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I'm just dropping you a note to let you know that I find your site to be extremely useful to audiophiles. I have just gotten back into the hobby after a 21 hiatus, not that I ever stopped with music. I have pulled out the vinyl, gotten some great equipment (piega, nuvista, audiomeca) and am back enjoying music in the home as I was long ago. Not only that but so are my kids and wife. Thanks for the great job.

Gary Gelfand




I just assembled several of the MRMC interconnects and tried them out. WOW. Best way to say it is a paraphrase of something I heard and or read. "It was like lifting the film off of it". Better detail, that I never heard before, more impact... THANK YOU....

Kevin A. Sapp




In the upcoming 300B shootout, are you using both push-pull and single ended amps? If I remember correctly, last time you just used single-ended amps, and I think that the optimal tubes for SE and P-P amps are different.



Steve sez: Thorsten's 300B Shootout in now online. Please see it by clicking here.




I go to your site on a regular basis as your reviews have helped me out on more than one sale. Keep up the great work.

(Brooklyn Audio)



Hi Neal,

I was reading your September review of the Benz Micro and noticed you are using Oscar heil speakers. I have two pairs of 1970's ESS heil bookshelves. The woofers on one pair have fourteen pound magnets and are paper woofers. The other which are smaller eight inch jobs also have very heavy magnets on the woofers. Would I be able to update these with a new crossover or just pull the drivers and put them into a new enclosure and crossover? The reason I ask is that they sound good on instrumentals but sound very zippy on female vocals.

Al Norberg

Neal Sez:


Thanks for the question -- but I am at a complete loss as to what to advise you. The Heils I am using are a review set which I will be returning shortly. I suggest that your question would be much better directed to the distributor, Tri-Cell, or the manufacturer, Précide SA.

The distributor is
Tricell Enterprises Inc.
4 Newlove Court
Rexdale, Ontario
M9W 5X5

Telephone 416-748-8300
Toll Free: 1-800-263-8151
Email: vince@tricell-ent.com
Website: www.tricell-ent.com

Précide's contact info:
Precide SA
Via V.Vela 33 P.O.Box 251
CH 6834 Morbio Inf. / Switzerland
Telefon ++41 91 6831734/ 35
FAX ++41 91 6836679
Email: info@precide.ch
Website: www.precide.ch

Hope this helps. Sorry that I cannot give you more on the rebuilding of your speakers.

Neil Walker



Dear Steve:

I've enjoyed your web site since I discovered it a few months ago. Good writing, good ideas and good fun have brought me back on numerous occasions.

Yesterday was my first chance this month to check out the new postings for September and I must express my disappointment in what I found. What I'm referring to is the photograph of the nude "chick". While I've got nothing against nudity and the healthy expression of sexuality, these are not what I go to this web site for. Furthermore, I doubt whether one's need to use the term "chick" is an expression of a healthy sexuality.

Please take this in the spirit in which it is being written; if I didn't care about enjoythemusic as an AUDIO web site, I wouldn't write. I do not believe digressions like the aforementioned photo (and the derogatory term accompanying it) make for the kind of web site a youngster could view to learn about audio and get into this hobby.

Wonder where the women in this hobby are? (I know where the "chicks" are; may they one day get some self-esteem.) I believe there would be more visiting the web site if they did not have to be confronted with being objectified and put down.

Happy Listening!

Barry Diament


Steve sez:


Thanks for your e-mail and concern. As we do have a female writer aboard, we actively seek out women writers. In fact one male audiophile's wife wrote an article for us recently! Your letter is the first less than positive letter concerning the photo. To put it in context, please see the entire April Fools article that "originated" that photo by clicking here.

Hopefully this will put a better prospective in the humor and fun. As the Internet seems to also gather a younger, more International and more liberated audience, we have in fact received many positive letters concerning the article (and photo). While this is the first time we published one of the positive letters (see below), there has been no criticisms about it (until your letter). We appreciate your time, concern, and hope that you continue enjoying our website. As you know photos such as that are not monthly events unlike the cover of most men's magazines as seen at news stands. Thanks again and as always...

Enjoy the music,

Steven R. Rochlin




Based on your review, I bought a pair of the Antique Sound Labs Wave AV-8 monoblock amplifiers. Upscale Audio is only two blocks from my home. I had a technician friend check them out. He says the parts quality is quite good and would not benefit from upgrades because the transformers are the limiting component. He was very impressed with them considering the price ($99 each)....


