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02 / 15 / 02

nyNOISE  JC Morrison and Blackie Pagano are proud to announce the nyNOISE 2002: an audio design competition. In a complete contradiction of past philosophy and in keeping with the general global climate of warfare and adversarial interaction, JC Morrison and Blackie Pagano would like to announce that nyNOISE 2002 will be formatted as an all-out competition. Prospective contestants are invited to submit entries for judgment by a surprising and distinguished panel of "experts" in various fields ranging from the relatively unimportant to the absolutely essential. As in past years, entries will not be limited in any way save that they are built or cobbled together by the contestant or the contestant’s company, and produce audio of some kind. Winners will be awarded a prize and invited to play music through their creation. Losers will be vilified and subjected to the public disgrace of not being considered "the Best" in any category. Deadline for entries will be May 25. Please respond to nyNOISE@hotmail.com.

The categories will include:

Most Byzantine
Most Fabulous
Cheapest and Ugliest (one category)
Most Absurd
Most Self-Righteous
Most Alluring
Least Offensive
Most Philosophical
Most Aggressive
Most Rebellious

In the evening, further chaos will be inspired by a Punk Rock/Heavy Metal Karaoke show backed by a deafening Rock Band, and hosted by snotty Brit Mr. Owen Comasky. All are encouraged to participate.

As in previous years, Enjoy the Music.com™ has been chosen as the official virtually live show coverage. Please click any of the following years to see that year's show coverage:

1999         2000         2001

Show Details:
Date: Saturday June 1, beginning at high noon
Location: Arlene's Grocer
             95 Stanton Street
             New York, NY 10002



Connecticut based Thor Audio have announced that Black Diamond Racing (BDR) has designed two separate amplifier stands specifically for use with their TPA-30 and TPA-60 amplifiers. Each stand consists of three Pyramid Cones and Screw Things making the overall height of the stand just over 3". Each stand is a full 1.25" thick, and is modeled after BDR's well received "The Shelf" series. The new BDR feet are claimed to provide audible benefits such as enhanced focus, air, transparency, soundstage, timbre, attack/rise time, and a deeper/tighter bass.



Legendary country singer and guitarist Waylon Jennings (64) passed away on February 13th. With over 60 albums providing 16 top hits such as "Rainy Day Woman," "(I'm a) Ramblin' Man," and the now classic "Mammas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys," Waylon has performed with other great musical artists such as Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Johnny Cash (to name a few). While he did not believe in competitions, his hard work has been rewarded with four Country Music Association awards, two Grammys and he has a place in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Due to diabetes, Waylon had to have his left foot amputated this past December. Waylon Jennings is survived by his wife and son. He will be missed by many.


02 / 14 / 02

  Roger Waters and Enjoy the Music.com both go mobile! The conceptual genius behind Pink Floyd, Roger Waters has adopted a new system to aid in mobile recording. Using a Mackie Digital 8oBus (d8b) recording console and an Apple Titanium Power Book running Logic Audio. Other equipment in some of the three mobile systems Roger employs include an Amek/Neve RN9098 mic pre-amplifiers, Apogee 888 digital I/Os, and Neve and dbx compressors. Storage of the audio files include CD burners, DAT machines and Glyph 18 and 80GB hard-drive systems. We here at Enjoy the Music.com have completed our own mobile audio system that consists of audiophile/laboratory grade Earthworks M30BX microphones, Digigram 24-bit VXpocket soundcard and Pentium III equipped Dell laptop. Our own mobile system is more for purist two channel recording, more compact and lightweight while Roger Water's system is for multi-channel mobile production and larger in both size and weight.



Bryston PowerPac 250Bryston introduces the new PowerPac 250, a 250/400-watt into 8/4-ohm monaural amplifier that the firm calls a repackaged 4B-ST meant to be attached directly to the rear of a loudspeaker or wall-mounted. A ground-lift switch, level control and detachable power cord are standard features, as is the twenty year warranty Bryston offers on all its products. The PowerPac 250 has 23/29dB of gain in switchable XLR/RCA mode, a power clipping indicator, regulated power supplies to all voltage gain stages and gold-plated i/o connectors. Dimensions are 17" x 8.4" x 4.5" (LxWxH), and weight is 23 lbs.


