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10 / 31 / 13

Stereo Fair  Looking to sell you high fidelity audio gear or perhaps buy something used? If so, then Stereo Fair may be just the place for you! Creating an account is simple and free. To post as ad, all you need to do is click POST AN AD and fill in the details about your item for sale. You may add up to six images. Once you've checked out, your ad will appear in your MY ADS LIST and in the NEW TODAY section of the Web site. You can always return to edit your ad later, or to change your item's status to SOLD or SALE PENDING. A single ad is just $3.50 for a 30 day listing. Special package deals are also available including five ads for $16, ten ads for $31 and 20 ads for just $60. Ad packages never expire and there is never a transaction fee. You may pay for single ads or ad packages by VISA, MasterCard, or American Express.


Aries Cerat new Incito Tube PreamplifierAries Cerat new Incito tube preamplifier took many years to fully develop and is finally consumer ready. Since the company feels that simple circuits always work and most important, sound much better, they have chosen to keep things simple. The heart of the Incito preamplifier is a zero feedback power gain stage, which consists of a transformer-coupled super-triode, using the ultra high trans-conductance E280F which was only made by Siemens. This tube is loaded with a high quality step down transformer to maintain high performance. Voltage swings of over 320V are easy for the power stage, and is stepped down to 80Vpp while keeping transistor-like noise figures. Meeting their goal of employing a step-down transformer to provide very low output resistance, this circuit also provides plenty of current to drive any load down to 250 Ohms. The power supply is built around the 5AR4 rectifier, with separate double pi filtering for each channel, oversized chokes, and high speed capacitors along with an ultra low noise adjustable bias supply. A high quality discrete relay-latched-resistor attenuator is used. True balanced outputs are standard and all inputs are custom configurable. Frequency response is from 4 Hz to 100 kHz (-6dB) and there are five unbalanced inputs, with true balanced input on request. There is a Home Theater passthrough feature too.


10 / 30 / 13

AXPONA  AXPONA (Audio Expo North America), founded by a group of highly skilled professionals who have been active in consumer electronics for over four decades, is offering 10% off exhibit space through November 5th. Held from April 25th through 27th at the Westin O'Hare hotel in Rosemont (Chicago), AXPONA is continuing their partnership with Music Direct and both will be marketing this event widely with the aid of new owner JD Events. For those that took advantage of the RMAF special discount by either contacting AXPONA at (877) 246-3892 or via e-mail prior to the 13th of October or who dropped off business cards can now go to the AXPONA website and reserve their room and receive the 10% discount. The coupon code RMAF10 is good until November 5th. After this date all exhibit space is at the regular rate. The show promoters thank those who are already buying tickets for AXPONA 2014. The 2014 event seeks to set a new standard for high-end audio shows in North America. You can see Enjoy the Music.com's coverage of all four previous AXPONA events at this link.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Napster Version 2.0Accessing music via the Internet has really been heating up over the past 24 hours. First we have Sharman Networks' KaZaA with their new peer to peer file sharing software. Following this is the rebirth and huge marketing push of Napster 2.0. Lastly, the ugly head of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) once again on the legal rampage. KaZaA, who is now offering version 2.6 of their software, now allows people to have multiple searches to make finding files faster. Part of the perceived problem with KaZaA is that their software has been called a Trojan Horse with alleged "spyware" called Gator as being part of the KaZaA software. The Gator fiasco gets thicker as it cases generally unwanted targeted pop up advertising that is said to annoy many computer users. In fact the reputation of Gator has been such that days ago the company has officially changed its name to Claria Corporation. Getting back to KaZaA, a prepared statement from the company concerning their new software said, "This latest version is designed to enable artists to offer music, video and promotional material in a digital package or 'Kapsule.' Musicians will now be able to offer a much greater variety of material, such as images, audio, video, lyrics, tour dates and band information in one place." Rolling with the punches is Napster, once the end-all be-all file sharing software, that went from millions of users to virtually zero following many legal battles. The brand name was eventually purchased by Roxio who has now developed a more legal way to offer music files online. Napster 2.0 offers downloads for 99 cents per song or $9.95 per album. The new software allows access to over 500,000 music files for CD burning and transferring music files to portable devices. Napster 2.0 allows for a simple "Shop" feature or "Premium" service. The differences are as follows:

Store Features
Listen to 30-second clips 
$.99 per song and $9.95 per album
CD burning with a drag-and-drop functionality
Detailed artist and album information
Create play lists
View music videos
Search for music by genre, artist, track title or popularity
Transfer music to various popular devices
Send music to friends

Premium Service
$9.95 per month
Unlimited streaming and downloading
Access to professionally programmed radio stations
Message boards to share opinions and offer suggestions


10 / 29 / 13

Light Harmonic Geek Pulse  Light Harmonic is proud to introduce their upcoming Geek Pulse ($499) through a campaign on crowdfunding site Indiegogo.com and will be available for shipping April 2014. Geek Pulse is a desktop DAC and amplifier that connects to a computer, music server or other digital device to form the basis of a high-quality compact music system. Light Harmonic recently confounded expectations of the audiophile world by utilizing technology developed for their $31,000 DaVinci Dual DAC in the Geek Out portable DAC/headphone amp launched on Kickstarter.com. Their Geek Out will sell through mainstream retail outlets for $299 starting in January, 2014 as the strong response to Geek Out prompted Light Harmonic to establish a division devoted solely to mass-market products: LH Labs. The company says that their Geek Pulse "provides superb sound quality from a wide range of high-resolution formats, in an easy-to-use plug-and-play device". The DAC natively decodes PCM files up to 32-bit/384kHz, as well as native decoding of DSD64 and DSD128 files, and features the patent-pending 3L buffer introduced by Light Harmonic in Da Vinci DAC. The internal amplifier operates in Class-A utilizing a quiet DC power supply to produce 3,000 milliWatts of power. This is strong enough to drive even the most challenging headphones as well as desktop speakers. Inputs include USB 2.0, optical TosLink, and two coax S/PDIF RCA jacks. Analog output is via 1/4" headphone jack on the front and a pair of gold-plated RCA line-out jacks on the back.


