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Home Entertainment 2002 Hi-Fi and Home Theater Event

Pre-Show Coverage


Nearfield Acoustic Pipedreams  Nearfield Acoustics will have their new Pipedreams Hemisphere loudspeaker system for all attendees to experience at the show. The Hemisphere is a multipoint line-source array, housed in a tall, slender and elegantly finished cabinet with matching subwoofers. Cabinetry work of the Hemisphere features a high strength unibody design with a semi-circular curved back to control and reduce internal; reflections that can adversely affect the sound quality. For improved rigidity, this curve is formed as a laminate of wood, aluminum, solid surface substrate, and ultra-high molecular weight material. Machined from a rock solid substrates with laser-assisted tolerances, the new front baffle is said to improve the time and phase alignments.



Dynaudio C4Dynaudio's new Confidence C2 ($12,000) and C4 ($16,000, pictured right) floorstanding loudspeakers, as were first seen worldwide on Enjoy the Music.com™'s High End Society Frankfurt show report, will have their USA launch at this New York City show. By employing technologies developed for their Evidence, Dunaudio's Confidence C2 and C4 exclusively utilize proprietary Dynaudio technologies such as the soft-dome Esotar2 and Dynaudio Directivity Control (DDC). DCC allows for controlling dispersion on the vertical plane to minimize reflections off the ceiling and floor boundaries, making the speakers much less dependent on room acoustics.



NAD T 562 DVD PlayerNAD's new T 562 DVD Player ($799) feature advanced progressive scan with 3:2 pulldown for DVD and offers high quality CD sound at an affordable price. The T562 also supports playback of CD-R/CD-RW disks and includes built-in MP-3 decoding capable of delivering more than 10 hours of music from a single MP-3 encoded CD-Rs. NAD's T 562 employs the latest generation of MPEG decoding technology while keeping signal paths short and direct to minimize any interference. The 10-bit Video DACs running at 54MHz and offers composite, component and the S-Video output. Three audio connections are available and includes analog RCA jacks plus coaxial and optical digital selectable for 44.1 kHz, 48kHz or 96kHz output.



Acoustic Sounds will be selling a great selection of audiophile vinyl, CD, SACD, and DVD-Audio discs. In addition, three of their APO Records artists will be performing during the show. Concerts sponsored by Acoustic Sounds include blues legends such as Wild Child Butler, Jimmie Lee Robinson, Noah Wotherspoon and the Stratocats.



PSB Alpha SubZero iPSB Speakers International will be demonstrating their next-generation Alpha SubZero i ($299, pictured right) and SubSonic 5i ($599). Both subwoofers have been significantly redesigned to deliver twice the power, with improved sonic performance at the same price as previous models. The 8-inch SubZero i now produces 100 watts of continuous power and up to 260 watts of dynamic peak power, while the 10-inch SubSonic 5i delivers a powerful 200 watts of continuous power with up to 440 watts of dynamic peak power. Both units incorporate a redesigned driver employing a polypropylene cone, a heavy magnet assembly, and a 1.5-inch voice coil to handle greater continuous power without thermal power compression. An oversized rubber surround permits very long cone excursion for lower bass extension. The bass extension of the SubZero i is -3dB at 36Hz, whereas the SubSonic 5i is rated at -3dB at 30Hz. Both models are video shielded to allow placement right next to a TV monitor if desired.



Clearaudio Maximum Solution TurntableMusical Surroundings, United States distributor of Germany's Clearaudio products, will feature the Maximum Solution turntable ($7,000). With a three point star shaped acrylic plinth design and drive system of the Master Reference, the Maximum Solution builds upon the Master Solution by utilizing the three motor/pulley/belt drive of the Master Reference. As with the Master Reference, the Maximum Solution uses the Clearaudio Accurate Power Generator (APG) to filter, re-synthesize and synchronize the power to all three motors. Dubbed the "mini Master Reference", the Maximum Solution is said to approach the performance of Clearaudio's flagship turntable at only half the cost. The Maximum Solution can accommodate up to three tonearms and may be field upgraded from the Solution ($1,600) or Master Solution ($3,200) for only the difference in retail price.



Chord 8000 AV ProcessorChord Electronics Ltd. will unveil their new product range designed for home theatre enthusiasts. The DSP 8000 AV Processor ($14,900) is a 7.1 channel processor that includes the very latest Motorola 56367 DSP chips and covers formats such as Dolby Ex, Pro Logic and Pro Logic II, DTS & DTS ES, and provides several music modes. The DSP 8000 can run a fully balanced signal (example from a Chord DAC 64) and using the analogue ALPS volume control, run into a Chord power amp bypassing all digital circuits. Users can upgrade the unit via RS232 cable while their new Chord Learning Remote Control allows for ease of use from your listening position. Both silver or black motifs are available.



Naim USA will have their high performance AXENT center channel loudspeaker ($4,400) that features four mid/bass drivers, along with a decoupled tweeter (a la DBL/NBL), are mounted in separate enclosures within one cabinet. Naim's proprietary PARs (Passive Acoustic Resistance) control airflow between internal chambers within the cabinet. A dedicated AXENT loudspeaker stand ($850) is also available.



