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CES 2000 -- Y2G baby!

Below is a sneak peek to what will be seen and heard in Las Vegas.

  TreMa Sound, Inc will introduce and demonstrate the second generation Exquisite Reference 1B and the Grand Reference speaker cable. Speakers will be powered by LAMM amplifiers, 
digital by Metronome and power generation by PS Audio
The rack will be supplied by RIX RAX.


Oracle AudioOracle has again designed another drop-dead gorgeous piece of Hi-Fi gear. Their new 1.5si integrated amplifier incorporates a sophisticated preamplifier section with a tight-tolerance amplifier stage to achieve a claimed frequency response of 10 Hz to 200,000 kHz (+-3db). The preamplifier section itself is said to be flat to 1 MHz! For the amplifier section, Oracle uses a very precise differential circuitry employing only 1 step of local feedback (found in the output stage to maintain low THD). The result is virtually non-existent inter-modulation distortion and an extremely fast amplifier with no phase errors resulting from feedback. With this circuit topology the speaker can not send back its counter-reaction after a musical impulsion which normally leads to a reduction of the clarity in the music. The power supply section of the 1.5si uses some of the best components with low resonance characteristics, including Oracle's own proprietary designed toroidal transformer. Inputs are via Cardas Rhodium Plated RCA for unbalanced while balanced inputs are also provided for. One tape loop and two inputs are offered and loudspeaker binding posts are Cardas Rhodium Plated too. Power output is claimed as 150 watts @ 8 ohms and 300 watts @ 4 ohms with the entire unit weighing in at a hefty 100 lbs.!


Analysis Plus will be showing a new addition to their loudspeaker cable line at the CES. The Oval Theater Fourteen($2.99/ft.) is a 14-guage cable designed for home theater applications (CL-3 rated for in-wall use). This cable utilizes Analysis' own patented Hollow Oval configuration as in their Oval Nine and Oval Twelve loudspeaker cables. The unique shape and braiding is claimed to combine to transmit the entire signal, across and beyond the audio frequency band, without the normal high frequency loss. "This represents a new era in home theater cabling," said Mark Markel, Analysis Plus co-Founder and President. "Most round conductor cable suffers severe losses over long runs, particularly in the upper frequency range. Our new Hollow Oval design minimizes this effect. The Oval Theater Fourteen represents the ultimate in home theater cable."

Analysis Plus will also be showing their new Silver Oval-In Interconnects (no pricing given) based on their patented Hollow Oval cable design. These new interconnects are braided from pure silver layered over a stabilizing strand of oxygen-free copper, combined with a computer-matched dielectric, then surrounded by an open-braid shield. They are available in either balanced or single-ended configurations. Silver Oval-In interconnects are offered with a choice of WBT-0108 Topline RCA plugs for single-ended use, or with Neutrik XLR connectors for a balanced configuration.


RaudioWhitley Limited, brand named Raudio, will be showing the Auditorium and Chadwick floorstanding speakers. The Chadwick consists of an 8" synthetic paper (2 plies) woofer and a soft dome tweeter. Claimed sensitivity is 89 db/w/m/ with power handling is from 20 -200 Watts rms. The Auditorium uses a 7" two-ply woofer and soft dome tweeter.


Klipsch LoudspeakersNone other than speaker pioneer Paul W. Klipsch, the inventor of legendary Klipschorn® and a man who contributed more than half a century worth of anecdotes, will be at the CES 2000. At age 95 years old, Paul Klipsch is an inductee into the Audio Hall of Fame, a recipient of the prestigious Audio Engineering Society’s Silver Medal, the owner of dozens of patents in geophysics, ballistics and acoustics, the sole focus of two museums dedicated to his genius, the namesake of an auditorium and engineering school and the inventor of the only speaker to be continuously produced for more than 50 years. That speaker being the the Klipschorn®.

Dynaudio will have their mammoth three-piece per channel $85,000 per stereo set Evidence reference speakers in a 5.1 A/V Home Theater system including their new Evidence Subwoofer. Is bigger better? We just may find out.

