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Vacuum Tube Preamplifier & Amplifier Lust Pages



JJ 243

JJ 322

JJ 828 

  Audio manufacture JJ Electronic, known for the vacuum tubes, also makes an extensive line of vacuum tube audio components. Seen above (from left to right) is their JJ 322 twenty watt stereo amplifier, JJ 243 pre-amplifier with phono stage, and the JJ 828 seventy watt stereo integrated amplifier. The JJ 322 employs two JJ 300B, a JJ E88CC, JJ ECC83 and JJ EM84 tube per channel and produced twenty watts per channel with a frequency response of 18Hz to 25kHz (+-1dB). The JJ 243 pre-amplifier has three line inputs plus a phono stage input. With an 8 volt maximum output, the JJ 243 has four JJ E88CC in the phono stage and two each of the JJ ECC82 and JJ E88CC. The JJ 828 wireless remote control integrated amplifier produces seventy watts per channel in "Calls AB" push-pull configuration. This unit features five line inputs and tape output. Frequency response is rated from 20Hz to 25kHz (+-1dB).

JJ Electronic
A Hlinku 4, 022 01 CADCA
Slovak Republic

website: http://www.jj-electronic.sk


quicksilvermono.jpg (44818 bytes)

  Quicksilver Audio's 25-watt Horn Mono amplifiers are engineered specifically for high efficiency loudspeakers. With approximately 18dB less gain than Quicksilver's standard amplifiers to avoid noise problems endemic to very sensitive speakers, and designed to sound good at the extremely low power levels such speakers require, the Horn Monos accept EL34, KT90, KT88, KT77, KT66, 6550 or 6L6 output tubes. With a 100+ joules power supply and power bandwidth from 9Hz to 100kHz, the standard tube complement is two EL34 and one 12DW7. The chassis is chrome over nickel, features an IEC terminal, weighs 30 lbs and measures 6" x 14.75" x 9.25" (HxDxW). The Quicksilver Horn Monos carry a 3-year parts and labor warranty.

Quicksilver Audio
5635 Riggins Court, Unit 15
Reno, Nevada 89502

voice: (775) 825-1514
fax: (775) 825-1552
website: www.quicksilveraudio.com



Reußenzehn V8

  German company Reußenzehn offers their V8 amplifier. This large amplifier looks much like an automobile engine! With eight KT88 tubes (four per channel) producing 120 watts per side. Using a custom made KT88 tube only available to Reußenzehn customers help to make this amplifier a reality. The V8 is constructed internally as a monoblock including the two separate power supply transformers. The complete housing is handmade from Thomas Reussenzehn using highly alloyed 3mm brass material. This is said to guarantee good heat dissipation while also providing vibration decoupling from the two power supply transformers by "floating" the power supply section on dampeners.

Reussenzehn Tube Power
Lilienthalstrasse 16
D- 63073 Offenbach / Germany



Cadence Audio Canasy

Cadence Audio Canasy

  The Cadence Audio Canasy is a hybrid solid-state and tube unit. Operating in "Class A" mode up to 50 watts and 200 watts total per monoblock, this beauty uses four 845 output tubes in what is one of the most sensuous designs. The rectification and driver stages are of the solid state variety. While there is a front meter on each monoblock, the biasing is automatic. The cool front meter indicates the "lifespan" of each valve. Frequency response is claimed as 8Hz to 70 kHz (+/- 0.5 dB).

72-76 Mundhwa
Pune 411 036




  After receiving your email about Horaces' amp, I
thought I would send you a picture of a line of 2A3
amps that I build. (I use Horaces' tag strips in my

These amps are currently being sold in Canada by
Falcon Audio who represents products from myself and EAR. I am currently seeking representation in other markets.

Just thought you might be interested in seeing this.

Best regards,

Raffaele Del Fiacco

BTW - I think Enjoy The Music is a great and valuable forum, keep up the good work.


45 SET


  I thought that I would send you a nice pic of my friend's 45 SET amp and matching 6SN7 pre-amp. Perhaps you could put them in the tube lust section--that is, only if you deem them truly are lust-worthy. He custom builds this equipment for customers...

