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Consumer Electronic Show 2002

Consumer Electronic Show 2002 (CES)


Pre-Show Report Page 2

Gershman AcousticsEli and Ofra Gershman of Canadian loudspeaker firm Gershman Acoustics will demonstrate their new Cameleon ($1,699/pr) two-way floorstander in the Alexis Park 1801. Featuring a "regulation line" design with an 8-inch long-throw woofer, bass response is claimed to extend to 25Hz while sensitivity remains at 89dB to present an easily driven load. If the entry-level pricing affords listeners the usual high-quality Gershman sound, the Cameleon might be a speaker to watch.



Avantgarde USA has announced its AG-USA joint venture with Brazilian amplifier designer Eduardo de Lima of Audiopax. Impressed with prototypes of the Audiopax Model 3880 SET monoblocks, Avantgarde encouraged de Lima to incorporate further cosmetic and user-feature refinements and committed to exclusive North American representation for these designs now called Audiopax Model 88 ($9,997 per pair). Enjoy the Music.com™ will have a world-exclusive first review on these groundbreaking amplifiers in its January 2002 Review Magazine. Show goers will be able to hear them in Avantgarde's Alexis Park suite #1805. Commented Jim Smith of Avantgarde USA in a recent email round letter: "... It's with mixed emotions that I'm making [this] announcement. Avantgarde-USA has numerous friends in this industry. We've endeavored mightily to be supportive of them at all times. And we will continue to do so. But now it appears that we'll be competing with some of our old friends... our reference amplifiers have been... the Art Audio Jota and PX-25; BAT VK 75 SE; various Cary Audio units; Lamm ML2, Pass Labs Aleph 3; 47 Labs Gaincard; TRON 300B; Viva Aurora & Sintesi; Wavelength Audio Triton & Mercury AG, and more... When compared to the excellent reference quality products we’ve had here from our great friends and associates in this industry, this product had to be so good, so deserving of exposure, that it left us no choice but to introduce it to all those who love music... it's at least that good. It's a bit like an onion (except it doesn't smell bad). We keep peeling away new layers of musical revelation in our cherished recordings. I'm sure we haven't begun yet to discover its limits yet..."



Heinz Rohrer of Thorens Export Company in Switzerland will be in room AP1952 to show their new products including Thorens and DUAL turntables. While Thorens has had some troubles in the past, it appears they are once again looking for new distributors.



1Limited announced its Digital Sound Projector, a slim DSP panel that connects directly to a DVD or CD player and, by itself, can generate full, physical five or six channel surround sound for a group of listeners without the need for additional speakers. It can control and steer independently up to six channels of sound, completely eliminating the need for satellite speakers and cabling normally associated with conventional surround sound systems. This steerable sound technology is applicable to home theatre, installed sound and public address systems, as well as conventional hi-fi. Once the single unit is in place, the sound projector can be 'tuned' to the acoustic conditions of your room using no more than a remote control.



CyrusThe highly regarded British electronics brand Cyrus has enjoyed twenty years of distribution in Europe and is finally coming to the United States! CES 2002 will see the introduction of numerous upgradeable Hi-Fi and AV components including new DVD and CD players, audiophile amplifiers, AV processors and loudspeakers in the Alexis Park #2602. Of particular interest to foreign visitors will be the world-exclusive unveiling of the new Cyrus X4 Icon hybrid loudspeaker ($7,000 per pair). United States distributors interested in representing Cyrus should contact sales & marketing director Peter Bartlett.