HDtracks Moondance by Van Morrison and Girl Talk by Holly ColeHDtracks is offering 10% off their entire store, including the new releases Moondance by Van Morrison and Girl Talk by Holly Cole. In the fall of 1969, Van Morrison entered the studio to record Moondance, the album that would soon become his commercial breakthrough and one of the most beloved recordings of all time. This re-release is a high-resolution stereo remaster by the original album engineer Elliot Scheiner. This album is available in high resolution 192kHz/24-bit. Girl Talk by Holly Cole was mastered from the original 96kHz/24-bits files by Rene LaFlamme and Andre Perry at Fidelio Technologies’ mastering lab, using the 2xHD process. A SSD drive power by battery with a modified high-end dCS Vivaldi clock with silver and gold cables was used to create a very transparent sound. This trio is perfectly attuned to each other and is comes out with every nuance of their music. As they explore jazz, country, pop and R&B, somehow the customary meanings in these forms are transformed by a contemporary sensibility. Holly fathoms the emotional depth charges of "My Foolish Heart" – with just the hint of a smile surfacing in the refrain. If you’ve seen her sing you know she addresses the song "Girl Talk" to the women in her audience with a smirk no one could misinterpret. You can save 10% right now on all HDtracks purchases by using the code HDTREAT10 during checkout.


10 / 28 / 13

Just added:

Sonic Satori: CanJam @ Rocky Mountain Audio Fest
Bumpin' new tunes and hearin’ new things.
CanJam Show Report By Michael Mercer


10 / 25 / 13
Am completely exhausted from the RMAF and other duties, thus we here at Enjoy the Music.com are on vacation until further notice. Time to spend time with those we deeply love. Wishing everyone a great week/weekend ahead and as always.... Enjoy the Music :)


Recordings From The Enjoy the Music.com Vault

From Enjoy the Music.com's vault are two rare, never before heard performances of Jimmie Lee Robinson and Wild Child Butler in May 2002. These recordings are the only ones in the world of both live performances.
Song 1   Song 2


10 / 24 / 13

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2013 Show Report Coming Soon!  Enjoy the Music.com has just posted the final update to our extensive coverage of the RMAF 2013 event. With well over 160 photos, downloadable audiophile quality 192kHz/24-bit music plus 25 videos online including the controversial Synergistic Research room, this is without a doubt the most extensive and diverse coverage offered anywhere in the world! As per our RMAF 2013 press release, "Virtually all online and print magazines simply take a photo and write a text-based report of a show. But why in this age of technology are we still using the same circa 1996 old-school technology year after year? It is time for a change!" See Enjoy the Music.com's complete press release by clicking here and our now complete RMAF 2013 show coverage by clicking here.


Genelec Home Audio G Three Active LoudspeakerGenelec Home Audio now offers their new G Three Active Loudspeaker, which is part of the new Genelec G Series of Active Loudspeakers for home audio. The G Three employs a 5" midrange/woofer mated to a 0.75" tweeter and joins three other models in the series: G One with 3" + 0.75", G Two with 4" + 0.75") and G Four with 6.5" + 0.75" drivers. Genelec's F One 6" active subwoofer and F Two with 8" active subwoofer round out the series. The G Three active two-way loudspeaker combines an organic, rounded form enclosure to reduce unwanted acoustic reflections that interfere with the direct sound. Proprietary Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW) formed around the tweeter is designed to match the frequency response and directivity characteristics of the two drivers. This results in a smooth frequency response on- and off-axis and controlled directivity maximizing the direct sound aimed to the listening area. Maximum sound pressure level is 100dB per loudspeaker @ 1 meter and frequency response is from 55 Hz to 21 kHz (-3 dB). The tweeter and midrange/woofer are each driven by 40 Watts of amplification and cabinet dimensions are 11.77" x 7.44" x 7.01" (HxWxD) with a weight of 12.35 lbs.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
SoundExchangeIn hopes to insure that both music labels and recording artists receive proper payment for the efforts, SoundExchange is a performance rights organization to oversee the business end of the industry. With an 18-member board of directors, Sound Exchange is an unincorporated division of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) that has distributed nearly $10 million in royalties in the past few years alone. President and executive director John L. Simson said, "We are dedicated to the fair, accurate and efficient distribution of royalties. SoundExchange is committed to ensuring that every artist and copyright owner of a sound recording is paid for each and every performance." AFM president and SoundExchange board member Tom Lee added, "Copyright owners and performers cooperate in the creation of great recorded music. In SoundExchange, performers and owners will continue to cooperate to establish fair license rates and distribute the maximum possible proceeds under rules that benefit us all. The AFM and its 110,000 members applaud the incorporation of SoundExchange as a new, free-standing entity, and look forward to our ongoing joint efforts with label and artist representatives to develop a responsible and efficient collective for our industry."


10 / 22 / 13

Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show (TAVES) 2013  Enjoy the Music.com's third annual Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show (TAVES) audiophile report will be online soon! TAVES 2013 will be returning to the King Edward Hotel located in Toronto, Ontario from November 1st through 3rd. TAVES is an event for consumers interested in discovering and experiencing new audio/video brands and products as well as other categories. The TAVES event also presents a great opportunity for industry professionals to connect with manufacturers, distributors and retailers. With some 60 different exhibitors and more than 280 brands under one roof – the event virtually guarantees that everyone will find something fascinating at the show! TAVES is presented by The New Classical 96.3 FM and Import HiFi. This event promises to be the hottest Canadian consumer electronics show of 2013 in Canada. If you would like to get an up-close sneak peak at the newest emerging consumer electronics products and technology, TAVES 2013 is the place to visit. Of course there will be plenty of goodies to purchase at the show such as audio and video cables, headphones, earphones, CDs, records, concert Blu-rays, and much more. See the TAVES site at this link.


Lipinski Sound L-707A MonitorsLipinski Sound has gone self-powered and upgradeable for their 10th Anniversary and thus have announced the new L-707A powered monitors. The revised L-707A series of monitors are the latest development in a series of loudspeakers starting with their legendary L-707.They have Lipinski's newest L-707A has Class A/AB, all-discrete, dual-power amplifier based on low-feedback patented circuitry Lipinski Square OpAmps. This is unique in that at no point does the audio signal pass through an integrated circuit, condenser, coil, or transformer. The low-order, low-feedback, Class A electronic crossover, High/Low gently calibrated EQ 60-160Hz EQ allows for the most common floor/ceiling resonance cancellation. Every effort has been made to ensure the highest fidelity possible, including special care to isolate the amplifier’s sensitive electronics from performance degrading cabinet resonance. Lipinski Sound's L-707A powered monitors have a larger cabinet than the previous model and allows for smoother midrange and extended bass. A thicker, 1.25" MDF cabinet with internal bracing further eliminates resonances. The company uses 'cost-no-object' tweeter capacitors and the custom tweeter was designed to Lipinski specifications. Custom mid-woofers rounds out this design and further smoothes frequency response to enable lower distortion.


