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Loudspeaker Lust Page

  This page contains lustful-licious loudspeakers! A loyal reader of this website suggested a loudspeaker lust page and here she is. Lust away!

The Mobius loudspeaker is a lifestyle oriented loudspeaker that features 360 degree dispersing of sound via the bi-polar design. Mobius' front element is finished in silver grey high gloss piano finish, while the rear enclosure is wrapped in black simulated leather. Driver compliment consists of an 8-inch Talc-filled cone for midrange that has a center-mounted 1-inch silk dome tweeter, both appearing on the front and also the rear of the unit. Bass is produced by an 8-inch driver and aided with a 3-inch tuned port. Frequency response is from 45Hz to 20kHz with a sensitivity of 88.3dB/W/m at 8 Ohms.

Imagine Studios
36 Emmett Circle
Brampton, Ontario
Canada L7A 3M2

Voice: (905) 846-2236
E-mail: imaginestudios@rogers.com


Nola Grand Reference IV System

  Nola Grand Reference IV System consists of seven main pieces that include a pair of main towers with external bi-wired passive crossover, a pair of passive subwoofer towers, a variable low pass electronic filter, and a pair of IP-1 crossover isolation platforms. A total of 46 high-quality drivers are split between four towers, with each channel being built in mirror-imaged arrays. Frequency response if from 16Hz to 46kHz and total acoustic output can reach a staggering 120dB from 20Hz to 20kHz!

Nola Speakers
Hunters Run
181 Smithtown Blvd.
Suite 104
Nesconset, NY 11767

Website: www.nolaspeakers.com


German Physiks MovieMaxx

  The German Physiks MovieMaxx system loudspeaker system includes a top module with a 13cm woofer working in a sealed cabinet and a 360° surround radiation midrange/tweeter by the DDD Bendingwave Converter. This unit is places on the MovieMaxx subwoofer with its two 16cm bass drivers to produce frequencies down to 30Hz. The entire system covers from 30Hz to 19kHz and a 4 ohms load. Included with this system is an active crossover at 350Hz (12dB) to insure proper integration of both modules.

German Physiks
Frankfurter Landstraße 52
D-63452 Hanau

Website: www.german-physiks.de


Design e GT1

  UK based manufacturer Design e offers the sensually curved spherical enclosure loudspeakers. Available in various colors, this design includes a top-mounted hand treated cloth dome tweeter with Neodymium magnet system and below it a high quality midrange driver. A separate spherical bass unit fills out the lowermost frequencies. Overall frequency response is 35Hz to 20kHz with a 90dB/W/m sensitivity at 8 ohms. The main units are magnetically shielded to eliminate stray magnetic fields for easy positioning near near a normal television.

Design e
44 (0) 1243 377899
Website: www.designe.co.uk



  Dynaudio's C4 ($16,000) floorstanding employs technologies developed for their reference Evidence loudspeaker. Dynaudio technologies such as the soft-dome Esotar2 and Dynaudio Directivity Control (DDC), for controlling dispersion on the vertical plane to minimize reflections off the ceiling and floor boundaries, make this loudspeakers much less dependent on room acoustics. The Esotar2 one inch tweeter is mated to a pair of 5.25 inch midrange divers and a pair of 7 inch woofers. Paying close attention to every detail, a special 40mm thick floating construction front baffle combined with the tweeters being mounted on their own aluminum plate for added stability/rigidity.

Sensitivity: 90 dB/W/m
Power Handling: 400 Watt
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Wright: 50 kg
Dimensions: 250 / 420 x 1750 x 445 (WxHxD in mm)
Crossover: 6 dB/octave
Binding Posts: WBT gold
Tweeter: 28 mm soft dome, magnetic fluid, 6 mm aluminum-alloy front, with high heat-dissipation, integrated in baffle, pure aluminum wire voice coil, aluminum-alloy rear chamber with high heat dissipation, large neodymium magnet rings

Midrange: 15 cm, one-piece molded MSP-cone, 38 mm pure aluminum wire voice coil

Woofer: 20 cm, one-piece molded MSP-cone, 75 mm pure aluminum wire voice coil


Dynaudio A/S
Sverigesvej 15
DK-8660 Skanderborg

Website: www.dynaudiousa.com


Infinity Reference Standard I A/B

Click here for a larger, tastier photo.