Richard Kohlruss of VMAX Services is introducing new products for Audio Analogue, Triangle Electroacoustique, Cairn, Unison Research and Opera Loudspeakers. Audio Analogue's new Maestro remote-controlled Integrated Amplifier uses a FET input stage, dual mono circuitry and twin 750VA toroidal transformers coupled to 120,000uF of power supply capacity for 150/300/600 watts into 8/4/2 ohms. The Maestro is said to even be stable into reactive 1-ohm loads. It offers three line-level inputs, one MM/MC phono, one tape loop and one pre-out. The Maestro Integrated measures 17.52"x18.7"x7.7" (WxDxH) and weighs in at a very substantial 115 lbs. The remote is encased in an elegant aluminum housing. The matching new Maestro CD player uses paralleled 24-bit/96kHz AD 1855 DACs and the CS 8420 sample rate converted previously seen only in professional applications. The Maestro is claimed to output true 24-bit word length data and features a digital loop of S/PDIF in- and outputs to allow the insertion of black-box speaker correction devices or other digital-domain DSP devices. With a FET-based analog output stage and dual toroidal transformers for the digital and analog sections, the Maestro CD player offers RCA/XLR outputs with 2/4Vrms, measures 17.52"x14.2"x5.3" (WxDxH) and, like its amplifier sibling, weighs in at a very hefty 44 lbs. The second-generation Maestro CD player is accompanied by the new Paganini that employs the same digital technology in standard rather than paralleled circuitry and eschews the digital input. The new Paganini measures 17.52"x13"x3.35" (WxDxH) and weighs 22 lbs. Audio Analogue will also show prototypes of a new DVD player, processor and multi-channel amp, as well as introduce the new Cherubini tuner.

CeliusTriangle Electroacoustique has revamped its entire lineup and reissued it in two ranges, the Espace series with the new 202 tweeter, and the Univers series with the new 222 tweeter. The Espace series gets new finishes that include the baffle/chassis combinations of Sienna/Wild Cherry, Carbon/Wild Cherry, and, for an upcharge, ebony-stained six-sided Anigre veneers. The Espace series now consists of 8 models, Titus 202, Comete 202, Zerius 202, the Stereophile Class B rated Antal 202, the critically acliamed Celius 202 (shown right), the Aliote 202, Sextan 202 and Sub 202. The Universe range includes the Zays 222, Lyrr 222, Ventis 222, Heyka 222, Nabis 222 and Sub 222.

UnisonUnison Research will launch its new Unico tube hybrid series with metallic face plates, including 150-watt monoblocks and a remote-controlled 90-watt integrated amplifier, and also show its new Mystery Two preamplifier (shown right), SR1 and S6 integrated amplifiers and the new Power 35K amplifier with KT88 output tubes. Opera Loudspeakers will introduce its new SP-3 floorstanding speaker, a larger version of the existing SP-2 model with the Scanspeak 9700 tweeter and Seas mid/woofers, as well as the SP Voce and SP2 in new real cherry or mahogany finishes.

Cairn announced a whole plethora of new products including full- and half-size components, a DVD player, a 24-bit/192kHz CD player with proprietary upsampler card and numerous remote-controlled integrated amplifiers, all in the firm's customary silver-anodized livery with blue displays.



Spendor "S"Quality Service and Distribution (QS&D) will be showcasing Talk Audio electronics and Spendor's new "S" series loudspeakers at the Alexis park room AP1313. Spendor has long been known for making fine designs that have been praised by reviewers and music lovers worldwide. The new Spendor "S" Series combines fine construction techniques with in-house drive unit technology. The "S" Series includes loudspeakers designed for both stereo and surround sound. Each model maintains the 'Spendor Magic', a beautifully balanced natural sound that preserves the energy and emotion of any original performance. The four models of the series are:

S3: 6.5"x7.5"x12"   80-20kHz   999.00 pr.
S6: 7.5"x11.75"x34"   48-20kHz   1,499.00 pr.
S8: 9"x12.5"x36"   43-20kHz   2,599.00 pr.
S9: 9.5"x14.9"x39"   35-20kHz   3,999.00 pr.



PerreauxPerreaux of New Zealand is introducing its new E-series consisting of the E160i integrated amp, E160 power amp, EP preamp, ECD2 CD player, and ETR AM/FM tuner. In the company's own words, "Since 1974 we at Perreaux have been in pursuit of an ever-elusive goal – the perfect recreation of a musical event. We have pursued this goal through the unique design approach of our team of dedicated people. The first requirement of this team is a great love of music, which is shared by everyone. The second is an equally intense dedication to innovative yet simple, logical and practical design criteria, both electronic and mechanical. The Perreaux E Series is the result of intensive research. ‘Leading edge’ technology moves it a generation ahead in superb musical performance. Here continues the tradition of luxury handcrafted quality and individually selected premium grade components, which has made Perreaux increasingly the choice of professionals – yet it is our most affordable range ever."



