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May 2020
Enjoy the Music.com Review Magazine

Senseless Rambling
An Article Everyone Is Going To Hate
The below article has been rolling around in my head....
Editorial By Steven R. Rochlin


Senseless Rambling: An Article Everyone Is Going To Hate The below article has been rolling around in my head.... Editorial By Steven R. Rochlin


  First off, this is a Senseless Rambling article so you know the shit is about to get real as I see it. I have to also add this undesirable legal disclaimer that any likeness to the below situation(s), people, or places is merely a coincidence and is not based on any facts. Any relation to any events real or imaged is pure coincidence. Odds are everyone reading this article will be emotionally angry, feeling unfulfilled that their point of view is not as 'valued' as others. Perception plays a key role in how the human species experiences life.


And So...
Last month I had a bad nightmare about a species being exposed to a new virus. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions within this species all around the world die from said virus, it is a catastrophe! Those who do survive may have life-long detrimental health effects. During this calamity, many government overlords had everyone shelter in place. Since this species has been programmed for many generations to live within a society based on consumerism, the planet's economy collapses. This economy is based on the perceived 'value' of the free exchange of Quatloos (h/t Star Trek).

Are you with me so far? Remember, this is a nightmare scenario based on a bad dream. This is not based on any 'real-world' facts.

A sector of this species loves a variety of sounds they choose to call music. As such, these music lovers seek to 'consume' products that enhance their (living entity) joys. Their society has, in turn, created events where music lovers and manufacturers would all get together at 'hi-fi shows' in hopes to form a mutually beneficial relationship so-as to discover more 'things' they can purchase (consume) to enhance their living conditions. Yet what if this thing we choose to call show(s) was canceled due to 'stay in place' and 'social distancing' in hopes that the species has a higher survival rate from this deadly new virus. Let's take a look at the many factors, cause, and effect, in the event promoter, manufacturer, and consumer side of this equation.


The Show Promoter
On this planet, there are Show Promoters who have established themselves within this planet's economy on ensuring both hi-fi manufacturers and consumers have a united place to fulfill their desires to enjoy music. With a 'stay in place' and 'social distancing' order by ruling governments, there is no way for a show promoter to provide a live gathering of this species together in one location as has been done for many years in many different locations on their planet. Many of their 'annual' shows, which is based on the orbital period of their planet around a central Sun within a solar system, get canceled. Both exhibitors, and those who planned on attending, becomes unhappy. Meanwhile, their Quatloos, the agreed-upon payment system, and the 'lifeblood' of the show promoter to successfully operate become entangled.

Exhibitors who paid thousands of Quatloos to showcase their hi-fi gear at an annual event becomes 'unavailable'. Trapped by outside forces we'll call a Hotel, which is the location of these shows. While the Hotel understands the current virus situation and is sympathetic, they are also holding on to all the Quatloos paid by the show promoter, which they sourced from exhibitors. If exhibitors want their Quatloos back, there is simply no way to do so as the Hotel has them (not the show promoter).

The system that handles distributing Quatloos to the species, operated by Disembodied Beings, does not see any value to a Show Promoter as there is no item of value to trade for Quatloos. Thus said Show Promoter discovers that trying to get a loan from these Disembodied Beings who are in charge of distributing Quatloos, is nearly impossible as there's nothing to 'fairly trade' to the providers of Quatloos. The show promoter(s) have nothing of perceived value for much-needed Quatloos to refund show exhibitors. As a saying on this planet goes, "You can't get blood from a stone".

Let us also remember that due to these circumstances some Show Promoter employees had to be let go. Anyone who has had the displeasure to 'fire' an employee due to circumstances beyond the company's control knows the pain and angst it brings. This affects not just that employee; it also causes social disorder to their family, which judging from the history of this planet, has shown that being fired during a Quatloo crisis results in higher suicide rates and other detrimental mental health factors to the society as a whole.