  Here we have an oldie buy a goodie. When Infinity made top quality statement pieces, they released the Reference Standard I A/B back in 1982 that took the audiophile world by storm! With separate woofer and midrange/tweeter towers, this almost 400 lbs. system offered joy to those seeking some of the best in music reproduction at the time. The woofer tower is 150 x 30 x 30 while the thinner midrange/tweeter towers were 150 x 60 x 30 (HxWxD in cm). A total of six 8-inch polypropylene woofers were mated with seven EMIM midrange drivers in dipole array and four EMIT tweeters in dipole array as well (three tweeters up front, one on the rear). The overall system frequency response was rated from 20Hz to 32kHz (±2dB) while amplification duties were quite demanding. Amplification requirements were 150 watts per channel minimum for each bass module and 75 watts per channel minimum for each tweeter/midrange panel. The system required bi-amplification. Having upwards of 500 watts per channel for the entire system was reported to be best. Nominal impedance was a low 4 ohms. The included outboard crossover was set to provide each section with the appropriate frequencies (140Hz, 700Hz, 3000Hz, 8000Hz points). The woofers were servo controlled and the entire system came in at a suggested retail price of $6,000 back in 1982.


  O'heocha Design (UK) Limited's D2-ISO-5 "flagship" loudspeaker offers a very unique design with visuals to match. The top-mounted 28mm soft dome tweeter with Neodymium magnet is in a solid piece of extremely rigid machined aluminum bar. Double polypropylene cone hybrid midrange units are said to "give a truly amazing level of spaciousness and three dimensionality to any piece of music." An integral 'two-stage' constant pressure bass chamber with two 215mm polypropylene drive units produces deep bass. With a claimed frequency response of 30Hz to 20kHz and 89dB/w/m sensitivity, the D2-ISO-5 can handle 150 watts per loudspeaker. The loudspeaker cabinet is constructed from aluminum alloy grade 3003A and EVA/Bitumous composite. Crossover components include top grade polypropylene capacitors, air cored and copper coil inductors, and metal film resistors. All inductors are optimally aligned to minimize the effect of distortion caused by stray electro-magnetic fields.

O'heocha Design Uk and Ireland
Republic of Ireland

Website: www.o-d.co.uk


Duevel BellaLuna    Duevel BellaLuna

  German loudspeaker manufacture Duevel specializes in designing and manufacturing unique full-range horn units. In fact they won the Enjoy the Music.com Best of Show Award during our 2001 Frankfurt Germany event coverage. This design is said to provide full 360o radiation of the drivers to provide a precise and full room soundstage.

Design: omnidirectional two-way full-range horn
Woofer: 22 cm carbon fiber cone, die cast chassis, textile suspension
Woofer Voicecoil: 38 mm
Mid/High Frequency Driver: 38 mm carbon fiber and 38 mm flat aluminum voicecoil with Nomex voice coil former
Phaselinear crossover
Impedance: 6 0hms
Sensitivity: 91 dB/w/m
Power Handling: 150 watts
Guarantee: Five Years

Am Hehenkamp 1 
D-49143 Bissendorf 

Website: www.cd-konzert.de


DanA™ active loudspeaker  DanA™ active loudspeaker

  The DanA active loudspeakers [act:eve] are said to be designed for very accurate music reproduction. Using no coils in the crossover and built-in amplification, this keeps the loudspeaker signal extremely short. These loudspeaker's frequency response is from 20Hz to 20kHz. The active crossover is minimizes crossover effect on sound as each driver has its own separate "Class A" tube amplification. Meanwhile the DC power supply units are located away from the signal processing electronics (amplifiers, etc).

Dan A Digital Pty Ltd.
PO Box 225
Macarthur Sqr
NSW2560 Australia

Website: www.danAdigital.com 



  The REALITY 3D loudspeaker  by Denmark-based AV Reality is claimed to be a state of the art design using a tetrahedron cabinet. This shape helps to reduce standing waves within the cabinet to enhance the music reproduction capabilities. The 7.5 degree angled cabinet, in combination with the acoustic behavior of the driver units, provides phase linear, time aligned radiation. The tweeter is sealed in its own non-resonant chamber and therefore isolated from the woofer. Frequency response is said to be from 38Hz to 30,000Hz (+-3dB) using a 25mm textile dome tweeter and 178mm midbass/woofer driver. Sensitivity is rated at 88dB/w/m and presents a 6 ohm load to the amplifier.

