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Hi Bill,

I've read your remarks about horn speakers for a couple of years on the Enjoy The Music Website. I got interested after hearing a pair of Avante Garde Duos. As you're way too well aware, that "speed thing" is extraordinary to hear.

I've toyed with the idea of getting a pair of horn speakers, but frankly, don't intent on making a pair or any such thing. Too little time to do it and more importantly, too little aptitude!

What do you favor for a horn speaker? I've had my eye on the Classic Audio Repro T-3. TAD drivers. I've talked with Bruce Edgar, but I wonder if his gear will be too big for my liking.

Or, any alternative to horns you've run into? I would like to spend no more than $10,000.


Kelly Mernaugh



Horns not only have the speed of electrostatics, but also when properly built the imaging of point source units, and better dynamics than cones. Plus the efficiency to allow use of better sounding low wattage amplification. But, in order to obtain this you really need active crossovers, and matched amplification for the individual drivers. 

I continue to use seven of Bruce Edgar's horns in a 6.1 configuration, and have not heard anything better, but they only sound their best with active 24 dB crossovers and bi-amplification rather than his passive crossover circuit. The mid-tweeter love single ended low wattage amps and the woofers require solid state for best sound, and they are fairly big, although their frontal surface area is much smaller than many other speakers out there.

There are many Lowther horns out there that might fit your bill, with the best I've heard being the Beauhorns, but they do require a great subwoofer each to sound their best. On the other hand one driver covers about 50 Hz. up so they are very coherent. You may want to try the Avante Guarde Uno's as they would be in your price range, come with built in crossovers and amplification, and from what I've heard and read, sound very good for the price. Plus, because of their built in active crossover, which also does some volume increase in the lower octaves where their bass horn component normally would roll off, can go fairly deep for their small size, being just slightly bigger than some mini-monitors. If I didn't have my present horns, I would take a look at them myself. 

Remember, half the fun is in the chase, so get out there and listen to as many setups as possible before making a decision. Speakers are the most difficult component to trade or sell, their quirks and sound vary the greatest of any other components, so you'll have to live with them for a very long time. Think of them as a wife rather than a girl friend, and go slow with their purchase.





I fully agree with your review of D25. I own this unit (mine is called D250 and looks for the rest like D25 and would not know any difference). I even prefer to listen to it for classical music over my trusted Marantz 80CD63/12B and use Beyerdynamic DT880 Studio when in easy chair or my Sony MDR-E282. I am hotly interested to try a pair of Shure E5c as you recommend (but what a price!). These would surely be my most expensive earphones ever bought!

Do you have any idea where I can buy fresh BP-2EX rechargeable battery pack for my D250?

Success with your Enjoy the Music.com™ site. 

Gert Jansz



Thanks for your e-mail and i believe the 250 is one in the same. Depends on where they were originally sold (country). The battery pack can be purchased from Sony directly for about $35. Call your local authorized Sony agent and they should be able to assist you. Thanks again for your e-mail and as always...

Enjoy the Music,

Steven R. Rochlin



Hi Bill,

Just so you know, you have made me (and therefore my lady) officially "powerless", because your wonderful "AA" articles have led me on my own quest for "clean" AC ....:). 

That being said, I have a question. Finances (and threat of bodily harm !) preclude me from getting my ideal tweak, but I have arranged to pick up a Sound App. XE-12, and was wondering how you incorporated the Quantum SYMPHONY PRO with it? 

Alan Knight



Just plug the Quantum Symphony Pro into the other outlet that the Sound Application unit is plugged into. Another option is to plug the Symphony into one of the Sound Application outlets. They seem to work in synergy. I have gone one step further and us three of the Walker Audio Velocitor Power Line Enhancers which have built in the Symphony's circuit with six outlets. But they are significantly more expensive than the Symphony. Read my AA Chapter 44 for the review.





Your review on portables is long overdue! It was great to see that article. I remember those players - I'm guilty of drooling over the D555 myself, but didn't have the $$$ to afford it at the time. :) Does the D25 have a line out? Have you used a headphone amplifier with your HD600s?



A most humble thanks. Agreed that is was long overdue. Yes, the 555 was an amazing player in its time. Fortunately i worked at a retailer that sold them, so got mine at a discount :-)

Yes, the D-25 has both headphone and also line output
plus a TosLink digital out. The HD600 did ok, yet the Sennheisr HD-600 really need power. LOTS of it. Fortunately the D025 offers much more than virtually all modern units. i would suggest an audition :-)

Enjoy the Music,

Steven R. Rochlin




Correct me if I'm wrong. Isn't the reason for OTL tube amps getting rid of output transformers?

Joe Evans


Hi Joe, 

I'm glad you wrote in, because I'm sure there are many more readers asking the same question--as I did when I first heard about the ZEROs. The simplest answer is that when the output of the OTL amplifier goes to the ZERO, it is seeing a near-ideal 16-ohm impedance. The amplifier does not distinguish between a ZERO autoformer and a loudspeaker. For a more detailed explanation, go to questions 7 and 8 by clicking here.

You should keep in mind that the ZEROs are also recommended-- and also very effective--with tube amplifiers that do have output transformers. That application does not mean the amplifier now has TWO output transformers. 

Best wishes,

Wayne Donnelly




Great article (Best Of The Portables For The Music Lover On The Go!). I read it with great interest Like you I came to the conclusion that the Sony D-25 was the best unit available. Back in September 1988 I purchased my first portable a Sony D-15 (which I still have). I used this unit for several years on my many long business trips to Europe and Australia. I also own a Panasonic SL-CT570 which is slightly better that the SL-CT470 – but nothing to write home about. Then about 18 months ago while visiting the Headwize site I saw a posting/review of the D-25. It mentioned that a company in California had purchased an odd lot of these Sony D-25’s from Sony and that they were brand new. So I ordered one for about $45.00 (less battery). What a buy! It arrived in pristine condition and I now use it with my headphone tube amp that I built as seen by clicking here.

The sound is fabulous to say the least! I only wish I had purchased two of these units.

I heartily concur with your review of the D-25 (mine is the D-25S for silver or grey).

I do get better sound out of my portables as I bypass the headphone output and plug the portable (line out) into a solid state headphone amp. My current product is Tangent's META42 headphone amplifier with an ALPS Blue pot.

Thanks for the tip on Slappa – I ordered one.

I enjoy your website and your articles. Thank you for all of your hard work!

Alan Buckbee



MANY thanks for your e-mail and words of wisdom. Let us keep spreading the good word. As for the Slappa case, i love mine :-)

Enjoy the Music,

Steven R. Rochlin


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