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Over $80,000 In Prizes!


  All members of the Enjoy the Music.com Mailing List were eligible to win one of the below prizes. Are you a member? If not, click the link at the bottom of this page to be part of our future contests.

Note to journalists, press release is located here.


Green Mountain Audio's Pico Grande is the largest of the company's new Pico Series of slim towers. A key element to the design is time-coherency, with all of the four driver's output reaching the listener's ear at the same time. The small footprint of this three-way loudspeaker belies the large sound it produces. A 1-inch fabric dome tweeter with its own rear chamber, 5.25" ultra-low mass midrange made of graphite and wood fiber, and a pair of 6.5-inch low-mass Nomex-fiber woofers within their separate chamber describe just some of the designer's intentions. Green Mountain Audio has engineered their Pico Grande to adhere to a tight 47Hz to 20kHz frequency response with a mere +/- 0.75dB deviation. Sensitivity is 89dB/W/m at 5 Ohms with only a +/-1 Ohm variation across the frequency spectrum. As for phase, a shift of only +/- 3 degrees acoustically from 220Hz to 8kHz has been measured and does not shift with varying volume levels.
MSRP: $7,495



Crystal Cable USA is supplying many pairs of their CrystalConnect Piccolo interconnects and one set of CrystalSpeak Reference loudspeaker cable to one lucky Enjoy the Music.com Mailing List member. Holland's Crystal Cable uses advanced metallurgy perfected at STC laboratories, which is said to have the most sophisticated test equipment in Europe. Crystal Cable's ultra-thin silver conductors with gold infusions to fill molecular gaps are helically wrapped in Kapton film for "the toughest, most impervious insulation on the market." The cable is then encased in a translucent outer Teflon jacket. Crystal Cable is extremely flexible and easy to route.
MSRP: 0.5m CrystalConnect Piccolo interconnect is $299, 1m is $399, 2m is  $739 and 3m is $1,079, plus 2m CrystalSpeak Reference loudspeaker cable $4,299 for a total of $6,815.



Audio Note UK is awarding one lucky Enjoy the Music.com Mailing List Member a CDT Two/2 CD player. With a carefully enhanced professional grade Philips mechanism, superior power supply design and construction, plus Audio Note's infamous Black Gate signal capacitors within many circuits, this top notch player should provide hour after hour of musical delight.
MSRP: $4,650



Art Audio asks the questions "Have you ever wondered why all of those sought-after '50s and '60s rock, pop, jazz and classical recordings sound so good?" Art Audio thinks it is because of the great talent combined with the wide use of vacuum tube amplification. Enjoy the Music.com, in concert with Art Audio, will award one very lucky Mailing List Member with a Vinyl Reference phonostage! A combination of 6N1P vacuum tubes and Lundahl audio transformers are claimed to achieve " the goal of giving you all of the music." Input stage is a tube/FET hybrid for low noise and leads to a tube/MOSFET transformer-coupled output stage. Moving magnetic cartridges are amplified normally while the moving coil stage is initially transformer coupled at the input. Massive shielded internal choke-regulated power supply and choke-regulated power supplies insure a clean source. Switchable MM/MC loading impedance and signal polarity is provided.
MSRP: $4,500



Von Schweikert's VR-4jr is a two-piece stacking speaker utilizing a time-aligned, decoupled satellite / subwoofer system to insure top notch music reproduction. Recording Studios using VR-series include Sheffield Labs, Musical Fidelity Sound Labs, A&M Records (Herb Alpert), and Walt Disney Studios (Alan Menken, winner of 7 academy awards). The cabinet walls are 1-inch thick and internally lined with thick acoustic felt while driver compliment includes twin shielded 7-inch poly-laminate mica-cellulose woofers, one 7-inch carbon mica-cellulose poly-laminate midrange driver, a 1-inch poly-tri-laminate silk-dome tweeter, plus a 1-inch rear firing ambience mid/tweeter with fabric dome. Binding posts are double sets of five-way rhodium enabling bi-wiring, though a single wire can be used with optional Data Link connector. Von Schweikert's VR4 jr. has a wide frequency response from 23Hz to 20kHz and presents a 6 Ohm load.
MSRP: $4,000



