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08 / 31 / 20

Bottlehead Moreplay Preamplifier DIY Kit

Bottlehead Moreplay Preamplifier DIY Kit
Bottlehead's Moreplay Preamplifier kit ($399) is a retro-nod to the company's Foreplay preamplifier, which was their most popular kit of the late 1990s and early 2000s. A poll on the Bottlehead Forum indicated great enthusiasm for the reintroduction of a cost effective AC powered preamp that could be an easy entry into the world of tube audio. Paul Joppa and Paul Birkeland used their many years of experience with the previous designs and developed the Moreplay. The gain stage is a single 6V6 beam tetrode, wired as a triode. But the devil is always in the details, and this preamp is no exception there, either. Many of those details were chosen to maximize the signal to noise ratio in a wide variety of situations.

There are three pairs of inputs. A three-position selector switches both signals and grounds, to help minimize the possibility of ground-current noises. The grounds are bypassed to the chassis with small capacitors to reduce radio-frequency noise pickup. The selector is followed by a balance control which feeds the input grid of the tube directly. The gain stage is very simple; just a triode with a resistor plate load and a bypassed cathode resistor for bias. The output is capacitor coupled to a low-resistance volume control. The power supply is a voltage doubler with two additional stages of resistor-capacitor filtering. The signal ground is connected to the chassis plate through a low-impedance ground-lift network to further reduce ground current noise. The power transformer can be wired for a variety of power-line voltages from 100V to 240V. 



08 / 28 / 20

Stack Audio LINK II USB Network Bridge

Stack Audio LINK II USB Network Bridge
The original Stack Audio LINK, launched in early 2019, was introduced as a high-performance USB audio reclocker and network bridge. Their new LINK II ($895) is available now and will ship with new software, while existing LINK owners can upgrade to the new software platform should they wish to. Boasting support for streaming music services like Qobuz, Spotify, and Tidal, the LINK's USB component was both isolated and optimized for use with the vast array of USB DACs on the market. The original LINK, despite being in its infancy, received universal praise from customers and critics alike. This success has provided Stack Audio with both the confidence and resources to evolve and improve the LINK's hardware and software design, ease of use, and most importantly its performance.

The result being the new LINK II. The critical master clock circuit has been upgraded, the new "heartbeat" of the unit. This addition has reduced the clock's noise levels by an astounding 50%, giving more clarity to the output than ever before. Operating system software has been streamlined. With its smaller footprint fewer computing resources are necessary to better the performance. For our many Roon users, the software has been further optimized for this much-loved application. Open Home protocol support, this is so the LINK II appears as a OH zone. While the LINK OS previously worked with UPnP, Roon, and Airplay, in addition to the previously supported software, the new LINK OS now supports Squeezelite and Liberspot (Spotify Connect). Furthermore, the new OS will soon support HQ player end point. DSD256 now supported a step up from DSD128 in the original LINK.



Rotel A11 Tribute And CD11 Tribute Honors Ken Ishiwata

Rotel A11 Tribute And CD11 Tribute Honors Ken Ishiwata
Rotel Electronics just revealed their special edition A11 integrated amplifier and CD11 CD player ($799 and $599 respectively). Both models are tribute versions in celebration of Rotel's longstanding partnership with the late audio legend Ken Ishiwata. The A11 and CD11 were chosen as two of his favorite products and the Rotel team felt that the Class AB 2 x 50 Watt A11 integrated amplifier and CD11 CD player represented the perfect base for elevating products that were already excellent, yet updating them into something even more special. Rotel's A11 Tribute and the CD11 Tribute result is an increase in resolution and detail, while delivering a more musical presentation with both improved rhythm and timing. There's a special badge in honor to the man whose total passion for music was the impetus that inspired their creation.

Internally, specially selected improved components were chosen to offer higher performance throughout the signal path. In the amplifier stage, all 10 capacitors and two resistors in the signal path were changed. Custom damping materials were added to the A11's mechanical chassis to reduce ringing and further isolate/insulate and dampen any vibrations within the product. Rotel's CD11 CD player has eight capacitor changes and one resistor change were made in the DAC stage, while in the power supply all nine capacitors were changed with improved components. A great deal of thought was given to the damping of internal vibrations with custom damping material added to the top cover to eliminate vibration and ringing, while further changes were made to the mechanical and electrical grounding of the CD player.


08 / 27 / 20

The HiFi Summit Q4 2020 By Joe N Tell

The HiFi Summit Q4 2020 By Joe N Tell
The journey continues with The HiFi Summit Q4, from October 22nd through 26th, as 2020 has been a true test for many of us personally and professionally. Companies who have adapted to our new reality are seeing unprecedented growth. While we would love to get together for a physical trade show to talk with colleagues and friends, that's not possible quite yet. So now what? The Hi-Fi Summit, produced by Joe N Tell (Joe Mariano), is a digital trade show and online conference. Excellent seminars and group chat are joined by questions from viewers within their Lobby Discussion and YouTube live stream. You can see parts of their previous The HiFi Summit Q2 on Enjoy the Music.com at this link.



Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II Stereo Integrated Amplifier Review

World Premiere Review!
Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II Stereo Integrated Amplifier
High-end audio's Poster Child for being an overachiever.
Review By Steven R. Rochlin
While Apple computer programmers loved the pirate aspect to what they were doing, there are times when rogues can take the glory. Rogue Audio's Cronus Magnum II integrated amplifier, is perhaps an alternate to being a pirate as there are many romantic story of rogues freeing people from the constraints of, well, you know. Case in point is where evolution refines society. And so we embark on Rogue Audio's outstanding craft in vacuum tube audio.
---> Read our Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II review.



08 / 26 / 20

MelodyVR Purchases RealNetwork's Rhapsody Napster

MelodyVR Purchases RealNetwork's Rhapsody Napster
MelodyVR has agreed to purchase Rhapsody Napster from RealNetworks. The $70 million acquisition will enable the creation of a unique music platform that will offer both immersive live performances and music streaming – for the first time ever. The pairing of the two companies represents the pioneers of music streaming and live music VR coming together under one roof. The Napster platform serves more than three million users across four continents and delivers more than 90 million licensed tracks to consumers and B2B partners.

Napster's continued success is further evidenced by 10.8 billion streams and revenues of $113 million in 2019, and a near 20-year track record of innovations and strong trading history. For the time being, Napster and MelodyVR will continue to operate as independent businesses. The acquisition lays the groundwork for a one-of-a-kind, future platform of combined entertainment services. MelodyVR's purchase of Napster reflects a concerted effort to provide incredible music in all its forms to music lovers around the world. Whether home or away, on smartphone or VR device, music lovers and music makers can look forward to a next generation music experience, which is seamless and all-embracing.



08 / 25 / 20

Audio Research Corporation Under New Ownership

Audio Research Corporation Under New Ownership
TWS Enterprises, LLC, a privately held company owned wholly by Trent Suggs, has agreed to purchase Audio Research from the McIntosh Group, Inc. subject to completion of due diligence which is expected to be finalized by the end of August 2020. As Audio Research celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year, it is time to embark on the next chapter of its journey in high performance music reproduction. During the past six years that Audio Research has been owned by the McIntosh Group, it has enjoyed expanded marketing opportunities and exposure to new market segments. The Design Lab at McIntosh Group also defined a new industrial design incorporating iconic elements of past products while introducing a refined, modernized aesthetic. Audio Research products were showcased with the other brands of the McIntosh Group, providing wide market visibility in the United States and internationally. The support and friendship is truly appreciated.