10 / 21 / 13

Auralic Limited Gemini 2000 and 1000 Headphone Docks  Auralic Limited has announced its introduction of the Gemini 2000 and 1000 Headphone Docks ($1995 and $995 respectively), the first entries in an entirely new personal audio product category. The Gemini Headphone Docks combine several headphone-oriented audio components plus full-format decoding in a compact, self-contained and visually appealing curvilinear shape. Auralic Limited's two Gemini Headphone Docks include a full-format DAC, a headphone amplifier, an integrated SD Extended Capacity (SDXC) card reader holding up to 2 TB of music plus attractive headphone and cord storage. Utilizing an exclusive profile licensed from an award-winning Swedish firm Klutz Design, these ~12" high units weighing a comforting 6.2 pounds and visually resembles an abstracted sculpture of the human head and neck. The sculpted upper portion is a precisely milled wood chassis exhibiting a mirror-like finish with five coats of hand-polished lacquer in any of five colors — black, white, red, yellow and blue. The base comes in two finishes — gold and chrome — for the Gemini 2000, and Titanium gray for the Gemini 1000. The Headphone Dock conceals a miniaturized amplifier and DAC technology from Auralic's Vega Digital Audio Processor and TAURUS MKII Balanced Headphone Amplifier. The heart of the Docks is an exclusive printed circuit board that hosts more than 500 components on a platform the size of a human palm. Their amplifier sections provide Class-A headphone power outputs up to 2000 mW in balanced configuration for the Gemini 2000 to drive any higher-quality model, and 1000mW in unbalanced configuration of Class A power for the Gemini 1000. The frequency response is from 20 Hz to 20 kHz with THD of less than 0.002%. Both models support DXD, DSD and double-rate DSD as well as sampling rates up to 384kHz/24-bit. Both the GEMINI 2000 and 1000 come equipped with quarter-inch stereo phone jacks and 4-PIN XLR headphone jacks. A built-In SDXC Card allows for upward of 2TB of music, there is also a computer USB input and owner use their personal computer to select music. Each Gemini includes a 4GB SD card loaded with a computer driver and a User's Guide. On the base are both a 1/4" stereo headphone jack and a 4-pin XLR headphone output, a USB port for connecting to a computer, an SDXC card slot, a phone jack for connection to Android devices, an optical TosLink input, two small buttons for Power On/Off and input selection. A volume control, and a power socket also naturally provided. LEDs discreetly recessed on top of the baseplate indicate the sampling rate, input channel and volume level.


British Music RadioBritish Music Radio is an online, on-demand internet radio project with the simple aim of broadcasting classical music composed by people born or domiciled in the British Isles. Why? Because they have a great treasury of music from the age of Dowland and earlier, through Purcell, Avison, Handel, Stanford, Parry, Elgar, Vaughan Williams, Holst, Bax, Britten, Tippet, Steve Markland and so many others right to the present day. BMR broadcasts all its programs using SoundCloud. You can become a Subscriber to help them achieve performances and recordings of neglected British Music. They also want to help to launch a 'Debut Series', encouraging young performers in British repertoire. BMR is an association with Inland Revenue charitable status and are all voluntary. They also employ a stock of vinyl, cassette, CD, and IT audio formats plus live recordings made by British Music radio. Whilst it is not a daily service, they do add new programs as and when they can. There is also a regular magazine called The Journey plus a series on The British Symphony. The series Sounds Ahead covers new music. British Music Radio's regular Concert Time feature is produced by record company Cameo Classics and there is 'By the Sleepy Lagoon', which is about British Light Classical Music. BMR has already recorded its own concerts and recitals - artists of the calibre of Emma Kirkby, Anthony Rooney, Mark Bebbington, The Coull Quartet, Angela Brownridge, Miriam Kramer and Nicholas Durcan. Music from Tudor times, to Holst, Elgar, Britten and up to date. You may also want to suggest ideas, offer time, make program material, donate recorded material, perform etc. Keeping the crowd active, users can make a program for British Music radio or send them a recording made of you in performance!


Everything But The Box (EBTB) Wallz SpeakersEverything But The Box (EBTB) new Wallz speakers gets their name from a combination between Walzt and Wall. Wallz One will be the first of a new EBTB line, a high-end on-wall/in-wall two-way loudspeaker. Like with all the other products from EBTB, the new Wallz is carefully handcrafted, produces a remarkable unique design, excellent sound for their size and a vast number of customization possibilities. Wallz One is a pure EU product incorporating high quality drivers made in Italy, capacitors made in Germany and the entire manufacturing and assembling made within their factory near Varna, Bulgaria. Power handling is 80 Watt, frequency range is from 59 Hz to 20 kHz and impedance is 8 Ohms. This two-way vented design has a bass port on the baffle for extending the lowermost frequency response. Specially designed MDF/PMAA cabinet has internal bracings to ensure cabinet strength while also reducing unwanted distortion causing internal vibration. Driver compliment is a 1" HF driver with silk membrane and neodymium magnet structure. For midrange and bass duties a 5" LF driver with waterproof cone and rubber surround with DAP technology plus vented 1.5" voice coil ensure high quality sound.


10 / 18 / 13

Australian Hi-Fi Magazine  Enjoy the Music.com, an industry leader in high-fidelity audio information including show reports plus equipment and music reviews for more than 18 years, is pleased to announce that Australia's most famous audio magazine — Australian Hi-Fi Magazine — is joining our site! This marks the ninth magazine to join what has been referred to as the Internet's leading site for high fidelity audio reviews, daily news, show reports and general information. Enjoy the Music.com is a longstanding major resource for information about the high fidelity audio industry and high resolution music on the Internet. Australian Hi-Fi Magazine joining Enjoy the Music.com shows the strength of the industry to come together as we all work in concert to provide timely information on virtually every facet within the high fidelity audio and high resolution music sector of consumer electronic everywhere in the world... even from 'down under'. Our industry prominence encompasses providing virtually live show reports too; including our 2013 efforts as official media partners with five major North American events. We are very proud to introduce Australian Hi-Fi Magazine to our worldwide readership and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship. See the complete press release at this link.


Sir Paul McCartney's New and Phil Collins Hello, I Must Be GoingHDtracks is offering 10% off the new deluxe edition of Sir Paul McCartney's New in 96kHz/24-bit, plus they now have Phil Collins' popular release Hello, I Must Be Going in 192kHz/24-bit! Sir Paul McCartney returns to rock with New, his first album of brand new solo material in more than six years! This Deluxe Edition features two bonus tracks and extended booklet with exclusive new photos and more. New is Paul McCartney's 16th studio album and his first since Memory Almost Full in 2007. Recorded with four different producers (Mark Ronson, Ethan Johns, Paul Epworth, and Giles Martin), New has been described by McCartney as "very varied," with each of the four producers bringing their own influences to the recording and writing process. The first single to be released from the album, "New", was very well-received. Phil Collins' Hello, I Must Be Going is his second studio album. Released on November 1, 1982, this album brought Collins his first Brit Award (British Male Artist) in 1983. The album had eight singles: "Thru These Walls"; "You Can't Hurry Love"; "I Don't Care Anymore"; "Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away"; "Why Can't It Wait 'Til Morning"; "I Cannot Believe It's True"; "It Don't Matter to Me"; and "Like China". "I Don't Care Anymore" earned Collins a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Vocal Performance, Male in 1984. To save 10% on Sir Paul McCartney's album New, use code HDNEW10 during checkout. the code expires on 10/22 at 11:59pm PDT and is only good for one use.