02 / 13 / 02

  Wisdom Audio's participation in the much-advertised Million Dollar System in T.H.E. Expo 2002 introduced the Infinite Grande ($600,000) which was joined by the Infinite ($275,000), the firm's two models in its new Infinite Series. Based on a 75-inch tall, 3-inch wide planar magnetic mid/hi line source that covers 600Hz to 35kHz (one for the Infinite, two for the Infinite Grande), the range from 85Hz to 600Hz, depending on model, is covered by either two or four of the same units. Eight or twelve 12-inch underhung, 3-inch voice coil low frequency units make up the respective bass power, with a claimed frequency response for both models of 8Hz - 35,000Hz +/- 3dB, 91dB sensitivity and a horizontal dispersion of 130 degrees. Amplification required to drive the Infinite models is staggering: 14 channels minimum for the smaller model, 24 channels minimum for the larger one. Power handling is concomitantly excessive: 2,500/5,000 watts for the mid/hi transducers, 8,000/12,000 watts for the respective low frequency generators. The complete Infinite speaker system weighs in at 2,700 lbs, the Grande at 5,100 lbs, with maximum height 7' for the former, 13' 4" for the latter. Minimum room size requirements are 24' x 34' x 8' and 35' x 50' x 15' respectively.



Threshold 5.0 Pre-AmplifierThreshold is introducing the Stasis-R 5.0 stereo control pre-amplifier, a truly balanced design with remote-control over volume, balance, source selection, mute and programming. Selected source and volume level are displayed on a blue/white, 16-character two-line LCD screen that in conjunction with the digitally-controlled rotary analog attenuator allows level adjustments of 0.1dB over an 80dB range. The Stasis-R 5.0 provides two XLR and four RCA inputs, XLR and RCA outputs and one RCA record output. The polished silver-anodized aluminum front panel complements the Stasis 7.0 power amplifier. The 5.0 measures 17.1" x 13.5" x 3.5" (WxDxH).



02 / 12 / 02

44th Annual Grammy Awards  The 44th Annual Grammy Awards to be held on February 27th will recognize many talented musicians, engineers and others within the music industry. Unlike other music awards that allow controversial lip syncing (considered a fake performance where the band/vocalist phony a performance), the Grammy Awards only allows for true performances. This may explain why artists such as Britney Spears will not be appearing, though truly talented artists that can perform their music live such as U2, Alicia Keys, the Dave Matthews Band, 'N Sync with Nelly, Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss, Ralph Stanley, Gillian Welch, Dan Tyminski, Pat Enright, Train, Alejandro Sanz with Destiny's Child and Alan Jackson are the latest confirmed performances. Award presenters will include the Dixie Chicks, Kid Rock, Kevin James, Gloria Estefan, Janet Jackson, Diana Krall, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani and Ray Romano. More performers and presenters will be announced by the Grammy Awards shortly. To see Enjoy the Music.com™'s exclusive 43rd Annual Grammy Awards show report please click here.



Von Schweikert VR-S/3The Von Schweikert VR-S/3 ($2,695) is a 900-watt Class A/B amplified 12-inch subwoofer with claimed extension to 16Hz at -6dB. Contributing to the total weight of 105 lbs. are a 2-inch thick front baffle, 1-inch acoustic foam lining, a 16lbs motor on the custom aluminum/Nomex/Kevlar honey-comb woofer diaphragm and what is called a very large and heavy transformer on the amp. The driver uses a dual-spider suspension and thick butyl surround for 2-inch max excursion, with a 3-inch voice coil bonded with aerospace adhesive for high power handling. The tuning of the cabinet (25.5" x 14.5" x 18" HxWxD) is via dual-chambered transmission line and dubbed a hybrid bass reflex with a flared port tuned to 20Hz. The 12dB/octave crossover is adjustable from 40-100Hz and can be bypassed while a phase reversal switch provides for 0/180 degrees phase adjustment. Connectivity includes RCA low-level inputs and high-level in/outputs. The power cord is removable. Standard finishes include cloth wrap with light or dark red cherry end caps or optional black ash end caps.


