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Home Entertainment 2001
Hi-Fi and Home Theater Event

Home Entertainment 2001

Pre-Show Report

Legend Audio Nirvana  Legend Audio will be showing their new Nirvana 100 watt (at 4 ohms) 6550-based amplifier. Operating the 6550 tubes in "Class A" triode mode, the 55 lbs. Nirvana amplifier offer a dynamic range of 92 dB with a claimed frequency response of 10Hz to 30kHz. Four 5SN7 tubes are also employed in Legend Audio's new amplifier. Overall dimensions are 9" x 18" x 15" (HxWxD). Retail pricing of the Nirvana is $6,500.



Nearfield Acoustics will have their baby Pipedreams - a new and more affordable range whose specific product line up has not been finalized. The new towers at the show are said to envelope the room with airy music plus a "wicked sound staging". The details of the new loudspeakers are as follows:

· Multi point line source, phase array to reduce mass and
  increase air displacement.
· Tone & Timbre stay linear throughout dynamic range
· Wide horizontal dispersion, almost 160° at all frequencies
· No crossover from 60-4,000 Hz 
· 98 dB efficient, 1 watt @ 1 meter
· Nearly resistive load couples easily to low power SET or
  OTL amplifiers
· 60 - 20 kHz +/- 3 dB
· 9 x 5.25" custom designed midrange drivers
· 24 x 1" tweeters
· New slopes & crossover points, different to the Pipedreams
· Almost 6˝' tall, only 10" wide
· Magnetically shielded

Towers $9,600 per pair


New compact subwoofers are almost completed:
· Two 12" woofers, in a push pull configuration
· Same voice coil & 20 lb.. magnets as used in 18" woofers
· Either Active (500 wpc amp) or Passive configurations
· Compact dimensions: 14" diameter, 20" high
· Rigid Polymer Pipe, clad in real wood veneer.

Active Subwoofers $2,000 each or Passive $1,500 each



Red TrumpetRed Trumpet will exhibit at the Home Entertainment Expo in New York City. After shipping nearly 2,000 lbs. of displays and products to offer many specials on great merchandise, including many unique and out-of-print items. From now until May 14th, celebrate New York's sales tax by not paying it! Take 8.25% off every in-stock item at their booth during the show and also at their website. In addition, if your order of in-stock items totals $100 or more (after the discount, of course), Red trumpet will toss in free UPS ground shipping in the continental U.S.! 



Chesky RecordsBoth David Johansen and the Harry Smiths from Chesky Records will be perform a few acoustic numbers off their Chesky debut on Friday evening. Chesky will also be showcasing their upcoming 2-4-6 DVD-AUDIO format, tentatively scheduled to be released sometime in the Summer/Fall of 2001. Chesky Records will also have a full 6.0 surround sound demonstration in the Madison Suite. 



Wolfgang B. Thoerner (WBT) will be in attendance at the Hi-Fi and Home Entertainment Show. There will be lots of spankin' new models from WBT including a new "signature series" in highly polished gold and platinum. In addition, new binding post plates plus more goodies for show goers to enjoy. Altogether more new models are available at this HiFi Show than the last three or four shows combined.



Impact TechnologyImpact Technology will partner with New Jersey retailer Avalon Audio Video and cable manufacturer Harmonic Technology in the demonstration of the Airfoil V full range loudspeaker system using Harmonic Technology Magic cabling, Plinius amplifier and pre-amplifier and for front-end duties will be the Electrocompanient CD player. The new Airfoil loudspeaker employs a "revolutionary design" to insure highly accurate reproduction of music. The heart of the Airfoil V is a line source tower utilizing nine Impact patented Airfoil drivers in a vertical array. This is a true line source capable of producing excellent imaging and extended vertical and horizontal dispersion. The panel takes advantage of the ultra-low distortion and wide bandwidth of the individual drivers to achieve extremely high resolution and transparency. The array covers frequencies from 170Hz to over 20kHz, eliminating the need for crossover points in the critical mid frequencies. The Airfoil array is mated to a sealed-box coupling woofer that utilizes two 6.5" drivers in an ultra-linear alignment. The coupling woofer operates from 170Hz to 55Hz. Below 50Hz the signal is reproduced by Impact technology's patented Balanced Force Compression Subwoofer. This unique device reproduces low frequencies down to 17Hz. The Balanced Force loading configuration insures linear response without extra intrusive technology (servos) and eliminates nearly all of the vibration and therefore the coloration associated with most subs. The AIRFOIL V is supplied with a passive, first order series crossover network between the array and the coupling woofer and an active crossover, which includes level and variable phase control for the subwoofer signal. Each subwoofer unit is powered by built-in 250 watt solid state amplifier.