Perpetual Technologies will be introducing their innovative P-1A which is an "affordable" DSP-based unit that corrects for room acoustics. Technically, the unit is a full-band speaker correction system that upsample you CD transport output to 24-bit/96kHz resolution through a digital-to-digital conversion process! Suggested prices: $950 for the P-1A, $399 for the soft-ware upgrade, $699 for the Room Upgrade Kit. Also new is their P-3A Digital-to-Analog Converter with 24/96 to 24/192 plus DSD compatibility for $599. 

Old timers PS Audio with over 30 years of experience will be presenting their new family of AC power generators: Power Plant Models P300, P600 and P1200. These units are claimed to improve A/V system by generating "pure AC line voltage" significantly cleaner than standard AC. Power Plants eliminate noise, voltage fluctuations and distortions in AC voltage, and deliver superior surge and spike protection. 

PSB Speakers, manufactures of the popular Stratus Gold, will have their recently released Image Series loudspeakers. The Image Series presents 10 high-performance, attractive, affordable speakers for today's listening and viewing public. The Images line includes compact monitors, towers, center speakers, a bass powered tower and a powered subwoofer. Suggested retail prices range from $269 to $1,349 per pair.


According to www.cesweb.org there is more than 115,000 pre-registrants for the 2000 International CES and Press pre-registration is up nearly 25% from this time last year.


Polk AudioPolk Audio will be showing their new generation of "tower" loudspeakers. The RT“i” series features their latest generation of Polk’s Dynamic Balance drivers and tweeters for improved sound quality. Polk’s new in-house, "state-of-the-art" woodworking line allows Polk to offer the new towers in real wood veneers at nearly the same prices of the previous vinyl-clad models. There are four new models all offered in either Maple, Cherry or Black wood veneer finishes. Two models are "passive" designs and two models are "powered towers" with built-in powered subwoofers. 
All RTi models feature Polk's latest generation Dynamic Balance drivers and tweeters. The new 6 ½" bass/midrange driver used throughout the RTi range uses a new formula polymer/mineral composite cone that offers better performance than the previous Polk drivers. The redesigned 1" tweeter is a tri-laminate dome tweeter of soft polymer, with vapor deposited layers of Aluminum and Stainless Steel. All models feature gold plated 5-way binding posts; the RT2000i, RT1000i and RT800i have dual inputs for bi-amplification or bi-wiring. The RTi Series will be available through authorized US and Canadian dealers in March of 2000.

Polk Audio





Driver Complement






1 ea. - 1"

1 ea. - 1"

1 ea. - 1"

1 ea. - 1"

Mid/bass driver

1 ea. 6 ½"

1 ea. 6 ½"

2 ea. 6 ½"

1 ea. 6 ½"


2 ea. 8"

1 ea. 6 ½"



Subwoofer amplifier power

100 Watts

80 Watts




$999.95 ea.

$589.95 ea.

$479.95 ea.

$359.95 ea


IMMEDIA and Scan-Tech are releasing a limited edition phono cartridge in recognition of the new millennium. Named the "Evolve" ($2000), it is based on the award winning design of the Clavis D.C. The Evolve features rhodium plated magnet holders and connectors, and incorporates a finer wire in the generator coils. This provides higher output than the Clavis D.C. while maintaining the purity and low distortion of a single wire wrap on the generator core. The performance catches more of the refinement of the Parnassus while gaining some of the dynamic of the Lydian Beta. A limited allocation of the 100 total pieces built for worldwide distribution.


Nova Audio will be demonstrating a new studio loudspeaker at CES 2000 (name to be announced at the show). Professional mastering equipment from the studios of none other than Nashville's Gerogetown Masters will be used! The "front-end" will consist of Pacific Microsonics' HDCD encoder, with resolution up to 24bit/192kHz, along with the Genex magneto-optical disc recorder. Mastering engineer Denny Purcell (who has several hundred gold and platinum records to his credit) will be playing tracks from some of the world's most famous recording artists.


Arcam will be showing their new FMJ series DVD player. They claim that this unit is "properly engineered from the ground up to provide enthusiast-level performance." The unit is expected to offer dual power supplies, high-quality DACs, broadcast-quality video outputs and much more.


dCS  Data Conversion Systemsdcs will have their new Delius DAC and Purcell Upsampler on display at Las Vegas show. No details as to the specific difference between this unit and their current model available.