Here is the stats:

Gordon Grigg
Nashville, TN
(615) 847-0014

Thanks, and hoping that all is good with you.

Brad Brooks
Managing Editor
VALVE Magazine


Air Tight ATM-300

  Air Tight, known for their top quality tube gear, now offers their new 300B stereo integrated amplifier. Using one parallel connected 12AU7 in the pre-driver stage, a 12BH7 for the driver stage and a 300B tube for output, this unit produces 8 watts per channel. While the bias is self-adjusting, there is a glorious old-style analog bias meter on the front panel for your visual delight. There are three dampening settings (0-1db, 2-4db and 3-6db) to customize the amount negative feedback employed. While only have a single input, there are separate right and left channel attenuators which, in my humble opinion, make the Air Tight ATM-300 an integrated unit. Output transformers are from Tamaura, capacitors are from Sprague and OS Con while WBT speaker terminals are incorporated help to solidify the very high quality music reproduction this unit provides.

Air Tight
Axiss Distribution
17800 South Main Street
Suite 109
Gardena, CA 90248

voice (310) 329-0187
fax (301) 329-0189


electro-harmonix 300EH electro-harmonix 6v6EH Sovtek 12ax7LPS Sovtek 2A3

Click any of the above images for a larger photo.

  Seen above are all new tubes from electro-harmonix and Sovtek who are under the New Sensor Corporation. The new 300 EH by electro-harmonix claims to offer long life, top-quality construction with a 40 watt plate dissipation. Their 6V6EH is said to give improved tone for those who are looking for a great guitar tube tone. Each 6V6EH is tested to 475 Volts so to insure high tolerances and long life.

Sovtek has long been offering audiophiles great tubes. Their new 12AX7LPS has been said to be among the best 12AX7 tube available today! Some say it is easily comparable t the the famed smooth plate Telefunken and Mullard CV4004. Their new single plate 2A3 is said to offer a smooth, sweet sound while providing a wide and deep soundstage. It is also designed for a high 5 watts of output power as opposed to the usual 3 watts. This helps to insure long life in properly designed circuitry.

New Sensor Corporation
20 Cooper Square
New York, New York 10003

website: www.newsensor.com


Raymond 2A3

  The amp is a DIY special that uses a single 2A3 design with the Sovtek 2A3s, a NOS 5Z3 rectifier and NOS 6SL7 drivers. All transformers & power supply choke are Hammond as is the chassis. The power supply caps are 20 and 25 mfd motor run caps (like those used in air-conditioning systems). No exotic resistors, only a couple of electrolytics as cathode bypass caps. This unit is completely point-to-point wired. The chassis, bottom cover and transformer bells are powder-coated. It's a great finish and really easy; just drop the parts off on Monday at noon for painting, then pick 'em up Wednesday at noon ($32.00 :-) ). One of the special touches that really looks nice to me is the use of the stainless steel acorn nuts instead of regular screws and hex nuts. This amplifier is supplied to us by Raymond Koonce (rkoonce@tyler.net).


IAG 45 SE 2

  Seen above is not some $5,000 amplifier. It is not a $2,000 amplifier either. It is in fact a 4.5 wpc. single-ended class tube amplifier. Using the EL84, EF86 and 6CA4 tubes the glorious glow of chrome of tubes can reside in your home beautifully. ther features include gold plated speaker binding posts and input RCA connectors, hand polished 6061 T6 Aluminum chassis, Sowter output transformers, custom torroid power transformer and much more! This unit also includes the rare yet highly prized headphone jack. The first 20 units sold by these guys get polished finish as standard ( which will be optional thereafter). Enjoy the Music.com just heard about these guys and felt here is a deal of deals folks! Oh, as for the price... How does in kit form $499 or fully assembled $599 sound to your ears? Get it while the gettings good!

International Audio Group
P.O. Box 10096
Killeen, TX 76547

Website: www.iagaudio.com



VAIC tube amplifier!



AVVT 2A3M   AVVT 520-2  

Click on either image above for a larger photo.