NimisRed Rock Audio of Colorado is proud to introduce a new line of electronics from the Italian manufacturer Synthesis-Art In Music at suite AP2260 within the Alexis Park hotel. Synthesis is unique in its use of wood casework with traditional wood or black finishes, as well as a number of designer colors. The principles of Synthesis, Luigi Lorenzon and Luciano Codoni will be aiding in the introduction of their products to the US. Red Rock will have the Ecstasy tube preamp and the Theatre Nimis 70 watt p-p EL34 monoblock power amp in the main room. These amps retail for $1575 and $3475 respectively. On display in the smaller room will be the more affordable products including the Nimis and Shine integrated amps, CD players and speakers. All cables in the Red Rock suite are their own manufacture and are also being introduced for the first time. Red Rock Audio is in the process of establishing dealers at this time. Enjoy the Music.com™'s reviewed of the Synthesis Nimis amplifier can be seen here.



Kimber PowerKordKimber Kable will be exhibiting at the Alexis Park hotel AP1509 and at Booth 21124 with their new top-level line of PowerKord power cables. The newly engineered Palladian models is said to be a breakthrough in technology and performance. Kimber's engineers have developed a special SWR (standing wave ratio) enhancement technology that dampens electrical standing wave reflections. This proprietary technology, Kimber claims, provides unmatched clarity, silence and freedom from grain. The Palladian models come terminated with the critically acclaimed WATTGATE Audio Grade 350 IEC and 330 US wall plug. The PK10 Palladian is $1060.00 for a 6' cable and the PK14 Palladian is $930.00 in a 6' length. See our exclusive review of the Palladian by clicking here.



VMPS AudioVMPS Audio of California will be at the Alexis park room AP2505 with four the their new 66-inch tall symmetrical arrays, the RM 40 ($4,600), plus 626 Ribbon center ($799) and Dedicated Subwoofers ($529) in a 2-4-6 configuration. An exclusive demo of James Bongiorno's production version of Ampzilla 2000 monoblocks ($5,000 per pair). Other equipment employed with the VMPS Audio loudspeakers include the highly acclaimed conrad-johnson Premier 12 amplifier, Muse Signature 9 for CD/DVD replay while LPs will be handled by a SOTA turntable and MC cartridge from Immedia. An Arcici Suspense rack will hold upstream gear and cabling is by Analysis Plus.



Discovery Cable of Florida will showcase their new cabling at the Alexis Park room AP1613. New items include the Essence interconnect ($850 per pair RCA or XLR) and Essential loudspeaker cable ($800 per eight foot pair). New cartridges include the Transfiguration Spirit MK. III ($1,500) and the Tempre Supreme MK. V ($3,800).



Impact Technology impact and Balanced Audio Technology has partnered together for the 2002 CES in demonstrating their reference two-channel audio system. Exhibiting in room AP 2607, Impact will be using the acclaimed Airfoil V.2 speaker system ($35,000) which uses the patented and Impact manufactured Airfoil Bending Wave Driver and BAT VK150SE mono amplifiers ($17,000/pair), VK50SE remote pre-amplifier ($8,000/with remote) , D5SE CD Player ($6,000) and PT10SE Phono Stage all coupled with Acoustic Zen Silver Reference interconnects, Hologram speaker, and Kracatoa power cord cabling, Grand Prix Audio carbon fiber equipment and amplifier stands and Shunyata Research Hydra power distribution centers. 

Airfoil LoudspeakerThe heart of the Airfoil is a line source tower utilizing nine Impact patented Airfoil drivers in a vertical array. This is a true line source with excellent imaging and extended vertical and horizontal dispersion. The panel takes advantage of the ultra-low distortion and wide bandwidth of the individual drivers to achieve stunning resolution and transparency. The array covers frequencies from 170 Hz to over 20 KHz, eliminating the need for crossover points in the critical mid frequencies. This insures remarkable reproduction of inner detail and preserves phase and time accuracy.