CastleCastle and Audiovector both have new subwoofers. While the Castle unit was designed in conjunction with ATC, the Audiovector subwoofer features a newly designed driver with a very long 70mm excursion. Castle’s sub is part of their new Inversion collection designed by Allen Boothroyd’s Cambridge Product Design Company.


Acoustic Energy is planned on launching their new AEGIS Compact at $229 a pair . It uses the same metal cone bass unit as the award-winning Aegis One as previously covered on the Enjoy the Music.com™ Hi-Fi News & Record Review Show report.


Wire guys Pure Silver Connection will be showing their Ultra-high purity 6N Silver, Silver-alloy and Silver-plated 6N cu solid conductors in an air dielectric cables. Their cables use no Teflon and there are no multi-stranded interaction distortions for a purity and resolution that must be heard. They claim their basic entry-level series outperform other stranded, Teflon-coated silver wire cables costing 3x as much!


At the upcoming CES'2000 critically acclaimed Lamm Industries will be showcasing a great deal of their gear in various setups. Their LAMM M1.1/ML1/L1/LL2 with Kharma Exquisite Reference 1b speakers and Kharma cables in Room 1713, the LAMM M2.1/ML2/L1 with Nearfield Acoustic PipeDreams speakers, VPI turntable and Silversmith Audio cables in Room 1456, the LAMM ML2 with Shun Mook's Bella Voce Reference speakers and analog front-end in Room 1610 and lastly, the LAMM M1.1 with Verity Parsifal speakers and Nordost cables at Bybee Technologies Exhibit, Room 2402. WOW!


Alon by AcarianThe highly acclaimed speaker manufacture Alón will be showing three new loudspeakers at the upcoming CES show. The new Capri ($1995 pair) is a wood tower with two 6.5" woofers and one 1" silk soft-dome tweeter. The Vesuvio ($3995 pair) is specially optimized design for contemporary music and rock. Alón claims this to possibly be the first high-end rock loudspeaker! Lastly, their new Exotica X1 is a high-tech, small foot print, floor stander using exotic drivers including a true ribbon tweeter.


LinnAt the CES 2000 Linn will be demonstrating the KIVOR which is a modular, expandable and upgradeable system that is claimed to store the contents of many hundreds of full bandwidth, uncompressed CD's, LP's and radio broadcasts. The KIVOR can be accessed from a Linn Knekt keypad, by touch screen or via a computer from up to 128 zones in a Linn system. With a KIVOR, music content can be simultaneously accessed by up to 16 users independently with individual start times. The KIVOR prototype will be demonstrated through a Linn Knekt multi-room system and in comparisons with Linn's Sondek CD12, Ikemi and Genki CD players. A Linn Aktiv system featuring the award-winning Linn Sondek CD12 and six Linn Aktiv Klimax 500 Solo Power Amplifiers will also be on demonstration.


LexiconA unique agreement has poised Lexicon to be exclusively distributing a Steely Dan promotional CD at the upcoming CES. This CD will contain a two track preview of Steely Dan’s new album, Two Against Nature, scheduled to hit the shelves in February 2000. Supplies are limited and will be handed out on a first come, first serve basis.


King of the M&Ms JosephAudio will be exhibiting along with Cardas Audio, Audio Power Industries and Theta Digital. Two systems will be in full swing! In the back room, a complete Home Theater system with a plasma screen, Theta DaVid, Casanova and Dreadnaught models will drive five channels of JosephAudio speakers. The front system will feature the JosephAudio Pearls driven by a Theta CasaBlanca and Dreadnaught amplifier. This will, in turn, feed from the Theta Voyager, Gen 5 DAC and The Spotheim La Luce Turntable. All the AC will be sourced through the Ultra Power Wedges from Audio Power Industries while all cabling will be from Cardas Audio. Candies from M&M/Mars of course.


