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01 / 31 / 15

Revolutionary New KORG And Noritake 6P1 Nutube
Revolutionary New KORG And Noritake 6P1 NutubeKORG Incorporated and Noritake Itron Corporation have just announced the successful development of the "ground breaking technology, Nutube, a new miniaturized and high performance tube called the 6P1. In cooperation with Noritake Itron Corporation, KORG has developed the Nutube to offer incredible reliability and efficiency while still generating the same rich harmonics which vacuum tubes are known for". KORG has used vacuum tubes for many years in products such as VOX-branded guitar amps and effect units, KORG-branded dance/DJ products such as the electribe MX/SX and keyboards such as the SV-1. Vacuum tubes have played a major role in shaping the sound of VOX and KORG products, and have been a crucial element in their distinctive character. As with previous vacuum tubes, this newly-developed Nutube is structured with an anode, grid, and filament, and operates as a complete triode tube. It is said this new development will "generate the same rich harmonics that are distinctive of conventional vacuum tubes. By applying technology from Noritake Co., Limited's vacuum fluorescent displays, the structure of the vacuum tube has been modified, dramatically reducing its size and allowing it to consume less power". Production is being carried out at the Japanese production facility of Noritake Itron. Miniaturization dramatically reduces power consumption, allowing the Nutube to operate using less than 2% of power required by conventional vacuum tubes and making it easy to power the unit on batteries. It is also very compact, occupying less than 30% of the volume of a conventional vacuum tube. Its small size and low thermal output allows it to be easily mounted directly on a high-density circuit board without using a socket High reliability and long life. Nutubes are built to provide up to 30,000 hours of continuous operating life. 


Enjoy the Music.com And Enjoy the Music.TV 2015 Show Report Schedule
Enjoy the Music.com And Enjoy the Music.TV 2015 Show Report Schedule
Seen below is a listing of Enjoy the Music.com's and Enjoy the Music.TV's planned 2015 show coverage, as our CES 2015 show report is now complete. We may be adding more show coverage during 2015, yet we feel the below is a good basic starting point. Of note is that we are official media partners with all shows below except the HIGH END event in Munich. We will be live streaming at all shows except the Munich event, where we might live stream during part of the show depending on our ability to access high bandwidth with low latency. As such, if you are a manufacture/distributor/etc, please verify you are a member of our eNewsletter by clicking here to receive details on how to ensure your room is scheduled during our live video broadcast. If you are a show promoter and desire coverage from Enjoy the Music.com and Enjoy the Music.TV please e-mail us by clicking here.

April 24th to 26th, 2015
AXPONA 2015 Show Report
Westin O'Hare
Rosemont, Illinois 
Live stream / netcast via our TV studio at the event.
Add this event to your calendar.


May 14th to 17th, 2015
HIGH END 2015 Show Report
MOC Munich-Germany
Photo coverage and perhaps some live streaming.
Add this event to your calendar.


May 29th to 31st, 2015
T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2015 Report
The Hotel Irvine
Newport Beach, California
Live stream / netcast via our TV studio at the event and photo coverage.
Add this event to your calendar.


August 14th to 16th, 2015
California Audio Show 2015 Report
Westin Hotel
Millbrae, California
Live stream / netcast via our TV studio at the event.
Add this event to your calendar.


October 2nd to 4th, 2015
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2015 (RMAF 2015 Show Report)
Marriott Tech Center Hotel
Denver, Colorado
Live stream / netcast via our TV studio at the event and photo coverage.
Add this event to your calendar.


01 / 30 / 15

Jay Z Buys Aspiro, Owners Of Online Music Services WiMP And TIDAL
Jay X Buys Aspiro, Owners Of Online Music Services WiMP And TIDALAccording to the Business Insider and the Financial Times, it is a done deal as rapper Jay Z is buying Aspiro, the Swedish company who owns online music services WiMP and TIDAL, for $56 million. Whilst WiMP is massively popular in Scandinavian countries, TIDAL is starting to get a foothold as they deliver high resolution streaming music services in the USA and UK. Wimp provides over 25,000,000 songs and 75,000 music videos to over 500,000 subscribers in Denmark, Germany, Norway, Poland and Sweden. Jay Z's company, Project Panther Bidco, will be acquiring Aspiro as their main shareholder has accepted Jay Z's deal. A statement from Jay Z about the acquisition offer is as follows, "Panther believes that the recent developments in the entertainment industry, with the migration to music and media streaming, offers great potential for increased entertainment consumption and an opportunity for artists to further promote their music. Panther's strategic ambition revolves around global expansion and up-scaling of Aspiro’s platform, technology and services."


Sonic Santori: RAL KEB02iP Battery-Powered Headphone Amplifier / DAC Review
CES 2015 Show Report By Michael Mercer
Gear and Roaming In Las Vegas
Just a backpack and headphone rigs 'n' bit o' fun!


01 / 29 / 15

Exclusive Tour: Singapore!
An Audiophile On Vacation...
Singapore's stereo shops serve up serious sounds.
Article By Steven R. Rochlin


01 / 28 / 15

Enjoy the Music.com Adds Google+ As Part Of A Holistic Expansion Plan
Enjoy the Music.TVWith all due apologies if this sounds like bragging, yet there is no doubt Enjoy the Music.com is the industry's leading tech-savvy high-end audio online magazine. We are always pushing the technological limits to deliver to you, our loyal readers, the most up-to-the-minute (including live IRT) information. We want you to be amongst the very first to know about new gear within our live video streams during events, our site's daily industry news, and know about all the great companies from around the world. For we have always known this is a Word Wide Web and not just limited to a single country or two. Our massive e-Newsletter list has grown over the years and as a benefit you are also entered into all our great contests where, in total, we have offered over $250,000 in prizes! We now invite you to expand with us via our social networks as Enjoy the Music.com's adds Google+! This joins our longstanding Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest social media pages. We also have many videos within our YouTube channel and of course an excellent RSS feed to keep you informed on a daily basis. For those who use the Windows platform we have the industry's only customized web browser. We are truly humbled to be the only site chosen to be partners with excellent and dedicated industry magazines including The Absolute Sound, CANADA HiFi, Hi-Fi+, Hi-Fi Media, Hi-Fi World, HIFICRITIC, plus vintage magazines Sound Practices and VALVE. Enjoy the Music.TV adds Internet partners Audio360.org, Dagogo, High-Fidelity, Mono & Stereo, Part-Time Audiophile, and Positive Feedback Online. We look forward to featuring many magazine editors and writers from these publications within our live show coverage. During 2015 we are official media partners and will be live streaming at AXPONA, The California Audio Show, T.H.E. Show Newport and the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. If you can not attend one of these events, you can take part with live chat and dedicated Twitter feed for each show. Everyone here at Enjoy the Music.com continues to ensure we provide the latest technologies to bring you the very best information the hi-res audio equipment and music industry has to offer. We truly and humbly thank everyone for your kind and generous support, as without you none of this would be possible. Come celebrate with us as 2015 will be a landmark year plus we will highlight our 20th anniversary beginning in July. Except big things as we pioneer forward so that others can follow us into modernizing their platform for the next generation of audiophile and music lover. A most humble thanks to everyone for your kind and generous support, as we truly do appreciate it. As always, in the end what really matters is that you...  enjoy the music!


01 / 27 / 15

An important and enjoyable collection of chamber music treasures from American composers.
Review By Max Westler

Kaufmann croons in tribute to tenor stars of 1920's to 1930's Berlin stage and screen.
Review by Joe Milicia


Astell&Kern AK240SS Uses Stainless Steel Body For Improved Performance
Astell&Kern AK240SS Uses Stainless Steel Body For Improved PerformanceAstell&Kern will soon be offering a stainless steel version, of their critically acclaimed AK240. Called the AK240SS ($2999), this new stainless steel version employs a completely new stainless steel body that has the hardness and tensile strength greater than aluminum. The Astell&Kern AK240SS is a personal media player that handles digital audio files from standard MP3 all the way up to high resolution 24-bit/192kHz and DSD. The headphone output may be used with standard 18" stereo jack headphones or the higher quality balanced variety. Astell&Kern's new pure stainless steel body section encompasses the entire unit's main body as ground points, which is said to bring improved sonic changes from the standard AK240. The results being "Clearer and more focused sound never experienced from the AK240" says the company. The AK240SS has a genuine glass back plate and comes with a new French leather case. You can read Enjoy the Music.com's review of the 2014 Blue Note award earning Astell&Kern AK240 by clicking here.


Sonos Software Update 3.5
Sonos Software Update 3.5Sonos software update 5.3 for Apple iOS brings simpler room control and faster access to all your music in the Sonos app for smartphones and tablets, with Android users having the ability to try it in beta. As Sonos has updated their software, improvements have been met with some challenges for users. According to Sonos, "It became more difficult to move music between rooms, the Sonos app for tablets did not make good use of the screen size, and some of the smaller features you loved in the previous app were not available (e.g. the track progression bar). Today we're introducing our next update, which is intended to make things better." Improvements with the Sonos 3.5 software include a faster way to manage all the rooms in your home. Users can easily move music around their home with a more accessible rooms menu, now available by tapping the top of any screen in the Sonos app. Improvements to the tablet app include new dedicated screens for what's playing and music discovery on iOS and Android tablets makes toggling between screens more intuitive. Quickly switching between screens means via your phone you may swipe down from the now playing screen to go back to browse your music. Then swipe from left to right to show all your music sources. If you desire hearing that verse again and the track progression bar is back in your now playing screen you can drag it to whatever point in the song you want to play. There is now an easier to mix it up with Crossfade, so you that blending music tracks is simple from within the info menu. Crossfade is now more prominently placed alongside the sleep timer. Enjoy the Music.com reviewed the Sonos multi-room music system at this link.


01 / 26 / 15

Vapor Audio Derecho Floorstanding Loudspeaker Review
World Premiere Review!
Vapor Audio Derecho Floorstanding Loudspeaker
An impressive speaker by Vapor Audio.
Review By Rick LaFaver

World Premiere Review!

Atma-Sphere Music Systems Ultraviolet Preamplifier
Let the music escape the bondage of your listening room.
Review By Ron Nagle


01 / 25 / 15

Benedict Audio HotHead JFET MM And MC Phonostages Review
World Premiere Review!
Benedict Audio HotHead JFET MM And MC Phonostages
More than a chip off the old phonostage block.
Review By Clive Meakins


The Aging Audiophile... A tale of sorrow and redemption (sort of).
The Aging Audiophile... A tale of sorrow and redemption (sort of).
Article by Dr. Sardonicus. Cartoons by Dan Zimmerman & Bruce Walker


AudioValve Luminare Stereo OTL Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier / Preamplifier
AudioValve Luminare Stereo OTL Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier / PreamplifierAudioValve is now shipping their Luminare stereo vacuum tube headphone amplifier (€2950). "The basis for such a project" says designer Helmut Becker "is the OTL circuit of the RKV, which is downright awesome. First, they had already claimed stable over decades in the market and had characteristics that should prove to be just right for the Luminare... Everything else on this project was for me then just 'routine'. A new circuit board to develop, expand the circuit according to the light of all electro -- physical principles and my over 45 years of experience on this topic." The output impedance at Luminare with negative feedback (closed loop) is based on the principle of negative feedback of the open loop gain (133dB) of the amplifier. However, since there is a closed loop, the amplifier tries to keep active voltage at the output and continuously 'compares' its actual value (feedback) to the desired value (signal) and continuously readjusts accordingly through the signal's entire range. Features of the AudioValuve Luminare includes a special headphone protector, auto gain switch for Stax headphones, two switchable inputs with one being balanced XLR and the other unbalanced RCA, an RCA preamplifier output, two Neutrik combo jacks (6.3mm + XLR), a Neutrik 4-pin headphone jack, a Stax Teflon female connector, volume control via ALPS potentiometer and special input selector switch. Frequency response is from 12 Hz to 150 Hz in OTL mode with 3.5 Watts of output. Tube compliment is four PCL 805 operated in OTL mode. There are three gain modes and they are Red low Impedance signal on all black headphone jacks 16.5dB / and STAX connector 32dB + 6dB that is galvanic coupled sym. balanced complementary output STAX connector signal for all normal headphone types. Blue mode for OTL and 32dB of gain, and Yellow mode for Stax only and 50dB of gain, which is galvanic coupled to the balanced step-up transformer.