  Coming from the great genius of Alesa Vaic Vacuum Technology (AVVT) comes their new AV 2A3M (pictured left). This new tube is a Mesh Version of their AV 2A3-C37. The mesh plates themselves are not made of solid nickel, but of nickel wire. This tube uses AVVT's "Open Filament structure" which is claimed to result in high linearity even at the maximum output voltage. The AVVT 520-2 is a new version of their AV 520B SLX. Looks like the folks at AVVT and tube-riffic!

AMR (A Music Resource)
Bob Ungemach 
700 Verdant Drive 
Elm Grove, Wisconsin 53122 USA

voice: (414) 827-9800
fax: (414) 827-0876


Antique Sound Labs MG-SPM805

  Seen here is the Antique Sound Labs MG-SPM805 mono monster block amplifiers. Using a tube compliment of one 805, one 6L6 and one 12AX7, this baby can achieve 50 watts of output. With a frequency response of 20 Hz to 25 kHz at full output power, the glorious 805 output tube is run in single-ended full class A. Gold plated speaker binding posts and RCA jacks add to the visual beauty of this black powder coat finished amplifier which also has silver and gold accents. 

Antique Sound Laboratory Limited
Room 2038 Block D 
Wah Lok Ind centre
31-35 Shan Mei Street
Hong Kong

website: www.tubehifi.com  


Pathos Acoustics Twin Tower

  Coming from my favorite place on earth, Italy, Pathos has won a vast quantity of awards worldwide. Not just for beauty, which their equipment oozes from, but also because of their superior design and state-of-the-art engineering. Seen above is their Twin Towers unit 35 watt per channel stereo integrated amplifier with a frequency response of 13 Hz - 78 kHz (+- 0.05db). Using Pathos' own silver wire and many other selected parts, the Twin Tower also comes with a wireless remote control for ease of use. Quality, style and ease of use. We need more manufactures like this! Three inputs and tape loop are provided for while heavy-duty speaker posts handle your wiring needs.

Pathos Acoustics
Via Caperse, 129
36100 Vicenza, Italia

voice: 39 0444 911213
fax: 39 0444 919203


CR Developments Woodham Phono pre-amplifier

CR Developments Artemis

  Here are two from C.R. Developments. Specifically, the Woodham Phono pre-amplifier and Artemis amplifier. The Woodham Phono is truly a thing of beauty with its chrome and gold front faceplate featuring those classic analog meters. Two 12AY7 and one 12AU7 is used for phonostage duties while two 12AX7 and two 12AU7 tubes are for the pre-amplification stage. The main output stage employs two 12AU7 tubes while the meter is buffered with a single 12AU7. Close tolerance polypropylene signal capacitors are hand-selected for use within the critical parts of the audio signal.

Each Artemis monoblock amplifier uses two Russian 6C33C tubes per channel to product 35 wpc in Push Pull "Class A". A single 5687 was chosen as the pre-driver while the single 12AX7 assists for phase splitter duties. For those with a single signal source, each monoblock also includes a volume level control. Speaker load impedance of 4, 8 and 16 are accommodated while a high sensitive 1 volt input will drive the Artemis to full output.

CR Developments Ltd.
Unit 8, Craftsmen Square
Temple Farm Industrial Estate
Essex, SS2 5RH

website: www.cr-developments.co.uk

CR Develpments Woodham KT88.

  The newest addition to CR Developments Ltd. Woodham line is he KT88 model. This chromed chassis with gold accents brings vast visual beauty in the land of solid-state black and grey boxes. This is a stereo integrated unit featuring five line-level inputs. two KT-88 tubes per channel are operated in Class AB for 25 wpc (or you can mono the amplifier section for one 50 watt channel). A centrally located gold-accented meter helps to alert the owner of a faulty output tube as biasing in the Woodham KT88 is automatic. Frequency response is claimed as 25 Hz to 25 kHz (+- 1 db).

CR Developments Ltd.
Unit 8, Craftsmen Square
Temple Farm Industrial Estate
Essex, SS2 5RH

website: www.cr-developments.co.uk


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