There will be two familiar additions to the team: Trent Suggs will rejoin the company with dual roles, as President and as Director of North American Sales. Brandon Lauer will rejoin Audio Research with dual roles, as Director of International Sales and as Director of Marketing. Dave Gordon will assume the role of Managing Director. No other staff changes have been planned. Product development, engineering, and manufacturing remain at the company's 20,000 square foot facility in Maple Grove, a suburb west of Minneapolis. The unique culture and processes of Audio Research will remain and will become core functions of the company's future development. Audio Research's value of high-performance music playback will remain at the center of all development, to continue the brand's exceptional reputation within the market.



Pacific Audio Fest 2021

CAF And Daedalus Announce Pacific Audio Fest 2021
Lou Hinkley of Daedalus Audio, in collaboration with Gary Gill of Capital Audiofest (CAF), are pleased to announce the launch of the Pacific Audio Fest (PAF) at Seattle's Doubletree Hilton Sea-Tac Washington. With their first event slated for August 6th through 8th (2021), the Pacific Audio Fest is first and foremost a show by exhibitors for exhibitors. With that in mind, they are always open to input and will do everything possible to make this a great show for every exhibitor. By doing that, they are convinced that it will also be a great show for all attendees. One of the guiding principles for this show will be to keep the scale manageable for everyone. The show promoters envision about eighty rooms as optimal for this type of consumer audio show, and will ensure that the show will not expand far beyond that.

With over 800 sleeping rooms, spacious exhibit rooms, two ballrooms and a killer 14th floor restaurant and bar offering 360 degree views of Seattle and Mt Rainier, the Doubletree Hilton Sea-Tac Washington is a perfect home for the Pacific Audio Fest. Located minutes from Sea-Tac airport and the SeaTac Airport Light Rail Station with a great hotel shuttle fleet, the venue is easy to get to and easy to explore the beautiful Seattle region from the home base of a luxury hotel. Special PAF guest rate of $179 per night. With the option of extending the group rate 3 days before and after the event, so people can turn this into a family vacation. Group rate of $12 a day parking for attendees.



08 / 24 / 20

Audiovector R 6 Series Floorstanding Loudspeakers

Audiovector R 6 Series Floorstanding Loudspeakers
Audiovector's new R 6 Series of speakers includes their Arreté, Avantgarde, and Signature ($35,000, $24,000, and $19,000 per pair respectively). Employing educated craftsmen, there are 112 new additions, changes, and improvements compared to their SR 6. Developed and hand build within their facility in Copenhagen (Denmark), the cabinets are assembled by thick non-resonant vacuum pressured shells. Made from high density hardwood (HDF) for strength and low resonance, the teardrop shape in combination with a laminated, dense, strong, and heavy rear baffle further reduces unwanted cabinet resonance and avoids standing waves.

All R 6 models use an isobaric compound bass system in order to go deeper, be more precise, and produce a higher dynamic range. The company's engineers designed carbon fiber drivers in collaboration with Scan-Speak. The Evotech Signature silk dome tweeter is supported on its rear side by a pressure regulating accelerator. Its open back is carefully adjusted to work within their unique Soundstage Enhancement Concept (SEC). A broad authentic soundstage, which opens the whole experience of airiness and depth up to 26kHz. Audiovector's Avantgarde and Arreté benefit from the Air Motion Transformer (AMT) treble drivers.



08 / 21 / 20

The Cable Company Summer Against Hunger For CARE

The Cable Company Summer Against Hunger For CARE
This is the 25th year of The Cable Company's Summer fundraiser for CARE. This program has run in the aftermath of recessions, droughts, earthquakes, tsunami's and more - but never something like this. Please take a moment to consider the devastating impact if the virus took hold in the Rohingya camp in Bangladesh, housing close to a million refugees. The good epidemiology news is that most of the poorest areas in the developing world are even more remote than usual due to the global reduction in flights. This isolation has provided CARE's local staff the time needed to pivot ongoing programs to accelerate the focus on hygiene and clean water along with awareness and prevention programs, as well as delivery of sanitation stations, PPE for medical staff, and aid workers.

The Summer Against Hunger fundraiser is, as always, no cost to the audiophile. In fact, some of our best "deals" of the year take place in August. Your purchases of new products from our Sponsoring brands will benefit CARE 1:1. In other words 100% of these purchases - the entire purchase amount - goes to CARE. For the rest of the products they sell, even used products, CARE gets 50% of your purchases. Believe me, it adds up!



Marantz PM6007 Integrated Amplifier And CD6007 CD Player

Marantz PM6007 Int. Amp. And CD6007 CD Player
Marantz announced their new PM6007 stereo integrated amplifier and CD6007 CD player ($599 and $449 respectively). These models are designed for listeners ready to take a step in their two channel hi-fi system with good performance and connectivity options. Marantz's new PM6007 is a refined two-channel integrated amplifier that produces 45 Watts per channel and handles both digital and analog sources. The Current Feedback Amplifier technology with HDAM-SA3 circuitry used in the PM6007 provides excellent sound quality for the price. The PM6007 has five unbalanced RCA analog inputs, one S/PDIF coaxial input, and two TosLink optical digital inputs, plus a moving magnet (MM) phono preamp along with a subwoofer output. Enthusiasts can enjoy high resolution digital content thanks to an internal reference quality AK4490 DAC capable of up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution for Hi-Res Music playback.

Marantz's CD6007 CD player offers specially-selected premium-grade components and an enhanced circuit layout. This includes an oversized / low-noise power supply with high-speed / high-current Shottky Barrier Diodes and 120% larger capacitors from previous model for improved stability and reduced AC noise. The CD6007 features a new, reference-quality AK4490 DAC offering two selectable filter options. The new DAC provides up to 24-bit/192kHz and DSD 5.6MHz resolution for high-resolution digital files accessed from a USB memory stick. CD and CD-R/RW discs as well as WAV, MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC HD, ALAC, AIFF and DSD files are supported. The analog signal in the CD6007 is driven by Marantz's proprietary HDAM-SA2 low-level amplifier to gold-plated outputs on the rear panel.



08 / 20 / 20

Audio Research: Making The Music Glow Book

Audio Research: Making The Music Glow Book
Audio Research is honored to partner with author Ken Kessler in releasing a book timed to the company's 50th anniversary. Audio Research: Making the Music Glow ($150) describes the people behind the company, designing, manufacturing, fine-tuning, and marketing the audio amplification and source components that have been regarded perpetually as among the best in the industry. Celebrating their first half-century, Audio Research's book tells the story of a manufacturer that helped define high-end audio, with the sole purpose of elevating the sound quality of music in the home.

William Zane "Bill" Johnson established Audio Research in 1970, basing its products on what was then considered by many to be obsolete technology: vacuum tubes. Guided by his passion for music and quality listening with a refusal to fall victim to fashion and design trends of the times, Johnson was revolutionary in sound reproduction. With open access to the company's archives, the participation of employees, and the support and insights of Bill's wife, Nancy, Audio Research: Making the Music Glow is filled with rare images, curated reprints of period interviews, the definitive product listing, and a study of what the experts have determined to be the company's 25 greatest achievements, augmented by fresh photography of each model. Within the pages are the stories of the company's roots, its development, its evolution, and its tenacious hold on delivering industry standard in music playback.



Furutech NCF Clear Line AC Optimizer

Furutech NCF Clear Line AC Optimizer
Incorporated into selected Furutech products, NCF Clear Line AC Optimizer ($250) features a special crystalline material that has two 'active' properties. First, it is said to generate negative ions that eliminate static. Second, it converts thermal energy into far infrared. Furutech combines material with nano-sized ceramic particles and carbon powder for their additional 'piezoelectric effect' damping properties. The resulting Nano Crystal² Formula is the company's ultimate electrical and mechanical damping material that is found exclusively in Furutech products.

According to Furutech, "Simply plug the NCF Clear Line into any vacant receptacle on either a power distributor or wall outlet. For best effect, use the NCF Clear Line on the same AC line/supply as your system, preferably at a receptacle adjacent to your system. It only takes a moment to hear the improvement in the sound. You won't have to switch back and forth repeatedly in order to discover an improvement. It's right there."