Free 192kHz/24-bit Music From Steven R. Rochlin
Enjoy the Music.com and Enjoy the Music.TV, in concert with percussionist/drummer Steven R. Rochlin, are giving away the 'master tape' of his Bonus Track from the album THTST. WARNING: The dynamics are huge! This is the never-before-released raw recording/file so the first 25 seconds is 'dead air' as Steven R. Rochlin had to press record button on the Tascam and then get behind the drum/percussion setup. The music begins with quietly played tuned percussion, which eventually builds as more percussion instruments join in. Finally, the drums enter slowly as to 'warn' you of the impending loud finale section. Please be very careful with the volume of your audio system as the dynamic range is uncompressed and we are recording a very large set of drums/percussion. This recording is as pure as it gets in 192kHz/24-bit. Again, this is literally the raw audio as captured by an incredibly closely matched pair of Earthwork M30BX microphones (+/-0dB through the normal audio range and at over 20kHz they are 'off' by only 0.25dB!). From the microphones, the signal went through Cardas Audio 2 x 24 M XLR cables (8 foot pair) and finally to the Tascam HD-P2 192kHz/24-bit Compact Flash memory recorder. All electrical power was 100% from batteries and the only moving part within the entire signal chain are each of the microphone's pick-up device. NOTE: Any damage to your audio system is your own responsibility. Please don't take this warning lightly as drums can reach high SPL/volume levels. For more details about this track/album please see this link. You can download the free track and cover art at this link.


01 / 24 / 15

Enjoy the Music.com Contest
Get The Gift Of Music By Winning Four Albums From Audio Fidelity!
Enjoy the Music.com High-End Audio Contests

Get The Gift Of Music This Holiday Season Win Four Albums From Audio FidelityEnjoy the Music.com and Audio Fidelity are giving away four music titles to one lucky contest winner! Audio Fidelity is an online store that offers their own 24K+ digital music discs and vinyl records. Their 24K+ compact discs are carefully produced to offer high fidelity sound quality. The discs are offered in deluxe packaging with see-through slip cases. They only use the original vintage mixes played back on a specially constructed mastering deck. World renown mastering engineers Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray use their 30 years of expertise to create the best sounding versions of the music ever released. When they are satisfied with the end result, the final digital master is shipped directly to the manufacturing plant for etching in "real time" onto the glass surface by laser. The end result of this unique mastering process is a compact disc with the warm sound of the original analog master tape combined with a genuine 24 karat gold surface free of any type of physical defect making our 24K Gold CD series truly one of a kind. To learn more and enter for your chance to win click here.


Skoffin' Up Food For Thought The Experts Say... Roger Skoff gives his expert opinion on experts. Article By Roger Skoff
Skoffin' Up Food For Thought
The Experts Say... Roger Skoff gives his expert opinion on experts.
Article By Roger Skoff

Quest For Sound Quality If you feel home audio is challenging... try car audio! Article By Mike Mineo
Quest For Sound Quality
If you feel home audio is challenging... try car audio!
Article By Mike Mineo


01 / 23 / 15

Hi-Fi World March 2015 Issue Is Now Available Online
Hi-Fi World March 2015 Issue Is Now Available OnlineHi-Fi World magazine's March 2015 edition is now available online. Reviews include Paul Rigby rounding up the latest audiophile CD releases, Magneplanar 3.7I, Audio Pro T10 Add-On, Melco N1A, Icon Audio Monoblock MB81, Oppo HA-1, Onkyo HA200,Creek Evolution 100A, JBL Synchros S700, Philips Fidelio x2 and many more. Within his editorial, Noel Keywood says "What is it that we find so intriguing about products like that in our lead review this month, Icon Audio's industrially dimensioned MB81 valve amplifier? I have always loved the look of big valve amps, but then I would wouldn't I – to paraphrase a certain infamous lady. Not everyone is turned on by power stations – or so I thought. But nowadays they are it seems, after seeing reaction to these monsters in our office. That hi-fi products should manage to return to a time where form simply but eye catchingly followed function, as in the Garrard 401 or MkI Land Rover say, is an interesting possibility. There may be more behind the slow emergence of fantastic valve amplifiers like the MB81 from Icon Audio, that you can read about in our review on page 10. We will, I am sure, be seeing more big tube amps like this." See this issue of Hi-Fi World at this link.


Rush R40 LIVE Tour May Be Their Last Of This Magnitude
Rush R40 LIVE TourCelebrating 40 years and more than 40 million records sold worldwide, Rush confirmed that the R40 LIVE tour may be their last of its kind for the band as they will visit 34 cities throughout North America this summer beginning May 8. These not to be missed concerts will highlight an outstanding four decades of the band's music. Tickets for the RUSH: R40 LIVE tour will go on sale starting January 30th in select markets at Ticketmaster.com and LiveNation.com. Over the course of their incredible career, Rush has lived a lifetime together, providing an influential soundtrack to many of their fans' lives. Some have been with them since the start, while others have discovered them along the way and delved into their incredible body of work. After 40 years together and 20 gold and platinum studio albums – Rush is ready to celebrate with the most loyal fans in the world by embarking on their 21st tour, one which will most likely be their last major tour of this magnitude. Celebrate four decades of music with three incredible musicians – all in 1 night. Rush's vast catalogue includes such classics as 1974's self-titled debut, 1976's 2112, 1981's Moving Pictures that brought them to mainstream popular music fame with songs including "Tom Sawyer" and "Red Barchetta", 1996's Test For Echo, and 2002's Vapor Trails. Rush released their 20th studio album, Clockwork Angels in 2012 via Anthem / Roadrunner Records. The critically acclaimed collection marked their first studio recording since 2007's Snakes & Arrows, and debuted at #1 in Canada and #2 on the Billboard 200 matching the highest chart debut of the band's career. Known for their energetic live shows, the most recent Rush release was the R40 collector's boxset including live footage spanning all four decades of the trio's career, including over two hours of unreleased material and a rare performance of the seven-part version of "2112" packaged in an impressive 52-page hardcover book. Rush have been recognized with eight Juno Awards, seven Grammy nominations, including one for the acclaimed documentary Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage that also won the Audience Award at the Tribeca Film Festival. The band members were inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1994, made Officers of the Order of Canada in 1996 and inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2010. They have received a star on both Canada's Walk of Fame (1999) and Hollywood Walk of Fame (2010). In 2012, Rush were bestowed with the highest artistic honor in Canada when receiving the Governor General's Performing Arts Award. To the elation of their fans, Rush were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013. Dave Grohl said within their momentous induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, "Rush built their following the right way. No hype, no bullshit, they did it from the ground up. Their legacy is incredible and their influence undeniable." Editor and Creative Director of Enjoy the Music.com, Steven R. Rochlin, says "Rush influenced me as a teen starting with Hemispheres and A Farewell To Kings, rocked my world as a drummer/percussionist with Moving Pictures and inspired me to augment my acoustic drumset with a full Simmons electronic kit with Rush's album Grace Under Pressure. It is more than the brilliant lyrics by drummer/percussionist Neal Peart, the relentless guitar licks by Alex Lifeson and the incredible diversity of vocalist/bassist/keyboardist Geddy Lee. It was Rush's ease of performing a variety of music and odd time signatures all melded together within truly inspiring messages and soundscapes. The world is a far better place because of the fearless musical techniques performed to perfection by Rush. Their songs have brought immense joy within my life and continues to inspire me each time i enjoy their music."


01 / 22 / 15

February's The Absolute Sound Is Now Online
The Absolute Sound February 2015Enjoy the Music.com has just posted the February 2015 edition of The Absolute Sound. This issue features Remembering Harry Pearson as they celebrate the legacy of TAS founder Harry Pearson with a remembrance by Tom Martin, Neil Gader heartfelt look back on their more than 40-year relationship, tributes by readers and the industry on what Harry and TAS meant to them, and another look at HP iconic Super LP List. This issue also has extensive coverage of The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest as TAS brings you full coverage from the Denver hi-fi extravaganza. Equipment reviews include the Lehmannaudio Decade phonostage, Infinity Primus 360 loudspeakers, Magnepan MG .7 loudspeaker, Micromega MyAmp integrated amplifier/DAC, B&W CM6 S2 loudspeakers, Coincident Dynamo 34SE SET integrated amplifier, Balanced Audio Technology Rex II preamplifier and Rex II power amplifiers plus many more. TAS' February editorial by Robert Harley says "The death of The Absolute Sound (TAS) Founder Harry Pearson on November 4 was a shock. Although Harry had been ill for several months, the finality of his passing came as a blow to me and the entire staff of The Absolute Sound. In case you missed it, Jonathan Valin's moving tribute to Harry in the previous issue is essential reading." See the complete table of contents and editorial of the February 2015 issue of TAS by clicking here.


TIDAL Now Available In Five New Countries
TIDAL Now Available In Five New CountriesTIDAL, a high fidelity lossless music streaming service with HD music videos and curated editorial, has announced their service has now expanded to more countries. TIDAL's availability has entered five new European countries including Ireland, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. It has been available in the US and Canada for a monthly subscription of 19.99. TIDAL is a great online streaming music service for those who desire enjoying their extensive library of 25 million-plus tracks, 75,000 music videos, curated editorial articles, features and interviews written by experts. The advertisement-free service is available for €19.99 per month in these new countries. TIDAL has spent considerable time building up its extensive catalogue of lossless high fidelity music and HD music videos. With distribution agreements signed with all of the major labels and many independents, TIDAL offers a comprehensive catalogue that includes a wide range of genres to suit all musical tastes. Available across iOS, Android, network players, and PC/Macs, TIDAL offers lossless sound quality, the way it was intended by the artists. Streaming at more than four times the bit rate of competitive online streaming music services, users are able to enjoy TIDAL on a wide range of the world's finest home and portable audio products. Partnership and integration agreements have already been made with 35 of the world's most respected audio brands including Anthem, Airable by Tune In Media, Astell &Kern, Audeze, Audiovector, AudioQuest, Auralic, Aurender, Bel Canto, Bluesound & NAD, Dan D'Agostino, Definitive Technology, Denon HEOS, DTS Play-Fi, Dynaudio, Electrocompaniet, Harman Omni, HiFiAkademie, ickStream, JH Audio, Linn, McIntosh, Meridian, MartinLogan, Paradigm, Polk, Pro-ject, PS Audio, Raumfeld, Simple Audio, Sonos, Steinway Lyngdorf, Wadia, Wren Sound Systems with more to come. "All these markets, as the rest of the world, are seeing a strong increase in music streaming subscription, as well as a high interest for high quality audio," said TIDAL CEO Andy Chen. "With TIDAL on mobile, computers or home audio products from the likes of Sonos, Denon, Bluesound and Linn, it's now time to finally enjoy a true high fidelity service with lossless sound quality, HD music videos and curated editorial. We have also already seen substantial interest from these markets signing up to our waiting list – with Netherlands as the front runner, and we are very excited to open up to five new markets today."


The Chester Group's Montreal Audio Show 2015
Montreal Audio Show 2015The Chester Group's Montreal Audio Show 2015 is being held from March 27th through 29th at the Hilton Bonaventure Hotel. Chester Group shows are designed and developed to be places of entertainment that provide visitors with the environment to enjoy and excite while considering their purchasing options - "Sample the real deal before you buy". The event allows exhibitors to reach potential buyers with a discerning ear who relish top quality audio however they choose to enjoy it. Demonstrations of gear will be held in front of a diverse and quality audience plus provide an inviting environment for the highest quality presentations and listening experience. The Montreal Audio Show is open to the public and industry alike. The Chester Groups says that "As organizers, we're not in the business of shows for show's sake; our goal is the long-term survival and growth of this unique and prestigious market, that needs fresh, high quality and direct exposure." The Montreal Audio Show's 2014 visitors statistics are as follows:

17% of visitors were women
3.5% of visitors were under 18
35% of visitors were aged between 18 through 35
41% of visitors were 50+
20% of overall ticket sales were for two days
50% of new footfall came from Social Media
75% of overall attendance responded to media outside the specialized press
95% of visitors resided in or around Montreal


01 / 21 / 15

RAL KEB02iP Battery-Powered Headphone Amplifier / DAC
World Premiere Review!

