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What's In My System Now
and What Has Been Heard...

Ren & Stimpy!

  After receiving and answering many of your humble requests i have decided to put up a list of the equipment that is here now and those that have been auditioned over time. Some of which reviews might be forthcoming, others are here on a more permanent basis. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail them to me. Inclusion or exclusion from the below lists neither strictly endorses nor disapproves of the product. Please keep in mind that what "works" for me might not work for you. We all have our own preferences in life. In the end what really matters to me is that you...

Enjoy the Music!

First, the most important parts of my music reproduction system:

Thousands of recordings on vinyl,
master tape, and various digital disc formats.


What is here now:

Front-End Gear:

Art Audio Vinyl Reference MM/MC Preamplifier
Assemblage DAC-2 (heavily modified)
Audio Alchemy DDS-III (heavily modified)
Audio Note AN-2/s-V silver wired tone arm
Clearaudio Ambient Turntable, Satisfy CF Tonearm, and Stradivari Cartridge
Clearaudio Insider Gold Reference (wood body)
Oracle Delphi MK V Turntable With Oracle-SME 345 Tonearm
My personal digital audio workstation system (DAW)
Various turntables/cartridges in for future review
Various digital gear in for review
Voyd Turntable



conrad-johnson Premier 17LS pre-amplifier
DACT stepped attenuator
Lehmann Audio Black Cube phono stage



Emmeline By Ray Samuels Audio SR-71 Headphone
Wavelength Audio Cardinal X1
Other amplifiers here for review.


Integrated Amplifiers:

Almarro A318A
Silbatone Ji-300MKII Tube
Synthesis Naf Nimis



Audioengine 5 Powered Monitors
Audio Note AN-E/Lexus
Audio Note AN-J/SPx 
Duevel Bella Luna
KEF 104/2
Linn Sizmik 10.25 subwoofer
Reference 3A MM De Capo-1


Signal Processors:

Computer-based audio/video mastering system



75 ohm digital cabling of my own design
Audio Note AN-Vx silver wired interconnect

Kimber Kable KS-1030 interconnect
Kimber Kable KS-3035 loudspeaker

Monster Cable Sigma Bi-Wire loudspeaker
Nirvana Audio S-L loudspeaker and power
Nirvana Audio S-X Ltd. interconnect and loudspeaker

Many others though the above are generally my mainstay



Ikea Lack



Bicycle intertubes
Caig ProGold/MCL/R5/etc.
Ensemble Tubesox-TI
Final Laboratory Daruma-3II
Golden Sound Cones
Novus Cleaner
Various room acoustic "tuning" devices
Various items from Symposium
Other chachkies and gadgets



Dedicated power
Dedicated grounding scheme
Furman Sound IT-Reference
Levitron Industrial Grade isolated ground outlets
Wattagate 380 electrical outlets
other chachkies and gadgets



What has been auditioned:

Front-End Gear:

Adcom GDA600
Various Audio Alchemy
Art Audio DI/O

Audio Note AN-S6c silver wired step-up transformer
Audio Note DAC 5 Special
Audio Note Kit 1.2 DAC
Audio Note Cartridge (Various)
Various Krell
Linn LP12 in various renditions
Pentagon CD-70
Various Pioneer
Ray Samuels Audio Emmeline XR-10B MM/MC Phonostage
Various Sony
Various Sota turntables
Theta Data II transport w/ single-mode laser option
Theta Generation III balanced w/ single-mode laser option

Threshold DAC model number ???
and others



Various Adcom
Various Acurus
Audio Note M2 phono silver wired
Final Laboratory Music 4 phono stage
Final Laboratory Music 5 pre-amplifier
Various Krell
Legend Audio Preamplifier
Various Levinson
Loth-X's Silbatone C-102 Pre-Amplifier
Manley Labs Steelhead
Various NAD
Pass Aleph P
Threshold FET10/e
and others



Various Acurus
Adcom 535 and 545 and 555
Airtight ATM-1
Art Audio Diavolo
Art Audio Symphony

Bryston 7B ST monoblock amplifiers
Various Cary
Consonance Cyber 211 Monoblock
Final Laboratory Music 6 Power Amplifier
Kore-eda Model 2658B
Legend Audio KT90 based amplifier
Various NAD
Pass Aleph 0
Sakura Systems / 47 Labs Gaincard
VTL 225 (KT90 triode strapped)
Various Threshold
Wavelength Audio Mercury Monoblocks
and others


Integrated Amplifiers:

47 Labs Gaincard
Audio Note Ongaku
Audio Note Meishu
Conrad-Johnson CAV50
Loth-X's Silbatone JI-300B
Manley Labs Stingray
Various NAD
Various Pioneer
Unison Research Simply Two
SAP KT66-Based New Anniversary
Skorpion HV-1 Stereo Headphone OTL
Sophia Electric Baby
VAC Avatar
Various Yamaha receivers
and others



Aliante One Loudspeaker
Various Apogee Acoustic
Avantgarde Acoustic Uno and Duo Horn speakers
Dad's old Wharfdales
Earthworks Sigma 6.2
Galante Audio Buckingham
Galante Audio Rhapsody
Gallo Acoustics Nucleus Micro
Genesis Technology APM-1
Various Infinity
Various KEF
Legend Audio The Legend
Linn Katan
Magnapan 3.6
M+K MX 2000 subwoofer
Reference 3A MM De Capo
Royal Reference 3A minimonitors
Sennheiser HD600
Tannoy 1969 12" dual-concentric Gold Monitors
and others


Signal Processors:

Cello Palette
Z-Systems Audio Laboratories rdp-1 digital equalizer
and others



Audio Note AN-Vz silver interconnect
Various Audioquest
Legend Audio wire
Various Nirvana
Stefan AudioArt Equinox
Various Straightwaire
Various Wireworld
and others



Various Audio Wedge
Various Van Evers
Furman Sound IT-1220
Various Tice
Various electrical outlets and schemes
and others













































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