EMM Labs DA2 Digital-To-Analog Converter (DAC) Review

EMM Labs DA2 Digital-To-Analog Converter (DAC)
Producing an extremely clear sonic picture of your music.
Review By Tom Lyle
On Amazon.com one can purchase a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with three digital inputs and a volume control for $30. Leave out the volume control and limit yourself to only one digital input and you can purchase a DAC for $14. So, why the heck would anyone, even an audiophile, pay more than $2000 for a DAC? And while we're at it, why would an audiophile purchase this EMM Labs DA2 for $25,000? There's really no answer to this other than sound quality, of course, and as proof of this, audiophiles do purchase DACs for over $2000.
---> Read our EMM Labs DA2 stereo DAC review. 



08 / 19 / 20

Blue Coast Records Buy Two Get One Free Sale

Blue Coast Records Buy Two Get One Free Sale
For a limited time Blue Coast Records is offering a special buy two SACDs or Hi-Res Music downloads and get one free! When you purchase two albums, then send them a copy of your receipt and in the subject write FREE ALBUM. Within your email please choose the album and format for Blue Coast Records to put into your account at no charge. E-mail your requested album to support@bluecoastmusic.com. The company will deliver your new free album download within 48 hours. Physical discs will of course take time to ship to your door, whereas digital downloads are virtually instantaneous once they reply to your e-mail. You can use this offer more than once too!



Rotel Michi X3 And X5 Hi-Res Integrated Amplifiers

Rotel Michi X3 And X5 Hi-Res Integrated Amplifiers
Rotel is pleased to introduce their Michi X3 and Michi X5 integrated amplifier ($4999 and $6999 respectively) as an extension of its current portfolio of Michi products. Employing Rotel's best-in-class audio engineering methods coupled with the perfect balance of innovation, extensive critical evaluation of every circuit, signal path, and component was scrutinized. Rotel's Michi X3 delivers 350 Watts of robust power into 4 Ohms (200W @ 8 Ohms) driven by a high efficiency oversized toroidal transformer feeding independent analog, digital, and power amplifier voltage regulator circuits for optimal power isolation. The X3 circuits are designed to optimize the signal path to each of the 13 source inputs including balanced XLR, analog, digital, PC USB, Bluetooth with aptX wireless streaming, plus a moving magnet (MM) phono stage.

Rotel's Michi X5 produces 600 Watts into 4 Ohms (350W @ 8 Ohm). It supports an array of 14 source inputs including analog, digital, balanced XLR, PC USB with DSD 2x decoding and MQA rendering. Both aptX and AAC high quality wireless Bluetooth streaming, plus it includes a moving magnet (MM) and moving coil (MC) phono stage. Digital to analog conversion utilizes an AKM 32-bit / 768kHz DAC. The front panel graphic display provides easy access to all setup options using the included custom designed signature Michi remote control. Furthermore, the display is configurable to show operating status, a 12-band graphic EQ or peak power meter. RS232 and Ethernet connection ensure simple integration with automation systems.



08 / 18 / 20

EMM Labs DS-EQ1 Optical Equalizer Phono Stage

EMM Labs DS-EQ1 Optical Equalizer Phono Stage
EMM Labs' DS-EQ1 Optical Equalizer ($12,500) is a celebration of more than a year in collaboration of EMM Labs' Ed Meitner with Tetsuaki Aoyagi, head of DS Audio. Ed's dive back into the world of vinyl playback has resulted in the first EMM Labs Optical Equalizer, the DS-EQ1, exclusively for interfacing with DS Audio optical cartridges. Designed with an obsessive desire to lower noise and distortion, and to extract every bit of detail and information from any DS Audio optical cartridge. The DS-EQ1's circuits are all designed in-house, and optimized for short and direct audio paths. EMM Labs' custom made ceramic PCB for the equalization and amplification stages allow for the superior extraction of low level details in the audio. From its proprietary equalization, Class A amplification, and power supply systems, to its touch panel buttons and sophisticated aluminum chassis, the DS-EQ1 is the ultimate partner to any DS Audio optical cartridge.



Qobuz Live Will Feature Video Interviews

Qobuz Live Will Feature Video Interviews
Hi-Res Music streaming and download service Qobuz has announced their Livestream Series for the music lovers. Scheduled to take place on Thursday afternoons, these videos are for those who are interested in better sounding music, gear, or both. The conversations occur weekly on the Qobuz USA Facebook page, and below is the upcoming schedule:

Bill Schnee - Thurs Aug 20th 4pm ET 
Grammy-winning engineer/producer known for some of the best sounding albums of the last four decades - Steely Dan, Mark Knopfler, and more.

Martin Logan - Thurs Aug 27th 4pm ET
Andrew Lindsey, product development manager talks electrostatic panels and high resolution.

Bowers & Wilkins - Wed Sept 2nd 4pm ET
With Andy Kerr, Director of Product Marketing and Communications.



08 / 17 / 20

KEF KW1 Wireless Subwoofer Adapter Kit

KEF KW1 Wireless Subwoofer Adapter Kit
KEF now offers their KW1 wireless subwoofer adapter kit ($199.99) that includes a discreet transmitter and receiver. The KEF KW1 works with the KUBE 8b, 10b, 12b and KF92 of subwoofers. It allows KEF subs to be optimally placed, and not limited by cables. High-quality wireless transmission delivers every ounce of detail and impact from your favorite films and music. The receiver is also available separately, allowing two KEF subwoofers to receive the same signal wirelessly from the same transmitter. It is very easy to add an additional subwoofer, as all you need is KEF's KWI-RX ($100) receiver only.

KEF's KW1 operates in the high-bandwidth 5GHz band and delivers audio up to 24-bit/48kHz. The transmitter is powered by USB, while the receiver is powered directly by the subs expansion port. Pairing is intuitive, while a range of up to 30 meters (line of sight) makes placement easy, while data encryption ensures it is security. KW1 is also perfectly suited for use with KEF's LSX and LS50 Wireless Music Systems.



Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evo Turntable

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evo Turntable
Pro-Ject Audio Systems' new Debut Carbon Evo turntable ($499) features the brand's famous one-piece carbon fiber tonearm technology, electronic speed selection, suspension elements from the X1, and a factory mounted Sumiko Rainier phono cartridge. The Debut is one of the best-selling products in the history of hi-fi, with close to one million units sold. The Debut makes listening to vinyl an affordable option for music lovers, and thanks to its minimalist aesthetic and premium finish options, it also helped to make analog fashionable again.

Pro-Ject's Debut Carbon Evo turntable is available in a range of nine finish options, including varieties of eight-coat, hand-painted high-gloss, beautiful matte pastel colors, or elegant walnut veneer. The 8.6" one-piece Carbon Fiber tonearm has an integrated headshell, while their low-friction precision sapphire tonearm bearings ensures reliable operation. One-piece continuous run high purity copper internal tonearm wiring to the shielded termination box reduces unwanted electrical interference. A Sumiko Rainier phono cartridge is factory mounted and precision aligned for all models sold within the United States of America. Pro-Ject's 3.75 lbs die cast aluminum platter employs TPE damping to reduce unwanted resonances. There's an electronic speed selection for 33.3 and 45 rpm operation (it is 78 rpm capable too).



Enjoy Reading Your Fave Hi-Fi Magazines Online
Everyone here at Enjoy the Music.com sympathizes with those affected by the recent health issue. Our hobby is one that can be enjoyed within the privacy, and security, of your home. We'd like to take a moment to remind our readers that many of our partner magazines offer online subscriptions. As always, in the end what really matters is that you... enjoy the music!

