Listen
Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX Speaker Review
Cambridge Audio Evo 150 Review
Linn Karosel Turntable Bearing For The LP12 Review
AURALiC Altair G2.1 Network Player / Preamplifier
Noise Cancelling Investigated 
CEC'S Digital Duo CD Transport And DAC
Cyrus i7 XR Amplifier Review
Austrian Audio Headphone Review
Franco Serblin Accordo Standmount Speaker
Denafrips Terminator Plus DAC
Audio Note Pallas II Digital Interconnect
McIntosh MCD85 SACD/CD Player
Townshend Audio Allegri Preamp Revised 
Edwards Audio TT4 Turntable System
The Music: The Latest In Classical, Jazz, And More
SoundStage: Having Fun With the Music
...and much more!

Within his editorial, Martin Colloms says "Notwithstanding what is now often referred to as 'the current situation', the HIFICRITIC team has been busy seizing the opportunity to get ideas and discoveries down on paper, including the vital sharing of listening experiences. And it's that sharing Andrew Everard acknowledges in his SoundStage piece at the end of this issue, relating his experience of rediscovering the sheer fun of music in an unlikely situation – but then the enjoyment of music, however it occurs, is really what this hobby is all about. For this issue a long promised update on the Linn LP12 vinyl disc player has been accomplished, which project required certain machinations – not least a visit to an acclaimed Sondek-fettler – and achieved surprising results." See what's within this issue of HIFICRITIC at this link.



10 / 08 / 21

Toronto Audiofest 2021 Free Admission

Toronto Audiofest 2021 Free Admission
The Toronto Audiofest 2021 is the Ontario's consumer electronics exhibition to be held from October 22nd through 24th. They plan to bring together over 200 brands of the best audio and video equipment from around the world. You can hear, touch and compare it in over 50 demo rooms ranging from 240 to 2400 sq ft. on four floors. It is the perfect place to come if you're considering acquiring a complete system or only a new piece of equipment. All visitors have a passion for music. While some are pure audiophiles, many others are just curious to discover the benefits of better sound.

According to the Toronto Audiofest, 60% of our visitors are under 55 years of age and 20% are female; we encourage families to discover the show together. You may wonder what is the entrance fee? Well, as they are a non-profit organization and only at our second year of business, they have chosen to let you decide. If you want to contribute to the show's development, you can buy $10 tickets to our raffles. Your participation is greatly appreciated. The Toronto Audiofest is fully dedicated at servicing their exhibitors as if they were family, and this concern extends to making sure all the fest's visitors have a wonderful experience.



10 / 07 / 21

Legendary Performance Awards 2020  --  Enjoy the Music.com Celebrates Our 25th Aniiversary

Legendary Performance Awards 2020
Enjoy the Music.com celebrates our 25th Anniversary reviewing high-end audio gear.
Enjoy the Music.com's Legendary Performance Awards 2020 celebrates the incredible achievements by high-end audio manufacturers since we've been reviewing gear for over the past two decades. Unlike our annual Blue Note Awards, Enjoy the Music.com's Legendary Performance Awards is a once every 25-year event, so you know it is something very special indeed! We tasked our extensive staff in choosing products they felt earned an extra-special mention, which in turn shows the greatness of these legendary pieces of high-end audio equipment.
---> See Enjoy the Music.com's Legendary Performance Awards 2020.



We're All In This Together A bit of retrospective during Enjoy the Music.com's 25th Anniversary.

We're All In This Together
A bit of retrospective during Enjoy the Music.com's 25th Anniversary.
Editorial By Steven R. Rochlin
Without a doubt the familiar phrase "Hindsight is 2020" almost feels like it originated as a message from a future time traveler, which we have profoundly misunderstood (h/t Steve Hoffman). Looking back during the past 25 years, and ~9000(!) web pages ago, this site was originally launched as a way to easily answer the many questions he was receiving from others online. Back then, as best I recall, there were less than a single handful of audiophile sites online.
---> Read We're All In This Together.



10 / 06 / 21

UK Audio Show In Early October Is A Go

UK Audio Show Full Exhibitors This Weekend
After a long wait, music enthusiasts realize it is now show time. With Saturday nearly sold out, those hoping to attend the popular UK Audio Show should reserve their space ASAP. The show is now full with regards to exhibitors / brands, and what they have planned as attractions too. This show welcomes everyone to enjoy fine hi-fi systems playing a raft of great music. The UK Audio show is scheduled for October 9th through 10 at the De Vere Staverton Estate within Northants. A stylish and contemporary retreat, in the heart of the Northamptonshire countryside, is set to be turned into an audio enthusiasts' Mecca for one weekend in early October.

