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International CES 2009 & THE Show Report
Consumer Electronics Show 2009 Report & Coverage   The Home Enteetainment Show
Consumer Electronics Show & THE Show 2009 Preview

DAISy GyrFalcon  DAISy, leading supplier of OEM modules in the high-end market, will continue the successful introduction of the GyrFalcon products at the up-coming CES 2009. Initially known as the official supplier of the CD-Pro2LF, DAISy extends its range of high-quality products with the GyrFalcon generation of modules dedicated to high-end audio-video manufacturers. They also plan to announcement other innovations plus DAISy will be exhibiting their range of GyrFalcon Metal Loaders with a die cast tray for complete metal solutions. The GyrFalcon Metal Loaders has a new die cast tray . Fully composed of metal, this die cast tray is a 6 mm drawer which ensures a smooth and quiet tray movement suitable for high-end applications. DAISy also offers the GyrFalcon Slim Metal Loader dedicated to the GyrFalcon 8 (CD), the GyrFalcon 6 (CD/SACD) and the SD6.3v (DVD).



Win Analog WA833a Power AmplifierWin Analog will have their WA833a power amplifier and LS845a preamplifier on display at CES 2009 ($28,000 and $15,000 respectively). The WA833a is a single-ended monoblock amplifier that operates in pure Class A. Frequency response is from 15 Hz to 40 kHz. For reducing noise, the heatsink type diodes rectifier circuitry and choke filter circuitry are specially designed. The directly heated 833A tube coupled to an enormous output transformer provides an exceptionally wide frequency response and produces 65 watt output. Military grade components inside include oil capacitors and one percent metal film resistors. Win Analog's WA833a power amplifier in encased with all aluminum chassis panels that are CNC milled, 0.375 inch thick. Win Analog's LS845a preamplifier features a volume control that employs one percent metal film resistors and Elma 24 positions stepped attenuators. The transformers are hand wound with ultra fine crystal copper. This zero feedback design has an automatic biasing circuit for ease of long-term use. Tube sockets are ceramic with 24 karat gold plated pins. The development of the LS845 tube differential all-tube preamplifier, with a direct-coupled high current output is capable of driving low-impedance lines. The LS845 preamplifier has four inputs, two pairs of outputs for bi-amplification systems and has a very wide frequency response from 10 Hz to 80 kHz.



Coincident Speaker Technology M 300B Frankenstein Mono AmplifierCoincident Speaker Technology will showcase their Total Victory IV loudspeakers, M 300B Frankenstein and Dragon 211PP mono amplifiers ($14,999, $5599 and $8999 respectively). As the company's latest version of this multiple award winning loudspeaker, the Total Victory IV features all new drivers, crossover and wiring. True state-of-the-art design with a frequency response from 20 Hz to 35 kHz. Its high sensitivity of 94dB/W/m and wide power handling capabilities permits virtually any amplifier to drive them. Coincident Speaker Technology's M 300B Frankenstein mono amplifier (pictured) produce 8 wpc and is the latest version from this critically acclaimed manufacturer. The amplifier features gorgeous all mirror finished stainless steel chassis and uses high-end audio components in a pure single-ended three tube topology to ensure the purest sonics. Lastly, Coincident's Dragon 211PP mono amplifier produces 80 watts and employs top line parts. The finest 6N copper interstage, output and power transformers plus the the elimination of coupling caps in the signal path simply hint at this design. The tube compliment includes the 6EM7 super tube for input and 300B as a driver tube. A pair of high output 211/VT4C output tubes operate in push-pull configuration.



Canton Reference 3.2 DC LoudspeakerCanton will be demonstrating their high-end Reference 3.2 DC loudspeakers ($16,000) at CES. This high performance demonstration will match Canton's first ceramic-tweeter equipped loudspeakers with Parasound's award winning JC 1 400-watt monoblock power amplifiers and JC 2 preamplifier. As Germany's largest and best-selling loudspeaker brand, Canton is teaming up with California-based Parasound to put on a high-quality demonstration of it's Reference 3.2 DC high-performance loudspeakers. Canton's chief designer, Frank Göbl will be on hand to discuss the company's new ceramic tweeter and the exotic multiple curvature aluminum bass/midrange drivers. The system will be powered by a pair of John Curl designed Parasound Halo JC 1 400-watt monoblock power amplifiers and a Halo JC 2 preamplifier. The Reference 3.2 DC is a 3-way bass reflex system with a sensitivity of 89dB/w/m and resents a load from 4 to 8 Ohms. Frequency response is from 18 Hz to 40 kHz. A 1-inch aluminum ceramic tweeter is mated with a 7-inch aluminum midrange driver and a pair of 9-inch aluminum coned woofers. The cabinet is made with 26 mm MDF with a chambers system in sandwich design. Canton has integrated the loudspeaker base with shock absorbers to reduce unwanted vibrations for negatively affecting the production of sound. The Canton Reference 3.2 DC has two pairs of gold plated bi-wiring/bi-amplifying screwclamp terminals for the loudspeaker wire hookup.



