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Fundamental Amplifier Techniques With Electron Tubes Second Edition
Theory and practice with design methods for self construction.
Book By Rudolf Moers

Meet The Maker: An Interview With Charles Kirmuss Of Kirmuss Audio
Interview By Suave Kajko Of NOVO Magazine

Industry POV: The Next Generation Of AV And IT Networks
Supporting productivity and performance will be fundamental.
Article By Brad Price Of Audinate

Dear Record Labels: Believe It Or Not Music Fans Like Music That Sounds Good.
Article By Jack Sharkey Of KEF Direct

Furutech Nano Crystal2 Formula (NCF), Alpha Process, And Boost Series
Article By Furutech

HARMAN Active Listening Survey Results
A recent study commissioned by HARMAN reveals contemporary listening habits and provides compelling evidence of the benefits of conscious listening.
Article By HARMAN, A Samsung Company

White Paper: Coaxial Ribbon LineSource
The next step towards perfect audio reproduction.
Article By Newform Research

Balanced Versus Unbalanced Interfaces
Article By John Siau Of Benchmark Media Systems

What About Impedance?
Learn more about a moving coil cartridge's internal and loaded impedance.
Article By Bob Sattin of Bobs Devices, Inc.

World Of McIntosh
Editor Tom Lyle takes a private tour of McIntosh Labs' incredible NYC showroom.
Article By Tom Lyle

Your Digital Is Really Analog
Article By Daryl Berk Of Cary Audio

Is It 'Foolish' To Start A Loudspeaker Company In Today's Market?
Article By VJ Grail President And Engineer Of Grail Loudspeakers

Bi-Amp'ing Basics
Article By Jack Sharkey KEF Direct

Passive Versus Active Preamplifiers
Article By Israel Blume President, Coincident Speaker Technology

DSD Versus PCM: Myth Versus Truth
Article By Benjamin Zwickel Of Mojo Audio

Why Is Our Industry Always Self-Destructive?
Let's lobby for a new perspective.
Article By Craig Allison of Lavish Hi-Fi

Q&A Discussion With Owen Kwon, President, Astell&Kern
And Marc Finer, Senior Director, DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group
About High Resolution Audio

Power Supplies In Audio Digital To Analog Converters
Article By Benchmark Media Systems

Selling Audio To The "Lost Generation"
Article By Gary Yacoubian, CEO of SVS

Where High-End Audio Missed the High-End Lifestyle Bus
Article By Sandy Gross, GoldenEar Technology

Andrew Jones
An incredibly brilliant loudspeaker designer does it again... with ELAC!

Enjoy the Music.com Wants You To Celebrate Our 20th Anniversary!
Industry luminaries help us celebrate the past 20 years.

An Interview With YG Acoustics' Yoav Geva
Interview By Phil Gold

Streaming Music Is Fundamentally Changing The Way We Listen
Article By John MacFarlane, Co-Founder And CEO Of Sonos

What Is, And Is Not, High-Resolution Audio
Article By John Siau of Benchmark Media Systems

Cary Sherman On RIAA's New 2014 Music Revenue & Shipment Data

Headphone Amplifiers
Specifications are only part of the story. Article By Benchmark Media Systems

The World Beyond 20kHz
Article By Earthworks Audio Founder David E. Blackmer

Balancing Act
What we mean by a balanced circuit.
Article By Bill Hutchins, Chief Designer at LKV Research

Michael Green Speaks His Mind About The Biggest Question...
Reply to My Memo To The Industry as seen in the July 2013 Review Magazine.

Visionary David Chesky Shares His Thoughts

Computer Audio: Understanding The RAM And CPU Relationship
Article By Ryan Mintz of Core Audio Technology

An Inside Look At Von Schweikert Audio
Interview with chief designer Albert Von Schweikert Plus VR22 Design Introspective

Blu-ray Music Concerts
Includes un-compressed audio, bit-for-bit identical to the studio master recording!
Article By Bob Rapoport

Dirty AC Power: Getting It Out of Your (Audio-Video) System
Article By Roger Sheker, Chief Engineer @ Audience

High Resolution Audio: Is the future really low resolution?
Article By Ryan Mintz of Core Audio Technology

Additional thoughts on voltage, current and power drive to speakers. Article By David Berning of The David Berning Company

Harman Mobile Showcase visits Blue Moon Audio

An Interview With Brian Russell Of Bryston Limited

An Interview With Todd Garfinkle Of MA Recordings

An Interview With Joe Reynolds Of Nordost Corporation

An Interview With Ron Sutherland Of Sutherland Engineering

Why Your Audiophile Addiction Is Due To Get More Expensive... Soon! Article By John Evanthes (aka, TheChairGuy)

Quality Has Its Price" "Cheap" is not the same as "value for money".

Factory Tour: Orange Country California Speaker Repair

Audyssey DSX Breaks The Surround Barrier
Adding surround channels where they have the most impact.