DEQX Calibrated's amazing PDC-2.6P Digital Loudspeaker and Room Correction Preamp Processor/Crossover provides a staggering array of flexibility and computing power to insure accurate music reproduction within a listening room. In fact DEQX "guarantees a frequency response, phase response and time alignment accuracy in speakers that's comparable to the rest of your audio components." The DSP (Digital Signal Processing)-based technology also provides detailed room measurements and the tools to compensate for room acoustics problems. There are too many correction modes to go into detail here, yet rest assured this unit should easily integrate and enhance virtually any audiophile system.
MSRP: $3,750



TacT Audio, specialist in digital room correction devices, will be sending out one of their RCS 2.0S stereo room correction/preamplifier unit to a contest winner. Combining the latest 24-bit/192kHz digital signal processing technology with ADC and DAC, this unit will allow for easy adjustment of room-related problems. Digital outputs are user programmable to output at sampling frequencies up to 192kHz and digital inputs accept signals up to 24-bit/192kHz. Internal processing is done via 48-bit resolution and correction adjustments are made via the target curves. A 12-band parametric equalizer is provided as well. Tact’s RCS 2.0S can do so much more so see their Web site for complete details. To understand the difference between room correction and equalization go to TacT's Web site.
MSRP: $3,738



One happy Enjoy the Music.com Mailing List Member will receive a pair of Cardas Audio Golden Reference interconnects and Golden Reference loudspeaker cable. Cardas Audio's Golden Reference is the latest evolutionary design by George Cardas. The interconnect features Cardas' patented "Golden Section," multi-gauge stranding in a symmetrical, helical tri-axial design. Thin wall, Teflon air tubes are used as dielectric and provide air suspension for the conductors while patented "Constant-Q" construction places the smallest of the Golden Ratio strands at the center of the conductor to reduce stored energy and conductor resonance. The Golden Reference loudspeaker cable also features patented "Golden Section," multi-gauge stranding in a symmetrical. This time we find 12 conductor, helical triad of quad-axial planetary arrays of golden ratio, constant Q conductors. All Cardas Audio's Golden Reference cables are individually inspected and hand terminated using Rhodium plated connectors and Cardas formulated Quad Eutectic solder for a lifetime of listening pleasure.
MSRP: Golden Reference interconnects $917 and Golden Reference loudspeaker cables $1,824, for a total of $2,741



Headroom and Enjoy the Music.com wanna Pimp Out Your Desktop! Yo yo check this out as one happy headphone lover will receive a heavily upgraded Desktop Amp with Max Modules, Max DAC, and stepped attenuator. Now that would be a really cool prize, but there is more! Add in more goodies such as Headroom's Desktop Power Supply and you got a great unit with top-class power supply. But we are not stopping there as the lucky winner will also receive AKG's super cool looking new K701 headphones. Since you might need cables, add in a nice set of those and yes indeed, Headroom and Enjoy the Music.com is indeed Pimpin' Out Your Desktop!
MSRP: Desktop Amp with Max Modules, Max DAC, and stepped attenuator is $1,696. Desktop Power Supply adds $399, AKG K701 adds $399, and $150 for cable for a grand total of $2,644.



Twenty sets of JPS Labs UltraConductor interconnect cables will be awarded, one set each, to 20 Equipment Contest winners! As part of JPS Labs' most affordable line of high-end audio and video cables, the UltraConductor cables were "designed to simply allow for all of the music your system has to offer." The company's Superconductor 2 cable technology is employed with unique conductive Alumiloy wire, a special flexible alloy developed by JPS Labs consisting of a proprietary blend of materials to create a wire made specifically for very high quality reproduction.
MSRP: $124 per set, 20 sets to be awarded for a total of $2,480



REDGUM believes in doing things a bit different, and as such your hi-fi is safe from prying hands due to the ability to lock your audio components. We are giving away their RGi120 integrated stereo amplifier that produces 120 watts per channel, yet has enough power in reserve to offer transient output of 285 watts. Add to that separate right and left volume controls insure high channel separation and act as channel balance control. Frequency response is an outstanding 0.8Hz to 80kHz with a signal to noise is greater than 100dB. REDGUM's RGi120 provides five inputs and includes a full 7 year warranty.
MSRP: $2,450