RAL KEB02iP Battery-Powered Headphone Amplifier / DAC
At 350 bucks this thing is a steal!
Review By Michael Mercer


John Coltrane Quintet Featuring Eric Dolphy So Many Things: The European Tour 1961
John Coltrane Quintet featuring Eric Dolphy So Many Things: The European Tour 1961 four-disc set The John Coltrane Quintet featuring Eric Dolphy So Many Things: The European Tour 1961 four-disc set to be released March 10th. Indeed, the music Coltrane made on this trip took audiences to the very cutting edge, leaving many questions unanswered, even for the saxophonists most ardent fans. For some he had taken the fundamentals of modern jazz to breaking point, thrusting it into "the realms of higher mathematics", as one bewildered journalist put it. To others, Coltrane may be the voice of progress; bravely reasserting the exploratory nature of jazz and daring to push his core repertoire through a process of continual reinvention. Coltrane took himself, his fellow players, and those who flocked to hear him on an impassioned journey of discovery night after night. Coltrane's performances were now akin to opening Pandora's Box. "There are all sorts of moods involved", wrote one partisan jazz writer of the tenorists playing during the tour: "deep power... warmth... gracefulness... so many things." The impact of Coltrane and his regular quartet sidemen - pianist McCoy Tyner, bassist Reggie Workman and drummer Elvin Jones - was made doubly controversial by the leader's last-minute decision to add the formidable multi-instrumentalist Eric Dolphy, a musician who Coltrane regarded as a true kindred spirit but whose introduction the European audiences was to prove equally divisive. Playing over 30 concert appearances in under three weeks, the band criss-crossed the continent from France to Finland, taking its message to far larger crowds than could be squeezed into its club sets back in the US. These recordings have since acquired almost legendary status and have previously only been available in sporadic fashion, but for the first time ever, this new release collates tapes made by the quintet in Paris, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Stockholm, creating a truly sundering anthology of this short-lived band at its peak. Newly remastered for optimum sound quality, along with examples of Coltrane's landmark compositions Naima and Impressions, this collection also includes the saxophonists only recording of Victor Young's theme Delilah and, as a bonus, a stunning rare "second house" performance of Coltrane's transformational anthem My Favourite Things taped in Stockholm. This release features photographs, concert memorabilia and press clippings, and comes complete with an extensive booklet essay by award-winning British saxophonist and writer Simon Spillett. "There are so many things to be considered in making music", John Coltrane told an interviewer during his first European tour as a bandleader in the autumn of 1961. "Many things on which I don't think I've reached a final conclusion." The four CD track listing is as follows:

CD 1:
L'Olympia, Paris, November 18th 1961 (First House)
1. Blue Train (Coltrane)
2. I Want To Talk About You (Eckstine)
3. Impressions (Coltrane)
4. My Favourite Things (Rodgers, Hammerstein)
    L'Olympia, Paris, November 18th 1961 (Second House)
5. I Want To Talk About You (Eckstine)
6. Blue Train (Coltrane)

CD 2:
L'Olympia, Paris, November 18th 1961 (Second House, cont.)
1. My Favourite Things (Rodgers, Hammerstein)
    Falkconercentret, Copenhagen, Denmark, November 20th 1961
2. Announcement
3. Delilah (Young)
4. Everytime We Say Goodbye (Porter)
5. Impressions (Coltrane)
6. Naima (Coltrane)

CD 3:
Falkonercentret, Copenhagen, Denmark, November 20th 1961 (cont.)
1. My Favourite Things (false starts)
2. Announcement by John Coltrane
3. My Favourite Things (Rodgers, Hammerstein)
    Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, Finland, November 22nd 1961 (Second House)
4. Blue Train (Coltrane)
5. I Want To Talk About You (Eckstine)
6. Impressions (Coltrane)
7. My Favourite Things (Rodgers, Hammerstein)

CD 4:
Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden, November 23rd 1961 (First House)
1. Blue Train (Coltrane)
2. Naima (Coltrane)
3. Impressions (Coltrane)
4. My Favourite Things (Rodgers, Hammerstein)
    Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden, November 23rd 1961 (Second House)
4. My Favourite Things (Rodgers, Hammerstein)


Ultimate Ears Pro Sound Guard Protects Musician's Hearing
Ultimate Ears Pro Sound GuardUltimate Ears Pro has introduced the next generation of professional in-ear monitor (IEM) accessories, the UE Pro Sound Guard ($199). This compact and portable device connects in-line with any sound source and UE Pro in-ear monitor to provides automated sound level management to limit unwanted noise from unanticipated high levels of sound and is said to enable greater sound fidelity. With the UE Pro Sound Guard, artists receive protection from unexpected sound spikes that occur from microphone drops, audio feedback, incorrect volume settings and other sound hazards that may occur while performing or recording. The device also functions as an audio buffer that provides electrical impedance transformation from the source device to the connected UE Pro in-ear monitors, resulting in "enhanced dynamic range and sound quality". "Responsible listening has always been a major focal point for us at UE Pro, with our custom in-ear monitors and earphones made to help preserve musicians' hearing, among other things," said Philippe Depallens, vice president and general manager of UE Pro. "We believe that musicians' ears are their most important instrument, and when that instrument is jeopardized, so is their overall craft. We created the UE Pro Sound Guard to further help musicians' combat loud and accidental audio spikes." The UE Pro Sound Guard has a frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz and a battery life of ~20 hours on a pair of CR2032 batteries. Input and output connection is via standard stereo 1/8" headphone jack and the unit comes with a 1 year warranty.


Breathe New Life Into Old Gear
Enjoy the Music.com Exclusive!
Breathe New Life Into Old Gear
Repair, rebuild and refurbish vintage audio equipment.
Article By A. Colin Flood

Bottlehead The Quickie Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Kit
Bottlehead The Quickie Vacuum Tube Preamplifier
A $99 battery powered directly heated triode preamplifier kit.
Review By Jeff Poth


Industry News 15 Years Ago
It has begun... Sirius Satellite Radio has announced their plans on spending $1 billion USD on their new digital radio system. David Margolese, chief executive of Sirius Satellite Radio, said they have already planned on financing implementing three satellites into orbit around earth to support their new wireless digital radio network. In fact they have already put aside $100 million for their advertising budget! Their plans are in offering digital wireless radio as a subscription base service just as America now pays for DSS and cable TV. "Our ability to entertain ourselves is getting more sophisticated," says Margolese, a key player in the rise of the 1980's cell phone industry. "Today, radio is fine because you don't know any better. With music, frankly, we can do a better job... It's about choice, control, flexibility and a higher standard. Once people experience this, they'll never go back to the old radio. It would be grating, jarring, intolerable." Availability of their service is projected to be in the third to fourth quarter of 2000.


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Audio Fidelity The Best of Bread On Quadraphonic Hybrid SACD
Audio Fidelity The Best of Bread On Quadraphonic Hybrid SACDAudio Fidelity is set to release soft rock legends Bread The Best of Bread on 4.0 quadraphonic hybrid SACD. With many exciting releases scheduled throughout 2015, Marshall Blonstein's Audio Fidelity starts the New Year off with the release of soft rock legend Bread's 1973 collection of music. Bread's popularity in the 1970's is best known for their mellow, smooth, melodic and often mournful tunes. Many of the classic Bread tunes included in this set live on through soft rock stations everywhere. Lead singer David Gates crooned his way into America's heart, and starting with "Make It With You" quickly spun off hits like "Everything I Own," "Diary," "Baby I'm A Want You," "It Don't Matter To Me" and "If." At times, their songs had a more upbeat feel as with "Mother Freedom," but they always retain that same soothing blend of soulful lyrics and gentle music. This album covers all the early hits and more delivered with a deceptively breezy tone by one of pop's purest vocalists. Audio Fidelity reassembled all the original master tapes of the tracks that appeared on the album release rather than work from the compiled Best Of... master, thus giving the recording a completely fresh and updated sound. The stereo CD and SACD mastering for this release is by Steve Hoffman at Stephen Marsh Mastering in Los Angeles. The 4.0 analog to high definition DSD digital transfer is by Gus Skinas at Super Audio Center in Boulder, CO. Tracks on the album include:

Make It With You
Everything I Own
Baby I'm-a Want You
It Don't Matter to Me
Mother Freedom
Down on My Knees
Too Much Love
Let Your Love Go
Look What You've Done


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AXPONA Discount Tickets And Special Limited Edition VIP Passes
AXPONA Discount Tickets And Special Limited Edition VIP PassesAXPONA is now offering an early bird pricing special for tickets until February 1st plus a special limited availability VIP offering! A VIP pass provides the ultimate AXPONA experience with early access to exhibits Saturday and Sunday. There will be a separate check-in section to avoid lines. This allows you the ability to escape the crowded hallways for the relaxing VIP Lounge with coat check and beverages too. Special seminars during AXPONA include Creating Immersive Recordings: Content production for audiophile headphone and loudspeaker listening, Loudspeaker and Room Measurement, plus Going from Wax to the Max: Everything you need to know about vinyl ripping. Enjoy the Music.com will also be there live streaming the show, so stop by the TV studio and say hi. We may have you appear within our live stream too so remember to stop by and say hello to Editor and Creative Director Steven R. Rochlin and reviewer Heather Baird! For those on Facebook, we have a special AXPONA event page you can join by clicking here. You can see Enjoy the Music.com's special AXPONA 2015 show coverage at this link.


Onkyo D-77NE Loudspeaker And CP-1050 Turntable With MM Cartridge
Onkyo D-77NE LoudspeakerIt seems mainstream manufacturers are getting into the vinyl scene as the renaissance of vinyl and increasing availability of high-resolution Studio Master-quality audio bring Onkyo into the fold. Onkyo has announced their new D-77NE loudspeaker and the CP-1050 turntable ($5000/pr and $599 respectively). Onkyo's D77NE loudspeakers are full-sized units "capable of capturing the dynamics, scale, and detail contained in pure analog, 24-bit Hi-Res Audio, and DSD formats". Manufactured using a non-press technique Onkyo pioneered over 50 years ago, the 30cm paper woofer diaphragm is said to be thicker, tougher, and lighter than conventional pressed cones to increase inner loss, control vibration, and provide stiffness for rhythmically accurate bass. A thick metal basket and massive motor allows the woofer reach produce deep sub-bass territory sound. With their proprietary Silk OMF drivers, Onkyo blends layers of strong and lightweight silk with polyester resin to provide stiffness for precise articulation of midrange sounds. High frequencies are crossed over at 3.2kHz to a dome-and-cone tweeter arrangement consisting of a 2.5cm aluminum-magnesium dome and 4cm bio-cross diaphragm. Special Magnetic Distortion Cancellation Technology (M.D.C.T) in the crossover enables the driver to perform with detailed airiness up to 50kHz. Another element contributing to Onkyo's D-77NE's high performance is the crossover network, which features German-made WIMA fixed-film dielectric capacitors and three separate coils to prevent flux leakage. This crossover network has been painstakingly refined and improved to the point where each driver blends "seamlessly to form a single cohesive audio image". As for the enclosure, a combination of solid MDF material with 42mm think baffle and a handmade wood bracing system controls cabinet resonances. Gold-plated machined brass speaker posts with knurled brass knobs and a black wood-grain finish complete the D-77NEs. Frequency response is from 30Hz to 50 kHz and it presents a 6 Ohm load. Dimensions are 380 x 660 x 380 (WxHxD in mm) and each unit weighs a sturdy 56 lbs.

Onkyo CP-1050 Turntable With MM CartridgeOnkyo's CP-1050 turntable is squarely aimed at music lovers looking to discover — or rediscover — the magic of analog sound. Onkyo's CP-1050 features a super-smooth low-torque direct-drive brushless DC motor that reduces low-frequency cogging noise as well as the high-frequency noise produced by some belt-driven designs which use a fast-spinning electric motor. The CP-1050 can play 33.3 and 45 rpm albums. The body is constructed from thick, vibration-damping MDF and the platter is die-cast aluminum for smooth, precise, and stable rotation. Together with the low-noise motor and rubber slip-mat, the precision craftsmanship and weight of the deck combine to effectively reduce vibration for clear and open analog sound. Wow and flutter is 0.15% or less at 33.3 rpm and signal-to-noise ratio is >60dB. The tonearm is static-balanced S-shaped with a detachable headshell for changing cartridge setups quickly and efficiently. Effective arm length is 9.06" with a overhang of 0.56". Tracking error angle is within 3 degrees and the Onkyo CP-1050 comes with a moving magnetic (MM) cartridge. Overall turntable dimensions with dust cover is 21.45 x 9.6 x 18 .45 (WxHxD) and the turntable weighs 24.5 lbs.