Impact TechnologyImpact Technology, Balanced Audio Technology, Cardas Audio, and retailer Audio Video Creations of San Francisco have joined forces for the upcoming show. The Impact Technology Airfoil Model 5.2, BAT VK-75SE amplifier, VK-50SE pre-amplifier and VK-D5SE CD player will be installed with Cardas Golden Reference cabling and Grand Prix Racing stands and racks. Impact Technology will also debut the new Airfoil 3 loudspeaker ($12,500), built on the strengths of the acclaimed full range Airfoil 5.2 system. The array is coupled to two 8-inch dynamic bass drivers in a unique reflection-free Helix line loaded cabinet.



Bel Canto Design  PRe6Bel Canto Design will be showing their PHONO1 pre-amplifier, DAC2 24-bit/192kHz upsampling DAC along with the highly desirable PRe6 multi-channel analog pre-amplifier driven by a pair of eVo2 mono blocks. The Bel Canto PRe6 balanced analog multi-channel control pre-amplifier helps to maximize new system configurations to support both stereo and surround sound including DVD, DVD-Audio and SACD. Both single-ended (RCA and balanced inputs (XLR) and provided for. Frequency response is 0 Hz to 200kHz with a signal to noise of 100dB A weighted from 20Hz to 20kHz at 1 volt output. Overall dimensions of the PRe6 is17.5 x 14.5 x 4.5 (WxDxH in inches) while the entire unit weighs in at 24 lbs.



GamuT S 300GamuT will be featuring their dual mono design S 300 stereo amplifier ($30,000). Producing 300 watts per channel at 8 ohms (600 at 4 ohms), the power supply features a large toroidal transformer and 20 RIFA long life capacitors totaling 440.000uF. This immense amount of power can demand upwards of 40 amperes of electricity! The output stage employs new, higher power version of GamuT's single MOSFET. This new device has two sections used as a balanced pair, therefore both plus and minus output is active. The transformers have a total weight of 132 lbs and are mounted on a steel plate, which is floating on 8 industrial vibrations absorbers, to prevent mechanical buzz.



Meridian 800Sanibel Sound has announced that Meridian Audio has joined in their DVD-Audio demonstration during this event. Meridian's new 800 Series CD/DVD-A player, Reference 861 Surround Processor, and multi-channel digital connection will be heard through Piega P5 Limited speakers and matching Piega subwoofers. Meridian's 800 Series is now in Version 3 with a new, more powerful DSP engines to enable ultra-high precision processing on up to 8 channels running at 96kHz. This additional computing power is used to add facilities, enhance transparency, and provide more sound-field options for all media. Andy Regan, vice president of Meridian America, said, "This demo will be an excellent opportunity for the audiophiles to hear 96/24 DVD-Audio as well as to have their questions about this exciting new format answered by industry experts, such as Mark Waldrop from Aix Records."



As part of the eBay and PRIMEDIA auction to raise money for the Elf Foundation, which builds entertainment and Internet-based education systems in Children's hospitals, eBay will offer a free seminar on Saturday, June 1 from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. The seminar will focus on providing tips on buying and selling consumer electronic products on the eBay auction service. eBay will also announce the winner of give-away prizes each day of the show. Prizes, donated by RCA, include four new RCA 38" Diagonal HDTVs (model F38310) and a RCA MP3 player. Attendees simply need to stop by the eBay booth or attend the seminar for a chance to win.



Plinius Audio SA 102Plinius Audio of New Zealand will be showcasing their the new 8200MKII amplifier and SA 102 "Class A" stereo amplifier. The SA 102 (pictured right) addresses the short term current requirements needed by today's loudspeakers. While rated at 125 watts into 8 ohms per channel, it can produce an amazing 4,000 watts short term power into low impedances loudspeakers. The SA 102 is bridgeable to achieve a single output of 460 watts into 8 ohms. Current output is upwards of 30A during short duration and is fuse protected. Inputs include RCA and XLR while overall dimensions are 8.75 x 19.75 x 18 (HxWxD in inches) and weight is a hefty 83 lbs.



Ellula Sounds HotairIs your high-end system full of hot air? If not, then try the Hotair inflatable loudspeaker system (approximately £29.99)! This blowup, portable and innovative system by Ellula Sounds multimedia loudspeaker combines stylish yet also quirky looks. Compatible with portable electronics and home PCs, the Hotair employs technology licensed from NXT, the creators of the flat panel loudspeaker technology. In fact there are many possibilities in using the NXT technology including units shaped like a drink can, bottle... or chocolate bar! "Inflatables have an appeal which other more rigid molded products can't evoke," says Ellula's creative director, Joe Stephens. "Instead of spending months developing one shape to suit all markets, we're able to produce a number of designs in a short space of time. This way, our customers will have the freedom to choose a design that appeals most to their personal style - and even their personality."