WAVAC Audio LabThe maker of the great "amplifier under glass", WAVAC Audio Lab by Sigma, will be at T.H.E. SHOW with their MD-811 ($3995) SETriode 15 watts per channel integrated amplifier. With a claimed frequency response of 20Hz to 50khz and controlling 3 inputs. The MD-572 ($8160) SETriode is another integrated unit though this time producing 50 watts per channel. Their PR-X1 ($6970) line stage includes remote control and offers 20 volts of gain.


Kochel LoudspeakersKöchel loudspeakers will have their their Reference K300 which has been receiving world-wide critical acclaim. With a high 97 db/w/m and virtually flat 8 ohm impedance it allows al those great low wattage amplifier to truly rejoice. Köchel's new K200 ($4995) is 95db/w/m is claimed to provide sonics similar to the Reference Köchel K300 in a more affordable and compact (36"x12"x15") package. Also showing will be their all new SW200 active subwoofer which has been optimized to provide low frequency support for their K300 and K200 loudspeakers. Dual 8" drivers using a nautilus loading design in a compact enclosure is claimed to give an incredibly fast driver response.


Dunlavy Audio Labs, Inc.Longstanding speaker company Dunlavy Audio Labs (DAL) will be displaying off location at the Amerisuites Hotel located on the Southeast corner of Harmon and Paradise (directly diagonal to the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel & Casino). This allows "the larger demonstration rooms at the Amerisuites enable us to showcase our entire line of products in a more acoustically friendly environment, free from interference from other audio/video demonstrations." They will both a stereo and a surround sound room. For the first time their new Corinthians speakers will be on display. The Corinthians (Model I and Model II) come with Recordo Montoban and are named after the special leather used. OK, i was joking about Recordo and leather, but seriously... They are two new loudspeakers from Dunlavy Audio Labs finished in a beautiful simulated marble finish to resemble an elegant, ancient Greek column.


Seigfried AmplifierDavid Berning Co. is planning on showing three Output-Transformerless tube amplifiers. The ZH270 ($4500) dual 70-watt amp in a 10 pound package with auto-bias and two versions of the Siegfried (pictured left). The dual-channel 10-watt unit uses the Svetlana 811-10 tube ($5750) and the 6-watt unit features the Western Electric 300B ($6950). Both Siegfried and the ZH270 incorporate their "smart" regulated switching power supplies plus fault protection for both the speaker and amplifier. The new microZOTL ($680) is claimed to be a "personal amplifier" that is being introduced this year. Using a 6SN7 tube as a push-pull, Class A output stage, it develops about 1 watt (4 ohms) for each channel. Headphone output is provided for and the amplifier can also be used as a tweeter amp in bi-amplified systems of full-range in high-sensitivity systems.


Soliloquy SpeakersSoliloquy will be displaying their new Model 6.3 ($2,999/pr) which is a 44" high 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker. A 42" companion 2-way version called the Model 6.2 ($2,495/p) will also be introduced. Both the Model 6.3 and Model 6.2 feature Soliloquy's new high output 6.5" drivers. Their new Model S-12 active 500 watt subwoofer with proprietary 12" driver will be on silent display. For those looking for high-value loudspeakers, entry level Model Sat 5 ($495/pr) , a 5.25" two-way bookshelf speaker, is intended for rear channel, multi-room, sound distribution and secondary system applications.


An all new loudspeaker company called American Acoustic Development aka AAD which specializes in new designs by noted British designer Phil Jones. As many of your know, Enjoy the Music.com has an exclusive interview with Phil which can be seen by clicking here. AAD loudspeaker lines will be showing their complete AAD Q-series Home Theater system with California Audio Lab's new 2500-series electronics and a Loewe 16:7 digital television. The Q50 tower speakers include integral dual 12" side-firing woofers and matching Q30 center and surround speakers are expected to retail for under $6,000 for all five components. The complete entry level C-series will also be showcased. The high-value Model C-500 ($550/pr) is a three driver 2.5-way tower speaker that hopes to compete directly against established budget brands. American Acoustic Development's can be reached at (919) 876-2751.