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Australian Hi-Fi Magazine

Australian Hi-Fi Magazine

Hi-Fi+ Magazine

Hi-Fi+ Magazine





HiFi Media Magazine

HiFi Media Magazine


Hi-Fi World Magazine

Hi-Fi World Magazine





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Sound Practices Magazine


VALVE Magazine



08 / 14 / 20

Audio Physic Avanti, Tempo, And Step Loudspeakers

Audio Physic Avanti, Tempo, And Step Loudspeakers
Audio Physic is celebrating their 35th anniversary with major upgrades to their Avanti, Tempo, and Step Loudspeakers (from approximately $3000 to $8000). The company's signature sound is said to be both unique and natural, with in-house development and handcraftsmanship within the company's Brilon (Germany) factory. Audio Physic's Avanti 35 features a newly tuned bass foundation. The Avanti 35 (pictured in red) sets a new standard in design and craft for the company. A new 215mm woofer is invisibly mounted as an internal bass insert, in combination with a new crossover too. The mid-range chamber has also been redesigned, and now features Audio Physic's trademark honeycomb construction. Their Avanti 35 is currently available with glasses finishes; wood finishes will follow later in 2020.

Audio Physic's Tempo 35 (pictured in white) is now in its' third-generation with HHC technologies, new crossovers and more. It features Audio Physic's latest generation 'Hyper Holographic Cone Midrange driver (HHCM III). The HHC technology is the latest evolution in the company's goal to eliminate internal vibration at its source. With its dual basket design, active cone damping, and ceramic-coated aluminum cone, the HHC driver is the first line of defense against unwanted and uncontrolled vibrations. Audio Physic's bookshelf Step 35 speaker (pictured in wood grain) is the smallest of the 35th anniversary loudspeakers. The Step 35 includes the company's latest crossovers, the VCT III connector terminals, and new woofers and midrange drivers both equipped with HHCM III technology. The Step 35 also features a new magnetic fabric front cover and is available in high-gloss black and white, as well as walnut and ebony veneers.



08 / 13 / 20

Schiit Magnius Preamplifier / Balanced Headphone Amplifier

Schiit Magnius Preamplifier / Balanced Headphone Amplifier
Schiit Audio introduced their all-new Magnius ($199), a super-high-value balanced headphone amplifier and preamplifier. Featuring high power, state-of-the-art measurements, the best volume control of any amplifier at its price, super-high-quality parts, and design and production in California, Magnius completely blows up the value equation for balanced headphone amps and preamps. Delivering 5000mW into 32 Ohms, with THD+N at -120dB referenced to 4V RMS output, Magnius delivers an abundance of power for the toughest headphone loads, as well as whisper-quiet background for the most sensitive in-ear monitors. Magnius also offers both a full balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA preamplifier outputs, so it can be a complete desktop solution for headphones and powered monitors. 

Magnius debuts a composite amplifier topology using high-quality parts from TI, including OPA1688 for feedforward buffers, LME47924 for differential voltage gain, and the TPS6120A2 for current-feedback output stages. Coupled with a custom 27mm Alps RK27114 volume potentiometer for superb channel matching and precision control, Alps signal switches, and Neutrik connectors, Magnius offers the most compelling value proposition of any affordable balanced headphone amp and preamp.



M2Tech Nash Phono Preamplifier & Van Der Graaf MkII Power Supply Review

M2Tech Nash Phono Pre & Van Der Graaf MkII Power
Capable of producing both subtle and very dense recordings.
Review By Tom Lyle
M2Tech's Nash phono stage, a component that is part of their Rockstar series, seemed to me to be the not only a perfect match for the Pro-Ject Esprit SB turntable that I set up in my second system not long ago, but also for the moving magnet Ortofon 2M Red phono cartridge that is mounted on the turntable's integral tonearm. This is probably the least expensive cartridge I would ever consider using, and conversely, at about $100 my experience leads me to believe that it is also the most expensive cartridge a non-audiophile might consider purchasing. Thankfully, it has a relatively neutral sound.
---> Read our M2Tech Nash Phono Pre & Van Der Graaf MkII review.



08 / 12 / 20

Celebrate National Vinyl Record Day Is Today!

Celebrate! National Vinyl Record Day Is Today!
National Vinyl Record Day is your chance to go old school. Spin music lovers all around the world have disagreements on a number of things, but one thing we think everyone can agree on is that vinyl LP records are here to stay. For those who value the quality of sound, owning physical copies of your favorite albums, or simply the nostalgia factor, it's probably safe to assume you've got your own collection of vinyl records stashed away somewhere. Now's your time to dust off the old needle and let the music take you away on a cloud of good, good, good, vibrations.

Get spinning on August 12th with National Vinyl Record Day! Whether it's the Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Monkees, Johnny Cash or the BeeGees, vinyl records have a sound all their own. Most will agree, vintage vinyl is as classic as the bands themselves. This day encourages listening to all kinds of music on vinyl LP records. Spin a disc on a jukebox or show off your style by demonstrating your hip hop moves. When vinyl records first came on the market they had other names. Some of them were gramophone record or a phonograph record. They are also called records for short. The analog sound storage medium consists of a flat disc. The sound is recorded by inscribing it on a modulated spiral groove.



08 / 11 / 20

audioXpress September 2020

audioXpress' September Issue Is Now Available
audioXpress' September 2020 issue features Altec Lansing's Voice of the Theatre Speakers, Loudspeaker Measurements at Home, Fast and Reliable End-of-Line, and How Virtual Product Development Improves the Quality of Consumer and Pro Audio Products. Also within this issue are The Magnepan LRS, The APR-17 Aperiodic Loudspeaker (Part 2), and The RSX Large / Modern DIY Speaker. Columns within this issue include Sound Control: From Acoustics to Electroacoustics and Audio Scope: How Do We Generate Measured Noise Plots for Op-Amps?

Within his editorial, J. Martins says, "My work with audioXpress magazine started seven years ago, and I still remember that one of the first lessons I learned from readers' messages and letters was that some readers were still complaining about things that happened 13 years before me. No matter the continuing efforts of the original publisher, tube enthusiasts were still expressing anger and dismay for the fact that they were "forced" to share a publication that also discussed solid-state audio circuits. Likewise, the Speaker Builder fans where expressing concern that their "unique" interests would fade away, submersed in a sea of meaningless magazine pages full of schematics and audio electronics." See what's within this issue of audioXpress at this link.



Alliance for IP Media Solutions Open Standards

Alliance For IP Media Solutions Open Standards
The Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) is an industry consortium led by broadcast and ProAV engineers, technologists, visionaries, vendors and business executives dedicated to an open-standards approach that moves broadcast and media companies quickly from legacy systems to a virtualized, IP-based environment. AIMS' efforts build upon those of leading standards bodies such as the Video Services Forum (VSF), the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), the European Broadcast Union (EBU), the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) and the Audio Engineering Society (AES). AIMS new website is dedicated to the alliance's new Internet Protocol Media Experience (IPMX) proposed set of open standards and specifications. IPMX addresses the Pro AV industry's need for a single set of common, ubiquitous, standards-based protocols that ensure interoperability for AV over IP.

Implementing a standards-based approach built on SMPTE ST 2110, IPMX proposes open standards and specifications designed to enable carriage of compressed and uncompressed video, audio, and data over IP networks. The proposed IPMX roadmap also includes specifications beneficial to Pro AV installations, such as AMWA NMOS IS-04 for discovery and registration and AMWA NMOS IS-05 for connection management, as well as others for copy protection and security.