Ocean Way Audio Sausalito Reference Loudspeaker System
Ocean Way AudioSausalito Reference Loudspeaker SystemOcean Way Audio's new Sausalito reference loudspeaker system ($35,000) is designed by Allen Sides, the GRAMMY Award-winning engineer/producer and founder of Ocean Way Recording. After having received such positive responses to their larger speaker systems, the team at Ocean Way Audio was asked for a design to fit smaller spaces yet still deliver full-range accurate reproduction. With that in mind, they developed Sausalito as the newest member of their high-bandwidth loudspeaker systems. Sausalito represents a new step forward for the company in achieving efficient, low distortion dynamics. As with all of Ocean Way Audio's systems, Sausalito allows the listener to move around the room and hear the same natural, open and accurate image. It features a highly refined three-way reflex design that incorporates a new midrange and tweeter. The crossover has been updated to accommodate these changes, while the cabinet features a sleeker design to ensure time alignment and reduce baffle reflection. Specially selected materials are used to minimize low-frequency resonance. A special 1" tweeter is made with a fabric dome with ferrofluid cooling whilst the midrange driver is an 8" geometrically reinforced aluminum cone with shorting-ring motor and cast aluminum frame. A hefty 12" woofer uses an aluminum cone with low distortion triple shorting-ring motor and cast aluminum frame. Crossover frequencies are 160Hz and 1850Hz with 3rd order filters. Ocean Way Audio's Sausalito reference loudspeaker has an 85dB/W/m sensitivity with a crossovers utilizing high quality components from Solen, Jantzen, Mundorf and Mills. All crossover components are hand matched to 0.1% tolerances. The Sausalito comes in an elegant hand rubbed Satin finish, with dimensions being 42" x 16.5" x 22.75" (HxWxD) and weighs 148 lbs.


A-Audio Rose Gold Lyric On-Ear Headphones
A-Audio Rose Gold Lyric On-Ear HeadphonesA-Audio now offers a special Rose Gold version of their classic Lyric on-ear headphones ($199). Combining innovation and luxurious materials, the new Rose Gold Lyric headphones is the company's first addition to their new LUX line. A-Audio says that "The new Rose Gold Lyric headphones combine A-Audio's distinctive silhouette and sound quality with chic Rose Gold, creating the ultimate blend of edgy yet feminine fashion technology". The headphones incorporate supple leathers with diamond-quilted stitching into the headband and premium anti-vibration octagonal bezels on each ear cup. A-Audio's Rose Gold Lyric have a compact design that's both lightweight and comfortable plus have passive noise cancellation and 40mm drivers. Key features are the supple diamond-quilted leather band and Rose Gold octagonal bezels on each ear cup. Special ear cups have memory foam padding for comfort and isolated sound. They are built with 40mm custom drivers. There are dual jacks for sharing music with friends featuring 24K gold plated contacts. There is a detachable headphone cord with remote and microphone for connecting to your mobile device, plus one audio only cable. It comes with a luxe travel case, polishing cloth and two year warranty.


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Parasound Halo Integrated Stereo Amplifier With 384kHz/32-bit/DSD DAC, Phono & 'Phone Amp
Parasound Halo Integrated Stereo Amplifier With 384kHz/32-bit DAC, Phonostage & 'Phone AmpParasound's new Halo Integrated stereo amplifier includes headphone amplification and a high resolution DAC. Equipped with the latest generation ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC (ES9018K2M) , the Parasound Halo Integrated has asynchronous USB 2.0 that supports PCM up to 384kHz/32-bit and native / DoP DSD decoding. Coax S/PDIF and optical TosLink accept PCM up to 192kHz/24-bit digital audio files. The stereo amplification section produces 160 Watts per channel @ 8 Ohms and 240 Watts @ 4 Ohms. Parasound's high bias Class A/AB operation takes advantage of an oversized shielded toroidial power transformer, dual-mono power supply, 40,000uF power supply filter capacitance and carefully matched JFET input stages and MOSFET driver stages. There are 12 high voltage/high current bipolar output transistors to drive virtually any speaker. Other features include analog bass management with high & low pass crossovers, a home theater bypass input for surround sound integration and front panel subwoofer level control . The dedicated high current headphone amplifier uses the TI TPA6120. For vinyl enthusiasts, there is a phono input for MM & MC with 100 Ohm or 47kOhm loads. The Parasound Halo Integrated also has a front panel Aux input with automatic +12 dB gain stage, Bass & treble controls with relay bypass and uses a premium motor-driven Alps potentiometer volume control. The rear of unit has Five stereo sets of unbalanced RCA line level analog inputs, one pair of XLR balanced analog inputs and both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA preamplification outputs. There is also preamplification outputs to drive a subwoofer. For home automation setups, there is both a rear panel IR input and IR loop output jacks plus 12 Volt input and output triggers. For loudspeaker wire hookup, heavy-duty 24k gold-plated five-way speaker binding posts ensure a reliable connection. Frequency response is from 10 Hz to 100 kHz, dimensions are 17.25 x 16" x 5.25 (WxDxH) and the unit weighs 33 lbs.


Promates Releases New York Philharmonic's Carl Nielsen's Symphony No 5 & 6 In DXD
Promates Releases New York Philharmonic's Carl Nielsen's Symphony No 5 & 6 In DXDPromates HD music store exclusively releases the New York Philharmonic's Carl Nielsen's Symphony No 5 and 6 in DXD. Promates press release says, "For music to be easily downloaded and shared it has been a priority for people to make it as portable as possible, and with memory on archaic delivery systems being at a premium, compression became the standard. This is why many people criticize MP3 as a poor medium for delivering high definition sound. Many other formats exist, but in the music world, DXD remains peerless. Getting hold of the original DXD format recordings was once all but impossible for the mass market, but now Promates HD Music Store offers this ability on many exclusive pieces, the last of which being the New York Philharmonic's recordings of the Carl Nielsen symphonies five and six. Some of the most popular recordings on the site were symphonies number one through four, and so the New York Philharmonic resolved to record the next in the series. Currently, Promates HD Music Store is the only place in the world to source the original DXD HD Music recordings." A spokesperson for Promates HD Music Store explained, "The New York Philharmonic's work on Carl Nielsen's postmodern symphonies has been outstanding, and the richness of detail they are capable of achieving with a full orchestra can only truly be appreciated in the DXD format. With the first four symphonies proving so successful, both they and we are hoping for big success with this last in the series, as Nielsen's work gets even more bold, inventive and more difficult to pigeonhole."


HearNotes The Universal Edition Delivers CD Quality Wireless Earbuds
HearNotes The Universal Edition Delivers CD Quality Wireless EarbudsHearNotes Inc. has debuted their 'The Universal Edition' ($349) wireless earbuds that deliver lossless CD-quality 16-bit/44.1kHz via Kleer technology. Designed for anyone who listens to music on the go and is frustrated with tangled wires or the limitations of wireless, HearNotes is a solution that vastly surpasses Bluetooth counterparts. Based on Kleer wireless technology (and compatible with Bluetooth devices), HearNotes delivers CD quality audio within comfortable earbuds. The HearNotes package includes a pair of WireFree earbuds equipped with premium speakers, a versatile transmitter that plugs into any 3.5mm headphone jack and a charging pad that inductively charges the earbuds and transmitter plus it serves as a protective carrying case for secure storage and transport. Kleer technology delivers audio that is superior to Bluetooth ̶ and has a transmission range of 25 to 50 feet with over four hours of playtime. "We're cutting all the wires – not just from your earbuds to your device, but also from ear to ear," said Patrick Donohue, Founder and CEO, HearNotes. "The revolutionary technology and design enhances your music, your way: the songs you love, wirefree, streaming in crystal clear high fidelity with a new standard of mobility and freedom so you can finally cut loose."


01 / 16 / 15

Burson Audio Conductor Virtuoso Pre/DAC/Headphone Amp And Timekeeper Virtuoso Amp
Burson Audio Conductor Virtuoso Pre/DAC/Headphone Amp And Timekeeper Virtuoso AmpBurson Audio was at CES 2015 with their new Conductor Virtuoso DAC/pre/headphone amplifier and Timekeeper Virtuoso stereo power amplifier. Their Conductor Virtuoso USB DAC, headphone amplifier and preamplifier all contained in one elegant unit. The Conductor Virtuoso is shipping now with the ESS9018 Sabre DAC at ($1995), with the Burr Brown PCM1793 version coming soon ($1495). Burson Audio's Conductor Virtuoso is a highly-engineered component that produces up to 4 watts of power to drive a headphone with ease; or it may be employed for preamplification duties to drive a power amplifier. The Conductor Virtuoso includes a new 100-step volume control with easy-to-read display for volume indication. Two interchangeable DAC boards are available and have different sonic characteristics. This modular design makes for no-fuss upgrades. Another important consideration is Burson doesn't use densely-packed Op-Amps, choosing instead to employ all discrete circuitry due to what the company feels is "superior tonality, clarity and a lower noise floor". The remote control is carved from solid aluminum with no visible screws. Burson Audio's Timekeeper Virtuoso stereo power amplifier (~$3450) is a Class-AB unit that produces 100 Wpc @ 8 Ohms, 200 @ 4 Ohms, 300 bridged @ 8 Ohms, and a powerful 600 Wpc bridged @ 4 Ohms. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Burson Audio PRE-160 Preamplifier And PP-160 Power Amplifier at this link.


Denon AH-MM400, AH-MM300 And AH-MM200 Headphones
Denon AH-MM400 HeadphonesDenon's new Music Maniac series AH-MM400 (pictured), AH-MM300 and AH-MM200 ($399, $299 and $199 respectively) are targeted to serious music listeners with proprietary drivers and specialized housings. The top model in the new range, the reference class AH-MM400, features an over-ear (circum-aural) design that provides comfort as well as passive acoustic isolation without the need for noise canceling. It also features real American Walnut earcup housings that provide natural tone and an elegant look. Inside each earcup is an advanced 40mm driver that features Denon's proprietary "Free Edge" technology. It dispenses with the usual surround roll at the driver's edge, allowing the diaphragm to move for low distortion and wide dynamic range. The diaphragm itself features Denon's advanced Carbon/Paper Composite blend, which combine the products lightweight feel with high rigidity and the driver's neodymium magnets. A comfortable padded headband and aluminum alloy earcup holders provides quick and easy folding. Two detachable audio cables are included (both featuring Oxygen Free Copper wiring). One cable features an in-line remote and microphone, while the other is a straight cable with no remote/mic features. A custom carrying pouch is included along with a 3.5mm headphone jack adapter for connection to a home audio system. Denon's AH-MM300 on-ear (supra-aural) model features an advanced earcup design with elegant styling. It utilizes reinforced glass fiber material that combines lightweight and high rigidity whilst the ellipsoid earcups feature a smooth ceramic-like finish. The 40mm drivers use the same "Free Edge" technology along with the advanced Carbon/Paper Composite blend diaphragms and neodymium magnets. The AH-MM200 on-ear model features the same ellipsoid earcup design as the AH-MM300 model. It includes the elegant ceramic-like finish and the use of reinforced glass fiber material to curb resonances while still maintaining lightweight and high rigidity. The 30mm drivers feature Denon's Triple Layered Diaphragm technology to deliver wide frequency response and high dynamic range along with neodymium magnets. The aluminum alloy earcup holders feature quick and easy folding. Available in either black or white European inspired finishes; the AH-MM200 comes with two detachable audio cables. One cable features an in-line remote and microphone, while the other is a straight cable with no remote/mic features. This model comes with a custom carrying pouch. To enhance the Denon Headphone listening experience, there is a Denon Audio app available for iOS and Android devices.