A totally tubular linestage from ModWright Instruments will be received to one of our Mailing List Members! The ModWright SWL 9.0SE tube linestage has four inputs, two sets of outputs, and home theater bypass mode. Providing a tradition of exceptional value, performance and service, ModWright Instruments' SWL 9.0SE features a power supply that is choke input current regulated, regulated DC heaters, and discrete FET regulated B+ voltages. The critical gain stage is fixed battery bias... Mu type gain/buffer stage while volume adjustm,ent is via an Alps motorized potentiometer. Other top quality parts include FRED and Schottky diodes, metal film Vishay resistors, ceramic tube sockets and hiqh-quality film caps.
MSRP: $2,200



AAA-Audio.com will be sending an Enjoy the Music.com Mailing List member their Dussun V6i hyper 'Class A' integrated amplifier! This over 65 lb. beauty features a true dual-mono design to insure each channel delivers 150 watts per channel (8 ohms, 300 watts at 4 ohms) with wide stereo separation. Furthermore, the preamplifier and power amplifier stages may be used independently. With a very low noise toroidal transfer and 32,000 MFD of filter capacitance, there is ample power delivery available. Minimal internal wiring provides an ultra-short signal path, thereby keeping the original signal pristine. A microprocessor controls the passive volume potentiometer and Van den Hul CS-122 Hybrid loudspeaker cable transfers power from the circuit board to the loudspeaker binding posts.
MSRP: $2,098



McCormack Audio Corporation's RLD-1 can act as the 'heart' of any stereo system fulfilling preamplification needs and includes remote control of volume, balance, and source selection. A smooth and precise level adjustment allows for virtually perfect channel tracking while a numeric display reads out the level settings in both channels in dB of gain or attenuation. McCormack Audio Corporation's RLD-1 features a 'Theater' mode, which sets the RLD-1 to unity gain and locks out the volume and balance controls, passing control to your surround sound processor. A total of 6 line level inputs (optional phono module available) includes a tape loop for added flexibility.
MSRP: $1,795



Lehmann Audio is covering both bases for amplification as one winner will receive a Black Cube Linear headphone amplifier, single source preamplifier, Black Cube Stamp 20 watt per channel stereo power amplifier, plus mounting kits for both units. Dynamic headphones are much more different than most people realize with different headphone models varying by up to a factor of about 500! The Black Cube Linear provides selectable gain (0dB, 10dB, 20dB) to effectively optimize the output level, Amplification is provided by a zero global feedback 'Class A' output stage. Details of the remaining products can be seen on the Lehmann Audio Web site link below.
MSRP: Black Cube Linear $779, Black Cube Stamp $749, mounting kits 2 x $39, for a grand total of $1,606



Penaudio, founded by the ambitious young loudspeaker designer Sami Penttilä, will send one of our Mailing List Members a pair of Rebel2 loudspeakers! After years of careful research, combined with test equipment and using the all-important ear, they have brought to the market their newest monitor. Penaudio's Reberl2 is said to be the company's "giant in a small size. It creates intriguing sound field that you would never expect from speaker this size." The rear vented cabinet holds a 20mm soft dome tweeter and 120mm treated paper cone midrange/woofer. In room frequency response is from 50Hz to 25kHz.
MSRP: $1,495



Landes Audio, both distributors and retailers of fine audio and video gear, will supply five sets of Microscan TM-8 Anti-Resonant Panel. One set will be sent to each of five contest winners! This unit simply attaches to the mid resonating point of your loudspeaker's rear surface and reduces distortion-causing vibrations. Many loudspeaker cabinets benefit from reinforcing and deadening the cabinet for added solidity. By using Microscan's TM-8 Anti-Resonant Panel the manufacturer claims it tightens up the soundstage and is very effective in cleaning up the bass.
MSRP: $269, five sets to give away for a total of $1,345