08 / 10 / 20

First Watt F8 Stereo Power Amplifier

First Watt Introduces Their F8 Stereo Solid-State Amplifier
The new First Watt F8 power amplifier ($4000) has been created as an updated version of the earlier J2 amplifier, as first introduced in 2009. Like all First Watt designs, it is a relatively low power output, which with the F8 is rated at 25 Watts per channel stereo into 8 Ohms. It employs a simple Class A circuit designed with an unusually low parts count. The company says "It is the 21st product from First Watt, since its founding in 1998 as Nelson Pass' 'personal laboratory'." Nelson Pass says, "I wanted to create yet another amplifier with the SemiSouth SiC R100 power JFETs, so in 2015 I developed a design with the same output stage but an alternative front end circuit. The prototype was clearly an improvement, but the J2 remained so popular that we decided to wait. As the years went by, I put some more work into it, and now finally releasing it as the F8."

There are two Common-Source gain stages, both set to their operating points by a current source. The first is a Toshiba 2SJ74 JFET, and other is the SemiSouth Silicon Carbide R100 power JFET, both parts NOS from the First Watt vault. Finally, the last section is the venerable International Rectifier workhorse IRFP240. Overall distortion @ 1 Watt / 8 Ohms is 0.02%. Input Impedance is 100 kOhm, gain is 15dB, and input sensitivity @ 1 Watt is 0.5 Volts. Damping factor is 38 @ 8 Ohms, with power output being 25 Watts @ 8 Ohm, and 13 Watts @ 4 Ohm. Frequency response is from 10Hz to 200kHz, and the First Watt F8 solid-state stereo amplifier comes with a three year parts and labor warranty (not covering shipping costs or consequential damages).



Living Sounds Audio HP-3 Nova Headphones

Living Sounds Audio HP-3 Nova Headphones
Living Sounds Audio (LSA) and Underwood HiFi have announced the new HP-3 Nova headphones ($599 including delivery worldwide) are made possible in collaboration with their friends at Kennerton Audio Equipment. The HP-3 is a thoroughly advanced design featuring a hybrid 50mm membrane made of Mylar that is powder coated with Graphene using a thermal bonding methodology. This headphone is Living Sounds Audio version of the world-renown Kennerton Magni. Extensive R&D yields a membrane that is lighter and stiffer at the same time. LSA's HP-3 Nova headphones are an elegant design with an adjustable steel headband and natural lamb's leather ear cups. LSA's new laser inscribed cups feature a newly developed lacquered, chocolate curly Maple finish. Frequency response is from 15Hz to 50kHz, impedance is 33 Ohm, and maximum input power is 250mW. The detachable headphone cord length is two meters made from OFC wires, and is terminated with a high quality gold plated 6.3mm TRS connector. Weight for the LSA HP-3 Nova is 440 grams.



McIntosh And Alps Alpine Teamed Up

McIntosh And Alps Alpine Teamed Up
McIntosh Group Inc. and Alps Alpine have teamed up to deliver transcendent audio systems to the automotive industry. The collaboration entails a technical alliance between Alps Alpine and McIntosh Group audio brands, McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. and Sonus faber for select vehicles. This will bring extensive knowledge and expertise from both companies to create an unparalleled listening experience for consumers. The outcome will be truly worthy of the McIntosh Laboratory and Sonus faber home listening experience.

McIntosh Laboratory and Sonus faber have been gold standards in audio equipment for over 70 and 35 years respectively, blazing a trail in top-of-the-line home audio systems. Meanwhile, Alps Alpine has more than 50 years of automotive experience and can build to McIntosh Laboratory and Sonus faber's exacting standards. Known for both individual components, as well as fully integrated automotive audio systems, Alps Alpine knows how to deliver in-vehicle audio with emotional impact. The combination of the companies' expertise will elevate the in-vehicle listening experience.



08 / 07 / 20

Audio-Technica AT-ART9XI & AT-ART9XA Phono Cartridges

Audio-Technica AT-ART9XI & AT-ART9XA Phono Cartridges
Audio-Technica has just announced their AT-ART9XI and AT-ART9XA ($1290 each) dual moving coil (MC) stereo phono cartridges. These two high-performance models are designed to deliver extraordinary sound quality and performance for a moving coil phono cartridge and is Audio-Technica's new flagship magnetic-core models. These new cartridges feature dual moving coils aligned in an inverted "V" shape, which provides 30dB channel separation, good imaging, and wide dynamic contrasts. Frequency response is from 20Hz to 50kHz. The coils are made from PCOCC (Pure Copper Ohno Continuous Cast) wire to preserve signal purity. The magnetic-core (iron core) cartridge employs a neodymium magnet and Permendur magnetic-alloy yoke, to optimize energy in the magnetic gap where the coils are located. Output is 0.5 mV.

Audio-Technica's AT-ART9XI has a specially-designed line contact stylus mounted on an 0.28 mm solid boron cantilever, for precise tracking and resolution of fine musical detail. The cartridge features a hybrid body made from a machined aluminum housing combined with high-rigidity polymer a configuration that ensures stable playback and minimizes unwanted resonances. The Audio-Technica AT-ART9XA cartridge is non-magnetic-core (air core) design eliminates any magnetic distortion. Although some non-magnetic-core cartridges can have weaker output voltages, the AT-ART9XA has a newly-designed coil armature that provides 0.2 mV output.



Applied Sciences: Psychoacoustic Engineering And Applications

Applied Sciences: Psychoacoustic Engineering And Applications
A special issue of Applied Sciences (ISSN 2076-3417, available here for free in PDF 118MB download) features various papers concerning audio / hearing perception. Psychoacoustics is an important research field not only for understanding the fundamental mechanism of human auditory perception, but also for developing methods of capturing, processing, and measuring audio signals for practical applications. The present Special Issue aims to introduce the state-of-the-art of psychoacoustics engineering in various application areas and explore new directions of psychoacoustics research in the age of technological convergence and artificial intelligence. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

Audio coding
Audio for virtual and augmented reality
Audio using artificial intelligence
Hearing aids
Interactive audio
Building/Environmental acoustics
Spatial audio (multi-channel and binaural)
Sound recording and mixing techniques
The sound-quality prediction model



08 / 06 / 20

McIntosh C22 Vacuum Tube Stereo Preamplifier Mk V And MC1502 Stereo Amplifier

McIntosh C22 Vacuum Tube Stereo Preamplifier Mk V And MC1502 Stereo Amplifier
McIntosh is proud to announce the C22 vacuum tube stereo preamplifier Mk V and MC1502 vacuum tube stereo amplifier ($6000 and $11,000 respectively). Their McIntosh C22 Mk V preamplifier uses one 12AT7 and five 12AX7A vacuum tubes, which can be seen through a glass panel located on the top of the unit. Knobs and rocker switches operate all control functions while modern LED lights indicate input selection and volume level. The C22 Mk V has two XLR balanced inputs, three unbalanced RCA inputs, one moving coil (MC) and one moving magnet (MM) phono inputs, for a total of seven inputs. There are two pairs each of balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA output connections. Bypassable bass and treble tone controls are located on the front panel and can be adjusted in 2dB increments via rotary knobs.

Impedance and capacitance for the MM / MC phono inputs can also be adjusted via separate rotary knobs. In addition to setting the listening level, the volume knob can also be used to adjust the relative volume balance between the left and right audio channels. The 1/4" headphone jack is powered by McIntosh's High Drive headphone amplifier and features their Headphone Crossfeed Director (HXD) technology. HXD improves the sound localization for headphone listening by restoring the directionality component of the sound stage that's normally only heard from loudspeakers.

McIntosh's MC1502 vacuum tube stereo amplifier produces 150 Watts per channel. The MC1502 shares the timeless styling of their classic MC275, and boasts a better signal-to-noise ratio of 112dB versus 105dB for the older MC275. McIntosh's MC1502 is powered by eight KT88 output vacuum tubes, with four assigned to each stereo channel. It also has eight small signal tubes, consisting of four 12AX7A and four 12AT7 vacuum tubes; two of each of these vacuum tubes are dedicated to each audio channel. The 12AX7A vacuum tubes are for the Balanced and Input amps, while the 12AT7 tubes are for the Voltage and Driver amps. All the vacuum tubes are covered by a 12-gauge stainless steel wire cage with a black powder coated finish. The KT88 vacuum tube sockets include Air-Pipe cooling at their bases to help facilitate long service life.