NuPrime DAC-10H DAC w/Headphone Amplifier And NuPrime ST-10 Reference LE Amplifier
NuPrime DAC-10H DAC With Stereo Headphone Amplifier And PreamplifierNuPrime Audio has announced the release of their NuPrime DAC-10H (pictured), a DAC with headphone amplifier and NuPrime ST-10 Reference LE class power amplifier ($1,795 and $1595 respectively). The DAC-10H offers PCM 384kHz/24-bit and DSD256 decoding with a high-power balanced headphone amplifier. This reference grade DAC with dual headphones outputs has a unique six gain settings capable of driving any headphones regardless of sensitivity. The DAC-10H's balanced headphone amplifier is capable of driving headphones in balanced and single-ended configuration, plus can be used with up to two dynamic headphones. The unit has five digital inputs including two S/PDIF coax, two TosLink optical and one USB plus unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR analog output. The DAC-10H is a full-featured DAC and preamplifier for high-end audio enthusiasts. The NuPrime ST-10 stereo amplifier the company's Reference LE class for listeners who require an amplifier at a somewhat lesser power rating of 2 x 150 Watt @ 8 Ohm. NuPrime's says "the sonic character stands well apart from – and indeed above – the soft, cushy sound we often associate with most tubed amplification and the dry, clinically edgy sound we often associate with solid-state and switching technology". NuPrime's ST-10 stereo amplifier features shortened circuit pathways that result in a 20% improvement in through-put, improved reliability in no-load condition and short circuit protection. Increased output current drive capability provides the ability to drive low impedance speakers. A new linear power supply with a high-efficiency toroidal transformer ensures an abundance of power to drive the amplifiers internal circuitry.


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Enjoy the Music.com & Enjoy the Music.TV Receives Many Industry Accolades
For Our Successful International CES 2015 Live Streaming Broadcast
Enjoy the Music.com Live Broadcast AccoladesEnjoy the Music.com, in partnership with Enjoy the Music.TV, successfully produced nearly 27 hours of live streaming coverage during the International CES 2015. Our CES 2014 Preview showcased well over 40 products whilst our live stream produced 35 videos featuring many state-of-the-art high-end audio products plus related high definition audio and consumer electronics equipment. Our videos also feature a multi-GRAMMY nominated producer and hearing protection headphones to keep our children safe from the harms of over exposure to loud sounds that can cause lifelong hearing loss. As the only site to have longstanding relationships with many top quality publications, both print and online, we also featured three magazine editors as they provided our viewing audience excellent information on a wide variety of consumer electronics appearing at the International CES 2015. Enjoy the Music.com is proud to be partners with many North American high-end audio events and we broadcast two show organizers who informed our viewers about their upcoming exhibition. See our complete press release here.


Celsus Sound Companion One 32-bit/384kHz Compact DAC
Celsus Sound Companion One 32-bit/384kHz Compact DACCelsus Sound's Companion One ($595) high-performance battery powered DAC supports USB and 24-bit/192kHz wireless audio connections to Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. It features a high-performance headphone amplifier with better than 115dB signal-noise ratio. The Companion One DAC utilizing ESS's ES9018K2M and decodes up to DSD128 and 384kHz PCM audio formats. Features include a headphone output with dual gain settings plus a line output and optical output. It can decode PCM 16, 24 and 32-bit up to 384kHz. DSD audio support includes DSD64 and DSD128 in native decode. Wireless audio supports uPNP network media streaming and Airplay up to 24-bit/192kHz. Celsus Sound's Companion One has asynchronous USB audio clocking with two internal low-jitter clocks separately for 44.1kHz (88.2/176.4/352.8) and 48kHz (96/192/384) sampling to achieve ultra-low-jitter performance with better than 115dB signal-noise ratio. The Companion One's curved frame is machined from a single block of aluminum. Top and bottom gorilla-glass covers are also part of the design. The unit's signal path and headphone amplifier circuit have been painstakingly optimized for maximal headphone performance. THD+N is 0.001%, frequency response is from 20 Hz to 22 kHz and output voltage in High Gain mode is 3Vrms and in Low Gain mode is 1.5Vrms. Crosstalk is 110dB with a dynamic range of 115dB. Overall output power is 160mW @ 32 Ohm and 28mW @ 300 Ohm.


TAD Laboratories TAD-CE1 Compact Evolution One Speaker
Technical Audio Devices (TAD) Laboratories TAD-CE1 Compact Evolution One SpeakerTechnical Audio Devices (TAD) Laboratories has introduced the TAD-CE1 Compact Evolution One speaker (~$24,000). This contemporary-styled bookshelf design uses their Coherent Source Transducer (CST) driver combined with a Multi-layered Aramid Composite Shell (MACS) woofer. The TAD-CE1 cabinet is both cosmetically pleasing using a mix of high quality materials for its construction including high rigidity birch plywood, medium density fiberboard (MDF), and precision cut 10 millimeter aluminum panels. Embodying the single point source concept, the Coherent Source Transducer (CST) used in the TAD-CE1 places the tweeter diaphragm concentrically within the midrange cone to produce sounds with consistent timing from 250 Hz to 100 kHz. To reproduce high frequencies accurately beyond the audible range, the tweeter is made of vapor deposited beryllium. The midrange emanates from a magnesium diaphragm that combines stiffness, low mass, and durability. MACS (Multi-layered Aramid Composite Shell) one-piece woofer cone construction provides deep bass response. It is formed by a one-piece cone that is reinforced with multi-layered aramid composite material. The one-piece construction of the dustcap and cone is said to significantly increase the strength of the cone and eliminates weak points that can cause distortion. The cone construction is further strengthened by TAD's own MACS (Multi-layered Aramid Composite Shell) process, using multiple layers of aramid fibers to provide low mass and high rigidity that can withstand the back pressure produced in the cabinet. TAD's TAD-CE1 Compact Evolution One speaker is designed with a bi-directional ADS (Aero Dynamic Slot) port system integrated onto the sides of the cabinet help with producing "rich and powerful bass output". Slots centered on each side of the enclosure flow into flared cavities sandwiched by an aluminum panel, creating long vertical front and back slits. The unique port design moves the air in a bi-directional pattern and eliminates unwanted resonance and standing waves within the enclosure. TAD's TAD-CE1 Compact Evolution One cabinet construction follows the Structurally Inert Laminated Enclosure Technology (SILENT) process using highly rigid birch plywood combined with medium-density fiberboard (MDF) to achieve a cabinet with great strength and low resonance. The inside of the cabinet is treated with acoustical material, carefully positioned to minimize internal standing waves. The center section of the cabinet is finished in olive wood veneer, protected with a high gloss lacquer finish to provide a visually pleasing style. Of note is that the North America version of the TAD-CE1 will have side trims treated in a satin-black finish, matched with a 10 millimeter thick gunmetal grey brushed aluminum side panels. Varying custom colors of the side trim and aluminum panels are also available by order. TAD offers the TAD-ST2 matching stands as optional accessories. TAD's Compact Evolution One Speaker is a three-way design with 18cm cone woofer and 14cm coaxial midrange with 3.5cm tweeter. Frequency response is from 34 Hz to 100 kHz and crossover frequencies are 250Hz and 2kHz. Sensitivity is 85dB/W/m at 4 Ohms. Each unit weighs 66 lbs and measures 290mm × 524mm × 446mm (WxHxD).


01 / 13 / 15

MIT Buyers Club Predator Series Promotion
MIT Buyers Club Predator 3 Power CableMIT Cables has launched their MIT Buyers Club as they move into the popular personal audio and headphone market. MIT Cables is developing products over the coming year that fit into a more modern audio listening lifestyle. The first of these products is their Predator Series of Noise Traps and Noise Devouring Cables, which can be purchased directly from the company within their new Buyer's Club website. The Predator Series of products are affordable and easy to use "tools" that are said to increase the audio performance in personal audio systems including headphone amplifiers and pre-amplifiers due to their ability to filter electrical noise. MIT Cable's Predator modules contain the company's unique and Patented Parallel AC Filterpole Technology, which is also employed within professional recording studios worldwide. The AC Filterpole networks are tuned remove unwanted noise by converting it into thermal heat as it discharges to ground. Operating through January 20th, consumers can determine the product discount based on group volume; with the Predator 6 Power Strip Noise Trap having an automatic discount of 30%. Discounts go up based on how many units are sold until the end of the promotion. See3n here is MIT Cable's Predator 3 ($349) that combines a high quality power cord and patented parallel AC Filterpoles, which take advantage of carefully tuned LCR technology to clean and condition AC power. The Predator Noise Devouring Power Cable HA 3 houses three patented parallel AC filterpoles, which eliminate reflected noise. Other products are available at the MIT Buyers Club website.


Chord Electronics Hugo TT And 2QUTE DAC
Chord Electronics Hugo TT And 2QUTE DACChord Electronics new Hugo TT desktop media player and 2QUTE DAC feature high-end audio technology ($4795 and  $1795 respectively). The Hugo TT (pictured) is a new desktop Hugo with improved connectivity and performance, plus remote control, an alphanumeric LED display and a USB-B digital input. Connectivity also includes balanced XLR outputs and two 1/4" headphone outputs. As the Chord Electronics Hugo TT is geared towards home users, it gains a new larger chassis, remote control, an alphanumeric LED display with input/sample rate data, and the company says they have improved sonic performance thanks to supercapacitors. Huge TT decodes DXD and up to 32-bit/384kHz audio via S/PDIF coax and USB, and 24-bit/192kHz over TosLink optical, plus DSD64 on all inputs and DSD128 via coax or USB (all via DoP). To fully integrate with today's digitally stored media, the new Hugo TT also has A2DP Bluetooth capability and uses a custom-made module with the aptX codec to feed a digital signal directly into the DAC circuitry. Battery storage and 10,000,000 microfarads of supercapacitor is also part of this design. Chord Electronics'' new 2QUTE DAC is a compact unit that combines two award-winning products in one: the Hugo DAC/headphone amplifier and Qute EX standalone DAC. Essentially a Hugo in a Chordette chassis, it brings the latest FPGA DAC technology into an affordable home-system-orientated unit. 2Qute contains high-performance Spartan 6 FPGA and supports up to 32-bit/384kHz audio via S/PDIF coax and USB, and 24-bit/192kHz over TosLink optical. DSD64 is supported on all inputs and DSD128 is supported via coax or USB (all via DoP). The new DAC also gains a handy switch to easily move between coax, optical and USB digital inputs.


Astell&Kern Partner With JH Audio For Layla And Angie IEM
Astell&Kern Partner With JH Audio For Layla And Angie IEMAstell&Kern and JH Audio have officially announced a partnership on a complete line of professional universal fit in-ear monitors (IEM). Based on the success of the Roxanne Universal fit IEM produced by JH Audio for Astell&Kern, the Siren series has been expanded with the addition of two new models – the Layla and Angie. The Layla is a new flagship model with multiple drivers per earbud and the most sophisticated crossover network available in an in-ear monitor and the Angie, a new entry-level IEM that contains the best features of its siblings at a lower price point ($2499 and $1500 respectively). The Layla flagship is named after Eric Clapton's song. JH Audio's Layla has the most sophisticated crossover network ever put into an IEM. The shape of all crossover filters are all 4th order. This crossover circuit is combined with the Freqphase waveguide and new proprietary quad drivers. JH Audio's Layla features full carbon fiber body with 'burnt' titanium bezel and carbon fiber insert. There are a total of 12 drivers for Quad Low, Quad Mid, and Quad High. A stainless steel tube waveguide helps shape the sound and there is an adjustment for the bass. The Layla comes with a custom full carbon fiber and black aluminum carrying case. The second new model in the Siren Series is aptly named after the Rolling Stones song "Angie". The Angie features a unique red 'chrome' finish with machined aluminum black bezel and Carbon fiber insert. It has an all new proprietary driver designs featuring 8 drivers for Dual Low, Dual Mid, and Quad High. It also has a stainless steel tube waveguide and adjustable bass. JH Audio's Angie comes with a machined aluminum, laser engraved red case.


Futuresource Consulting's Research Concerning Audio At CES 2015
Futuresource ConsultingFuturesource Consulting, a specialist research and knowledge-based consulting company, just sent us the below release:

The Real Scoop on International CES, Part Three: Home Audio Market Movements
"This year it is evident that audio hardware has regained its cool at International CES," says Jack Wetherill, Senior Market Analyst at Futuresource Consulting, "and it's not just headphones that have street credibility, we've seen that pioneering design allied to innovative technology -- such as the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association's (WiSA) high-end wireless systems spec in the case of Klipsch -- can generate a lot of excitement."

Multi-Room Audio
There was a show focus on wireless multi-room audio (MRA), which Futuresource defines as a system of speakers that can interact with each other to create a seamless audio experience within a home. These systems can play the same music throughout the home or may have the option to zone rooms and play different music. Throughout 2014, Sonos continued to be the biggest player in the market, although there have been competitive offerings from a number of brands which includes Bose, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Philips, Denon and others.