Benchmark AHB2 Stereo Power AmplifierBenchmark's AHB2 stereo power amplifier (~$2500) produces 100 wpc @ 8 Ohms and uses the company's new advances with licensed technology from THX to achieve their final design with high-end performance. This patented technology claims to eliminate most sources of distortion while extending the dynamic range well beyond that of most high-end amplifiers. Benchmark's AHB2 power amplifier has a dynamic range approaching 130dB, making it 10 to 30 dB quieter than the typical audiophile power amplifier. The frequency response extends beyond 200kHz to deliver the ultrasonic detail and fast transients captured by high-resolution recordings. At the other end of the audio spectrum, the low-frequency response extends below 0.1 Hz. The AHB2 has a high damping factor that augments its extended low-end to deliver solid, well-controlled bass. The company is using licensed technology from THX to solve the crossover problem in Class AB amplification by combining a plurality of output stages such that one stage drives the output while another stage enters a crossover region. Distortion performance exceeds that of class A amplifiers, while the efficiency exceeds that of traditional class AB amplifiers.


10 / 17 / 13

 Gryphon Audio Designs Kalliope DAC  Gryphon Audio Designs new Kalliope DAC (€19,800), as first seen in prototype form within Enjoy the Music.com's Munich High End 2013 show report, is now shipping. This future-proof unit employs cutting edge electronics with modular digital circuit boards for easy access to future upgrades. Firmware updates will be available via USB. Gryphon Audio's Kalliope deploys eight ESS Sabre ES9018 DAC chips in a dual-differential, dual-mono topology capable of full 32-bit processing. The heavily regulated, fully discrete, Class A analogue output stage employs zero negative feedback and offers both balanced XLR and single-ended RCA outputs. Gryphon Kalliope effectively removes one of the weak points in more conventional DAC designs: dependence on USB bus power, i.e., 5V fed to the USB receiver from the source computer via the USB cable's power line which "bleeds" noise and interference into the two data lines with significant audible impact. The 12.5 Farad SuperCap dedicated power supply of the Kalliope USB module acts as a virtual battery, delivering low-noise, stable, regulated power, eliminating the computer as a power source altogether. "We designed the Kalliope to be a moving target in the rapid evolution of ultra high-resolution digital audio" said Gryphon founder and CEO Flemming E. Rasmussen. "For once, hardware seems to be out in front of software, as the Kalliope offers playback of PCM up to 32-bit/384 kHz and DSD up to 6.144 MHz. This is an exciting time to be in audio and we can hardly wait for more well recorded, interesting music to appear in these ultra hirez formats. I think music lovers will be startled when they finally experience the untapped potential of Gryphon amplifiers and loudspeakers." Features include:

• Dedicated ESS SABRE ES9018 32-bit D/A converter for each channel
• Each ES9018 incorporates eight individual D/A converters in Dual Differential coupling for optimal performance
• USB input compatible with following audio formats via PC/MAC:
     PCM: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8 and 384 kHz, up to 32 bits
     DSD via USB (DoP): 2.822, 3.072, 5.644 and 6.144 MHz
• BNC and XLR inputs compatible with PCM: 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, 48, 64, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192 kHz, up to 24 bits
• User-selectable PCM and DSD digital roll-off filters
• User-selectable asynchronous PCM sample rate conversion 
• Temperature-compensated, ultra-low jitter crystal oscillators with better than 5 parts per million accuracy
• 12.5 Farad SuperCap power supply for USB module for a true, independent battery source.
• Balanced 110 Ohm XLR AES/EBU input
• Three single-ended 75 Ohm BNC S/PDIF inputs.
• Balanced 110 Ohm XLR AES/EBU output for de-jittered signal from selected input
• Galvanic isolation of BNC and XLR inputs for minimal jitter
• 75 Ohm BNC connector for optional external word clock
• Modular digital audio sections for possible future upgrades
• True Class A, fully discrete analogue circuitry with zero negative feedback
• First-order PCM analogue filters and second-order DSD analogue filters with silvered Mica capacitors
• Analogue output with discrete, ultra-low noise +/- 25VDC regulated voltage supplies for THD and noise suppression
• Discrete, ultra-low noise power supply for analogue section of ES9018 DAC
• Comprehensive noise regulation of all digital circuits
• Custom-built 65 VA toroidal transformer for each analogue channel
• 34,000 microFarad power capacitor banks for each analogue channel
• True Dual Mono configuration
• Balanced XLR analogue outputs and single-ended phono outputs
• Ultra-short signal path with minimal internal wiring
• Four-layer 70 mm thick copper trace PCB’s
• Personalized naming of each input
• Vacuum Fluorescent Display with variable illumination
• No drivers required for LINUX or MAC OSX
• Driver available for Windows XP/Vista/7/8
• Automatic standby mode with user-selectable interval
• Standby power consumption less than 0.5W in accordance with EU regulations
• 12V link in/out
• Infrared remote control
• EU CE approval
• Designed and built in Denmark


Gershman Acoustics LVC (Levitation Vibration Control)Gershman Acoustics is launching a new product called the LVC (Levitation Vibration Control, $299 for set of four). According to the company, the reason designers at Gershman Acoustics create excellent loudspeakers is because of their love for music, relentless pursuit of quality, perfection and their ability to listen. Gershman Acoustics was able to eliminate the imperfections that came from the speakers, but still some other imperfection in the sound were apparent. Those imperfection, according to Gershman Acoustics, came from the electronics. As good as the electronics were, they were still placed on a surface that would vibrate. As the music fills the room, the room get pressurized and depressurized from the sound waves. This affects all sides of the electronics evenly that does not detract from the sound quality, however what does affect the quality of sound is the asymmetrical vibrations that emanates from the floor and travels all the way up to the electronics. In order to prevent this vibration from happening, Gershman Acoustics have developed the LVC that uses repelling magnets and other materials with anti-vibration properties to eliminate the asymmetrical vibration. This aids in emanating unwanted vibrations from the floor as it travels all the way up to electronic components. The company says that the LVC will add smoothness to the sound as it also eliminates any artificial edginess, which was not produced by the original musical instruments, while also maintaining its brilliancy. Users will also achieve better details and more definition in the lower range as imaging and soundscape are greatly improved as well.