The eight signal tube sockets have ceramic base construction with gold plated contacts, providing protection from atmospheric contamination. All the vacuum tubes sit atop the precision formed stainless steel chassis polished to a mirror finish. McIntosh's Sentry Monitor technology monitors the output current and shuts the amplifier off if it ever exceeds safe limits; the signal tubes will flash red if Sentry Monitor is ever activated. Two Unity Coupled Circuit output transformers flank the power transformer which is positioned between them. Each transformer is housed in a glass topped extruded enclosure that displays the wiring diagram for each transformer. Both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs are included to connect the MC1502 to your preamplifier and the rest of your home audio system. McIntosh's patented Solid Cinch speaker binding posts will securely connect your speaker cables to your speakers and provides 4, 8, and 16 Ohm loads.



Hi-Fi+ Issue 185 August 2020

Hi-Fi+ August 2020 High-End Audio Magazine
Hi-Fi+ magazine's August 2020 issue features reviews of the Gershman Acoustic Grand Avant Garde floorstanding loudspeaker, Audiovector R3 Signature floorstanding loudspeaker, Living Voice R25A V2 floorstanding loudspeaker, Triangle Borea BR08 floorstanding loudspeaker, Wilson Audio Tunetot stand-mounted loudspeaker stands, Arcam SA30 streaming integrated amplifier, Aurender A30 caching music server / CD ripper / streamer, Cardas Audio Clear Reflection power cord, Focal Stellia circumaural closed-back headphone, Purist Audio Design Diamon Revision HDMI cable, and True Colours Industries Cobra II / Cobra II SE analogue interconnect cables. There's a fantastic competition to win a Computer Audio Design Ground Control box worth £1695! Another competition allows you possibly win one of four excellent Synergistic Research cables worth up to $699! A special for the next 50 subscribers will receive free Custom Cardas Cable Blocks.

Within this month's editorial, Alan Sircom says, "In the aftershocks of the pandemic, musicians have been sidelined, marginalised and all but forgotten. Yes, there have been arts bailouts and rescue packages, but they have been mostly connected with the larger institutions, halls and venues. If you are a 'jobbing' musician, things have been harder... a lot harder. With a few rare and notable exceptions, the life of a professional musician is not one of boundless financial riches at the best of times and the first six months of 2020 highlights that." See what's within this issue of Hi-Fi+ magazine at this link.



Wells Audio Commander Level II Tube Line Stage Review

World Premiere Review!
Wells Audio Commander Level II Tube Line Stage
I found myself often thinking of Van Morrison's "Cleaning Windows".
Review By Dr. Jules L. Coleman
For much of my life I tried my hand at playing guitar – with little, if any, success. Truth be told, early and often friends and family – several of whom are professional musicians – encouraged me to abandon my efforts. Ultimately, fear of being friendless and homeless carried the day, and my nascent, if not burgeoning, career came to a screeching halt. This tragedy, notwithstanding, my love of music has continued to grow unabated. Like the majority of you, I love listening to music, engaging it, getting to know and appreciate it for its artistry as well the narrative content of the music and where present the lyrics.
---> Read More



08 / 05 / 20

Florida Audio Expo Announces 2021 Cancellation

Florida Audio Expo Announces 2021 Cancellation
This just in from the Florida Audio Expo:
Given the extraordinary times and continued uncertainty, the founders of the Florida Audio Expo, Bart Andeer, Michael Bovaird, John Chait, and Ammar "AJ" Jadusingh, have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 show.

"We sincerely appreciate the exhibitors, consumers, and media that support us," says Bart Andeer, co-founder and operations manager of the Florida Audio Expo. "This decision isn't the outcome we hoped to announce, but in our estimation, is the best option for our event given the information available at this time. We will always put our customers' well being first. We remain vigilant and hope that 2022 will bring new opportunities to come together and celebrate our love for music."

Florida Audio Expo has refunded all deposits collected towards the 2021 event.

Andeer continues, "We continue to enjoy the wonderful memories from this year's show, and encourage everyone to continue to support each other and stay connected. Let music guide be your guide through these troubling times. On behalf of the entire Florida Audio Expo team, we wish you peace, safety, and good health until we meet again."



David Chesky Abreu Danzas Feat. Soprano Larisa Martinez

David Chesky Abreu Danzas Feat. Soprano Larisa Martinez
Coming soon to Chesky Records, a meticulously designed, intense, and streetwise, David Chesky's music proposes a variation on an old musical gambit. Classical composers have long drawn from their national folk music for their work. Chesky's source for The Abreu Danzas is the sound and energy of New York City or, to be precise, a Latin New York City. From it, Chesky constructs cathedrals of sound and movement. He sets up layers of brass, woodwinds, and strings playing lines, rhythms, and counter lines. It's a vital busyness that suggests a walk in the neighborhood, music, and the sounds of life pouring out of open windows. The tempos, the muscular groupings, and the dynamics give the pieces an unapologetic, in-your-face attitude — the Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian rhythms give them an emotional underpinning.

"In classical music, we seem to have adopted the idea that slow, cerebral music is the music of today, but it's absurd because the world moves in rhythm," says David Chesky. "Art has to reflect time and culture, and I'm not living up in Finland in the snow, looking at the stars, twinkling at night. Heck, if I were a writer and wanted to capture New York City in one scene, in one line, the character would be on the subway, and the first line would be 'Get out of my face!'," he barks, before breaking into a laugh. "That's the tension of New York City. There's a certain energy here. It's 'Let's go!' 'C'mon! What are you waiting for?'. And I believe classical music has to have these elements, this urgency, this passion. That's what I'm trying to capture in the rhythms, in the energy of these pieces — because that's where I live."



Guns N' Roses Remastered Greatest Hits Vinyl LP

Guns N' Roses Remastered Greatest Hits Vinyl LP
On September 25, 2020, Guns N' Roses' 2004 multi-platinum best of compilation Greatest Hits on recording label Geffen/UMe will be released on vinyl for the first time. Previously only available digitally and on CD, Greatest Hits will be pressed as a two LP set on 180 gram audiophile black vinyl, a two LP set on silver colored vinyl with red and white splatter, plus a two LP picture disc available exclusively through the band's official store. The vinyl edition of Greatest Hits will also feature the band's single "Shadow of Your Love," which hit No. 5 on the Mainstream Rock chart. Originally recorded in December 1986, "Shadow of Your Love" made its debut on the 2018 box set Appetite For Destruction.


08 / 04 / 20

Mundorf HiFi AMT U.Series Tweeters

Mundorf HiFi AMT U.Series Tweeters
Mundorf's new AMT U. Series of tweeters covers virtually all possible applications in home- and studio-audio. The development engineers were tasked to keeping the design as simple, straightforward, and versatile as possible without compromising the central AMT element - the diaphragm - which determines the tweeter's final sound quality. All AMT diaphragms are manufactured in-house by a unique manufacturing process of their own development. The mixture of Mundorf's basic diaphragm material was optimized with focus on its acoustic properties, and so the manufacturing process was tailored to ensure the very best acoustical result possible with every single diaphragm material mix.

Due to its exceptionally high inner damping, this new series of AMT tweeter is characterized by extremely low distortion data. This applies particularly to the odd-numbered harmonic distortions K3 and K5. Embedded in a well thought out, optimized overall concept, this membrane technology can reproduce high SPLs as well as produce fine dynamic nuances with extremely low distortion. The correct interaction of diaphragm and damping of its rear volume was also carefully ascertained. In addition to aesthetic aspects, a simple structure easy to produce serially with utmost precision, and a robust over-all finish were crucial for the final shape of the new AMT U.Series.