Wireless multi-room audio can be segmented into two categories: proprietary and open. Proprietary systems, where speakers can work seamlessly only when they are from the same brand, currently dominate sales with Sonos leading the charge for this type of system. Open systems such as those offered by Qualcomm's AllPlay platform, the DTS Play-Fi platform and Imagination Technologies' Caskeid technology allow any speaker based on this technology to work in sync. The vast majority of these systems have launched within the last 12 months and so the market is not only getting crowded, but more confusing for consumers.

Among others, new products have been announced by Sony and Supertooth -- both proprietary systems -- and House of Marley and Monster, based on AllPlay.

"We believe this plethora of launches is good for raising awareness of MRA, but the diverse and often incompatible technologies involved will begin to reduce down to a few proprietary systems such as Sonos, although the majority will be based upon an open standard, offering Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi," says Wetherill.

Futuresource estimates that 4.2 million MRA units were shipped globally in 2014, on track to rise by 43% this year.

High Resolution Audio
Looking to high resolution audio, the format has been in the pipeline for a while and was much discussed at last year's International CES. However, a standard logo has now been agreed and introduced to guide consumers who need education in this potentially confusing area.

Many brands have introduced hi-res devices, some of the prominent ones being the Technics range of high end loudspeakers and amplifiers, and Audio Technica headphones. The most prominent though is Sony which has introduced a comprehensive range of products from headphones to multi-room speakers, soundbars and hi-res audio players.

"In the mobile space there is limited support for on-the-go consumers," says Wetherill. "Smartphones require an integrated DAC to process hi-res audio and some phone models already have this, but it is not marketed even if available on device -- a lost opportunity for the hi-res market.

"Currently, less than 5% of wireless speakers sell with hi-res support, although approximately two thirds of AV receivers incorporate hi-res audio as they suit the audiophile and the feature is comparatively cheap to build into relatively expensive AVRs."

MQA is also worth a mention -- Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) -- which was launched at International CES by high-end audio experts Meridian. This paves the way for hi-res streaming without loss in audio quality, an important innovation in times when the consumer's dependence on streaming music is growing.

"Neil Young -- one of the few artists promoting hi-res audio -- was in Vegas and the industry needs more influencers to talk about hi-res audio," says Wetherill.

"While we acknowledge there is some skepticism in the industry surrounding hi-res audio and previous attempts at higher resolution have failed to tempt people away from MP3, we believe that hi-res will find its place, although it will be more for the audiophile than a mass market phenomenon. It will be the ultimate test of whether consumers are willing to pay for quality while still enjoying the huge benefits and flexibility that MP3 has brought, when so many have bemoaned the compressed nature of MP3."


EMM Labs DA2, DAC2X And MTRX Plus MDAT2 DSP Update
EMM Labs DA2, DAC2X And MTRX Plus MDAT2 DSP UpdateEMM Labs just showed some great products at CES 2015 including their DA2, DAC2X and MTRX plus they announced their MDAT2 DSP update. EMM Lab's DA2 ($25,000, pictured) is Ed Meitner's completely re-engineered, next generation analog system and proprietary custom made fully discrete MDAC DSD converter. This unit employs their next generation digital system with the latest MDAT2, MFAST and MCLOCK components. It supports up to 2xDSD/double DSD (5.6/6.1Mhz) and up to 384kHz PCM. There is optional network DAC and streaming support (features and availability to be announced), with the future yielding even higher DSD and PCM sample rates. EMM Lab's newly designed chassis features a luxurious ultrafine CNC finish, which is available in silver and black. EMM Labs MTRX reference monoblock amplifiers use 21st century technology with proprietary Meitner circuit topologies and zero overall negative feedback. These systems are fully discrete, offering ultra low distortion plus very high bandwidth with the ability to deliver huge and virtually instantaneous output currents. Conservatively rated at 750W @ 8 Ohms, 1500W @ 4 Ohms and they are capable to drive loads well below 2 Ohms. EMM Lab's MTRX is available in very limited yearly pre-ordered production. It follows the same new ultrafine CNC finish in silver and black as with other new models. EMM Lab's MDAT2 DSP took more than a year in development and testing plus there is an MDAT2 DSP update that will take all of the company's current DAC platforms (DAC2X, XDS1 V2, MA-1, MA-2) to that next level in audio performance. MDAT takes all digital audio (PCM and DSD) and does real-time transient filtering and up-conversion to 2xDSD (5.6Mhz/6.1Mhz) before being sent to Ed's proprietary custom made 2xDSD (5.6Mhz/6.1Mhz) DACs (MDAC modules) for conversion to analog. Enjoy the Music.com has a world premiere review of the EMM Labs XDS1v2 with MDAT2 CD / SACD reference player and DACwithin this month's Review Magazine.


CES 2015 Bonus Coverage Featuring Dan D'Agostino, Pass Labs, And Alan Sircom Of Hi-Fi+
CES 2015 Show Report and Live Streaming Coverage by Enjoy the Music.comAs the high-end audio industry's leading tech-rich site, we have three special bonus videos from our CES 2015 live broadcast. Our first video features Alan Sircom, editor of Hi-Fi+ magazine. As our 'man on the street', he gives us all a great summary of all the impressive gear he experienced during CES 2015. Next we feature longstanding and highly-respected Dan D'Agostino as he unveils their new amplification products and a stunning new APP that brings modern tech control to high-end audio. Another great bonus video we just posted online features Pass Labs as they launched three incredible new products during CES 2015! You can see all 35 Enjoy the Music.com CES 2015 live broadcast videos by clicking here.


01 / 12 / 15

Over 30 CES 2015 Live Broadcast Videos Are Now Online
More CES 2015 Live Broadcast Videos OnlineEnjoy the Music.com has posted over 30 videos from our live CES 2015 broadcast! New videos posted today includes AAMP Of America, DALI Loudspeakers, Kidz Gear, Meridian Audio, Michael Mercer, Nagra, On A Higher Note, Origin Acoustics, Rega Research, Part-Time Audiophile & Audio-Head, and T.H.E. Show Newport. You can see all 32 of our previously recorded live videos from CES 2015 here.


Sony High-Resolution Audio NW-ZX2 Walkman
Sony High-Resolution Audio NW-ZX2 WalkmanSony's new stylish NW-ZX2 Walkman (Ł949 in the UK and $1119 USD) has 128GB of internal memory and harks back to one of the company's most popular cassette walkmans in the 1980's. It also has a microSD slot for additional memory. Capable of handling a wide variety of digital audio files including DSD, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, MP3, WMA and more. You can enjoy 60 hours of MP3 or 33 hours Hi-Res Audio playback on a single charge. Sony's ZX2 Walkman also includes Bluetooth with LDAC high-fidelity wireless music streaming and dual-band Wi-Fi, which allows users to enjoy music stored on DLNA enabled devices such as NAS drives. Features include Dynamic Normalizer, Clear Bass, DSEE, HX and Equalizer to further enhance the sound of an audio file. The 4" TFT color display resolution is WVGA (854 x 480 pixels). Whilst Sony's wonderfully curved and shaped ZX2 handles typical MP3, it excels at playing back modern Hi-Res Audio files, which "offer an uncompromised rendition of an artists' music. Savor every breath and subtle movement for a truly emotional experience" says the company. The S-Master HX digital amplifier employs a simplified and fully digital signal path. S-Master HX aims to reproduce the subtleties and wide frequency range of high resolution formats. Sony says that, unlike conventional amplifiers, it maintains the digital signal until right before the speaker output, eliminating distortion — for high-resolution audio, just as the artist intended. DSEE HX builds on Sony's proprietary DSEE technology, upscaling compressed audio files to a level that's closer to High-Resolution Audio. It's goal is to restore the subtleties of the original recording that are lost during compression processes such as those within MP3 files. Developed by Sony, the Bluetooth LDAC codec supports up to three times greater bitrate than typical Bluetooth streaming. Sony says their LDAC technology handles 96kHz sampling rates and more efficient coding for CD-quality wireless sound. The Sony ZX2 has two dedicated clock oscillations, one for the sampling frequencies of 44.1kHz, 88.2kHz and 176.4kHz (CD/DSD), and the other for 48kHz, 96kHz and 192kHz, enable completely synchronized demodulation for sound purity and uncompromising results regardless of the digital content source. Low-impedance parts such as a thick copper foil (35µm) printed circuit board, oxygen-free copper (OFC) cable, and high purity lead-free solder, contribute to pure sound. The LC (inductor-capacitor) filter for the headphone output incorporates a large coil resistor for low distortion and low resistance, while MELF type resistors and film capacitors reduce noise. Sony's ZX2 takes advantage of OptiContrast panel display technology, which was originally developed for BRAVIA. OptiContrast seeks to provide images with increased sharpness and contrast. Deeper blacks and brighter whites together give the picture an enhanced sense of depth and presence in dark and brightly lit rooms / outdoors. The NW-ZX2 is equipped with Android 4.2, thus being universally usable within a wide ecosystem of equipment and the ability to download apps from the Google Play store for games, video, etc.  The unit includes a USB cable, handy leather carrying case, and Quick Start Guide. The Sony NW-ZX2 measures 2.56" x 5.17" x 0.73" (WxHxD) and weighs 8.3 ounces.


01 / 11 / 15

More CES 2015 Live Broadcast Videos Online
More CES 2015 Live Broadcast Videos OnlineEnjoy the Music.com just posted nine more videos during our live CES 2015 broadcast! New videos include aptX, Cary Audio, Kicker, LKV Research, Other World Computing (OWC), Puro Sound Labs, Theoretica Applied Physics Bacch-SP, The Wireless Speaker and Audio (WiSA) Association, and YG Acoustics. You can see all of our previously recorded live videos from CES 2015 here. We will be posting more videos in the coming days so check back.


01/ 10 / 15

Pass Labs INT-60 & INT-250 Integrated Plus Xs Phono Pre & Headphone Amplifier
Pass Labs INT-60 & INT-250 Integrated Plus Xs Phono Pre & Headphone AmplifierPass Labs just launched their new INT-60 and INT-250 integrated amplifiers plus the Xs Phono Preamplifier (pictured right) and Headphone amplifier at CES 2015 ($9000, $12,000, $45,000 and $3500 respectively). The INT-60 and INT-250 integrated amplifiers utilize the same advanced circuitry of the Pass Labs' Point 8 amps. This includes their innovative power supply and output stages. Digital level display and the iconic glowing meter, as found on Point 8 amplifiers, are also found within these new units. Pass Labs' Xs Phono Preamplifier employs a dual mono power supply and has three inputs. All loadings can be saved to memory for each input. Internally, there are six ceramic input boards and two ceramic gain modules to ensure the highest of sound quality. The Pass Headphone amplifier (pictured below) has two unbalanced RCA and an option of headphone or pre-amp outputs. Innovative Pass Labs' Class A circuitry uses MOSFET devices for outputs and amplification is of a low feedback design. Pass Labs Headphone amplifier is designed to drive impedances from 20 Ohms on up. A custom over-designed toroidal power transformer with Faraday shield ensures there is an abundance of electrical power, yet minimizes any noise reaching the critical analog stages. This low noise power supply with discreet regulators has over 40,000 uF of capacitance.

Pass Labs Headphone Amplifier


01 / 09 / 15

CES 2015 Videos Online
See our previously recorded live videos from CES 2015 here.
We will be posting more videos in the coming days so check back.


Hi-Fi+ Magazine's December Issue
Hi-Fi+ Magazine December 2014 IssueEnjoy the Music.com just posted Hi-Fi+'s January edition filled with many great equipment and music reviews. This issue includes reviews of the Naim Audio Mu-So network music centre, Hegel H160 integrated amplifier, Brodmann Acoustics F2 floorstanding loudspeaker, OPPO HA-1 headphone amp/DAC/preamp, Cambridge Audio Aeromax floorstanding loudspeaker, European Audio team E-Flat turntable and tonearm, Noble Audio Kaiser 10 custom-fit in-ear monitors, Eclipse TD TD-M1 desktop loudspeaker system and much more! In his editorial, Alan Sircom says "It's another New Year, and 2015 looks like it might be full of big changes for the audio industry. We are starting to see something of a fight-back by CD player makers (especially those in the high-end), as a small, but growing, group of audiophiles move away from downloading, ripping, and streaming in favour of good ol' physical formats. Whether this has the same level of success as the vinyl revival remains to be seen." See the January issue of Hi-Fi+ by clicking here.