Von Schweikert Audio will be demonstrating their "state-of-the-art" multi-channel sound system during the show. DSD master recordings by Mike Pappas in five channel surround will be playing with Sony Master Recording equipment and Spectron amplifiers. The loudspeaker systems demonstrated will be the VR-5 HSE (Special Edition) towers with stereo VR-S/3 powered subwoofers.



May Audio Marketing HarmonixUnited States distributor May Audio will be showing new products from Sonneteer Electronics including their 0 Integrated Digital Amplifier and two CD players, phono stage and DAC. Also at the show will be Atacama's new range of equipment racks and loudspeaker stands. Of course the ever-popular Harmonix Tuning devices will be used to goof effect. May Audio Marketing distributes loudspeakers by Castle, Enigma and Heybrook. Other products they offer include Roksan electronics, Van den Hul and Decca cartridges, Gutwire cables and much more.



Soundations is breaking ground for the for the first time in the USA within a show event! This South African based company has been in the business of designing and manufacturing high-end support furniture for just over twenty years and is proud to be showcasing their product within the United States. Soundations claims the Internet has greatly widened their scope to an "unbelievable extent" as they now have products offered in eighteen different countries. The Soundation Ultimo equipment stand (pictured right) features a rubberized suspension system which suits lightweight hyper-sensitive audio equipment. The internal shelves are double decoupled from the outer "isolation cradle" using an adjustable rubberized suspension system that also allows for height adjustment. By combining double MDF slabs, big diameter aluminum tubing and steel tension rods, the Soundation Ultimo equipment stand is said to provide a very rigid system. Overall dimensions are 650 x 820 x 600 (WxHxD in mm).



Simaudio MoonSimaudio Ltd. will officially be launching their new MOON Nova CD Player ($2,895) that is part of their Audio reference series. Based on the well established MOON Eclipse CD Player, the Nova is said to "deliver audiophile performance in a more affordable package". Features include separate digital and analog power supplies using two independent toroidal transformers, seven stages of voltage regulation and a Philips-based transport mechanism with in-house developed software. For digital to analog conversion, two precision-matched 24-bit/96kHz BurrBrown PCM1704-j DAC are employed while digital filtering duties is conducted by a BurrBrown DF1704 digital filter with 8X oversampling. Meanwhile the internal upsampling effectively achieves 24-bit/352.8kHz resolution.



Piega LoudspeakerSanibel Sound will provide a complete, high-end DVD-Audio surround sound system will have multiple rooms including the 1,500 square foot Murray Hill Suite B of the New York Hilton and Towers. The suite will be shared with Aix Records and HiRez DVD-Audio discs and will be dedicated exclusively to DVD-Audio presentations. Steve Davis, Sanibel's president said "Since we understand that Sony will be showing its digital audio format, SACD, in the room next door, consumers for the first time will be able to make side-by-side comparisons of high quality competing demonstrations of the two systems." Sanibel's demo rooms will include a DVD-A player from Integra Research, Chapter amplifiers, five Piega P5 Ltd loudspeakers, two Piega P1 Subwoofers, and various high quality cables and power conditioners.



Philips DVDR985Philips will be showcasing their DVDR985 and DVD962SA units. The DVDR985 ($999.99, pictured right) is based on DVD+RW technology and is said to provide outstanding picture quality and will allow consumers to capture birthday celebrations, holidays, vacations and TV shows on a DVD+RW or DVD+R disc. Consumers then can play the recordings back on most existing and future DVD players. The DVD+RW disc can also serve for video editing and re-recording on DVDs. A digital i.Link data transfer connection (IEEE1394) easily transfers camcorder video to DVD, preserving the footage in high-quality digital picture and sound. It also includes a component video input for analog connection. Philips' DVD962SA ($599) combines DVD technology with the superior sound of SACD. Utilizing Philips' proprietary Crystal Clear Pro Progressive Scan technology plus a sophisticated Motion Adaptive System, the DVD962SA includes a Faroudja chipset for the highest of video fidelity. Both home theater and pure audio are supported with features including DTS, Dolby Digital, SACD, CD, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+RW, SVCD, VCD and surround-sound processing where applicable.



Sennheiser RS 65Sennheiser will unveil their new RS 65 wireless headphones. Long known for making among the worlds best headphones, Sennheiser's RS 65 wireless system includes a new "Center-Lock Auo Tuning" system to insure clear, static free performance. Also included is an SRS processor to add three-dimensional surround realism. The new RS 65 system consists of a pair of high fidelity, circumaural headphones of Sennheiser's Open-Aire design with an integrated RF receiver and a separate transmitter (which can drive any number of headphones). A cradle in the transmitter recharges the headphones, which operates for up to four hours between chargings. Special RF technology provides clean audio transmission and eliminates television interference with a unique built-in audio filter. Users control the volume from the headphones for added convenience. A representative of Sennheiser said "We are very excited to introduce this important new auto-tuning technology that provides a significant enhancement to both the features and usability of the product. It's yet another significant advancement in our long history as the worldwide leader of headphone technology."


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