The Airfoil array is mated to a sealed-box coupling woofer that utilizes two 6.5-inch drivers in an ultra-linear alignment. The coupling woofer operates from 170 Hz to 55 Hz where the signal is passed off to our patented Balanced Force Compression Subwoofer. This unique device reproduces the balance of the low frequencies to 17 Hz. The Balanced Force loading configuration insures linear response without extra intrusive technology (servos) and eliminates nearly all of the vibration and therefore the coloration associated with most subs.



Parasound, Wisdom Audio and Machina Dynamica will be at AP1902 with the Parasound built, CTC Builders designed, JC-1 monoblock amplifier ($6,000). These 400 watt units provide and amazing 150 amps of current (into 8 ohms) and a damping factor greater than 1,000. Availability is scheduled for late January 2002. In the same room, TG Audio will be showing their Gen II cables and AC filters as well as an updated digital system. Machina Dynamica's Super Nimbus isolation stand and their new Promethian isolation bases will be available for all to experience. Of course CTC Builders and Wisdom Audio will be showing their highly praised Blowtorch pre-amplifier ($12,500) and M-50 loudspeakers ($23,500).



Amphony Model 1000Headquartered in Berlin/Germany, Amphony is a startup technology company specializing in the development of electronics products and technologies, in particular high-quality audio transmission. Amphony's new Model 1000 2.4GHz digital wireless headphone ($129) uses three Million Bits per Second, 64 times oversampled and uncompressed digital PCM data transmission for CD-quality sound over 200 ft. line of sight or 50 ft. through walls and ceilings. With a running time of 100 hours via two AA batteries, listening range can be expanded indefinitely with RangeBooster transmitters that communicate with the base station through a high-speed data port. The unit also features 1/2 rate FEC error correction to facilitate undistorted error-free transmission even in difficult conditions.



Myryad MCD 200Artech Electronics Ltd. announces the introduction of Myryad's new entry-level Z-Series range that will initially include an Integrated Amplifier, CD Player, DVD Player, FM Tuner and an additional power amplifier for bi-amplifying setups. The Z110 CD player ($849) uses a 24-bit/96kHz delta-sigma DAC, seven purpose-designed regulated power supplies, two wide-band high speed op-amp FETs, DC servo direct coupling, measures 17.5" x 3.25" x 11.5" (WxHxD) and weighs 11.7 lbs. The 50wpc Z140 Integrated Amplifier ($895) features seven inputs including a tape monitor loop, a headphone jack, and a built-in MM phono preamp. A full-featured remote handset gives total control, while Myryad's DC5 circuit configuration and seven regulated power supplies ensure optimum performance. Dimensions are 17.5" x 3.25" x 12.75" (WxHxD) and weight is 14.75 lbs. The matching 50wpc Z160 Power Amplifier ($695) enjoys the same chassis dimensions and weighs 13.2 lbs. The Z130 FM Tuner ($795) is derived from Myryad's acclaimed MT100 Stereo FM Tuner and RDS-equipped to offer audiophile quality access to modern RDS broadcasts. Via Myryad's bi-directional Smart My-Link, the Z130's built-in alarm clock lets one choose whether to wake up to FM or CD and manual auto-search or 29 presets complete tuning functions. The Z130 measures 17.5" x 3.25" x 12.0" and weighs 10.35 lbs. The final component in the Z-Series for now is the Z120 24-bit DVD player ($1,095), derived from Myryad's own MDV200 and compatible with DVD-Video, CD, CD-R, Video CD, Super Video CD and MP3. It features composite, S-video and RGB video outputs and 2.1Vrms analog outputs for PCM, Dolby Digital, MPEG and pass-thru DTS. The Z120 measures 17.5" x 3.25" x 11.5" and weighs 11.7 lbs.