Dynaudio Evidence TemptationDynaudio and Gryphon Audio Designs, both companies from Denmark and having the same US distributor, will mark the first "public demonstration" of the new Dynaudio Evidence Temptation loudspeaker ($30,000 per pair). The Evidence Temptation was launched in early January at the 2001 Consumer Electronic Show (CES). The Evidence Temptation employs the same basic design as it's larger sibling, the "Master". The center section is 40mm thick, CNC-machined solid aluminum baffle into which the tweeters and midranges are mounted. Two 28mm tweeters, two 15cm midrange drivers and four 17cm bass drivers produce a frequency response from 25Hz to 27KHz. Sensitivity is rated at 89.8 dB @ 2.8V/1.0m. Overall dimensions are 78.74" x 8.27" x 19.68" (HxWxD). Each loudspeaker weighs in at 242 lbs and the Dynaudio Evidence Temptation is scheduled for availability in June of 2001.

The Dynaudio/Gryphon demonstration will feature the Dynaudio Evidence Temptation loudspeakers being driven by the Gryphon Antileon Signature Solo monoblock amplifiers ($39,900 per pair), with their Sonata/Allegro preamplifier ($11,500) and CDP-1 CD player ($5,400). The complete line of Gryphon electronics as well as the Symphony equipment racks will be on static display. An updated CD player that will replacing the CDP-1 and the forthcoming Coliseum five-channel power amplifier in prototype form will be on display as well.



Audio Aero Prima 24/192French company Audio Aero will have their Prima D/A Converter 24/192 featuring our exclusive STARS 24-bit/192kHz re-sampling process (seen right) and their new TransTRAC 40 W Class A amplifier. The amplifier employs the E34L output tube and DMOS for power that will be available end of May 2001 in integrated and power versions.



Loudspeaker manufacture Acoustic Dreams will be introducing several new products including the newly redesigned VAIC reference-level mono tube amplifiers, level-integrated amplifiers, new VAIC loudspeakers and the Lumen White WhiteLight loudspeaker. In addition, they will unveil new equipment racks with built-in anti-vibration devices.



AIX Records will have their new DVD-Audio/Video Sampler Disc that  contains fourteen new tracks recorded, mixed, and mastered at 24-bit/96 kHz in 5.1-channel surround sound. This disc is compatible with DVD-Audio/DVD-Video players and includes Dolby Digital MLP and DTS audio. Other features included are alternative mixing point of views (stage and audience), multiple camera-angle video of the recording session plus comprehensive setup information including test tones and demos concerning the DVD format. AIX Records will also be introducing their Johannes Brahms’ Piano Quintet in F Minor Opus 34 on DVD-Audio/Video. The performance, by Delores Stevens and the Ives String Quartet, was captured in sixteen channels at 24-bit/96 kHz and includes multiple camera-angles plus alternative mixes.



VK-6200Balanced Audio Technology (BAT) will showcase their new The V-6200 modular amplifier. The VK-6200 is a single chassis unit that can house two, three, four, five, or six discrete 200 watt (at 8 ohms) monoblock amplifier modules. Output per channel doubles to provide a robust 400 watts into 4 ohms. Each zero-feedback module has it's own separate power supply featuring a huge (700VA) toroidal transformer.



Coincident Speaker Technology will have theie new Victory loudspeaker will be demonstrated to the public. The company says it is an "all-out assault on the state-of-the-art, high- sensitivity, high-impedance loudspeaker.



SavoyEgglestonWorks, a loudspeaker manufacturer known for high-end performance of their music systems, plans to showcase their new Savoy Reference Series loudspeaker system and also introduce a new entry-level subwoofer. The Savoy is based around their Ivy model that has been used to monitor many Grammy Award winning music albums by Bob Ludwig. The larger chassis of the Savoy allows a "double up" on subwoofer and mid-woofer drivers, enabling bass response claimed to be flat below 20Hz. Four 12" woofers are driven in a compound push/push pair-configuration while from 100Hz to 400Hz, twin 6" midbass drivers take over in their own compound pressure-release chamber directly above the woofers. The Savoy specifications are as follows:

Frequency Response: 16Hz to 40kHz (-6dB), 20Hz to 20kHz ± 1dB
Impedance: 8-15 ohms compatible (minimum impedance is 5 ohms @ 26Hz).
Sensitivity: 85dB @ one watt/one meter.
Power Recommendation: 100 watts (small room) to 600 watts per channel.
Inputs: Two sets of binding posts enable bi-wiring or bi-amplifying. Crossover frequency at binding posts is 400Hz.
Subwoofer/Mid-woofer System: Four 12" woofers configured in twin pairs of push/push compound loading.
Midbass System: Twin compound-loaded 6" drivers with 3" voice coils.
Midrange System: Twin 6" drivers in concentric array.
Treble System: 1" fabric dome tweeter.
Enclosure Design: Pressure-release design using 100% cavity stuffing and open back chambering to eliminate resonance.
Radiation Pattern Design: Concentric array with central tweeter flanked by twin midrange drivers; produces point-source imaging with pinpoint focus and 3-D sound staging.
Crossover Design: 24dB/octave filters at 100Hz, 400Hz, and 2kHz. Custom circuits are Time, Phase, and Frequency aligned.
Size: 58" tall, 18" wide at bottom, 7.5" wide at top, and 24" deep.
Weight: 410 lb.



Headroom Corporation will be introducing the world’s first balanced headphone amplifier.



Kikmber PowerKord 14 GoldKimber Kable will be introducing their new  PowerKords, using UL listed parts and a special copper optimized for 120V AC wall voltage, as well as a special conductor dielectric that is devoid of power-robbing color doping. Various models include the PK-14, PK-14 Gold (seen right), PK-10, PK-10 Gold all available in various lengths. The new Gold Plus models (available spring 2001) incorporate a proprietary SWR correction technology, which dampens electrical standing wave reflections. In combination with their WATTGATE power connectors, the PK-14 (14/3 gauge) and PK-10 (10/3 gauge) series of ultra quiet power cables are said to allow for unlimited dynamics, toe tapping rhythmic articulation and exceptional low-level resolution.



Reference Recordings is celebrating their 25th anniversary. As part of the celebration, the company has created special reissues of some of their most popular titles, re-mastered with HDCD from the original analog tapes. These recordings were produced and engineered by Reference Recording's multiple Grammy-nominated team of J. Tamblyn Henerson, Jr. and Keith O. Johnson, who have made Reference Recordings the "reference" standard with their creation and use of innovative recording, mastering, and pressing techniques. Stricktly Sousa conducted Jerry Junkin and the Dallas Wind Symphony was recorded in the big, bold acoustics of the Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas. This disc captures "Prof." Keith Johnson’s most brilliant HDCD sound. Baroque Favorites is a two CD set with Tafelmusik Canada’s premier original-instrument Baroque orchestra, and the Helicon Ensemble, featuring many pre-eminent musicians in the early-music field, including violinists Jaap Schroder and Stanley Ritchie.



Richard Gray’s Power Company will be showing their new AC Line Enhancer for an entire home-theater system. The patented technology is claimed by Richard Grey's Power Company to "increases image depth, black level, and color/fidelity for video projectors and plasma and direct-view monitors. It also squelches line noise without the use of current-limiting devices so it can power large amplifiers and powered subwoofers."



Totem WindTotem Acoustic will be unveiling their new Wind and Hawk floorstanding loudspeaker systems. The Wind (seen right) employs a totally unique four driver three-way loudspeaker system in a visually attractive acoustically cabinet of advanced design. Totem claims the Wind reproduces music well beyond the confines of room and space. Totem Acoustic's Hawk is a full-range, extremely compact design offering "detail, continuity, harmonic nuances timbre precision and its self-efficient holography all point to an experience that will never cease to amaze and involve you". Included with the Hawk are the "Claw" decoupling system, W.B.T bi-wireable terminals and beautifully crafted cabinetry. Specifications of the new Wind loudspeaker are:

Frequency Response :25 Hz to 21 kHz + 3db. (In Room)
Impedance : 4 ohm
Sensitivity : 87 db
Power Handling : 250 W Max. Program
Crossover : Woofer to Mids 2nd order/2nd order
Mids to Tweeter 2nd order/2nd order
Woofer : 8.5" (Carbon Fibre-Kevlar) cast frame woofer with a six-bundle neodymium magnet structure
Mid-Woofers (two):3" Voice Coil. Cast Frame.
Tweeter: 1" Titanium Dome
Special Low Resonance Chambered unit
Max SPL’S: In average room (12ft x 20ft): 114-db peak from pair at 2m
Dimension Irregular:  Widest 10.5 w x 14.5 d x 44.5h.                           



The first 200 people who visit Classic Records (Booth #248) each day will be eligible to receive a 10% discount off their initial purchase from Classic Records' selection of LPs, 24/96 DADs and CDs (not applicable to Led Zeppelin, Crosby, Stills, & Nash/David Crosby, test pressings, 45s, or to dealers). Show goers also get a chance to win a 45 rpm test pressing of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" with each purchase they make. In addition, free CD/DAD (24/96) sampler A/B comparison packages will be awarded to the first 33 customers making a DAD (24/96) purchase from Classic Records.


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complete listing of show exhibitors.

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