Senseless Rambling: An Article Everyone Is Going To Hate The below article has been rolling around in my head.... Editorial By Steven R. Rochlin


Show Exhibitors
Show canceled, and no sight of if, or when, said exhibitors may get their Quatloos back from the show promoter. Anger soon erupts! Exhibitors join together as a show of force to demand their Quatloos back. Remember, "You can't get blood from a stone". The show promoter does not have them as the Hotel is keeping them, plus the Disembodied Beings refuse to assist (a loan) to get more Quatloos to bring about a financial 'balance' to this equation. It appears these Disembodied Beings only value their (relatively small quantity) own kind and not that of a far broader society that allows these Disembodied Beings to operate their Quatloo system.



For those who remember the movie WarGames, it is akin to the game "Global Thermonuclear War". There are no 'winners' in this scenario.


This society desires to enjoy music. Without a viable Show Promoter, there is no place for the Show Exhibitors to showcase and sell their products to consumers. Being a society based on consumerism, a pent up demand is being formed due to no hi-fi shows to find items they desire to consume in hopes of enhancing their joys of music. Result = unhappy outcome. Again, there are no 'winners'.


Senseless Rambling: An Article Everyone Is Going To Hate The below article has been rolling around in my head.... Editorial By Steven R. Rochlin


PHEW! We've Had Enough With The Sci-Fi Speak Steven!!!
Ok, enough with that whole longwinded gobble-dee gook above. Are you ready? I have one word to describe what's happening with many Show Promoters and companies globally, and that word is...


Yet before I get into the hi-fi world, how about a few headlines in hopes of bringing things into a bit of perspective. Sure some of us can be selfish bastards, yet have a look at these recent events and consider how many tens to hundreds of thousands of people are negatively affected accordingly. This isn't like they're taking away your $500 interconnect cable or $1000 speakers. These are real people suffering very real financial outcomes. 

We must remember that the financial system on planet Earth is based on math that can not be 'solved'. At some point, their mathematical fraud becomes obvious. Ask those who remember Germany's currency back in the day, or Zimbabwe, or the first two central banking systems the USA had before this third one called the Federal Reserve. That's right, you didn't think the Federal Reserve was America's first attempt at a central banking system, did you? 

And so very recent headlines from the news are as follows:

Florida Suffers Deadliest Day Yet As Reopening Begins: Live Updates

Steven's commentary: Real people... dying. When we start hearing about our friends within the industry passing away...  When someone dies, it's like a library just burned down.


ECB decisions on the Public Sector Purchase Programme exceed EU competences

Steven's Commentary: Financial fraud is generally rewarded since 2007, provided you're connected in their system and/or too big to fail. Just ask the US Postal Service, or the many on Wall Street who are getting trillions of debt-based Federal Reserve Notes. High-end audio show promoters and manufacturers, not so important to their system it seems.


Politicians Have Destroyed Markets and Ignored Human Rights with Alarming Enthusiasm

Benjamin Franklin once said: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."


These 10 retailers and restaurant chains have filed for bankruptcy or liquidation in 2020

Please take a brief moment and think about how many people are getting laid off / fired, and their families who may suffer. The product suppliers who will not be paid, and their employees. Ya know, the whole 'Domino Effect'. Within this current employment landscape, what does their immediate future hold? As I said before, I expect suicide rates to go up.



So, tell me again about your $10,000 that right now is in 'stasis' with a show promoter. Yes, you have a right to be pissed off, I am too big time, yet how about the 'bigger picture'. It's not like they are getting a $50,000,000 Wall Street bonus for buying back stock to prop up the value of their stock, only to come begging for Central Bank handouts the minute the market turns sour instead of selling stock. They should be selling stock and not getting bailouts, yet we don't live within a system based on capitalism. Not for many, many years.

Am I pissed off too? Fuck yeah I am, at many things!!! And when my friends, which very much includes many of you who I deeply consider my friends as feel like we 'grew up together' as started Enjoy the Music.com 25 years ago when I was in my late 20s. So if we're going to put the blame somewhere, take a look further out at what entity / entities caused unstable financial situations time and again. And this results in swings with employment too. Simply stated, there has been zero long-term proven financial stability for many decades. Some entity has failed, which in turn has caused society stress, higher suicide rates, mental health issues, etc.