02 / 11 / 02

CIAUDIO VPC-1  CIAUDIO (Channel Islands Audio) now offers two new value-priced audio components. Specifically, their VPC-1 passive pre-amplifier ($249, pictured right) and VDA-1 24-bit/96kHz digital to analog converter ($349). The VPC-1 includes two inputs and a single output (RCA jacks) all mated to a custom volume control potentiometer. While an optimized layout insures a very short signal path, the precision potentiometer employs double screened resistive material and beryllium wiper for top quality signal transfer. The front panel switch allows for choosing between the two inputs and a mute function. Vishay metal film resistors and bypass jumpers for custom input level matching is also included. All jacks, switches, and jumpers are high quality with gold plated contacts.

CIAUDIO's new VDA-1 24-bit/96kHz DAC uses a design that features a very short signal path while digital inputs include Toslink optical or RCA coaxial. The digital signal is first sent to a Burr Brown DIR1701 low jitter input receiver, then to a Burr Brown PCM1716 digital to analog converter. The analog output is routed through a Class A output stage utilizing the Burr Brown OPA2132 opamp. All signal path resistors are Vishay metal film types with polystyrene filter capacitors. An external 14vAC power supply is included. Specifications for the CIAUDIO VDA-1 is as follows:

Inputs: Toslink optical and coaxial SP/DIF 
Locking Frequencies: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz 
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz (+/- 0.1dB) 
THD: <.006%  (20Hz-20kHz) 
Output Level: 2.4vRMS 
Dimensions: 4.40" x 2.65" x 4.40" (WxHxD)
Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor



Dynaudio C4Dynaudio of Denmark has introduced the first two models in the revised Confidence line dubbed C2 ($12,000/pr) and C4 ($16,000/pr, pictured right) that introduces the Esotar2 tweeter, said to be a "much more advanced and higher performance replacement" to the Esotar T-330. The C2 is four-driver two-way in a MTTM array with dual tweeters housed in an aluminum sub baffle while the C3 adds two larger woofers for a six-driver three-way configuration. The C4, like all of the Confidence series from Dynaudio, benefits from the extensive research from their flagship Evidence loudspeaker. Dynaudio feels that placing the tweeters in an aluminum-block housing is the most ideal performance solution. Due to the high impulse-strength of their new soft-dome tweeters, the claimed result is a very high-speed response. This is why Dynaudio employs a solid aluminum block to hold the tweeters as this helps to eliminate unwanted tweeter movements (distortion). The Esotar2 aluminum enclosure module not only aid in avoiding such vibrations, it also acts as a thermally ideal heat dissipation device. High quality loudspeaker connection posts are integrated into the base plate while the heavy plinth includes an adjustable spike assembly for precise leveling.


02 / 08 / 02

Festival Son et Image  Montreal Canada Festival Son et Image (FSI) show will take place at Delta and Four Points Hotels, Holiday Inn from March 22nd through the 24th. Both stereo and home theater will be on display including automated lighting, physical sensation mechanisms, interactive televisions and PCs. Complete details are as follows:

Show Hours :
1:00 to 9:00 PM, Friday March 22
10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Saturday March 23
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Sunday March 24

Show Locations:
Delta Hotel 
475 President Kennedy

Four Points
475 Sherbrooke W.

Holiday Inn
420 Sherbrooke W.

1 Day Passport: $ 10.00
2 Day Passport: $ 15.00
3 Day Passport: $ 20.00



Goldpoint SA-1Goldpoint has released their new SA-1 volume control box. The SA-1 volume control box gives a purely passive volume control with two inputs for those looking to avoid (additional) active pre-amplifier stages. Goldpoint's precision 24-position stepped attenuator insures extremely low noise with outstanding channel-to-channel signal level tracking. Dimensions are 2.6" x 4.2" x 5.6" (HxWxD). The SA-1 is available in either kit (starting at $219) or fully assembled versions (starting at $279). Both RCA and XLR versions are available.


