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Dudes skateboardin' their hearts out.
Enjoy the Music.com's Dude to English Dictionary

Airplane passenger says: Excuse me stewardess, I speak dude.

(Then she turns to me and says)

YO HOMEY!!!  Don't play the sister like that.  Sister here be 
askin' ya if ya want some scrumptious yummies.  Wanna scarf
down on some New York City 'zza or chickie nuggies?

Dude sez: Y U M M I E S!!!  Please gimme some of dat
NYC 'zzaaaah.

So what DID all that mean? Well, basically the gentleman was asked if he
wanted to eat New York City pizza or chicken nuggets. The gentleman was
quite excited and was looking forward to eating the New York City pizza.

And Now Our
"Dude to English" Dictionary.


 Aint: directly translated to English it means "is not"

 Awesome: Giving of one's approval or a feeling of
          overwhelming joy

 Big Time: to a large amount

 Bogus: fake; false; unreal

 Bummer: the feeling of sadness; pertaining to something
         which is bad

 Chillin' out: to relax; the act of relaxing

 Chow: food

 Cool: the giving ones approval; a positive response; a
       person who is accepted by their peers

 Dig it: a 1960's American slang term meaning: to understand; 
         to recognize

 Down with it: acceptable; to accepted or be accepted

 Dude: a male person

 Dudette: a female person

 Dunno: directly translated to English means "don't know"

 Dweeb: a person who is not accepted among those who are cool

 Freakin': happy to the point of near insanity

 Funky: good; pertaining to music which has a certain type
        of beat

 Geek: a person who may be very smart yet lacks the social
       graces of those who are considered cool 

 Gotta: must get or must do; an abbreviation for the words
        "got to"

 Gnarly: to be very good; great

 Hangin': waiting; to wait

 Homey (also know as a "home boy"):One's close friends.
       Usually from the neighborhood

 Jammin': music which is enjoyable; playing of a musical

 Jive: a dialect of English used by those who are usually
       attuned to the people who are cool

 Jiped: like being ripped off; to be shorted or receive less
        that you paid for

 Main Rig: the best music reproduction system in a persons

 Marshmallows: Steven Rochlin's favorite snakkie food

 Phat: very good

 Poser: fake; false

 Radicle: Very good; to be excellent

 Ripped Off: to steal or be stolen from

 Rules: the best; being the best

 Slammatocious: a feeling of joy; a giving of one's approval

 Spreck: To move or go to; moving

 Stoked: to be happy or joyous; a feeling of pleasure

 Stuff: an item or items

 Subschnauser: a subwoofer

 The Man: a 1960's American slang term for "the police";
          a person who oppresses others

 Thingies: items; a grouping of things

 Ya: you

 Yummies: specially enjoyed food.  Usually of the sugar
          filled variety







































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