Soliloquy Loudspeaker Company who recently assumed the exclusive US and Canadian distributorship for Marsh Sound Design and American Acoustic Development, will introduce the Marsh Sound Design A450m monoblocks ($4,995 ea.) and HT4000 preamp/processor ($3,995) in a combined two-channel/multi-channel system and also introduce its new C-6 and R-6 reference center and rear channel models.

MarshThe A450m monoblocks are Richard Marsh's new statement amplifiers and produce 450/800/1000 watts into 8/4/2 ohms. Frequency response is 20-20,000Hz (+0/- 0.2dB at full output), with less than 0.04% THD at maximum output. The A450m accepts both RCA and XLR inputs and weighs 80 lbs net. The new HT4000 (seen right) is an eight channel  preamp/tuner/processor that supports Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital EX , Dolby Pro Logic I & II, DTS and DTS Neo (6.1 discrete and 6.1 matrix) and offers exclusive 7.1 music modes. Further features include a 24-bit CS 56367 DSP processor engine which is fully reference upgradeable; 24-bit/192 kHz CS 43122 DACs with 110dB+ of dynamic range across all channels via single-ended connections; a Moemi custom install interface; two zone operation; a bypass for DVD/SACD; a nine station preset AM/FM tuner section; 100 MHz buffered HDTV-compatible component outputs; 130 MHz buffered S-video outputs; a microphone input; 20-character customizable display, RS-232 connection and more.

SoliloquyThe Soliloquy Model C-6 is based on the company's flagship 6.5 model and incorporates the same wave launch technology as well as its proprietary 2-inch midrange dome. The C-6 is a 6-driver 3.5-way design with dual high-pass staggered 5.25-inch woofers on either side of the central mid-high module. The matching R-6 rear channel uses the same mid/high module on both trapezoidal flanks with two 5.25-inch woofers on the front baffle. The R6 is configurable via the binding posts to be  bipolar, monopolar or dipolar.





American Acoustic DevelopmentFor its American Acoustic Development partner, Soliloquy announced it will introduce the S-2000, Phil Jones' new dual 8-inch powered subwoofer for his reference line, along with new finishes for existing models and additional powered subwoofer designs in other ADD lines. Phil Jones has achieved a long legacy of designing critically acclaimed loudspeakers and was also interviewed by Enjoy the Music.com few years ago. Please feel free to read our exclusive interview by clicking here.




AVID Volvere turntableAVID turntables of England now have a US distributor, Rogue Audio, who will be showing AVID's turntables at the Alexis Park in room AP2251. Both the Acutus and Volvere (seen right) turntables plus their new Volvere Sequel ($7,000) will be showcased.



EgglestonWorks of Tennessee have announced their new and completely re-engineered Andra II loudspeaker system. Borrowing innovations learned from their Ivy Reference and Savoy Reference Speaker Systems, the new Andre II will be showcased at the upcoming Las Vegas CES show. "The Andra II represents our second luxury listening system launched this year," said EgglestonWorks President, Michael J. Sabre. "EgglestonWorks' design team has invested more than three years advancing the engineering, styling and our new finishing process - a Herculean effort that has clearly surpassed expectations". Standard finish for the Andra II is Concert Grand Piano Black while additional color options include Pearl, Ruby, Emerald, and Titanium.



Canton Ergo RC-A loudspeakerWith unusual silver lacquer finishes (optional), Canton loudspeakers will be showing 22 new models, one completely new line, and a new top-of-the-line speaker during the 2002 CES. This year's introduction of silver finishes in its Karat and LE lines creates a signature look to compliment the company's popular beech, cherry, and black ash wood veneers. The new top-of-the-brand Canton Ergo RC-A loudspeaker (seen right) sets a new standard for sound quality. Its sophisticated 350-Watt powered woofer and advanced electronics achieve smooth response and excellent dynamics across the audio spectrum. Eight new models in the Ergo line, including the RC-A, now incorporate the company's remarkable new 7-inch aluminum midrange/bass driver. This black anodized aluminum diaphragm is very light and rigid, delivering exceptional dynamics and linear response across the key middle octaves of the audio spectrum.


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