January 6th  through  8th, 2015

CES Live Streaming Show Coverage
CES 2015 Show Report and Live Streaming Coverage by Enjoy the Music.comEnjoy the Music.com's International CES 2015 live stream report showcases leading-edge high-end audio equipment, high resolution music, and state-of-the-art consumer electronics including advanced technologies. Our CES 2015 Live stream report and coverage marks Enjoy the Music.com's 20th annual CES report! Our CES 2015 show report will be live streamed and include many photos, both live and pre-recorded videos plus detailed information of many important new products at CES 2015. With the help of our sister site Enjoy the Music.TV, we will be live streaming / netcasting during CES 2015 and feature live chat plus Twitter integration so you can ask us questions as we show you many new products online. CES 2015 is being held from January 6th through the 9th in Las Vegas and we naturally focus on high resolution music and high-end audio consumer electronics gear. We will also showcase leading-edge, forward-thinking consumer electronics gear that can make your life more enjoyable You can watch our live stream by clicking here.


CES 2015 Live Stream Schedule
Note: All times are PST (GMT -8).
We have more guests planned than are listed below. Expect surprise guests, impromptu appearances and more! All videos will be uploaded soon after CES 2015 in high quality 1080 and we'll have links to all of them here on Enjoy the Music.com.

Tuesday, January 6th

10am  Opening Announcements
10:30  Metronone Audio
11:00  3D Sound Labs
11:30  SVS
12pm  Thiel Audio
12:30  Voxtok
1:00  Akoustic Arts
1:30  Dirac
2:00  April Music
2:30  JL Audio (home)
3:00  Bryston Audio
3:30  The Sound Organization
4:00  Surprise Guest
4:30  AXPONA
5:30  Nordost
Wednesday, January 7

9am  WISA
11:00  OWC
11:30  LKV Research
12pm  Puro Sound Labs
12:30  Double Robotics
1:00  Waves Audio
1:30  Theoretica Applied Physics
2:00  YG Acoustics
2:30  GamuT, Larsen, Pearl Audio
3:00  Kicker
4:00  Cary Audio
5:00  aptX
Thursday, January 8

9am  AAMP
10:00  Origin Acoustics
11:00  Kidz Gear
11:30  JL Audio (car)
12pm  Bang & Olufsen
12:30  Scot Hull of Part-Time Audiophile
1:00  Surprise Guest
2:00  Kubala*Sosna
2:30  Kronos
3:00  Dan D'Agostino
3:30  On A Higher Note
4:00  Hi-Fi+ editor Alan Sircom
4:30  Meridian Audio
5:00  T.H.E. Show


01 / 06 / 15

Audeze EL-8 Headphones And Deckard 384kHz/32-bit DAC w/Headphone Amplifier
Audeze EL-8 Open And Closed-Back HeadphonesAudeze is at CES 2015 (South Hall 1 Booth 22018) introducing their new EL-8 open and closed-back headphones plus the Deckard DAC / headphone amplifier ($699 each). With industrial design by BMW Group DesignworksUSA, the EL-8 headphones is very flexible and portable without compromising sound quality. The EL-8 is a refined and contemporary addition that personifies modern luxury. Audeze's EL-8 uses a suspended headband and contoured ear pads that evenly distribute pressure and weight, which reduces long-term wearing fatigue and improves fit. The result ensures the headphone can be worn for hours in perfect comfort and relaxation, thus meeting the exacting standards of audio professionals and audiophiles alike. With fine wood accents and exceptional build quality, the lightweight EL-8 features advanced planar magnetic technology with the company's Fluxor magnetic technology and a Uniforce diaphragm material. The later was originally developed by NASA for lightweight electronics to withstand the rigors of space. Audeze reengineered this super strong material to work as a planar magnetic driver. Audeze says that the Audeze EL-8 "combines new magnetics science and space-age materials to deliver a stunning you-are-there sound experience. Audeze EL-8 headphones let you fall in love with your music all over again." Audeze's new Deckard DAC with headphone amplifier was also styled by BMW Group DesignworksUSA and is a powerhouse in a small, elegant package. The Class A circuitry in the Deckard drives Audeze, or any other headphones, extremely well. The internal 384kHz/32-bit DAC has front-panel switches for three gain settings and input (USB and Analog) as well as a smoothly-functioning volume control. The headphone output is standard 1/4" and the Deckard also functions as a line level preamplifier. You can simply add powered speakers to enjoy a home or desktop audio system. Meridian (Venetian 30-335) will also be featuring the Audeze EL-8 and LCD Collection headphones for personal audio demos of their MQA technology.


Nagra Audio Technology Prototypes In Las Vegas
Nagra Audio TechnologyNagra Audio Technology will be at CES 2015 is their own location (Mirage D28) to offer a preview of its future product ranges. This legendary Swiss brand offers two two ranges, labeled "Classic Line" and "HD – High Definition" for music enthusiasts. In Las Vegas, Nagra engineers will reveal the prototype of their second creation in the HD range, which is a powerful monoblock amplifier with high performance "in terms of musicality and expressiveness" says the company. In order to achieve this result, the amplifier's circuits have been designed with a view to obtaining total precision and running stability. Built around MOSFET transistors capable of delivering more than a constant 1000 Watts RMS at low impedance and displaying a 1 MHz DC bandwidth at -5dB. Nagra says that the reaction time, distortion and residual noise reduced has been reduced to to negligible levels (THD + N < 0.003 %). With a 1600 VA transformer, which alone weighs in at nearly 40 lbs, each Nagra monoblock HD amplifier is capable of managing the most difficult and complex loudspeaker loads. A successor to the Nagra MSA amplifier in the Classic Line range, the second prototype that will be presented by Nagra is a stereo amplifier, which is destined to replace the current MSA model. With power increased to 120 Watts RMS per channel at 8 Ohms, this is approximately double that of the original MSA. It has a deeper case and holds MOSFET transistors with implementation that have been entirely revisited by the company. It benefits from Nagra's latest developments in sound control. Nagra's prototype of the amplifier, whose designation will be called the Classic AMP, is still subject to confirmation and is being presented as a world premiere in Las Vegas. The final production unit is expected to be officially launched in April 2015.


High Resolution Audio Seminars At CES 2015
The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers WingThe Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing continues to educate about High-Resolution Audio and related issues by participating in two panels at CES 2015 in Las Vegas. The two panels, produced by The DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group, are "Meet the High-Res Music Creators" and "Hi-Res Audio: CES Power Panel." These are among six panels produced by The DEG for the Hi-Res Audio Workshop, which will take place Tuesday, January 6, through Thursday, January 8, at Venetian Level 2, Bellini 2001.

In related news, rock icon Neil Young and PonoMusic will also hold a special press briefing on High Resolution Audio on Tuesday, January 6, from 3:30-4:30 PM at the Hi-Res Audio Workshop. Limited seating is available. In addition, Neil Young will share his passion for high-resolution music in a SuperSession led by Rolling Stone executive editor Nathan Brackett on Wednesday, January 7, from 10:15-11:15 AM at the LVCC, North Hall, room N257. The Hi-Res Audio Workshop the P&E Wing will participate in are:

Meet The Hi-Res Music Creators, 2:15-3:00 p.m., Tuesday, January 6 
Sponsored by The Recording Academy P&E Wing, this panel will offer attendees the chance to join top producers and engineers as they discuss the music creation process and share best practices for recording, mixing and mastering in high-resolution. Maureen Droney, Managing Director, The Recording Academy P&E Wing, will serve as moderator, with panelists Rob Friedrich, GRAMMY-winning producer/engineer, Five-Four Productions; Leslie Ann Jones, GRAMMY-winning engineer and Skywalker Sound's Director of Music Recording & Scoring; Allen Sides, GRAMMY-winning producer and engineer, Ocean Way Audio; Ryan Ulyate, producer and engineer (Jeff Lynne, Paul McCartney, Tom Petty); and Mark Waldrep, recording engineer and owner, AIX Records.

The DEG: The Digital Entertainment GroupHi-Res Audio: CES Power Panel, 2:15 - 3:00 p.m., Thursday, January 8
This panel will give attendees the chance to meet and mix with some of the biggest names in consumer electronics and music entertainment as they exchange ideas about the key issues that are facing the industry today. Marc Finer, Senior Director, DEG, will serve as moderator, with panelists Robert Heiblim, Vice Chairman, CEA Audio Division Board; and Maureen Droney, Managing Director, The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing.

Maureen Droney stated, "The Consumer Electronics Show is a perfect venue to provide attendees and exhibitors with current and comprehensive information surrounding our ongoing initiatives to raise awareness regarding High-Resolution Audio. We are very fortunate to be able to have some of our most accomplished recording professionals appearing at these events to represent the perspective of the P&E Wing and our close allies in the Hi-Res arena." A complete listing of all the events in the High-Resolution Audio Tracks is as follows:

Tuesday, January 06
11an to 11:45am
Hi-Res Audio for Mobile Lifestyles

2:15pm to 3pm
Meet the Hi-Res Music Creators

Wednesday, January 07
11an to 11:45am
Hi-Res Audio: Breaking the Barriers

2:15 to 3pm
The New Business of Hi-Res Music

Thursday, January 08
11an to 11:45am
Hi-Res Audio: The Retail Perspective

2:15pm 3pm
Hi-Res Audio - CES Power Panel



Krell Industries Digital Vanguard Integrated Amplifier
Krell digital VanguardKrell Industries just introduced their Digital Vanguard stereo integrated amplifier with Class A preamplifier and 200 Watt stereo amplifier ($6000, with existing Vanguards being field upgradeable for $1500). Their Digital Vanguard comes with a digital module that includes USB, HDMI inputs and output, S/PDIF coax and TosLink optical digital inputs, and Ethernet music streaming controlled through dedicated iOS and Android apps. There is also aptX Bluetooth wireless for convenient streaming from phones, tablets and computers. The unit may be controlled through dedicated iOS and Android apps and Krell's new Digital Vanguard integrated amplifier will come with music streaming services Deezer and Vtuner and in early 2015, a software update will add Pandora and Spotify apps. The Vanguard's amplifier incorporates a large power supply with a 750 VA toroidal transformer and 80,000 microfarads of storage capacitance to deliver 200 Watts per channel stereo into 8 Ohms, doubling to 400 Watts at 4 Ohms. Krell's Digital Vanguard also offers features such as 3.5mm jacks for IR input and 12-Volt trigger input and output, as well as optional rack-mount ears. Additionally, the unit can be controlled with home automation systems through its Ethernet connection. The digital coax and HDMI inputs support PCM up to 24-bit/192kHz. Optical input supports up to 24-bit/96kHz. USB and network streaming supports MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV (PCM), FLAC, ALAC up to 192kHz. Bluetooth streaming supports A2DP and AVRCP formats. "With the digital module installed, all you need to do is add speakers and you have a complete high-end audio system," says Krell President Bill McKiegan. "If your focus is on digital music files and streaming, the Vanguard with the digital module will give you all the convenience of the mass-market streaming audio products, but with sound quality that's far beyond what those products can achieve. It's truly an audio product built for the next decade."


Google Cast For Audio
Google Cast For AudioGoogle has just announced their Google Cast for audio, which embeds the same technology behind Chromecast into speakers, sound bars, and A/V receivers. Just like Chromecast, simply tap the cast button in your favorite music or radio app on Android, iOS, or the web, and select a Google Cast Ready speaker to get the party started. Google Cast Ready speakers pull content directly from the cloud, so you'll get the audio and can freely multi-task on your phone, tablet, or laptop. These speakers will work with a growing list of apps including Deezer, Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, NPR One, Pandora, Rdio, TuneIn, and many more. The first Google Cast Ready speakers will first be available in the United States this spring from lead brands Sony, LG, and HEOS by Denon. More brands coming later in 2015 with the support of chip makers Broadcom, Marvell, MediaTek and system integrator Libre Wireless. These products will join a growing Google Cast ecosystem, which includes more Android TVs, game consoles and set-top boxes. While no audio specs were stated within the pres release, the details we here at Enjoy the Music.com have been able to find about Chromecast is AAC stereo at a bitrate of 165 kbps / 48 kHz and AC3 with 5.1 chanels at a bitrate of 640 kbps, which allows 16-bit/48kHz. Of course this could easily be uprated.