Zylia Showcases Their 360-Degree Audio Capability

Zylia Showcases Their 360-Degree Audio Capability
With the goal of achieving the most human-like sound experience, the technology adopted in Zylia 6DoF VR/AR set allows to record live sounds from multiple 360˚ Ambisonics microphones simultaneously. This allows music creators to capture the whole soundscape during a live event. Then, the sound scene is rendered in a way that you as a participant of such event can choose any possible listening spots around the area. Imagine that you can listen to the real sounds of a symphony orchestra and freely move around within the aural soundscape recorded in a well-known concert halls, or virtually attend a live concert of your favorite band in a navigable way. You get the possibility of moving between musicians on stage or standing in the audience.

Thanks to the rendered -degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) sound you can listen to the recording from different points. Also, when you move, the audio will change naturally and smoothly between these points. Zylia provides a new recording and post-processing solution – Zylia 6DoF VR/AR set. The technology of 6DoF live recorded audio gives the user a possibility to navigate through three-dimensional space freely by rotating or translating their position.



08 / 03 / 20

The Cable Company Summer Against Hunger For CARE

The Cable Company Summer Against Hunger For CARE
This is the 25th year of The Cable Company's Summer fundraiser for CARE. This program has run in the aftermath of recessions, droughts, earthquakes, tsunami's and more - but never something like this. Please take a moment to consider the devastating impact if the virus took hold in the Rohingya camp in Bangladesh, housing close to a million refugees. The good epidemiology news is that most of the poorest areas in the developing world are even more remote than usual due to the global reduction in flights. This isolation has provided CARE's local staff the time needed to pivot ongoing programs to accelerate the focus on hygiene and clean water along with awareness and prevention programs, as well as delivery of sanitation stations, PPE for medical staff, and aid workers.

The Summer Against Hunger fundraiser is, as always, no cost to the audiophile. In fact, some of our best "deals" of the year take place in August. Your purchases of new products from our Sponsoring brands will benefit CARE 1:1. In other words 100% of these purchases - the entire purchase amount - goes to CARE. For the rest of the products they sell, even used products, CARE gets 50% of your purchases. Believe me, it adds up!



NAT Magneto Hybrid 100 Watt Monoblock Amplifier

NAT Magneto Hybrid 100 Watt Monoblock Amplifier
NAT just announced their new Magneto single stage, single-ended hybrid monoblock power amplifier. Pricing is E14,900 per pair, with the SE version that includes silver-OFC Teflon isolated wire for input transformer as well as for the output inductor adds E3900 per pair. NAT's Magneto is based on scientific grade single gold plated FET and single Nuvistor triode tube that operate in pure Class A. Their Magneto is an OTL (output transformer less) and true OCL (output capacitor less) power monoblock amplifier. There are no capacitors on the signal path - only a single input with hand-coiled nano-crystaline core transformer that has a bandwidth of over 1MHz. Magneto is fully compatible with true balanced XLR or unbalanced RCA inputs.

The unit is unique as there is no input, no driver stage, only one single ultra power gold plated FET transistor with one tube (best Nuvistor triode tube type that is said to be immune to external vibration. Together this is a unique device featuring NuFET (Nuvistor-FET) that act as high current 'triode' with very low distortion and excellent behavior. Nuvistor triode tube is connected in special manner between two electrode of the FET act as linearization device to the whole system. Output impedances of 4 and 8 Ohms are supported, with a frequency response from 5Hz to 100kHz. Magneto may drive any load from 2 Ohms to over 16 Ohms as well. 



08 / 01 / 20

High-End Audiophile Review Magazine

Special 25th Anniversary August Review Magazine
Enjoy the Music.com's special 25th Anniversary Review Magazine is now online. This month features a variety of fun and educational videos, with a focus on music. We have articles by leading audiophile music labels, a tour of the GRAMMY Museum, think pieces about music from many highly respected journalists, plus high-end audio gear reviews too! We invite you to discover the many great articles and reviews within Enjoy the Music.com's special 25th Anniversary August Review Magazine.


Welcome To Enjoy the Music.com's Special 25th Anniversary Edition: Part 1

Welcome To Enjoy the Music.com's
Special 25th Anniversary Edition: Part 1
This month's magazine will be followed by a very special Blue Note Award issue in September.
Editorial By Steven R. Rochlin
Wish there was more time within a day. While that might may sound like a weird way to start off an editorial during this site's 25th Anniversary issue, 25 years is a very short period of time. With each passing day, there are times the many ideas that never came to fruition haunt my mind. There are, literally, hundreds of ideas that have come and gone over the past 25 years. This month's Enjoy the Music.com Review Magazine celebrates the first part of our 25th Anniversary celebration. During September we'll bring in Part 2 with a very special Blue Note Awards magazine.
---> Read Steven's special 25th Anniversary editorial.



Music History Meets Experiential AV: Updates To The Grammy Museum Immersive sound and interactive experiences.

Music History Meets Experiential AV:
Updates To The Grammy Museum
Immersive sound and interactive experiences.
Article By Dan Daley
Reprinted from Sound & Communications, April 2020
Music changes. And, because it does, so, too, must the GRAMMY Museum, the Recording Academy's 30,000-square-foot combined gallery, repository and salon on the L.A. Live campus in downtown Los Angeles CA. Opened in December 2008, the venue has undergone periodic updates that reflect the relentless and ever-faster cycle of pop music and the other genres it represents. Its most recent renovation, though, costing $2 million, underscores just how much museum AV — and the larger museum experience — has changed as a result of technology. It's not dissimilar to how music production has mutated and evolved in the digital era.
---> Read more about updates to the Grammy Museum.



Mo-Fi Sounds Great On Your Hi-Fi

Mo-Fi Sounds Great On Your Hi-Fi
Celebrating 35 years of working with many talented engineers, designers, and visionaries.
Article By Shawn R. Britton
Senior Mastering Engineer At Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
Anniversaries are an important thing. Ask the person who forgot their own wedding anniversary. Chances are that they didn't forget it again the following year. Congratulations to Enjoy the Music.com for 25 years of audio enthusiasm! My anniversary at Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab will be this August. I started 35 years ago. "You want to work for a record company?" These two scruffy-looking cats eyed me earnestly. "We need some production guys to make cassettes for us".
---> Read more about Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs.



Reference Recordings: Since 1976, The Best Seat In The House

Reference Recordings
Since 1976, The Best Seat In The House

Always at the forefront of technical advances!
Article By Marcia Martin, Executive Director Of Reference Recordings
Reference Recordings was founded in 1976. Producer John Tamblyn ("Tam") Henderson combined his love and knowledge of music with his quest for "the sound of real musicians making music in real space," molding Reference Recordings into one of the most innovative and respected independent labels in the music business. His productions for RR are widely praised for their dedication to high quality sound in the service of great music.
---> Read more about Reference Recordings.



Blue Coast Records Founder Cookie Marenco What makes recording so special for me is the people. Article By Cookie Marenco , Founder of Blue Coast Records

Tuning Systems, Overtones, And The Physics Of Music
What makes recording so special for me is the people.
Article By Cookie Marenco, Founder of Blue Coast Records
My career as a recording engineer started by accident. I had been teaching classical piano and oboe since I was 14 years old. When I entered college, I wanted to study film composing and jazz — neither of those were offered in colleges back when I was in school. So, with 80 piano students, taking tests to pass the first two years of music (which turned me into a ceramics major), and playing in two improvisation ensembles, I dropped out of school to pursue a career in music.
---> Read more about Blue Coast Records.