The transformation at the De Vere Staverton Estate, near Daventry, will see over 160 of the world's best hi-fi brands exhibiting. And, best of all for enthusiasts intending to visit the organizers have decided not to charge for entrance on both days of the show, Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th October. Not only is The UK Audio Show the first major hi-fi event being held in the country since the start of the Covid pandemic last year, but looks like being the only one for music-lovers to enjoy. Note that this week the UK Audio Show might have to restrict Complimentary Passes available on the Saturday, due to the volume of requests. If they have already confirmed your Pass then you need have no concerns; if not then please let the UK Audio Show know.



10 / 05 / 21

Hi-Fi World November 2021

Hi-Fi World's November 2021 Reviews & Think Pieces
Hi-Fi World's November 2021 issue features the following:
Editorial: What Happened To Ornamental Audio?
News: Words From The World...
Competition: Win £900 Worth Of Black Rhodium Cables
Mail: Six Pages Of Your Views
JBL HDI -1600 Stand-Mount Loudspeakers
HiFiMAN Sundara Planar-Magnetic Headphones
Devialet Gemini Wi-Fi Earbuds
Chord Electronics 2YU Bridge
McIntosh C8 Pre Amp & MC830 Power Amps
Coherent 6D Gen 2 Phono Cables
Tips And tricks For Judging Hi-Fi Products
Sanyo Plus N55 Tape Noise Reduction
Audio Research PH9 Phonostage
...and much more!

Within his editorial, Noel Keywood says "Early hi-fi amplifiers were nothing if not visually arresting. I carefully avoid saying "exciting" because that's not what many people thought of an early Leak valve amplifier at the time I suspect. The elaborate wooden cabinets of valve radios and then radiograms concealed electronics of the day, in an environment where wood and cloth were the norm. Quad's 22 preamplifier tried to change that by adding in a touch of 1950s style, but the accompanying II power amplifiers were not for public display. Wind forward and the stark black box – Arcam even made a DAC called Black Box – was touted as a stylistically acceptable successor. What happened to ornament, so beloved by Victorians? Something to engage the eye." See what's within this issue of Hi-Fi World at this link.



10 / 04 / 21

Hi-Fi+ Issue October 2021

Hi-Fi+ October 2021 High-End Audio Magazine
Hi-Fi+'s October 2021 issue features the following:
Editorial: Hi-Fi+ Celebrates Our 200th Issue!
Your Views On All Things Audio 
Past, Present, And Future 
From The Top 
Requiem For A Show: RMAF
Kronos Discovery Vinyl LP Turntable
Burmester BC150 Floorstanding Loudspeaker
AURALiC Sirius G2.1 Upsampling Processor
IsoTek V5 Aquarius Power Conditioner
Siltech Classic Legend Cable System
Warwick Acoustics Bravura Electrostatic Headphones
Chord Electronics Anni Desktop Int. Amp.
Hi-Fi+ Innovations Award
Building A Jazz Collection: From 1960–2000 
Super Furry Animals: Psychedelic Welsh Rockers
Contemporary, Classic, And Audiophile Music 
Back Issues
Competition: Win! Lateral Audio Stands

Within this month's editorial, Alan Sircom says "Issue 200 is quite a feat for any magazine. I mean, back when Hi-Fi+ was producing four issues per year, that would have been 50 years' worth of publishing! OK, so we've upped our run rate since then and now publish 12 editions every year, but even at that still represents more than eight years' worth of magazine publishing. However, if you cast your mind back to when we did publish our 100th issue some eight or so years ago, what's remarkable is how consistent our team has been. That's pretty rare in any field, although not in audio, it seems. Absolute Multimedia's UK team – Pete Collingwood-Trewin, Tom Hackforth and me – were there for issue 100, and many of our extended family of writers, designer, and even our Chairman remain constants in the running of this magazine." See what's within this issue of Hi-Fi+ magazine at this link.



10 / 01 / 21

High-End Audiophile / Immersivephile Hi-Fi Gear Review Magazine

Enjoy the Music.com's October 2021 Review Magazine
This month's Enjoy the Music.com Review Magazine features reviews of a terrific tube amplifier, fantastic $20 fuses, stellar phono stage, and more! We also have DIY knowledge concerning capacitors and inductors, plus a highly technical article detailing amplifier power output ratings! All this and much more within Enjoy the Music.com's October Review Magazine.



Are You Part Of The 80 Percent? Roger Skoff writes about performance measurement.

Are You Part Of The 80 Percent?
Roger Skoff writes about performance measurement.
Article By Roger Skoff
Just a few days ago, some guy wrote on one of the social media that he had come across some thousand dollar speakers that were eighty percent as good as ten thousand dollar ones. What does that mean? Do you know? Does he? Could it be that the less expensive speakers have only eighty percent of the frequency range of the more expensive ones? Or that their frequency response curve is only eighty (80) percent as "flat"? If so, which twenty (20) percent of the frequency ranges are being shorted? Bass, treble, mid-range? Can any of those be compromised and still have speakers that sound good? Maybe the difference is one of relative sensitivity. Maybe the thousand dollar ones are only 80 percent as loud per watt of input power as the ten thousand dollar ones.
---> Are you part of the 80 percent?