02 / 07 / 02

Shindo S-20 Field  Shindo Laboratory's USA distributor has announced their new S-20 Field high-sensitivity loudspeaker ($7,995). This new 96dB efficient loudspeaker employs a 20cm full-range driver and provides a frequency response from 40Hz to 18kHz. As Japan based Shindo Laboratory is known for their very high quality single-ended tube amplifiers, this loudspeaker was specifically designed for those who desire top quality sound from low powered devices. Specifications are as follows:

Driver: 20Cm full-range field unit ( S-20 Field) 
Enclosure: Floor type 
Frequency Response: 40Hz - 18,000Hz. 
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms 
Power Capacity: 30 watts 
Sensitivity: 96dB/w/m. 
Dimensions: W 400 (Middle W 500) × H 1,115 × D 498 mm
Weight: 14.5



According to a study by Opinion Research Corporation conducted in late 2001, over 94% of Americans from 18 to 34 years old own a CD player. The number falls to a still high 81% concerning Americans from 35 to 54. The figure goes down to 64% for consumers over 55. Overall, 70% of the CD players are home units while 54% of those who have home CD players also have car CD players. As for music ownership, younger CD players owners averaged owning 126 music CDs while older owners had 58. Men may be enjoying more music as they purchased 40% more music CDs than women.


02 / 06 / 02

Henry Kloss  We are saddened to report that on January 31st Henry Kloss passed away at age 72. While he was co-founder of the current Cambridge SoundWorks company, his well respected work within the field of audio is legendary. While many consider him a true visionary, Henry was probably responsible for developing and commercializing more audio designs than any single person. Along with Henry Kloss' many industry "Firsts," Henry was a founder of Acoustic Research, KLH Research and Development Corporation, and Advent. Henry Kloss is a member of the Audio Hall of Fame and an Emmy Award winner. He was also a member of the Boston Audio Society (BAS). A few of his accomplishments/inventions include:

-- 1952 First Acoustic Suspension Speaker (The AR-1)
-- 1960 First High-Fidelity FM Table Radio (The KLH Model Eight)
-- 1961 First High-Fidelity Transportable Stereo System (The KLH Model)
-- 1968 First Tape Recorder with Dolby B Noise Reduction (The KLH Model 40)
-- 1971 First High-Fidelity Cassette Deck (The Advent 200/201)
-- 1972 First Big Screen Colored TV For Home Use (The Advent VideoBeam 1000)
-- 1988 First Dual-Subwoofer/Satellite Speaker System (Ensemble)
-- 1998 First Table Radio With Built-In Powered Subwoofer (Model 88)



VAC VirtuVAC (Valve Amplification Company) has just released their new Virtu 105/105 stereo amplifier that employs the legendary KT88 output tube ($7,800). The VAC Virtu 105/105 stereo amplifier builds on the heritage of their Renaissance Series by using direct-coupled true Class A triode front end with top quality output transformers. Each channel has a switch allowing the output stage to be connected for 105 watt partial-triode operation or 50 watt full triode operation. The Virtue has independent left and right rectification and power supplies for each channel. Switchable balanced inputs may be ordered, and the variable/no negative feedback feature allows audiophiles to fine tune the speaker/amplifier interface. Full power may be delivered into loads of 2, 4, or 8 ohms. The artistic Virtu chassis is machined from non-magnetic anti-resonant aluminum alloy, with feet at three points to ensure solid contact with its support surface. The chassis has a low profile that makes the main deck appear to be floating. Furthermore, a special version optimized for use with the EL34 output tube is available on special order (VAC Virtu 65/65). Specifications are as follows:

Type: Rich Class AB1 Beam Power Pentode Amplifier
Channels: Two
Tubes: Four KT88; four 6SN7
Size 18" x 16" x 7.5" (WxDxH)
Weight: 80 pounds
Power: 105 w/ch UL; 50 w/ch triode
Loads: 1-2, 2-4, 4-8 ohms
Frequency Response: 6 Hz - 65 kHz (+0/-½ dB) 
                             3 Hz - 115 kHz (+0/-3 dB)
Est. Tube Life: 8,000 hours use (average)
Negative Feedback: 0, 4, or 8 dB
Absolute Phase: Non-inverting