Pierre Gabriel Acoustics Incorporated offers their handcrafted silver cables to audiophiles worldwide and Mr. Gabriel himself wants to share his labor of love with one lucky Enjoy the Music.com's Mailing List Member. With over a decade of ingenuity and constant efforts in research and development, their PGI-ML1 interconnect embodies all their latest technology. Transparency and natural sound are but a few of the descriptions of their latest efforts. To quote Pierre Gabriel, "...to bring out the best of electronic components."
MSRP: $ 1,500



One lucky winner will receive a set of Sound Mechanics C100 cones and C101 Bases.  The curvature and the internal dampening of the C100 cone's material are designed for ultra linear performance. Sound Mechanic's C101 base is a universal support designed for linear performance to improve metal cone performance. The same winner will receive an Acrolink 6N-P4030PC power cord while another winner will get two cords! The Acrolink 6N-P4030PC that features true 6N pure copper measured comprehensively. Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry, an extremely powerful tool for performing ultra-trace elemental analysis, has been applied to Acrolink's 6N pure copper. The results demonstrate that Acrolink has achieved an unrivalled standard of purity.
MSRP: Sound Mechanics C100 cones and C101 Bases are  $345, the Acrolink 6N-P4030PC is $350 each for a total in prizes of $1,395



Fidelis, United States distributor of Harbeth Audio Ltd., will be sending one Enjoy the Music.com Mailing List member a pair of Harbeth's NGR2 monitors. With the company's longtime experience in offering such legendary small two-way loudspeakers as the LS3/5, this new model follows in the evolutionary footsteps. The all-new NRG2 loudspeaker features a 1-inch fabric dome tweeter and 6.5-inch coated paper cone midrange/bass driver. Since the unit has separate loudspeaker binding posts for each driver, bi-wire and bi-amplification is possible for the utmost of sound fidelity. Frequency response is from 42Hz to 20kHz and it present an easy 6 to 8 ohm impedance. 



Welborne Labs will be sending one of Enjoy the Music.com's contest winners an Ultrapath battery powered vacuum tube linestage. Wrapped in a solid hardwood base, the Ultrapath includes a wireless remote control for input selection and stepped attenuators for volume adjustment. With five inputs, transformer coupled output with option for headphone use, balance adjustment, mute and power control, Welborne Lab's Ultrapath is a dual mono design for optimum sound fidelity.
MSRP: $1,200



KEF mated technology and sound engineering to the limits as one lucky Enjoy the Music.com Mailing List member will receive a pair of the company's new iQ9 floorstanding loudspeakers. On the technology side we have KEF's patented 6.5-inch Uni-Q driver, a dual-concentric design with the tweeter mounted in the center of the midrange driver, that insures a point source for the critical uppermost frequencies. A pair of 6.5-inch woofers insure plenty of lower frequency response round out this three-way, four driver design. To insure a solid cabinet that solved distortion causing distortion, massive internal bracing further strengthens the already solid cabinet. Lastly, the KEF iQ9 is easy to drive as the 91dB/W/m sensitivity and 8 Ohm resistance provides and easy load to virtually any amplifier.
MSRP is $1,200



AV123 / Onix will be sending one of our lucky winners an SP3 tube integrated amplifier! This new baby from Onxy is a 5881-based push / pull design that produces 38 watts per channel housed in a gorgeous case. Purist at heart, the unit offers only two inputs yet uses ten tubes to create sweet music. Tube complement consists of four 5881, two 12AX7, two 6922, and two 12AU7. Tube cage is attached with banana plugs for easy removal and the bias is manually adjustable.
MSRP: $1,199



Emmeline II The raptor by Ray Samuels Audio is a vacuum tube headphone amplifier with dual chassis. The regulated power supply's, both, the high voltage and the filament are housed in a brush finished black aluminum with gold silk screened chassis. Amplifier chassis is smaller in size with the same finish as the power supply. Tube complement includes an NOS 12AU7 tube as input/gain and two powerful 5687 tubes as drivers. It is capable of driving virtually any headphones from 32 Ohms to 2000 Ohms, including the hard to drive K1000. The Raptor has two inputs switchable via rear panel switch with input impedance of 50 kohms. The pc boards in the Raptor are military specs with high quality audiophile grade components like Hovland "Musicap" caps, Holco H2 1 watt resistors, Dale Vishay 1% power resistors. The Raptor is hand build with hand selected and match components using military spec solder.
MSRP: $1175