So What Steven. What About Shows?
So what does this have to do with the many shows that are being canceled, or 'postponed'? You didn't think this make-believe article was about one event, did you? I have been in talks with many show promoters and it is not the news I am at liberty to write about here. If it's only all about the Benjamins, then perhaps you've chosen the wrong profession. If it is about connecting with people, bringing the joys of music to as many music lovers as possible, then you are in good company.

FYI: I gave up doing webmaster work for porn sites waaay back in the day, which would have reaped vast financial rewards. Instead, chose to risk it all for Enjoy the Music.com


My Goal?
My goal with writing this article is a bit selfish, which frankly I am pissed off and hate writing because this sucks, is to 'get it off my chest'. My mind keeps working away day and night, and yes within my sleep too (Silent Lucidly). Have had 36-hour workdays recently, followed by the normal 20-hour workdays. During the past week have had four people, three within the high-end audio industry and my incredible Muse / wife Heather, have a deep concern for my health due to the workload I chose to take on. Hell no, this is not a cry for sympathy, fuck that! It is to say when it comes to the underlining causes and outcomes to what we're experiencing within today's consumer-based society...


Morpheus: I imagine that right now, you're feeling a bit like Alice. Hmm? Tumbling down the rabbit hole?

Neo: You could say that.

Morpheus: I see it in your eyes. You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he is expecting to wake up. Ironically, that's not far from the truth. Do you believe in fate, Neo?

Neo: No.

Morpheus: Why not?

Neo: Because I don't like the idea that I'm not in control of my life.

Morpheus: I know exactly what you mean. Let me tell you why you're here. You're here because you know something. What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me.

Do you know what I'm talking about?


Perhaps the real question is, how do we escape the current system based on an unsolvable math equation? As my brilliant mother always says, "If it can be replaced with money then it's not that important in life." If we can get past the 'money' thing, and this pertains to shows and many other things within your existence, perhaps as a society we can become a more productive species for the betterment of us all.


The world is a far better place with you in it.










Now that I've written this article and published it, hopefully, my brain will work on other things. There are many tasks to accomplish... and new music to discover and fall in love with.


Added June 11th, 2020
It has been reported that suicides are on the rise amid stay-at-home order. Bay Area medical professionals say "We've never seen numbers like this, in such a short period of time. I mean we've seen a year's worth of suicide attempts in the last four weeks." Read more here.

I also feel the need to mention that social order has a way of changing during struggling times. The recent Black Lives Matters and the protests / riots is another recent situation in the past week or two. Am not saying one is directly related to the other, yet we must recognize the real-life struggle happening within the world today.



Added June 15th, 2020
According to a recent ZeroHedge article:
"One other thing the Fed has been consistently lying about is that it does not monetize the debt. The chart below is evidence that this, too, is a lie, with US Treasury debt increasing by $2.86 trillion in 2020 (most of it in the past three months) which is less than the $3.0 trillion increase in the Fed's balance sheet over the same period. In other words, the Fed has monetized 105% of all Treasury issuance this year.




Added August 19th, 2020
As you can see within the chart below, when this article was originally written in late April 2020, no one could have predicted a historically unprecedented amount of currency that has been produced so far during Q2 2020. The USA's Federal Reserve Banking System chose to keep their scheme going to avoid what would historically be a system crash. The other side of this problem is that the value / buying power of the currency, the Federal Reserve's United States Dollar product, has been devaluated by ~8% in only a few months' time.




Added November 2020
According to CBS News, "Far more Japanese people are dying of suicide, likely exacerbated by the economic and social repercussions of the pandemic, than of the COVID-19 disease itself. While Japan has managed its coronavirus epidemic far better than many nations, keeping deaths below 2,000 nationwide, provisional statistics from the National Police Agency show suicides surged to 2,153 in October alone, marking the fourth straight month of increase. To date, more than 17,000 people have taken their own lives this year in Japan. October self-inflicted deaths were up 600 year on year, with female suicides, about a third of the total, surging over 80%.... More than half (53%) of American adults said in a recent survey that their mental health had suffered because of the pandemic. Prescriptions for antidepressants shot up 14% after the initial outbreak."



As always, in the end what really matters is that you...


Enjoy the Music,

Steven R. Rochlin















































































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