CHECKPOINT 3DThe recently raved about CHECKPOINT Laser Tool will be introducing their new LG-120 Adjustable Laser Line Generator. With their continuing effort to support and enhance the professional sound technician with highly advanced tools for system alignment purposes, the new LG-120 creates a laser line angle from 15° to 100° giving the exact dispersion angle of the speaker for visual reference in acoustical and sonic work. This single tool helps to provide highly trained, SAS certified sound contractors with a single laser alignment source designed to allow the accurate positioning of speakers relative to their own unique sonic dispersion characteristic. Jim Webb, founder and designer of Sound Alignment Systems, says "For the first time a technician can visualize for the client where a speaker's sonic signature will be". Webb continues, " for example, if a speaker's dispersion specification is 40°, simply adjust the Line Generator to the 40° mark and that exact angle line will be visualized enabling the speaker to be placed precisely where its optimum coverage and performance will be realized. In addition any acoustical treatments that may be seen or created for any condition are now visible. It's that simple."


NAD ElectronicsNAD, manufacturer of good value for the dollar audio components has expanded their Silver Series with two new multi-channel components. The S150 Surround Preamp/Processor($2,499) and five-channel S250 Power Amplifier ($2,449) bring the unique approach of NAD's Silver Series to Home Theater and surround-music enthusiasts for the first time. In their "Music First" T760 Receiver ($999) features Dolby Digital and DTS Compatibility while the new T550 DVD Player ($799) is NAD's first DVD unit. 

In their newly expanded Classic Series, three additional products will be on display at CES 2000. The C160 Stereo Preamplifier ($599), the C540 CD Player ($499) and the C520 CD Player ($299). The C160 preamp employs fully Class A amplifier topology in all audio-path circuits, gold-plated input/output connectors, signal-switching via gold relays throughout, and an upgraded, gold-element Alps volume control to maintain optimal signal purity. The convenience of six line-level inputs, including two complete tape loops for flexible signal-routing and recording/dubbing, only adds to the C160's value.

The C540 CD Player is a very affordable single-disc CD players from NAD that permit budget-challenged audiophiles to experience legitimately high-end digital playback. Based on an improved, 24-bit Burr-Brown sigma/delta digital-to-analog converter, the C540 delivers digital accuracy that rivals the most expensive designs available, with virtually perfect linearity to -100 dB and below. The C520's performance is claimed to come remarkably close to that of the C540 yet at an even more accessible price.


ClearaudioDiscovery Cable join forces once again with Clearaudio and will have an all analog room with two turntables spinning vinyl (no CD player). New Discovery Essence interconnect and NEW Discovery Essential speaker cable. They will also be demonstrating the Thor Audio 30 Amps and Thor Preamp. There will also be new products from Clearaudio such as the new Line Victory and Discovery cartridges.


TARA LabsThis year at the CES TARA Labs introduces a new series of power line products, a new cable termination system, new cable designs and an innovation in customer service that buyers can access over the internet! TARA Lab's "Smart System" claims to have developed an Artificial Intelligence. This interactive segment of their website suggests to customers which TARA Labs cables will work best for their audio system. A new product called the Clean Signal claims to absorb RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) and EMI (Electromagnetic interference) from AC power before it can enter audio components. The model AD-6 includes six AC outlets: two digital for a DAC or digital processor, and four analog for source components such as CD players. The PM-2 is a two-outlet version made specifically for power amplifiers, subwoofers and electrostatic loudspeakers. The AV-8, which offers 8 outlets for audio and video components in home theater systems, and the AD-10-B, a ten-outlet balanced power version of the AD-6 will also be showcased.

As for their signal wire, two new speaker cables, the ISM Bi-Wire and Reference Bi-Wire, are speaker cables designed to maximize the performance of bi-wiring. TARA Labs will also introduce two new Interconnects for superior A/V quality. The Prism Optical Reference features a triple-polished fiber optic conductor, for DVD, Stereo and VCRs requiring a TosLink type hookup. The Prism A/V Trio combines two high-quality audio and one superior video interconnect together in one extrusion.