10 / 16 / 13

RMAF 2013 Music
Note: DropBox allows only 20GB per day. RMAF 2013 192kHz/24-bit music. Here are two songs recorded live, minimal mic'ing, etc. Both links have the exact same file consisting of two songs in one .wav, so please only download once from either link. Enjoy the music :) 

Link 1   Link 2

Again, only 20GB allowed per day per link, with both links having the exact same file. Therefore if both links are 'spent', just wait a day and try again :)


10 / 11 / 13

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2013 Show Report Coming Soon!  Enjoy the Music.com, the undisputed online industry leader in high fidelity audio information including industry news, show reports, magazine partners plus equipment and music reviews for over 18 years, is delivering music enthusiasts and tech-heads outstanding Internet coverage of RMAF 2013 unlike any other in the history of the industry! With over 160 unique show repots online to date, no other Web site comes close to delivering such diverse and longstanding event coverage to many millions of readers worldwide. With modern times comes modern show reporting techniques. As the RMAF will feature products ranging from $100 portable audio devices to $100,000 home speakers, the industry deserves to have proper media coverage using professional and modern equipment. Enjoy the Music.com is the only site reinvesting their efforts into covering high fidelity audio/video equipment events using not just state-of-the-art, but edge-of-the-art advanced technologies while reaching their audience in a live and interactive basis.

Enjoy the Music.com will be at the RMAF2013 event, now celebrating their well-deserved 10 year anniversary, in bringing our loyal crowd everything from streaming audio/video media, video coverage in upwards of 4K video resolution, 192kHz/24-bit live music and many hours of interactive multimedia coverage. Naturally we will focus on the latest and greatest gear from the RMAF 2013 and CanJam events. All this will be seamlessly delivered to an enormous worldwide audience via the Internet.

"Technology is neither good nor bad, it is simply in the way we choose to integrate it within our lives." says Editor and Creative Director Steven R. Rochlin of Enjoy the Music.com. "Virtually all online and print magazines simply take a photo and write a text-based report of a show. But why in this age of technology are we still using the same circa 1996 old-school technology year after year? It is time for a change!" See complete press release by clicking here.


10 / 09 / 13

Channel D Pure Vinyl 4 Software  Channel D, developers of the innovative and award-winning Pure Vinyl and Pure Music computer audio software for Apple Macintosh computers, will demonstrate the new Pure Vinyl 4 software ($299) for digital computer audio at the 2013 RMAF in rooms 582 and 586. Since Pure Vinyl Version 1.0 was released in 2006, Channel D Pure Vinyl software for the Apple Mac OS platform has linked 21st century high resolution (192 kHz 24 bit) digital computer audio with analog vinyl playback, combining the best attributes of both audio formats. The new Pure Vinyl 4 includes more than two dozen significant new features, user interface and performance enhancements. Pure Vinyl features 64-bit digital RIAA compensation when used with a high quality analog to digital (ADC) and digital to analog converter (DAC). Sampling at 192kHz/24-bit is said to result in a signal reproduction chain that is demonstrably indistinguishable from a pure analog playback system. Pure Vinyl also facilitates transferring LPs to high resolution digital files for repeated enjoyment of favorite music, while reducing wear of precious playback styli. Pure Vinyl 4 also includes the ZEPHRR Zero Phase Rumble Reduction filter. ZEPHRR is a zerophase-shift, continuous-time low-cut filter for eliminating low frequency noise and improving playback headroom without adversely affecting sound quality. Also included is a new playback convenience feature which allows designating a desired album side and track for playback to commence when a recording is opened. The list of New features in Pure VInyl 4 includes:

• Simplified the Recording Setup user interface by eliminating unnecessary or redundant options (primarily in Triggering and output options)
• Simplified the Rendering window, with Advanced options hidden by default
• New Snap Stylus To Track feature, for faster and easier track locating when editing
• New Tidy Tail feature, automatically trims silence at ends of tracks
• Improved performance of the Auto Track Finder (improved immunity to pop / click noises)
• New Render Each Album Side as Single Track option
• Automatically play albums when opening a new album, if the player was playing
• Can preset the side and track to play in an album when the album is opened
• New "Jump To Album Side" menu command in Editor menu
• Albums can be preset to automatically start at a predetermined track when opened
• Double clicking .pvinfo file in Finder opens album
• Modifications to rumble filter and compensation filter gain are automatically saved to sidecar file
• AIFF output option for track rendering
• Channel D ZEPHRR Zero Phase Rumble Reduction filter (continuous-time IIR rumble filter with zero phase shift), up to 48 dB / octave slope with adjustable cutoff frequency
• Improved clarity of cue guide images for Raw recordings
• New "Normalize Using Per-Track Peak Levels" rendering option
• New ITU 1770 Broadcast Standard Perceived Loudness Measurement for rendering tracks to a reference loudness level (for listening comparisons not biased by loudness)
• Optional adjustable 64 bit distortion-free pitch shift when performing sample rate downconversion to CD format
• Shows filtered waveform for Raw recordings, makes finding silence between tracks easier
• New 48 dB / octave Linkwitz - Riley crossover filter option
• Improved performance of "Auto" recording trigger level button
• Filter multi-byte characters in Artist / Album names in Recording Setup dialog
• Prepend track number to track name for rendering
• Numerous UI improvements
• Incorporates Pure Music version 1.89g R10 and its associated improvements and new features.


David Chesky The Zephyrtine BalletDavid Chesky's new album The Zephyrtine Ballet is sure to be an audiophile's delight. This orchestral spectacular with its extra large colorful percussion section was recorded with one binaural microphone from the conductor's position and fed directly into an A/D converter. Both the converter and microphone were running on batteries for the purest sound possible. They believe it is their best sounding orchestral album to date! You will hear some of the best spatial imaging, dynamics, and tonality ever recorded of an orchestra. Rui Massena conducts Portugal's Funda็ใo Orquestra Est๚dio's recording of David Chesky's fantasy ballet for children. The Zephyrtine is a wonderful adventure that revolves around a little boy from Vermont, Ben, represented by the piccolo, who meets a magical creature, a Zephyrtine, represented by the French Horn and journeys to the enchanted land of Eudora. Eudora is a Utopian society where people are different colors: red, blue, green, and yellow! Vegetables are not grown (instead built in factories), ice cream grows on trees, and fish fly. When the Blue Princess is captured by Ib the monster, it is up to Ben to rescue her and save the kingdom. Families are taken on a thrilling colorful orchestral journey where children learn the importance of friendship and accepting cultural diversity. Now headphone users will hear the same three-dimensional sound and imaging as audiophiles have for the past 25 years with Chesky Recordings. These new Binaural+ Series albums capture even more spatial realism for the home audiophile market, bringing you one step closer to the actual event. You can download this album in high resolution at HDtracks.