Enjoy the Music.com is pleased to add Axiom Audio's EP500 subwoofer to the mix of prizes! This subwoofer features XLF (Extended Low Frequency) intelligent DSP technology to insure tuneful, deep bass down to 19Hz. Claimed to be "unbreakable", the EP500 massive 12-inch aluminum driver has a 3-inch diameter dual voice coil mated with a 500-watt power amplifier. Onboard DSP is programmed with special algorithm matched precisely to insure peak performance without ever being overdriven. Axiom Audio says this provides undistorted output of 120dB and has a frequency response from 16Hz to 100Hz.
MSRP: $1,150



Locus Design Group will be sending one lucky winner a BasiClamp and Nucleus power cable. Vinyl lovers should enjoy the BasiClamp that is machined from a single piece of aluminum. The weight is designed to cover most of the record label, maximizing the effectiveness of the weight. The weight is designed to add extra mass around the spindle, which aids in dissipating any micro-vibrations caused by the platter, stylus, or motor. In addition to the technology employed, the BasiClamp is a stunning mechanical design, which truly is a piece of industrial art. Locus Design Group's Nucleus power cable was born due to the designer desiring what he felt is a no compromise cable. Nucleus is the result of different custom cryo profiles. Important design aspects include immunity from outside electrical interference and conductor material and signal propagation.
MSRP: BasiClamp is $99.95 and Nucleus power cable with Oyaide P-046 ends $929.95 for a total of $1029.94



From the extraordinarily gifted mind of Chris Sommovigo comes the SEI-600s: a twin-cabled single jacket stereo interconnect finely terminated with custom RCAs: Xhadow Reference. An entry-level product in Stereovox's reference line, the SEI-600s give the audiophile more than just a taste of Reference performance at a significant savings over the standard Reference entries. A perfect compliment for that compact Reference system, the SEI-600s will reveal more music than you may have thought possible at this price. It may not be only an urban myth when they say that the SEI-600s drives women wild with desire... you have only to win this set to find out for sure.
MSRP: $1,000



Hagerman Audio is "making audio fun again" with their new Cornet (2) vacuum tube phonostage. Designed with the DIY'er in mind, it employs a large circuit board fitted to an off-the-shelf chassis with . It provides all component mounting and wiring, greatly reducing the risk of assembly errors. Components are high quality and even if you have never built your own audio kit, this is a great project to begin your DIY dreams! Still, Enjoy the Music.com understands that not everyone is comfortable with a soldering gun so we will supply the unit either preassembled or in kit form, your choice! An all vacuum tube signal path with pure 'Class A' single-ended amplifier stages have zero feedback. Gain is +44dB and tube compliment includes 12AX7, 12AU7, and 5Y3.
MSRP: $999



Audio Space will be sending one of Enjoy the Music.com's contest winners an Audio Space's Mini 2004 stereo integrated tube amplifier, distributed by GINI Systems. This little beauty puts out 12 watts per channel and can be used as a headphone amp. It has two groups of RCA input for CD and AUX and comes with a separate power supply which ensures smooth and detailed amplification with minimal cross interference. Tube complement consists of a pair of 12AX7 and four 6V6. It provides a negative feedback control for various preference. The mini is small but has it all!
MSRP: $990



One contest winner will receive a complete set of LAT International wire that includes the company's IC-200 MK II interconnect, DI-20 MK II digital interconnect, and SS-1000 Bi-wire loudspeaker cable! All three cables take advantage of silver in their design through use of our proprietary Silverfuse conductors. The interconnect has multiple conductors that are solid core and individually insulated with Teflon while the digital interconnect features a true precision 75 Ohm design. LAT International's new SS-1000 MK II two wire cable has a very unique modified PTFE Teflon said to allow for substantial reduction of the signal discharge back into the metal conductor. Also included is a heavy-duty outer jacket to protect the interior and to also prevent against sharp bending of the loudspeaker cable.
MSRP: IC-200 MK II is $279, DI-20 MK II is $167, and the SS-1000 Bi-wire is $429 for a grand total of $875