Amplifier Power Ratings From The Ground Up, Part 3

Amplifier Power Ratings From The Ground Up, Part 3
The final part of our series offers practical conclusions and key takeaways.
Article By Pat Brown Of SynAudCon
With this article, I wrap up a three-part series on amplifier power ratings. In Parts 1 and 2, I presented some relevant theory to understand what amplifier power ratings mean. In this final installment, I'll present some practical conclusions. A wave editor presents a graphical representation of the voltage amplitude of a waveform versus time (Figure 1). The voltage waveform originates from a microphone, recording, electronic musical instrument, PC, etc. The function of each stage of the signal chain is to modify this waveform. This might include gain, equalization, delay and a host of other signal processes. By the time it gets to the power-amplifier input, only one modification remains: gain. Some of these voltage modifications are to introduce compensations or corrections to the loudspeaker's response. That's why the amplifier must preserve the voltage fidelity.
---> Amplifier power ratings from the ground up, part 3.



Aavik Acoustics RIAA R-180 Phono Preamplifier Review

Aavik Acoustics RIAA R-180 Phono Preamplifier Review
Excellent transparency and musicality deliver musical bliss.
Review By Tom Lyle
In July of 2021, I reviewed Aavik Acoustics's I-180 integrated amplifier, D-180 DAC, and S-180 streamer / network player. In the review, I practically raved about the sonic quality of all three components, so it was no surprise that Aavik earned a hard-fought Enjoy the Music.com 2021 Blue Note Award within our September 2021 issue. The three Aavik components bestowed a 2021 Blue Note award are not cheap, but neither are they extravagantly priced at $7200 each. That is certainly reasonable for high-end audio components that I thought were some of the best I've ever heard within and above their price range. Not only that, but these three components took a surprisingly noticeable step up in their sonic performance when used together. I'm willing to admit that their good looks might have initially contributed to me liking them, especially when the three components were stacked on top of each other - an Aavik stack.
---> Aavik Acoustics RIAA R-180 phono preamplifier review.



Acme Audio Labs Silver Cryo Fuses Review

World Premiere Review!
Acme Audio Labs Silver Cryo Fuses Review

Is this the best $20 bucks you can spend?
Review By Rick Becker
They arrived in a Flat Rate envelope via US Postal Service. It took a while to get them. Patience is key. The fuse packaging was appropriate for such modestly priced product and very professional. The plastic and Mylar envelops had a tear-off top and were re-sealable. The fuses inside were further encapsulated in clear, snap-top plastic cylinders. A sticker on the Mylar side indicated the Silver Cryo Fuse inside and the value of each fuse was marked by hand. A list of Small 5x20, Large 6x32, Slow Blow T, Fast Blow F, and Special CFC Coating each had a small box that was manually checked off to identify the fuse contained within. This was an enormous help, not only because I had two sets of fuses to keep track of (with and without the CFC coating), but because with the matt-silver caps on these small fuses the engraved lettering was more difficult to read than on typical shinny end caps.
---> Acme Audio Labs Silver Cryo Fuses review.



Dan Clark Audio Stealth Planar Magnetic Headphone Review

Dan Clark Audio Stealth Planar Magnetic Headphone Review
Redefining a flagship headphone.
Review By Gary Alan Barker
I have related my history with Dan Clark Audio headphones ad nauseam so I will spare you the details this time, but there is a reason why three of my reference headphones are Dan Clark Audio products (MrSpeakers when I acquired them). While the ETHER2 is my preferred daily use headphone due to its comfort and extreme resolution, the ETHER C Flow 1.1 remains my choice for testing tonal balance and sub-bass response, and the AEON open is my budget headphone of choice, and of course, the VOCE remains my all-time favorite headphone period, well, up to today at least. Introducing the Dan Clark Audio Stealth Planar Magnetic Headphone. As I have mentioned many, many times before, with each new Planar Magnetic headphone Dan Clark makes a huge improvement over those that came before, reaching ever closer to that magic ideal personified in the Electrostatic headphone, with greater dynamics and deep bass response to boot.
---> Dan Clark Audio Stealth headphone review.



Capacitors And Inductors

Capacitors And Inductors
Article By Grey Rollins
You know that thing with metal balls hanging from strings? The one where you pull back a ball on one end, let go, and it hits the others, knocking the one on the opposite end loose? (It is called a Newton's Cradle if you want to Google up a picture.) Okay, now imagine slipping a piece of paper between the middle balls. That's actually a pretty good visualization of a capacitor at work. The paper represents the insulator between the plates and the balls are electrons. When an electron enters one side of the capacitor, one leaves the other side. If two enter on one side, two will leave on the other. After a period of time, the balls that left return, and an equal number of balls from first side leave. In the real world, the balls in a Newton's Cradle are obeying Newton's Laws of Motion. An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside force and all that. In a real world capacitor the motivating force is electrostatic repulsion.
---> Capacitors and inductors.



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