A Few Moments With David Chesky
Composer, musician and of Chesky Records and HDtracks...
Interview By Nels Ferre

Cool Vintage Video! Now Presenting Ella Fitzgerald

Cool Vintage Video! Now Presenting Miles Davis

Fidelity Potential Index: iPod, MP3, CD, LP, SACD What Sounds Better and Why.
Article By John Meyer Of Newform Research

Simple Cure For Tinnitus
Article By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.

Video: How Vinyl Records Are Made.

Cool Vintage Video! Electrons On Parade RCA
How tubes are made and how they work.

Shuguang Vacuum Tube Manufacturing
Article By Rachel Of Grant Fidelity

Jitter in Digital Audio Data Streams
Article By Steve Nugent Of Empirical Audio

iPod, MP3, CD, LP, SACD: What Sounds Better And Why
Article Submitted By John Meyer At Newform Research

Music Playback From A Computer
The Audiophile's Concerns Article Submitted
By Daniel Weiss Of Weiss Engineering Ltd.

Content Insider
Visions for 2009 A Year of Realignment, Reassessment And Repositioning
Article By Andy Marken Of Marken Communications

Comparing Eight Tubes For Low Power Amplifiers
Article Submitted By Mike Zivkovic Of Teresonic

The Four Classes Of AC Power Conditioning Products
Article By Roger Sheker Audience LLC

Acoustic Treatment You Can Add To Your Home Studio/Listening Room
Article By Frank Wright, Creative Director At California Sound Studios

A Speculation Regarding Perception Of Detail
Article By George S. Louis, Perfect Polarity Pundit

Leaving Class A
Article By Nelson Pass of Pass Labs

Challenges in Faithful Reproduction of Musical Peaks:
A Power Amplifier Designer's Perspective
Article By Simon Thacher Ph.D. Of Spectron Audio

Treated Versus Untreated: A Comparison of Two Identical Listening Rooms
Article By Axiom Audio

Design Philosophy For Turntables
A Paper From Pierre Lurne Of Audiomeca

Holy Inflation, Batman!
Article By John Evanthes

Soft to Loud: The Nature of Power and Dynamic Headroom
Article By Axiom Audio

Secrets of Amplifier And Speaker Power Requirements Revealed!
Article By Axiom Audio

Notes From My Listening Chair...
Article By Jim Goulding of DiffractionBeGone.com

Competing Paradigms in Amplifier and Loudspeaker Design, Test and Measurement.
Article By Ralph Karsten Of Atma-Sphere Music Systems

The Next Frontier In Audiophile Footer Systems
Article by Austin Jackson of Boston Audio Design

American Power Conversion (APC) The Virtues of Good Power Protection and Conditioning

Episode Audio: Loudspeaker System Providing Improved Off Axis Frequency and Power

Crystal Cable White Paper
Article By Joe Shanaphy

The Oyaide Advantage by The Lotus Group

The Audio Note Transformer Design Philosophy

Myths And Misconceptions About CD Players And DACs

Building A Better Turntable Mat
Article By Austin Jackson of Boston Audio Design

Why The SET And Efficient Loudspeaker Approach Works
Article By Steve Deckert

Robert Stein Of The Cable Company Speaks Out Concerning Cables

A Conversation With Chief Engineer, Kara Chaffee... Or, Why Consider deHavilland?

ATC Loudspeaker Technology Active Versus Passive Loudspeakers

An Interview With Acoustic Zen's Robert Lee by Jim Merod

Our Famous Original Dyna St-70 Rebuild Plans
Article By Frank Van Alstine

Electrostatic Amplifiers
Article By Roger Sanders Of InnerSound, Inc.

White Paper On Cabling For ESL Loudspeakers
Article By Roger Sanders Of InnerSound, Inc.

Setting Up Loudspeakers In A Rectangular Room
Article By George Cardas

The Listening Room Part I, Your Most Important Component
Article By David Smith, President And Chief Engineer For Snell Acoustics

The Listening Room Part II, Loudspeaker Placement:
Fix The Bass And Define Your Sonic Space
Article By David Smith, President And Chief Engineer For Snell Acoustics

Jitter Suppression and Clocking
Article By Daniel Weiss of Weiss Engineering Ltd.

Horn Loudspeaker Design - Theory And Practice
Article By Randy Bankert of O. S. Services, Inc.

In Memory of John Wyckoff

How to Reissue A Record
Article By Classic Records

Are You On The Road To... Audio Hell?
Article By Leonard Norwitz and Peter Qvortrup

David Chesky of Chesky Records Regarding 6.0 Surround

Interview with Paul Mc Gowan, the PS Audio founder.

Ray Kimber on Mo-Fi

Why Horns
Article By Dr. Bruce Edgar, Edgarhorns.

Time Waits For No-One or the Saga of the Audio Note DAC 5 D/A Converter
Article By Peter Qvortrup, owner of Audio Note UK









































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