Wendell Narrod



Great issue! Todd Warnke did a fabulous job on the Stargates. I wrote a while back hoping you'd review those, and here it is! Right on the money--I've been listening to them for months and cannot believe how good they are (they've been called "Baby Lamms" for a reason.) I think they beat even the best of the OTLs from Joule--easily my favorite transformer-less out there. I commend you for going out of your way and reviewing new and interesting, as well as highly affordable equipment first while the competition rehashes the same old, same old....

Now, how long before you go to a print version? You seem to have tied up all the great writers out there...put 'em to hard labor on a ETM rag!

Best regards, John R. Kelly


Steve sez: Wow, i am blushing. Todd is a great reviewer and we are proud to have him share his wisdom with out readership. As for print... Sorry, my crystal ball is not allowing me to give out confidential information.



I would like to congratulate with the great work at enjoythemusic site. Very good reviewers, especially Bill Roberts, who recommended me a great Pre-amp. I just subject you to change the Home page color to white. 




Steve sez: Glad you are enjoying the wonderful writings within the Enjoy The Music.com™ website. We are hoping one day to redising the entire website. The background will be white. Thanks again and as always...Enjoy The Music!



Hey guys just wanted to drop a note to tell you how much I enjoy your magazine. I also wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the turntable chick. (Please post more pictures of her.) Anyway keep up the good work.


Mandy, the Enjoy The Music.com Turntable Chick.
Steve sez: Here she is again for those who have not seen Mandy, the Enjoy The Music.com™ Turntable Chick.



I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed this month's Enjoy The Music.com™ Review Magazine. I've been receiving your emails for about a year now and always enjoy the articles and reviews. It must take a lot of time and effort to pull it all together every month - which I guess is a labour of love for you and the other contributors but must also be hard work.

Will Enjoy The Music.com™ be at the forthcoming London Hi-Fi 2001 show? It would be good for more people in the UK could get to hear about Enjoy The Music.com™, but I guess the cost of a booth might be prohibitive for you. Ho Hum!.

So thanks again and keep up the good work!!


Neil Rummens


Steve sez: Thanks for the positive comments. We will indeed be at the London Hi-Fi 2001 show, yet can not afford a booth. No worries as we will be bringing the show to our loyal readership "virtually live". If you are at the show, simply look for the crazed guy with digital camera and handheld computer. That would be me. let's meet up. First pint on me!



Hi Steve,

I enjoyed your review of the $1,000 budget system. I have been playing around with the Moth Cicada for several months now and agrre that they are a fun speaker for the $. However, there are two simple things that you can do to bump the performance up quite a bit. The first thing is to dump to lamp cord internal wire, I replaced it with doubled runs of Cat 5 cable. The second thing is to remove the single "crossover" component. The Cicadas come with a .26H inductor attached in series in the + side of the input (glued to the inside of the speaker post). Just remove it (bypass it and you can switch back in 10 minutes if you don't like the change). The inductor is there to tame a 10k hump but it chokes a lot of the life out of the speaker. Minus the inductor gets you more air, sparkle, increased dynamics and detail, better depth and soundstage as well as additional harmonic overtones. It is a bit zingy but sounds great through my SET system. I enjoy your site, especially the show coverage. Keep enjoying the music!

Pete Gochman



Great article on stereo on the cheap. Things like this bring the fun back into music. Hopefully this will attract first-timers. Regarding the marbles, you could have tried the ends of spoons sitting on Vibrapods... Also the plastic tops off of herb bottles work better than beer caps although they are not nearly as enjoyable to acquire. Looking forward to your review of the art DI/O. Will you be trying it with optic fibre also? There are a lot of player out there [like Sony] who could use this DAC but only use [the inferior] optic fibre? Just a thought. It would be interesting just to see the results of both.


Lloyd Smith

PS. if it was Canadian beer, all is forgiven, eh?

Steve sez: Lloyd, a most humble thanks for the compliments. Stereo on the cheapo is fun. It makes me work hard as virtually any dolt can spend mega-bucks and get good sound. It is those with beer budgets that must work to achieve their goal. Speaking of beer, it was some basic US domestic. Don't buy Canadian beer, eh :-)  . Of course after many visits to Germany, some of us know what real beer is.


...You guys have a wonderful site.

Thanks again,

Tyler Orehek



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