01 / 05 / 15

Naxos 24-bit/192kHz Classical Music Streaming Service ClassicsOnline HD*LL
Naxos ClassicsOnline HD*LLNaxos, the world's leading independent classical music label and distribution network, has now launched their high-definition and lossless classical music streaming service ClassicsOnline HD*LL. It is the first such service to launch worldwide and the first to use adaptive bitrate streaming technology in the United States. ClassicsOnline HD*LL ($14.99 per month) allows subscribers to listen to classical music at the highest possible sound quality available on their home or mobile networks without buffering or loss of signal. The new platform also provides high-definition, lossless, and MP3 download options. Naxos has been a pioneer in streaming classical music, having made its entire catalogue available for streaming in 1996 and having launched its successful Naxos Music Library subscription streaming service in 2002. Naxos developed its new ClassicsOnline HD*LL service with the classical music and audiophile consumer in mind. An intuitive search engine crafted specifically for classical music provides users unprecedented search options, allowing them to discover new repertoire and recordings. Liner notes, libretti, and composer/artist information are provided for most recordings. After using the sophisticated search, the user can stream in lossless or high-definition sound quality ranging from 24-bit, 44.1 kHz all the way up to 24-bit/192kHz depending on the available Internet bandwidth network capacity, user's device and equipment. "Naxos has never been afraid of making classical music available online, starting with Naxos in 1996 and Naxos Music Library in 2002, long before subscription streaming services became fashionable" said Naxos founder Klaus Heymann stated. "The new platform is proof of our commitment to making a wide range of classical music available in state-of-the-art sound with a sophisticated search capability utilizing the vast data base of our various classical music services." Features of ClassicsOnline HD*LL include adaptive bitrate streaming, intuitive search engine crafted specifically for classical music, liner notes, libretti and composer/artist information, a wide range of repertoire from most classical record labels, genre and artist radio programming, easy playlist creation and offline listening on mobile devices.


CES 2015 Show Report and Live Streaming Coverage by Enjoy the Music.comCES 2015 Preview Part 5
Enjoy the Music.com's CES 2015 preview report part 5 features Tannoy, Revox, 3D Sound Labs, Antelope Audio and more. As the high-end audio industry's most extensive preview, we will be following up with the industry's only live streaming coverage of CES 2015. We plan to have many top-quality manufactures who are launching many new products during CES 2015. You can learn about many breakthrough technologies plus ask them questions via our integrated chat. This way if you have questions, you can ask them in real time to those we are featuring within Enjoy the Music.com's live CES 2015 broadcast! See our CES 2015 preview part 5 here.


01 / 04 / 15

CES 2015 Show Report and Live Streaming Coverage by Enjoy the Music.comCES 2015 Preview Part 4
Enjoy the Music.com has once again updated our extensive CES 2015 preview report. We feature many new products and showcase the many manufacturers who will be at CES 2015 in Las Vegas from January 6th through 9th, 2015. Our preview report will be continuously updated right up until our live stream that starts Tuesday, January 6th at 10am (PST). See our CES 2015 Preview part 4 here.


LeftField Media And JD Events Reached An Agreement For AXPONA
LeftField Media And JD Events Reached An Agreement For AXPONALeftField Media and JD Events have reached an agreement for AXPONA (Audio Expo North America). Founded in 2009 by Stephen Davis, AXPONA has quickly become the premier Spring event for audiophiles and music lovers. JDE acquired the show in 2013 with a vision for aggressive growth and expansion. The new partnership with LeftField Media further accelerates the growth plans for this consumer event franchise. Together, the LeftField Media and JDE staffs have many years of combined trade show, conference and publishing experience. LeftField Media will be developing strategy and advising on the content development, marketing and community building initiatives of AXPONA, while JDE will be heading up sales, operations and overall show management duties. "In the less than four months that LeftField Media has been in operation, it's great to already have our first deal under our belt," said Greg Topalian, President of LeftField Media and former Senior Vice President at Reed Exhibitions (RX) and Founder of New York Comic Con. "I am thrilled to be partnering with JDE who has such a well established reputation for acquiring, innovating and launching new events. This arrangement with AXPONA is a perfect fit. I am excited to tap into the intense energy fueled by the audio and music fan and I want to help create an experience that takes AXPONA to the next level." Joel Davis, Founder and CEO of JD Events, said "I am delighted to be partnering with LeftField Media to help take AXPONA to new heights. This is a unique combination of talent and understanding of the marketplace. We will continue to develop sales and operations while Greg will bring his expertise in content and marketing, in order to grow the AXPONA audience well beyond anything we could have achieved on our own. No one has a more prolific track record of creating live events that are rich in experience than Greg and his LeftField team."


Vinyl Sales Increase 52% To Reach 9.2 Million Units
Quality Record Pressings / Acoustic Sounds Vinyl LP Pressing Plant TourReports are coming in about the rise of vinyl sales in this world awash in digital audio. In fact last night's NBC Nightly News also reported on the rise of the vinyl LP. For you statisticians, vinyl LP sales are accounting for 6% of album sales! How big a gain is vinyl you ask? How does an eye-popping 52% increase in vinyl LP album sales in 2014 versus 2013, which was also a great year of sales increase. Nielsen SoundScan says that vinyl LP album sales reached an impressive 9.2 million units in 2014, which is the highest quantity sold since Nielsen SoundScan began keeping track in 1991. What is also quite interesting is that paid music album downloads decreased by 9%, with song downloads decreasing an eye-popping 12%, in 2014 as record labels struggle against streaming music services. Besides the low sound quality MP3 and most streaming music services provide, consumers are paying 'full price' if they choose to purchase an album on MP3 format instead of the physical CD counterpart. Individual song sales decreased to 1.1 billion in 2014 versus 1.26 billion in 2013. Now is the time, or technically back in June 2013, to begin a new movement... which is why it is time for record labels to provide high quality, high resolution music downloads instead of the same compressed music anyone can stream virtually free of charge. See My Memo To The Industry, as originally envisioned by Enjoy the Music.com's Editor and Creative Director Steven R. Rochlin, that details a solid business plan to launch high resolution music to consumers back in June 2013 and why it was the right time to begin organizing such an endeavor. Unlike digitally-downloaded music, the physical vinyl LP format offers advantages including beautiful album art plus a variety of vinyl LP colors, instead of the normal black. Add to that, many creative types are using the album cover and insert as a way to then market APPs, which can turn the album cover into anything from a DJ controller or other items by using modern technology approaches to 'activate' the cardboard. Before all you vinyl enthusiasts get all glowing with 9.2 million units sold in 2014, digital sales reached 106.5 million albums downloaded in 2014. Just trying to keep it real as future sales of high resolution digital music of at least 24-bit/88.1kHz could help become a bridge to the next wave of digital album sales, plus deliver sound quality far higher than MP3 and the decades old Red Book CD 16-bit/44.1kHz. Eventually, record labels could have recording studios all on a single 24-bit/192kHz as a minimum standard, with far higher resolution as technology progresses forward. Are you curious how a vinyl LP in made? If so, then see Enjoy the Music.com's exclusive video tour of Quality Record Pressings / Acoustic Sounds vinyl LP pressing plant.


01 / 03 / 15

CES 2015 Show Report and Live Streaming Coverage by Enjoy the Music.comCES 2015 Preview Part 3
Enjoy the Music.com's daily updates to our extensive CES 2015 preview report continues. You get a very special advanced look at all the great gear that will be shown in Las Vegas before anyone else reports on them. Learn about the new advances in technology and how their features can greatly benefit your audio system! See our CES 2015 Preview part 3 here.


01 / 02 / 15

CES 2015 Show Report and Live Streaming Coverage by Enjoy the Music.comCES 2015 Preview
Enjoy the Music.com has just posted our CES Preview Part 2 to bring in our industry leading upcoming International CES 2015 live streaming show report. You can see our CES 2015 Preview part 2 here.


Hi-Fi World February 2015 Issue Is Now Online
Hi-Fi World Magazine January 2015 EditionEnjoy the Music.com has just posted Hi-Fi World's February 2015 edition including the complete editorial and table of contents. This issue includes reviews of the Meridian 808v5 Signature Reference CD and DSP7200se loudspeakers, Usher N-6361 loudspeakers, Cambridge Audio Topaz CD5, Aurender X100, Onkyo TX-NR3030 AV receiver, Pro-Ject Maia amplifier, Lehmann Traveller headphone amplifier, Blue Mo-Fi headphones, Focal Spirit One S headphones and more! The editorial by Noel Keywood says "Meridian were keen for us to look at their new 808v5 CD player and preamplifier, in conjunction with DSP7200SE active loudspeakers. And what a process it turned out to be! In truth it is a complex system with a bewildering array of options; what we do not have space to explain is that both items can be set to work independently, although the ‘speakers must have a digital input; there is no analogue alternative." See the February edition of Hi-Fi World by clicking here.


01 / 01 / 15

CES 2015 Preview
CES 2015 Show Report and Live Streaming Coverage by Enjoy the Music.comEnjoy the Music.com, the industry's leading authority for high fidelity, high-end audio consumer electronics show reports, gives you a sneak peek at the upcoming International CES 2015 show.

CES 2015 Preview Part 1


Enjoy the Music.com's January Review Magazine
Enjoy the Music.com Review MagazineEnjoy the Music.com's January Review Magazine is without a doubt our largest monthly issue to date! We have a grand total of 7 world premieres. If you add up the other 'normal' reviews, comparos and mini reviews that brings in 10 additional pieces of high fidelity audio gear to the mix. Add to that, we have our Top 20 Best Gear of 2014 awards, another 2 articles about Hi-Res Audio, 3 classical music reviews, our upcoming live streaming of CES 2015... and we're still not done listing everything yet within our January Review Magazine! See our January Review Magazine by clicking here.

Pathos Acoustics Classic Remix Integrated Am, Headphone Amp & DAC

World premieres in this issue include the Balanced Audio Technology VK-33 tube preamplifier, EMM Labs XDS1v2 with MDAT2, Wells Audio Innamorata Sig. amp., Pathos Acoustics Classic Remix int. amp/headphone amp & DAC, Parasound Zdac v.2 DAC/headphone amp, ZMF x Vibro headphones, and Triode Lab Finalé F138-FFX tube int. amp. Those are all world premieres my friends.

Enjoy the Music.com's 20 Best Gear Of 2014

We also have our Top 20 Best Gear Of 2014, which highlights some of the best equipment we've reviewed within 2014. Adding to that we have reviews of the Dayton OmniMic V2 precision measurement system, Nordost Heimdall 2 headphone cables, HiDiamond AES/EBU Big One digital cable, JH Audio Roxanne custom fit IEM, Woo Audio WA7d Fireflies tube headphone amplifier, Hegel HD12 USB DSD DAC, and Valve Audio Devices DAC-12 DSD. We're still not done, as we also have a USB cable comparo featuring the Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7.0, DH Labs Silver Sonic and Cardas Clear. We also have a review of JCAT's USB Card, battery power supply and USB cable.

But wait, there's more!

For those who are interested in The DEG's upcoming push with their Hi-Res Audio scheme, we have two articles not to be missed. The first one is titled Dazed And Confused About Hi-Res Audio? Here's Help by Len Schneider and another article by Mark Waldrep of Real HD-Audio called CEA And JAS Collaborate On Hi-Res Audio Promotion.

We're not done yet!

Roger Skoff has a great article concerning how the loss of "tinkering" can be a loss to us all. For classical music lovers, we have a disappointing approach to Dvorak's charming Sixth Symphony. Saving the day for classical music is our review of historically significant violin concertos from the 1930s that are brilliantly performed by Gil Shaham and another review of The Lincoln Trio w/guests offering an impressive set of piano-and-strings chamber music by Turina.

CES 2015 Show Report and Live Streaming Coverage by Enjoy the Music.com

Lastly, we have our upcoming live streaming coverage of CES 2015! During the live stream, Enjoy the Music.com will feature many companies and their groundbreaking new products and technologies plus we have arranged some very special guests to chime in! Not all guests will be at CES, so you can only imagine what surprises we have waiting to showcase during our live CES show broadcast. As always, you can ask on-screen guests questions in real time via our live chat or tweet us!

NOTE: If you're an exhibitor at CES and have not scheduled your live broadcast appearance, we have a very small thimbleful of openings still available so act fast to reserve your time by e-mailing us! Like all of our live streams, we provide this service 100% free of charge and videos will later appear within our YouTube channel in high quality true 1080 resolution.

You can enjoy our January Review Magazine at this link.



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