Delivering A Glorious Musical Experience A love of music and commitment drives everything we do at Impex. Article By Abey Fonn, Founder Of Impex Records

Delivering A Glorious Musical Experience
A love of music and commitment drives everything we do at Impex.
Article By Abey Fonn, Founder Of Impex Records
In the 200 plus titles that Cisco Music and Impex Records released in the last twenty-five years, I can confidently say all but a dozen-plus were cut using original analog master tapes. Sometimes the recordings are not in great condition, where baking the tapes plus lots of TLC cannot make it usable for mastering. Some reels were not returned to the owner after a re-issue production. Many more were lost to high-profile warehouse fires (a tragedy). The scarcity of original sources is becoming more common in the audiophile industry.
---> Read more about Impex Records.



Mastered By Bob Ludwig An Exploration Of His Career And Techniques

Mastered By Bob Ludwig
An Exploration Of His Career And Techniques
Bob Ludwig is the owner of Gateway Mastering and a 11-time Grammy award winning mastering engineer. Gateway Mastering Studios goal is to produce the very best sounding masters for their clients – both creatively and technically perfect. Their exceptional team accomplishes this by challenging the edge of audio performance while exceeding our customers' expectations with excellent service. As an 8-year-old child in South Salem, New York, Bob Ludwig was so fascinated with his first tape recorder he used to make recordings of whatever was on the radio.
---> Watch the AES video featuring Bob Ludwig.



10 Questions For Manufctuers Featuring Edwin Rynveld, Founder And Technical Director Of Siltech And Crystal Cable

10 Questions For High-End Audio Manufacturers
Featuring Edwin Rynveld, Founder And Technical Director Of Siltech And Crystal Cable
During Enjoy the Music.com's very special 25th Anniversary we're asking various high-end audio manufacturers to answer the same ten questions. Their answers may surprise you! This month we're featuring Edwin Rynveld, Founder and Technical Director of Siltech and Crystal Cable. Unrestricted by conventions and norms, Siltech and Crystal Cable have been a pioneer in championing the importance of cables and connectors within overall sound quality. Over the last three decades, they have has redefined expectations for the highest quality cable technology and the audio performance they can deliver.
---> Read more about Edwin Rynveld of Siltech / Crystal Cable.



10 Questions For High-End Audio Manufacturers Featuring Lukasz Fikus, LampizatOr Owner And Chief Designer

10 Questions For High-End Audio Manufacturers
Featuring Lukasz Fikus, LampizatOr Owner And Chief Designer
During Enjoy the Music.com's very special 25th Anniversary we're asking various high-end audio manufacturers to answer the same ten questions. Their answers may surprise you! This month we're featuring Lukasz Fikus, LampizatOr owner and chief designer. Lukasz Fikus was born in Warszawa, Poland, in 1965. He graduated from Warsaw Polytechnic University - Electrical Engineering; specialty power distribution, and a major in High Voltage Physics.
---> Read more about Lukasz Fikus, LampizatOr Owner And Chief Designer.


Music Makes Me Feel Something Why music feels so important during 2020.

Music Makes Me Feel Something
Why music feels so important during 2020.
Article By Rick Jensen
Addressing the question of what music means to me is a daunting task. I would prefer to respond with signifiers of the ineffable – smiles, grunts, whistles, slack jaws, and the like. Yet not long before Enjoy the Music.com's Creative Director Steven R. Rochlin asked us to write about the question, it had occurred to me as well. Like so many other facets of our life since the advent of the pandemic, music has been illuminated in a very different light. Not better or worse, but different: in some ways its "meaning" or its place in my life shines more brightly, and in others it reveals less.
---> Read more about how music makes Tom Lyle feel. 



Being A Professional Musician Music has a way of perpetually re-inventing itself. Article By Dr. Michael R. Bump

Being A Professional Musician
Music has a way of perpetually re-inventing itself.
Article By Dr. Michael R. Bump
Sure, I love being a professional musician. However, I didn't always see it as a career. In fact in college, I took the long-version undergraduate plan of over six years trying every other degree option that friends and family insisted were more practical (lucrative) paths. It was only after my grandfather had asked me simply, yet most profoundly, during a holiday visit what I'd been up to in college. After my ten-minute animated discourse describing all-things music and not one thing business (I was a "Marketing" major at the time), he slapped me upside my head to say, "Don't wake up at 65 regretting your career choice.
---> Read more about being a professional musician. 



Emiko: Not Your Typical Audiophile

Emiko: Not Your Typical Audiophile
Emiko shares her love of music and a desire to connect with others.
Article By Emiko
Today is July 4th, 2020 – the day America celebrates her independence. While the cultural traditions of parades, barbeques, and fireworks may be paused at present, two things that are very much in regular rotation right now are music and human connection (albeit connections in specific numbers as deemed healthy by experts). This got me thinking. As a regular participant on audiophile boards and groups (being a long time audiophile myself), more and more posts have been popping up about how music is creating peace, sanity, and even a change of pace within the home.
---> Read more about Emiko not being your typical audiophile.



Audio Research Reference 160M Monoblock Amplifier Review

Audio Research Reference 160M Amplifier
Another home run from Minnesota!
Review By Rufus Smith
I was reintroduced to Audio Research around two years ago when I had the opportunity to review the outstanding LS28 / VT80 combination for Enjoy the Music.com. In the past, I have found Audio Research's amplifiers to be very analytical but somewhat sterile sounding. The ARC LS28 / VT80 still had all of the traditional ARC sounds, but they now had developed some of the classic euphonic conrad-johnson sounds. For me, this combination was heaven on earth. It was the best of both worlds. I ended up buying the combination and have used it as part of my reference system for the last three years.
---> Read our review of the Audio Research Reference 160M amplifier.



AGD Andante Preamplifier And Vivace Monoblocks Review

AGD Andante Preamplifier & Vivace Monoblocks
AGD's Andante and Vivace will transport you to the musical venue.
Review By Rick Becker
It is always an honor when a manufacturer asks me to review their product. It is, after all, their 'baby'. They have poured their heart and soul into it. And often times, the smaller the company, the more heart and soul is to be found within. Such was the case with the AGD The Audion monoblocks to which I not only gave a very positive review, but also bought as my new reference. The Gallium Nitride Power MOSFETS in this Class D power amp were not only acoustically outstanding, but the visual design of these diminutive monoblocks also spoke to the tube-lover within me.
---> Read our review of the AGD Andante Preamplifier And Vivace monoblocks.



PureAudioProject Quintet 10 Open-Baffel Loudspeaker Review

PureAudioProject's Quintet 10 Open-Baffle Loudspeaker
Look ma, no boxes! I spent 100 days and nights with PureAudioProject's Quintet 10 open-baffle speakers — and found that they are sonic shape-shifters of the highest order.
Review By Rogier van Bakel
"Audiophile" and "oenophile" don't just sound similar. The words have this in common too: they describe a world where subjective judgments of quality must rule without a chance of different opinions being resolved. After all, no one can make valid generalizations about what the ideal power amplifier or the perfect pair of speakers sound like — any more than a wine lover can claim with universal authority that a bottle of 1979 La Mission Haut Brion is better than a 1988 Château Léoville Barton, or vice versa.
---> Read our review of the PureAudioProject Quintet 10 speaker.



Nordost Valhalla 2 USB 2.0 Cable Review Plus a quick test of Nordost's Heimdall 2 Ethernet Review

Nordost Valhalla 2 USB 2.0 Cable Review
Plus a quick test of Nordost's Heimdall 2 Ethernet cable.
Review By Phil Gold
I've had little use of high-end digital cables until quite recently. A long string of CD Players from Denon, Meridian and several from EMM Labs were all one box affairs – put a silver disc in slot A, take analog balanced output at the other end. When I ultimately moved to an outboard DAC, the EMM Labs DV2, I used the proprietary EMM OptiLink glass cable which provides galvanic isolation (electrical independence) from the source, as does its USB input. But I was so impressed with the exaSound Delta Server I reviewed recently that I bought one for myself.
---> Read our review of the Nordost Valhalla 2 USB 2.0 cables.



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