Joule Electra Marianne Electra Memorial Preamplifier LA-300MEJoule Electra is introducing a new preamplifier, the Marianne Electra Memorial Preamplifier LA-300ME ($14,800). The LA-300ME incorporates all the features that have made the LA series of preamplifiers and is named in memoriam to the co-founder of Joule Electra, Marianne Electra Barber who passed away after a long illness in May a year ago. This new unit is a highly refined version of the LA-150, which incorporates exotic capacitors through out and signal wiring designed specifically for Joule Electra by David Elrod of Elrod Power Systems. The signal wiring combines a combination of six nines silver and copper in a unique transmission line configuration. The capacitors are a mix of V-Caps and Mundorf silver, gold and oil that represents the very best capacitors available to the high-end audio community. According to Joule Electra, "The bass line of the preamp has always been one of it's major assets, but now the bass is crisper and cleaner with improved dynamics and extension. The midrange, one of the outstanding features of the LA-150 is now wonderfully fleshed out with a highly organic nature that must be experienced to fully appreciate. The improvement in treble extension and clarity is immediately noticeable with silky highs possessing the gloss and crispness of the original performance."



Fertin Acoustic Model 7 Field CoilFerrtin Acoustic will have their North American introduction of their Model 7 field coil, surroundless driver. This full range, high sensitivity driver is claimed to exhibit excellent phasing of the amplified music impulses for high-end audio music reproduction. High sensitivity allows very low wattage tube and solid-state amplifiers to be used. Other features of this driver include the use of a strong magnetic motor (field coil motor), small magnetic gap, very light paper diaphragm, light suspension and spider combination with efficient voice coil. Fertin Acoustic drivers have been on the market for more than 30 years using this technology. Of interesting note is the use of a carbon spider and wire, plus the elimination of the driver's surround. The driver can be employed within such designs as infinite baffle, bass reflex, back loaded horn, QWLTand others types. The Fertin Acoustic Model 7 is available in 5, 6.5, 8, 12, 15 and 18 inch sizes.


DaVinco Audio Labs Vertů Loudspeaker

DaVinciAudio Labs will be introducing their Vertů loudspeaker, which features the Fertin Acoustic drivers. The Virtů loudspeaker is a very unique loudspeaker with it being a half-active and high efficient full range system. The front wood on the cabinet is called 'tone wood' and is the same quality used in violins and pianos. Peter A. Brem of DaVinciAudio and Jean-Marie Semblat of Fertin Acoustics will be in Las Vegas demonstrating and showcasing the technology within this loudspeaker design. DaVinciAudio will also have their phono products including the Unison turntable, Grand Reference tone arm Grandezza, Nobile tone arm and the Grandezza cartridge. The most important aspects by the development of the tone arm Grand Reference Grandezza were to reach the highest musicality. This is extremely crucial, as the selection of materials were in consideration of resonances, weight distribution and the high precision in the processing of material. The Grand Reference Grandezza tonearm is available in 10 and 12 inch, 24 carat gold plated bronze pieces. An optional luxury edition has the bronze pieces are rhodanized.



Aaron No.1.a Integrated Stereo AMplifierNawrocka Hi-Fi Audio & Video will have various products by Aaron on display. After more than a decade in research and development the official successor to the legendary No.1 by Aaron, dubbed the No.1.a (3490€), has been made available. This integrated stereo amplifier has multiple inputs, wireless remote control, and produces 95 watts at 8 Ohms (250 at 2 Ohms). Other Aaron products will be at THE Show including the No.22 Pre-amp (2490€) and No.3 Amp (2490€). New for 2009 is Aaron's redesigned Phono stage (1500€) for MC and MM pickup systems. Nawrocka Hi-Fi Audio & Video also distributes Ypsilon Electronics. Ypsilon Electronics was founded in 1995 and founded by two sound engineers with vast experience in the field of reproduction of live music. Their products include the SET-100 and SET VS-100 amplification, the CDT-100 CD player/transport, DAC-100 digital to analog converter plus their PST-100 preamplifier.



Ultralink/XLO Products Signature 3Ultralink/XLO Products will have their completely updated Signature 3 and Reference 3 interconnects and cable lines at CES ($290 for Reference 3 half meter pair and $590 for Signature 3 half meter pair). Reference 3 and Signature 3 interconnect and speaker cables are made with custom-drawn 99.99998 percent (six nines) pure laboratory grade copper. Signature 3's higher specification calls for UP-OCC 6N copper (Ultra Pure Ohno Continuous Casting process), a material so expensive it's sold by the gram. Proprietary Integrated Field Winding Geometry - how each signal-bearing conductor is arrayed relative to the others - is optimized for the interactive relationship between current-controlled electromagnetic fields formed around a cable's conductors, and the electrostatic fields formed around its insulation when an audio or digital/video signal passes. Reference 3 and Signature 3 are designed with to minimize capacitive discharge effects. As current passes through insulated conductors capacitance effects store signal energy in the surrounding dielectric material that's either turned into heat or quickly released out of phase back into the signal path as soon as the polarity changes. That leads to signal cancellations, reduced low-level detail, smearing, and out-of-phase artifacts causing spurious sound or picture distortions.


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