Audeze LCD-X and Fully-Enclosed LCD-XCAudeze will be at RMAF 2013's CanJam section with two new products, the LCD-X and fully-enclosed LCD-XC. As a closed-back design due to customer demand, Audeze's COO Sankar Thiagasamudram says "After much research and various design prototypes we finally developed the materials and supporting structure that produces our unprecedented Audeze sound. We're excited to finally release the LCD-XC." The new closed-back LCD-XC and open reference LCD-X headphones benefit from a completely redesigned planar magnetic driver. Both new headphones are available in either lambskin leather or leather-free microsuede, and the LCD-XC features beautifully-finished wood enclosure caps. Audeze's commitment to research and development is reflected in their made in USA products. Early reports of the sound quality are very promising and you can bet Enjoy the Music.com will be doing in-depth coverage of these excellent headphones.


10 / 08 / 13

Von Schweikert Audio VR-100XS Speakers  Von Schweikert Audio will be at the RMAF room 550 with their flagship VR-100XS ($145,000) which sits comfortably between the VR-9 and VR-11 products in price. Shown here is the new VR-100XS with the UniField 2 for scale. Weighting in at nearly 500 lbs per tower due to the massive build specifications, this line source array actually has a fairly modest footprint given the scope of design (72" tall, 12" wide and 30" deep). In addition, the two towers are accompanied by two independent 15" subwoofers powered by 1600 watt Class D Channel Island Audio digital amplifiers. All drivers are custom built and are all made from magnesium/aluminum/Mylar/ceramic sandwiches; even the new ribbon tweeters are sandwich designs using magnesium/aluminum strips with a Mylar backing to eliminate metallic ringing. The new sandwich drive units have a transient response that is claimed by Von Schweikert Audio to be superior to any other driver they have tested. The drivers employ Alnico and Neodymium super high output magnets with a linear magnetic field with shorted-turn voice coils for a 10x reduction in motor distortion. At this time the company is busy patenting their Low Frequency Alignment that features flat bass response in the room, down to a 1.5dB tolerance no matter where you sit or stand. This requires DSP correction in the subwoofer amplifiers and the utilization of four woofers with adjustable phase rotation and time delay. The VR-100 main towers are dipoles, but offer adjustable level controls for the rear signal above 1kHz. There are two rear drivers: a 1.5" dome midrange and a 3" ribbon tweeter, both adjustable with a level control for Ambience Retrieval.


Channel D Seta PiccolaChannel D will be at the RMAF 2013 room 582 introducing their Seta Piccola ($1599). The new Seta Piccola active DAC Buffer / Attenuator solves a critical problem with today's computer audio that occurs when driving power amplifiers directly with the output of a DAC as it relies on achieving the proper system gain structure. The Seta DAC Buffer is said to "provide a sonically transparent, analog way of adjusting the attenuation of any DAC's output (in 6 dB steps from -6 to -30 dB), permitting using the DAC or computer playback software's digital volume control in its optimum sweet spot (-10 to 0 dBFS)". The Seta DAC Buffer also includes the same low noise, low impedance AGM battery power supply of the Seta Piccola phono preamplifier. A high (2 MOhm input impedance of the DAC Buffer ensures that electronic loading of the DAC's output is kept to a minimum, while providing ultra wide bandwidth (-3 dB) of DC to 10 MHz and low 20 Ohm output impedance for driving any power amplifier load or long interconnect. Channel D's Seta Piccola represent a lower-cost trickle-down of the technology first developed for the acclaimed Seta Model L phono stage and Seta Active DAC Buffer / Attenuator.


JL Audio e112  Powered SubwooferJL Audio's new e110 and e112 powered subwoofers deliver high quality low frequency support for home audio and theater rooms. A series of JL Audio's key technologies have been applied to the E-Subs to deliver exceptional sound quality, power and value in a wide range of demanding applications. JL Audio's exclusive DMA technology is applied to shape, control and stabilize the drivers' motor strength, ensuring linear behavior over a very long excursion range. Unlike typical steady-state modeling systems, JL Audio's approach takes into account the dynamic shifts created by current flow and back EMF under real power conditions, with real program material. The payoff is claimed to be via DMA optimization so that the driver produces sound that is more faithful to its input signal at all listening levels. The extreme mounting depth of the E-Sub driver is very deliberate as it permits wide gaps to exist between the three suspension elements (the rubber surround and the dual spiders); thus imparting exceptional mechanical stability over the driver's full excursion range. This further improves linearity, reduces distortion and enhances long-term reliability. A steel front mounting flange within the E-Sub driver also forms the entire front baffle of the finished product, while the back-plate of the driver is threaded and bolted to the rear wall of its enclosure for support. The built-in amplifier module incorporates a studio-grade signal-processing section, which is controlled from a panel on the top of the subwoofer cabinet making adjustments on an E-Sub a much more enjoyable experience than adjusting the rear-mounted controls found on most powered subwoofers. An attractive cover is also included to hide and protect the controls during normal use. Analog RCA inputs for line-level plus speaker level inputs are included. The built-in, active crossover is a true two-way, 4th order Linkwitz-Riley design, with a low-pass filter feeding the subwoofer's amplifier and a high-pass filtered signal exiting through a pair of line outputs. Of note is that all signal processing is performed in the analog domain. JL Audio's new E-Sub line consists of the following:

E-Sub e110
Enclosure Type: Sealed
Driver: 10" e-platform
Frequency Response: 23 Hz - 120 Hz (ฑ3dB)
Amplifier Power: 1200 watts RMS short-term
Dimensions: 14.24" x 13.5" x 16.51" (HxWxD)
Net Weight: 52.7 lbs.
Black Ash: $1500
Black Gloss: $1700

E-Sub e112
Enclosure Type: Sealed
Driver: 12" e-platform
Frequency Response: 21 Hz - 120 Hz (ฑ3dB)
Amplifier Power: 1500 watts RMS short-term
Dimensions: 15.5" x 16.23" x 18.39" (HxWxD)
Net Weight: 73.5 lbs.
Black Ash: $1900
Black Gloss: $2100


10 / 07 / 13

Triode TRX-2 Vacuum Tube Stereo Preamplifier  Triode's new TRX-2 vacuum tube stereo preamplifier ($5000) features multiple inputs including one balanced and phonostage. The Triode TRX-2 uses eight 12AX7 and a PsVane WE 274B to provide full preamplification to feel virtually any amplifier to full output. For those who enjoy vinyl replay, a full MM/MC phonostage with equalizer control are provided for. The equalization tones are +/-6dB at 150, 400, 2000 and 10,000 Hz. There is a low cut filer to help with system that have low frequency rumble problems. A left/right balance control aids for adjusting recordings or listening rooms with balance problems. Inputs include three stereo RCA inputs plus phono and XLR balanced, while analog output is two sets of stereo RCA and one set of XLR balanced. Frequency response is from 10 Hz to 100 kHz (+/-2dB), signal to noise ratio is 97dB and input sensitivity is 250mV. High quality parts internally include Mundorf Caps and Kiwame precise resistors from Japan. Dimensions are 345 x 310 x 195 (WxDxH in mm) and the unit weighs 30 lbs.