Note new address:
Valve Amplification Company
4366 Independence Court, Suite C
Sarasota, FL 34234

Voice: (941) 359-2066
Fax: (941) 359-2057
E-Mail info@vac-amps.com
Website: www.vac-amps.com


02 / 05 / 02

D2-ISO-5 Loudspeaker  The D2-ISO-5 (£3200) is the latest 'flagship' model in O'heocha Design's D2 loudspeaker series. Each unit includes five drivers that are individually tailored to suit this unique design to deliver top quality sonics. Starting at the top of the loudspeaker, the tweeter is mounted in an extremely rigid solid piece of machined aluminum bar. The soft dome Neodymium tweeter is integrated with the double hybrid midrange units to achieve "truly amazing level of spaciousness and three dimensionality to any piece of music". An integral 'two-stage' constant pressure bass chamber with two 215mm drive units provide lower frequency support. This special arrangement is said to effectively doubles the volume of the enclosure as the two units work together. Power handling is 150 watts per channel with a sensitivity of 88dB (1w/1m).



The Sound Of The Valve Incantation of PX25Italy based company The Sound Of The Valve has introduced their new Incantation of PX25 integrated tube amplifier. This two chassis single-ended triode tube design produces 10 watts per channel and employs GZ34 rectifier, AS7G, 6SJ7, 6C5, and the PX25 output tube. The electrical power chassis section weighs 30 kgs while the audio chassis weighs 20kg. Pricing of the Incantation of PX25 is €7,746.


02 / 04 / 02

  By revamping their entire price/performance structure, Audio Magic feels they've significantly raised the intrinsic value of their cable lineup. Eliminating the Spellcaster step but integrating its performance into the Excalibur II interconnects, speaker cable and digital cable, end users can now enjoy the former's performance at the latter's lower price. The Xstream line has been upgraded to pure silver construction including silver shielding, air dielectrics and lockable RCA connector, with pricing at $100/1meter/pr for the ICs and $50/1meter for the digital cable. The pricing on Illusion, Clairvoyant and the Vision video cables has also been substantially lowered. Consult the manufacturer's website for further details.



The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced that testing of power line carrier (PLC) technologies has begun across the United States to evaluate a standard for high-speed data transmission on the same wires that carry electric power. Three companies from three continents have offered four technologies for consideration as the basis for the CEA PLC standard: Inari Inc. of Draper, Utah (two technologies), ITRAN Communications Ltd. of Ramat Gan, Israel and nSine Limited of Reading, England.

Homeowners around the United States have generously offered their houses to CEA for testing. A team of test engineers with more than a dozen personal computers (PCs) spends a day in each house testing the PLC performance of the four candidate technologies at numerous electrical outlets. Tests are being conducted in North Carolina, Northern and Southern California, Utah, and New England. Before any technical work began, the CEA Committee on Data Networks (R7.3) wrote a comprehensive Marketing Requirements Document. Paramount among the requirements is a "consumer strength" technology that is very robust and very low cost for universal embedding in consumer electronic products. Also, the PLC technology must deliver sufficiently high data rates to carry "rich content" applications for PC home networking and smart digital appliances. Low cost and pervasive PLC technology will make home networking attractive to consumer electronics companies. With PLC every outlet in a house becomes a portal to a home network that can carry data up to 2 Mbps (million bits per second) now, and up to 20 Mbps in future versions. Potential applications include the distribution of broadband Internet, audio and compressed video throughout the house.


02 / 01 / 02

  Enjoy the Music.com has released the February 2002 edition of their Review Magazine. Equipment reviews include Pass Labs X250 amplifier, Shunyata Research Powersnake Hydra, Loth-X's Silbatone C-102 pre-amplifier, The Horn loudspeaker and Viva Audio Devices Sintesi integrated amplifier. Nineteen new music reviews and four new CES/T.H.E. show reports are now available as well. Please see our Review Magazine by clicking here.


Talon Audio Technologies has introduced seven new optional loudspeaker finishes for 2002. These include four Birdseye versions (platinum, butternut, crimson and high gloss), Italo Pearl, High Gloss burl and Piano Black.


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