Art AudioThe great tube offerings from Art Audio will be in not one, not two, but five rooms! Three of the rooms will be at the CES while the two others will be located at T.H.E. SHOW in the St. Tropez Hotel. The CES rooms will be showing their well-reviewed Jota 20 watt amplifier. Also showing within their CES rooms are the Soliloquy models 6.2 and 6.3 floor standing speakers, S-12 powered subwoofer, and bookshelf/rear channel Sat 5. In their other room they will be showcasing Phil Jones' new speaker designs. Enjoy the Music.com™ was the first to interview Phil years ago which can be seen by clicking here. Phil designed many great speakers while he was with Platinum Audio. Meanwhile at T.H.E. SHOW they will be demonstrating their new Milagro unit. It is based on the Diavolo circuitry yet offers lower noise and distortion figures plus it comes encased in a chassis made of "Dark Matter™.

Nirvana AudioNirvana Audio have wisely setup a special Web page to offer sneak peeks to their CES 2000 strategy. Among the goodies they will have are their T-2 75ohm "Digital Interface", S-X Ltd. "Lead Interconnect", S-L Series "Interconnect", S-L Series "ShotGun" Speaker Cable, PC Plus "Digital Power Cord", Source "Audio Power Cord" and various Power Conditioners. Nirvana his been raved about by many reviewers worldwide. We will be keeping an eye, and ear, on these guys.


Wavelength AudioWavelength Audio is teaming up with Nirvana to showcase their Napoleon New Century Edition 100% Silver 300B Single Ended Amplifier, Mercury Single Stage Single Tube Amplifier Based on the Western Electric 437A (A MUST SEE!), Mercury Single Stage Single Tube Amplifier Based on the AVVT 20SL, Mercury Single Stage Single Tube Amplifier Based on the NOS Telefunken RS24. They are also hoping to bring their Sine Line Level Preamplifier and Cosine and Cosine-V 24/96 DAC With Preamplifier Output Option. Nirvana Audio and Wavelength Audio will be using my fave new speaker, the Avantgarde Acoustic Uno.


Sakura Systems 47 LabsSakura Systems 47 Labs will be at T.H.E. SHOW, room 2307, with their complete line of 47Lab products including analog setup with MIYABI /47 MC cartridge which is the fruit of collaboration between MIYABI designer Mr. Haruo Takeda and 47Lab! These are exciting times folks! The Enjoy the Music.com Review Magazine's own Steven R. Rochlin was the first to review their Gaincard here on the Web. He raved highly about their Gaincard which has since spurred many positive discussions on the internet! Mr. Kimura, 47 Labs designer, and Mr. Teramura, 47 Labs director, will be present throughout the show. They are scheduled to bring in Mr. Kimura's life long project, the Pitracer CD transport and a prototype of their speaker system. This speaker system is a single driver, crossover-less design with what Yoshi, their USA distributor, claims to be the "weirdest driver you've ever seen!" Also included in the demonstration is Gaincard 50W+50W version.


M+K SoundThe great folks at Miller & Kreisel Sound (M&K) will be showing their self-powered upper frequency speakers at the upcoming CES. The S-150P THX ($1,699), Surround 55 Tripole ($700 per pair), LCR-45 and the LCR 55 Mark II. The S-150P is M&K's first self-powered bi-amplified monitor and is based on their critically acclaimed S-150THX. The S-150P includes dual 180 watt power amplifiers, uses three 1" soft-dome tweeters and two 5.25" poly woofers, yet is capable of greater output and dynamic range because of the bi-amplification and the elimination of a passive crossover in favor of the included active unit. The Surround 55 is a tripole surround speaker design. This speaker is the smallest and most economical speaker from M+K. Meanwhile the LCR-55 Mk II adds two 3.5" dipole drivers to the LCR-55's complement and uses M&K's exclusive High-Frequency Prism design and Phase-Focused crossover. Lastly we have the little LCR-45 which is M&K's most compact satellite speaker. This diminutive speaker (7 7/8" H x 4 7/8" W x 6" D) uses a very high quality 1" soft-dome Neodymium tweeter and a very high-performance 4" woofer along with an M&K Phase-Focused crossover. It is also fully magnetically shielded for ease of placement near video monitors.


JMlabs Micro Utopia

Above is  sneak peek at the new JMlabs Micro Utopia speaker that will be featured at the upcoming CES. Who says bigger is better?









































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