Miles David E.S.P. Vinyl LPIMPEX Records is excited and pleased to announce their winter release of the first audiophile reissue of Miles Davis E.S.P. LP ($32.98) using all analog master tapes. This new remastered recording was accomplished via all tube mastering by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman's Studio. This record features the first time Wayne Shorter recorded with Miles and the band — in this configuration — as they had been together for less than a year. IMPEX Records notes that the listener will hear how the connection between the musicians is uncanny, as if they had been playing together for decades. Music lovers will especially notice Wayne Shorter's brilliant interplay with Miles on the closing track "Mood", the haunting ballad written by bassist Ron Carter. This very high quality analog remastered to vinyl LP is limited to only 3000 units, wit orders being shipped on first come first served basis. Estimated first shipping date is mid-December.


PTP Audio Solid BearingPTP Audio now offers a Solid Bearing upgrade (€250 when originally ordered with the turntable) to the Solid9 and Solid12 turntable. The company admits that although the original Lenco bearing is very good, there is always room for improvement. This upgrade offers a far more rigid construction that is made to a much closer tolerance. According to the company it also employs the best materials available. The housing and the bottom cap are both CNC-machined from solid pieces of stainless steel, thus guaranteeing a perfect fit and leak free operation. The bushings are made from self-lubricating sinter-bronze. The original spindle is retained, yet is now resting on a perfectly round, perfectly smooth ruby ball. The ruby ball sits on a very slippery, durable POM thrustplate. The claimed results is "a much lower noise floor, thus bringing clearly audible improvements in quietness, imaging and overall solidity".


10 / 04 / 13

Coincident Speaker Technology Statement R Line Stage  Coincident Speaker Technology new Statement RC (Remote Control) Line Stage adds remote control to this highly popular unit from the company. To quote the company, "Despite increasing production capacity over 500% it took more than two years to finally keep up with sales requirements. We are now capable of shipping units within a couple of days subsequent to orders. However, we lost a percentage of sales due to the fact that our Statement did not offer remote control capability. Unfortunately it was impractical to offer a remote for our Statement due to the fact that the motor required to move the transformer coupled volume pots needed to be excessively large. This created a sonic problem since the motor would result in induced noise thereby compromising the sonic performance of a unit universally recognized as the quietest, purest, and most transparent line stage extant. For those audiophiles who highest priority is performance this did not pose an issue. However, for a significant number of potential purchasers remote control is a necessity. Coincident is now proud and excited to introduce the Statement RC ( Remote Control) Line Stage. The transformer-coupled volume pots of the Statement are slightly more transparent than the variable stereo potentiometer of the RC model." This unit is identical to the Statement in every way with the exception of a Single variable stereo volume control replacing the TVC dual controls. Also, there are front panel push button controls for mute, input selector, input and output balanced or unbalanced operation and of course remote control for mute, volume, input selector and input and output balanced or unbalanced operation.


Copland's new CTA 405-A Stereo Integrated Vacuum Tube AmplifierCopland's new CTA 405-A stereo vacuum tube integrated amplifier ($5990) produces is a refinement of the company's popular CTA 405. The output power of, and basic characteristics of sound, from their new A-model is similar to the previous CTA 405. According to Copland, "However the sound is more powerful driving speakers of low efficiency or impedances at high volume - due to the higher current capacity of the KT120 tubes and the bigger power transformer." In order to control and reduce the increased heat from using the KT120 valves, a specially hand-chosen fan running at low speed has been installed inside the amplifier. The noiseless fan is mounted with shock absorbers on a plate made from machined aluminum in order to eliminate unwanted vibrations from being transferred into the chassis. For owners of the Copland CTA 405, an upgrade kit will be available during next month allowing owners of the previous unit to fully upgrade into the A-model. The Copland CTA 405-A has six stereo pairs of RCA inputs that includes a Phonostage, one Tape Out and Record Monitor. Tube compliment is four KT120, two 12BH7, two 6922 and three E83CC. Frequency response is from 10 Hz to 100 kHz with over 95dB signal-to-noise ratio and the unit weights 55 lbs.


AXPONAAm posting this press release in full: Audio Expo North America (AXPONA) is officially under the wing of Connecticut-based trade show company JD Events. The acquisition ensures tremendous growth opportunities and a healthy future for the North American event, which will hold its 6th annual show in Chicago, April 25-27, 2014.

"It is a great day for high-end audio and music technology, now and in the future, as it pertains to visibility and professionally produced events," says Steve Davis of AXPONA. "When we founded AXPONA five years ago, our goal was to produce a show the caliber of the event in Munich, now considered the world standard. This acquisition provides AXPONA with the personnel and experience necessary to achieve this goal."

The JD Events staff has over 200 years of combined trade show, conference and publishing experience, producing events in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and many other major cities around the country. 

"I am extremely excited about the opportunity to partner with Stephen Davis to help him achieve his long-term vision for AXPONA. Steve has done a remarkable job of creating a first-class forum for the manufacturers of high-end audio equipment to meet thousands of passionate consumers and audiophiles in a professional, high-energy environment. We look forward to bringing the event expertise and resources of JD Events together with Steve's industry knowledge, customer relationships and creativity to help build AXPONA into the premier audio event in the United States," said Joel Davis, Founder and CEO of JD Events.

AXPONA will produce its sixth annual event at The Westin O'Hare April 25-27, 2014. In addition to more than 240 exhibit rooms and booth displays, the event will include a new major component directed at industry professionals looking to establish long-term and meaningful relationships. Dealers and manufacturers will have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to attend a special meeting, dinner and presentation. For further more information, visit AXPONA or call 877-246-3892 or 386-586-5720. .


10 / 03 / 13

Audioengine 2+ (A2+) Powered Desktop Monitor  Enjoy the Music.com and Audioengine are giving away a product so new it is not currently offered to the public! Three lucky winners will each get a set of Audioengine 2+ (A2+, $249 per set) premium powered desktop speakers. The award-winning Audioengine 2 desktop speakers just got better with a built-in digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and other great features plus improvements over the original model. The Audioengine 2+ allows you to send high-quality digital audio directly from your computer's USB port plus you can also go wireless with the company's optional Audioengine W3 wireless adapter. Compared to the original A2, Audioengine has upgraded speaker connectors, added a USB DAC, improved the bass response, included a variable audio output (connect a subwoofer or wirelessly send audio to other speakers with Audioengine's optional W3 wireless adapter), has standard 1/4" threaded inserts for wall mounts, a newly upgraded power supply optimized for audio and upgraded accessory cables. Learn more and enter the contest by clicking here.