Single Power believes in a philosophy of artistic design, visually appealing looks, brute force, and an audibly stunning experience. Their PPX3 headphone amplifier utilizes a trio of 6CG7 tubes. According to Single Power, "These are great sounding tubes that provide a nice, warm sound that is slightly more forward than the 6SN7." Unlike the 6SN7, the 6CG7 is redilt available and inexpensive, thus providing a low-cost opportunity for experimenting with various available tubes.
MSRP: $849



Edge Electronics' ACF-1 line filter helps to solve one of the biggest problems in some audio/video systems. Specifically, it conquers the presence of unwanted radio frequency (RF) and direct current (DC) in your home's electric supply. Since most audio equipment is power by a toroidal transformer of some kind, it is very important that the AC line be free of any DC. According to Edge Electronics, "0.1 volts of DC present on the AC line will have adverse effects on the power transformer. We have tested a 1000 VA transformer by introducing 0.1 volt DC to the AC line... and idle current rose to .95 Amps! That is 12 watts versus 114 watts at idle which translates into an almost 10 fold increase in power consumption." In addition, physical noise went from -86dB to -65dB. The ACF-1 line filter addressed these issues.
MSRP: $788



Radio lovers rejoice as we will be sending one winner a Consonance A120T tuner! The Consonance A120T is a solid-state AM/FM tuner with full function remote control. Tuning range is VHF/FM 87.5 to 108.5 (MHz) with an outstanding sensitivity of (INF) 10dB uV/m. Talkies and legendary classic programming can be easily enjoyed on the AM band from VHF/AM 522 to 1620 (kHz) with a sensitivity of (INF) 60dB uV/m.
MSRP: $659



Multi-award winning turntable manufacturer Sota is providing their Moonbeam turntable package! Sota avoids resonance causing aluminum for their platter and, instead, uses special high-density polymers. The Moonbeam utilizes a heavy, 3/8-inch thick Plexiglas platter with other various types of polymer materials employed throughout the Moonbeam design. The spindle is also carefully designed while the bearing assembly is manufactured of a high-tech material called Turcite, a Teflon-impregnated self-lubricating polymer designed specifically for ultra-precise bearing applications. To insure stable speed, a 24-pole AC synchronous motor drives the platter. Sota's Moonbeam turntable includes their VLMT tonearm, a static-balance straight-tube with fixed head design utilizing internal damping and precision cone and ball race bearings. A dustcover is also included.
MSRP $625



Aperion Audio firmly believed in offering "all the flavor, with half the fat - more sonic accuracy from top to bottom, at a price firmly in the middle." This is precisely why one lucky contest winner will receive a pair of the company's award winning Intimus 632-LR bookshelf loudspeaker featuring their HD-X3 crossover technology. This technology produces a level 8 Ohm impedance across the entire frequency range, thereby allowing amplifiers the ability to produce music across the entire audible bandwidth without undue variations in stress to the output devices. A 1-inch silk dome tweeter and custom 6.5-inch composite long-throw woofer produce frequencies from 46Hz to 20kHz within an anti-resonant, magnetically shielded cabinet.
MSRP: $598/pair



Teresonic's Clarison interconnect features triple protection from electric fields, magnetic fields, and acoustic fields. This cable is the result of many years of scientific research to prevent any outside interference to impact the crucial electrical signal in the cable. Both true science combined with careful research in both signal transmission and signal protection theory has led Teresonic to design their Clarison interconnect. Another design parameter is extra low loss transfer characteristic and very high signal transfer speed. They claim a "High interference rejection and a signal-to-noise ratio better than 110dB and excellent damping factor.
MSRP: $585



MAC, also known as My Audio Cables, is providing one each of their Sound Pipes loudspeaker cables, HC Sound Pipe power cable, and Silver Sound Pipe interconnect to a single winner! The designer at MAC became frustrated with commercial cables and felt he could produce a better alternative. The MAC cables include solid silver/gold connectors, MILSPEC silver plated copper, stranded copper, silver solder and PTFE insulation. Each cable is handmade, tested, and carefully burn in for 48 hours.
MSRP: $578