Website: www.av-reality.com


AAD 2001

  American Acoustic Development Ltd. (AAD) is a relatively new company offering an extensive line of audiophile quality loudspeakers. From the design and engineering talents of Phil Jones (we interviewed him here), the brains behind the critically acclaimed Platinum Audio loudspeakers of years ago, brings us the AD 2001 loudspeaker seen above. The 1" pure aluminum diaphragm tweeter uses a one-piece dome and voice-coil former. The coil is wound onto the diaphragm itself with exacting precision. This is claimed to eliminate a critical bond between the coil and dome usually found in typical dome drivers. A high flux, shielded magnet system provides a linear magnet field to the voice-coil which is immersed in a low viscosity magnetic liquid which is suspended in the magnet gap. As it is horn loaded, the horn itself is made from a marine grade molybdenum chrome alloy a material that is used in deep sea applications where structural integrity is paramount. This horn's high-mass structure is totally non resonant and extremely rigid so transients are reproduced perfectly.

As for the woofer, it employs a hard anodized aluminum cone and dust cap. With a thick ceramic anodized layer of aluminum oxide on the surface, the diaphragm is further rigidified with the benefit of the two differential sonic velocities in the material giving the cone a self damping characteristic as one material puts a damping constraint on the other. Using a unique cone geometry to allow for virtually perfect pistonic action in its operational band and produces a very flat frequency response. Each 2001 loudspeaker is built by hand and every component is checked for complete quality before assembly. Once assembled, each loudspeaker is measured against AAD's reference standard to be within 1 dB of the reference curve.

Website: www.aadsound.com 


Martin Logan CLS IIz

  Seen above is the almost six foot high Martin Logan Classic CLS IIz full-range electrostatic loudspeakers. Their special curvilinear diaphragm is claimed to reproduce the entire musical range and is free of crossover phase anomalies and multi-driver distortions. No one can argue that these lightweight high-tech loudspeakers can reproduce very fast transients. Total frequency response is said to be from 35 Hz to 22,000 Hz (+/- 3 dB) with a rated sensitivity of 86dB/2.83 volts/meter. A high-current, strong amplifier is a must as the nominal impedance is claimed by Martin Logan to be 4 ohms nominal and 1.5 ohms minimum (at 20 kHz).

Martin Logan
2101 Delaware Street
Lawrence, KS 66046

Website: www.MartinLogan.com


HGP Ronda

  Coming in many flavors, the HGP Ronda is a modular high-end loudspeaker system. Equipped with their "SuperTech" technology and their double chamber resonance system, the Ronda is claimed to gives you "that HPGTYPICAL word of sound." Sounds like someone's been hanging around the glue room too long. In any event, their loudspeaker sounded very impressive at the CES 2000. The top piece is called the BOX1 and covers the upper bass frequencies on up while their CONTRA is the lower, active subwoofer section. Two ceramics coated KEVLAR woofers in a "Double Chamber Resonance System" reproduce the lowermost frequencies.

HGP Lautsprecher
Horst Günther Paul
Hauptstr. 22, Asbach
D-94094 Rotthalmünster

Website: www.hgpaudio.de


Morel Soundspot

  Seen above are the grapefruit-size deep drawn steel spheres called the Soundspot speakers by Morel. This two-way system uses a 4" mid/bass unit and a soft dome tweeter. The drivers themselves utilize powerful Neodymium or double magnet systems and an aluminum Hexatech voice coil that is claimed to provide "quick transient response essential for accurate music reproduction". This interesting voice coil arrangement, claimed by Morel, results in a coil that is up to three times larger than norm providing tight control of cone motion even at high powers. Colors offered include white, black or silver. The speakers come with a pivoting base that allows a variety of installation options.

Morel Co. Ltd
P.O. Box 712
Ness Ziona, 70400

Website: www.morel.co.il


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