Bang & OlufsenBang & Olufsen have announced the introduction of a new wireless speaker platform, the first ever by the company to use wireless technology that is robust enough for high-end digital sound. With the new wireless technology, audiophiles can now enjoy 24-bit uncompressed music wirelessly. Therefore, Bang & Olufsen's future wireless speakers will be introduced later this fall and join many other companies that are taking advantage of the new WiSA specification. Setup is simple and eliminates wiring mistakes during installation. Bang & Olufsen will announce the release of its first Immaculate Wireless Sound speakers in late October while other manufacturers are already taking advantage of the WiSA technologies. Over a year ago, on September 5, 2012, Enjoy the Music.com reported that the Wireless Speaker and Audio (WiSA) Association has announced the release of the industry's first Compliance Test Specification (CTS) for interoperability testing of the wireless link between WiSA-compliant speakers and a variety of home theater and consumer electronics devices. Consumers will be able to outfit their home entertainment system with WiSA-certified speakers that scale from 2.0 stereo to 7.4 surround sound and components from any WiSA-compliant manufacturer, with the assurance that the devices will interoperate with each other. They are also seeking to provide the highest standard in wireless HD audio. The CTS specifies all the required interoperability and certification testing aimed at products that offer interference-free, uncompressed HD audio by taking advantage of the unique 5GHz Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure (U-NII) frequency band and avoiding the congested 2.4GHz Wi-Fi frequency spectrum. Audiophiles should take note of the uncompressed specifications and the eventual potential for our use. So why should audiophiles care? Key WiSA compliance attributes include 24-bit uncompressed audio with sample rate that matches the content (32, 44.1, 48, and 96 kHz). Also parts of the specs are rapid error detection and recovery for smooth uninterrupted sound plus a 5 ms fixed latency and under 160ns speaker-to-speaker delay. The next generation specification may include 192 and 384 kHz at 24-bit rates.


Merrill Audio Thor Solid-State Monoblock AmplifierMerrill Audio is using trickle down technology from their Hypex Ncore and Veritas monoblocks within the new Thor solid-state monoblock power amplifiers ($4000 per pair). Producing 200 watts into 8 Ohms (400 @ 4 Ohms), the company's sleek monoblocks come in Piano Black Gloss. The chassis is made with billet aluminum with top class engineering internally and quality components like its elder Veritas. Using the finest components from Cardas, Furutech and Triode Wire Labs. The signal paths are designed to be the shortest possible, giving you the cleanest audio signal possible. A large wire gauge is used to allow for the best transfer of signal. XLR connectors are Cardas Rhodium plate over silver and Cardas patented speaker binding posts with Rhodium plate Copper posts. Furutech IEC with Gold plate is use for the AC. The bottom footers are sourced are Stillpoins Ultramini risers for isolation from your equipment rack. The included power cord is 12 AWG cryogenically treated, very high strand, soft annealed copper wires. The Thor monoblocks come with a three year transferable warranty and measure a mere 9" x 9" x 2.5" (WxDxH).


10 / 02 / 03

Jadis JA120 Monoblock Amplifier  The all-new Jadis JA120 monoblock amplifier ($27,900 per pair) builds on the company's tradition of combining fine French hand craftsmanship with state-of-the-art innovation and design. The JA120 is a push-pull monoblock pair that each produce 100 watts of Class A power via six KT120 output tubes. An additional front-end tube helps to add more gain to the driver circuit. Jadis' new JA120 uses the company's own custom in-house hand-wound output transformers, which have been continuously refined and substantially improved over the past four years. The output transformers are guaranteed for life and support speakers with impedances from 1 to 16 Ohms. The internal audio circuit protection is enhanced by easy to change fuses. Other features include pure point to point wiring, auto bias operation, oversized power transformers for better dissipation of heat and vibration, improved mechanical isolation, twin output terminals for bi-wiring, gold plated connectors, and a high grade, non-magnetic, and a stainless steel chassis that aid in eliminating RF interference. Each unit measures 28" x 12" x 10" and weighs 99 lbs. Tube complement for each amp is six KT120, two 12AU7 and a 12AX7.


Zesto Audio Bia 120 Stereo Power AmplifierZesto Audio has announces the launch of their newest product, the Bia 120 a pure Class A stereo power amplifier ($12,500). In Greek mythology, Bia is the Titan Goddess of force and power. George Counnas, president of Zesto Audio says, "I'm very pleased that Bia's reputation remains intact" as his pro audio roots and background in tube circuitry began during his college days in England. The unit's Class A design is fast and responsive. Zesto Audio's Bia 120 features auto bias for ease of use as the unit delivers 60 watts per channel using a matched quad of KT88 and four 12AU7 vacuum tubes. The power supply incorporates a custom toroidal power transformer and a choke based dual-mono power supply. The circuitry design is ultra-linear, push-pull.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Vacuum State Of The Art Conference And Show Show (VSAC) 2003Enjoy the Music.com will begin our exclusive Vacuum State Of The Art Conference And Show Show (VSAC) 2003 report shortly!  Heralded as the "Holy Grail of vacuum tube audio shows", VSAC is an event for music lovers to hear and enjoy the latest and greatest in affordable tube electronics, DIY audio equipment, high efficiency loudspeakers and more. This show is very causal with an overall feeling of togetherness in musical pleasures. There is also a sense of history and that of human creation with a vintage audio room, a craftsman's room, live music, and various seminars for all to enjoy.


10 / 01 / 13

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NanotubesAccording to C&EN (Chemical & Engineering News) , "A new type of headphone heats up carbon nanotubes to crank out tunes. The tiny speaker doesn't rely on moving parts and instead produces sound through the thermoacoustic effect (Nano Lett. 2013, DOI: 10.1021/nl402408j). The nanotube speaker could be manufactured at low cost in the same facilities used to make computer chips, the researchers say. In conventional speakers, mechanical drivers create sound waves via vibrations that compress the air in front of them. But that's not the only way to rock out. About a hundred years ago, researchers discovered the thermoacoustic effect. When an alternating current passes through a conductor, the material heats and cools the air around it; as the air warms, it expands, and as it cools, it contracts. This expansion and contraction creates sound waves. Engineers think that the lack of moving parts would make speakers that use the thermoacoustic effect more durable than conventional ones. The problem has been that most conducting materials don't have a thermoacoustic effect strong enough to produce sound efficiently. However, the effect is enhanced in carbon nanotubes, which are superb conductors of electricity and heat."


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