Audience proudly joins Enjoy the Music.com in their contest giveaway with the company's powerChord. Using Wattgate IEC and Marinco plugs standard, the powerChord easily handles AC needs via a high-current, low impedance design for fast response while having a high immunity to radiated noise with minimum radiated field. Another advantage is the powerChord is a low resistance, low impedance design made with audiophile-grade conductors and insulating materials. The cable is extremely easy to position due to being ultra-flexible for long service life and includes a lifetime unconditional repair or replace warranty.
MSRP: $470



Kimber Kable invites an Enjoy the Music.com Mailing List Member to enjoy a pair of their Hero interconnect and 8TC loudspeaker cable. The Hero is based on proven Kimber Kable technologies and designs including their unique GryoQuadratic field geometry, VariStrand, Hyper-pure copper conductors, and Dual Teflon insulating technology. With sixteen individual TCSS conductors, the 8TC loudspeaker cable has eight blue and eight black wires arranged in a large format braid. Individual conductors are Hyper-pure copper and utilize our proven VariStrand conductor geometry. The insulating dielectric is a high pressure-low temperature-extruded Teflon with a combined wire size of two 9 AWG conductors.
MSRP: Hero 1m is $160.00 plus 8TC 8-foot pair with banana connectors is $310 for a total of $470.



Reference Recordings has been saved from being acquired by a now defunct company and will be releasing new music titled soon! An ambitious program is planned for this fall, to reintroduce Reference Recordings' celebrated classical and jazz catalog. They are currently reorganizing and restocking inventory. RR's most recent releases will be re-promoted in an ambitious program by Allegro in Fall 2005 while new releases will begin in January, 2006, starting with Five O'Clock Foxtrot, a collection of orchestral music by Maurice Ravel with Eiji Oue and the Minnesota Orchestra. In fact 2006 will mark the 30th Anniversary of Reference Recordings! One lucky winner will receive their choice of 25 (twenty-five) discs from their catalog! Enjoy the Music!
MSRP: $424.50



With an outstanding 89 patents, with 61 more pending, Etymotic Research knows quite a bit about audio reproduction. The name "Etymotic" (pronounced "et-im-OH-tik") means "true to the ear." The company has developed and patented some of the most innovative hearing technology available today. Our contest will give away one set of Etymotic Research ER-4P MicroPro earphones including an adapter cable that converts the ER-4P to an ER-4S response. These units provide audiophile reference sound quality with high isolation from outside sound interference (35dB with 3-flange eartips, 42dB with foam eartips). Included with the ER-4 MicroPro earphones is a 5 ft. cord with 3.5 mm stereo phone plug, 1/4" stereo phone adapter plug, six 3-flange eartips, 10 foam eartips, filter changing tool, 4 replacement filters, shirt clip, pouch storage box, and adapter cable that converts the ER-4P to an ER-4S response.
MSRP: Etymotic Research ER-4P MicroPro earphones is $330 plus $65 for the adapter for a prize total of $395




The good people at WBT USA will be sending a luck winner one of the company's WBT-0110Ag-KIT and WBT-0210Ag-KIT. The WBT-0110Ag-KIT is for interconnect and includes pure fine silver contacts plated with a thin layer of platinum. The negative contact uses is comprised of Al/Mg alloy for improved rejection of EMC. The impedance of 75 Ohms makes this a perfect match for digital audio or video. Kit includes 4 plugs, 12 ferrules, WBT solder, and a Torx key. WBT USA's WBT-0210Ag-KIT is for female RCA connection and features the company's famous dual prism spring loaded design as dielectric surrounds the positive contact. This kit includes 2 sockets and WBT solder.
MSRP: $373



One Enjoy the Music.com Mailing List member will receive a  one year subscription to Finedisc Records! An annual subscription includes receiving all of their audiophile quality music CD's plus enjoy extra benefits like signed limited editions and other goodies. Finedisc is a boutique, audiophile record label that produced albums for our own recording artists, or are asked to sound enhance existing recordings using the company's proprietary technology and procedure called the "Finedisc Format." This format insures that everything happens during a one-stage digital transfer. No analog stage is involved. They add no ambient effects during the process. Claimed improvements include "live-like ambiance, deeper sub-basses, warmer mid-tones, crisp, and clear highs."
MSRP: $240


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